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An amature wither that just want to write stories I have in my head for quite a while. Ships that I support: Fluttermac, Carajack, Soarindash, Rariburn, Pokeypie, Twiblood, Spikebloon, and Sunflash


Prince Blueblood was always a sweet kind, hearted, chivalries, and a gentle-stallion. Though he is a bit of shy, and un-social, never one to interact with any-one other than is aunt and cousin, especially when he was a young colt. But when he met Twilight Sparkle he became a love stuck, head over hooves in loves to point where all he can think about is her, and yet through out the years, he never brought up the courage to confess his true feelings to her. But as times goes on, they both share each other time, almost to the point they can be considerd friends. But Prince Blueblood always wanted to be something more than a friend to Twilight.

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Spelling is atrocious, and grammar is sub-par. Get a proofreader.

What aattss said.

And it's Cadance, not Candace.

4544980 I'm sorry, but this s my fist ever and I watch the show I always heard Candace for some reasons, I don't know, they both sound similar for some reason to me. Is there anything else that is wrong, is it the dialogue it has to be the dialogue, I'm sorry but I need more of your criticism, So I can make it better.

4544980 Or is it the title, I sorry. is just that I have 8 dislikes an I don't know why, is it the shipping.

I like it (: you should continue! I would really like to see where you're going with this story.

This seems like an interesting idea. I hope the next chapter comes out soon. Keep them coming.

4547291 the first chapter stil editing though, but thanks for the encouragement.

i like the way the story is going, but there are a lot of errors that need to be fixed. Still faving!

4554899 any criticism for the story may help me make it better. I'm a amateur writer though so don't expect master writing, but thanks so much :twilightblush:

Um I'm just wondering if there is a chapter 2 yet because I saw that it said updvatted but I don't see a new chapter so I started thinking is it because there is a glich or you just redid the first chapter so I just wanted to make shire sorry for bugging you

I like the concept, but you really need and editor/proofreader. I will keep an eye on this for now.

I just found out this chapter was available. Thanks for the new chapter. I hope you continue this story. I think you have been doing a great job.

Comment posted by Nightshimmer deleted Oct 12th, 2014

How can anyone dislike this?! This was just adorable!:twilightsmile:

I really like this story and hope to read more soon

chapter before and i am sorry to bug you i was just wondering if by any chance you know when you might post next chapter :fluttershysad: i understand that life can get in the way and i don't want to rash you or anything i just asking if you don't know that is okay and take your time on making a grate chapter

6120242 Sorry for the late reply, word of advice, never take chemistry, and never take a summer course. I am right now is working on chapter 3, *spoiler hints* its a pirate sword fighting scene, and I having trouble with the fight choreography, I mention it in my first journal. I don't know if you seen it, but its on my homepage. Your right, life is getting in the, way but also I'm having trouble with the fighting scene. Not only that, I have a sort of a perfectionist mentality when it comes to writing. In my first chapter, I had gotten some comments about my spelling and grammar. So that's why I make sure that there are no spelling errors and grammar, though, I am a horrible at self editing. What even makes it worse, I'm more of a visual person, so its hard to write a action scene. So that's why its taking so slow, I'm a armature writer that's doesn't want to be seen as the unintelligent fool. I really want to continue this story, I have the future chapters set up and planed out in my mind, I even plan out this story's sequel for it, I am even working on other stories, well trying. As you got right I have a life to get to it first. I will try to finish chapter three as fast as I can. I don't know if this chapter will be great but, at least it will advance the story.

6139344 that is okay thank you so much for letting me know and take the time that you need and I hope you have a grate day

Great story so far, I hope you continue this story

It's so eerie how a lot of this story fits my headcanon for Blueblood! Him hating large gatherings because everybody expects him to be the "Prince Charming" of their dreams, Meeting Twilight at a young age and eventually crushing on her.

Awesome that it's not just me who ships these two!

This is great! This really inspires my TwiBlood/BlueSparkle story!

This is story is... cute, at least. It's very, very adorable! Buuuuut... they are far too young for feelings like that. If they were only few years older...
Anyway, have a like! ^^

Yet another great story I want to see more of please continue this:twilightsmile:

I read the story and would like to see more of it

*Poke* Is this still alive?*Poke**Poke*

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