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I like stuff. I dislike other stuff. I frequently dislike stuff other people like, and vice-versa. I'm not a troll; I'm a contrarian. I also write stuff, sometimes. It's not very good.


Twilight Sparkle is pregnant - and nopony is more surprised than she is. Confronted with the overwhelming responsibility of motherhood, the young mare has to decide whether she is truly up to the task of being a single parent. For a pony who has proven her dedication, intelligence, and strength of character countless times, armed with the bonds of friendship and love, it shouldn't be a difficult choice.

But, as with everything Twilight has done in her life, the circumstances and decisions she must manage are anything but simple.

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IT BEGINS. :rainbowderp:

Oh oh oh....

This is...

Oh ho.....

You do have my intrest with this.

~Skeeter The Lurker

You have my interest.

Before I read your story, how explicit is this? I don't think I've seen the sex tag before without mature being enabled, and currently mine is disabled...

Hmm... who is the father?

I have my suspicions.

2645300 The story will involve frank discussions of sex. There will be no explicit depictions of sex.

I hope to keep the Teen rating, but I have seen other stories forced to go to Mature even if they had no explicit stuff. If a mod tells me to bump the rating, I will.

Even if nothing was revealed that wasn't given away in the description, it was all still masterfully done and kept my attention all throughout.

You're going places.

Is this in continuity with Complicated Relations?

Dude, you have successfully gained my intrigue
Please...go on

2645340 <--- What this guy said. Is this that sequel idea that you said had a 90% chance of not making it past two paragraphs?

Sorry, gotta ask. I am however taking this ---> 2645346 as a good sign.

2645300 A teen story with the sex tags means you can expect sexual themes, possibly making out. But any sex will be cut away.


I see. I've just never seen the two tags mixed before.


Very well then. You have my attention, we shall see if you keep it...

2645376 some of the top romances on the site have the two tags mixed. its just a warning that despite not being mature, the story still talks about sex, and does not shy away from snuggles and everything up to sex.

Dem character tags...

There is another (mature) fic, I think it's shining armor :twilightoops:

MOAR NAOW! :flutterrage: I want MOAR

Story Approver

I'm really hoping you're not referencing a certain stallion from your incestuous story you wrote as the father, just sayin.

However, I do love the concept of a single mother with these ponies, it's something only a few folks have explored, and you have the ability to properly execute it as well. Your prologue was a nice one, and the mixed confusion leading into the revelation of the truth was a nice approach to breaking it. That, and the one phrase Twilight kept repeating as her tone constantly changed saying it.

Good job, and looking forward to reading the rest of this as you write it.

Okay, guys, I really need sleep. Will reply to stuff tomorrow sometime.

2645421 Sorry, but no. That's one confession I gotta make right now. This chapter's all I've got. I'm hoping it'll light a fire under my butt to write more, but there's no chance whatsoever of another chapter for at least a few more days. Sorry.

dumb question but is this fic set in the same universe are your story Complicated Relations? if so i think i might know who the dad is

2645490 At this time, I can neither confirm nor deny that.

I don't really like the whole idea of sentient ponies still having the whole "being in heat" thing, but the rest of this story holds a lot that could definitely be interesting. And I think you write well. So far, at least. And good luck with this.

I have my suspicions...

At leat he didn't include the fact that horses can consciously abort their foals into the story. :twilightsmile:

I am glad to see this given life.

I can't put into words how excited I am for this story.:raritystarry:

Damn, Nature sure is eff up!

As of this time you are fifth on the feature box!

It's no different than estrous cycles in other mammals. While the specifics are different among mammals, the act of increased sexual desire is a natural part of equine life cycles.

Is it that you've seen too many fics with estrous cycles as an excuse for pregnancy/sex, or the fact that they have it at all? It's not fair to ridicule a natural part of their biology.

If this is going where I think it is, then I have one thing to tell you, Softy.

You done goofed! I back-traced it!
Ok, I wouldn't have caught this had I not re-read the story, which is great mind you, but right near the end:
"he heard absolutely terrified her" it should be a she.
That is all.

P.S. I am loving this so much. Keep it up.

This may be the first solely romance fanfic story I have read for mlp fim. (Without going into it with a sarcastic expectation)

Let me say that I am looking forward to a premise of seeing how Twilight would deal with such a situation. The reveal was very entertaining, and had me paying attention the whole way through, especially as the doubt got etched in.

This was a spectacular start from an author I find to have proven themselves to be quite the good writer. (I mean really, you have to be damn good to make an erotic Twilight/Shining incest that didn't elicit immiediate disguest from over half it's readers, myself included.)

With that being said, let me get to the point. The foal's father is obviously being kept a secret. (At least one person claiming for it to be Shining due to the previous fic)
Regarding the father, let me just say that it better not go in the pitiful direction I am dreading in terms of how he's like, or so help me, I fill find your favorite pet and use their limbs for my new fenceposts.

Comment posted by Journeyman deleted May 29th, 2013

If it is Shining, I can think of no better father. Right there is a stallion that was willing to sacrifice his body and health in order to protect the kingdom and crown he served. He may certainly lose his job if it gets out and a scandal erupts, but that child is going to have the best father ever.

And the five greatest aunts. Let's not forget.:ajsmug::yay::pinkiesmile::rainbowwild::raritywink:

Comment posted by Journeyman deleted May 29th, 2013

That couldn’t happen. Not with him. I can’t have a baby with him.

Normally I would pray she's talking about Spike, but the bizarre absence of his character tag says otherwise.

The unveiling of her condition was a pretty riveting scene. If you can pull off that same quality of writing when she reveals the father to her friends (hopefully all six of them, rather than just the ponies), this'll be two-thirds of the way to being a damn fine story.

2645883 Plus a fcking dragon uncle/godfather with a direct connection to the ruler of their country.

I want to bet on shining armor but then I think that's to predictable

2645264 oh nooooooooooooooooo

Dude! The feels. Damn.

"whoa Twi, your what! Who ever the father is is gonna hear it from Tia and Armor."


She's pregnant with Discord's foal. That would explain a lot, actually.

I have 2 questions. Question #1, who the hell did Twilight do? Question #2, how is said stallion going to service Shining Armor?

I am intrigued. Here's to hoping it's not incest.


When teen and sex tag is present, the sex part is only implied: it has hapened, it will hapen or it is hapening, but no mature description of the act. I kind of preffer it like this for mlp :yay:

I find this story very interesting and I want to see where you go with it.

However, if it turns out to be an incest story between Twilight and Shining...well, that's your business. Though I probably won't be following the story afterwards.

Shining Armour is going to go on a warpath when he learns someone touched his little sister...to say nothing what a certain pair of Royal Pony Sisters are liable to do.
Also, kudos for choosing rarity to be the one to find out. Out of all the Mane 6 she's the most 'mature', and most likely would know how to handle such a thing.
(The rumours that she sired a foal herself off screen aside i mean).

That's a really good build-up.

No pun intended.

Hooray for incest!

Oh dear....

I like the angle here, that Twilight simply has too much faith in magic, not that she was irresponsible, or became inept when it mattered.
You have a knack at portraying things in a way somewhat different than I expect, I wonder how this will play out. Well, no, different isn't really the right word. More like, um, things play out overall like one might expect, but in an...unexpected fashion? :applejackunsure:

I suck at words. :raritydespair:

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