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An amature wither that just want to write stories I have in my head for quite a while. Ships that I support: Fluttermac, Carajack, Soarindash, Rariburn, Pokeypie, Twiblood, Spikebloon, and Sunflash

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Prince Blueblood was always a sweet kind, hearted, chivalries, and a gentle-stallion. Though he is a bit of shy, and un-social, never one to interact with any-one other than is aunt and cousin, especially when he was a young colt. But when he met Twilight Sparkle he became a love stuck, head over hooves in loves to point where all he can think about is her, and yet through out the years, he never brought up the courage to confess his true feelings to her. But as times goes on, they both share each other time, almost to the point they can be considerd friends. But Prince Blueblood always wanted to be something more than a friend to Twilight.

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