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Christmas Update · 12:36pm Last Tuesday

Hey, everyone! It's Hearth's Warming season!

I've got a lot of stuff to talk about, so hopefully you're just as excited as I am.
First of all, there's a new story that should be coming out soon. Can't tell you many details about it, but I'm hoping to have it out for you in the near future. I think it's one that the majority of my followers will enjoy. :raritywink:

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[X] Reach 100 followers
[X] Reach 250 followers
[X] Write 25 stories
[X] Run a panel at a con
[X] Write a featured story
[ ] Write for an animation
[ ] Convince someone to make or buy me a Princess Cadence plush

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Aside from that, how've you been lately?

I just wanted to check up on you, Cadence. Yes i'm still hard at work on my project.

Most stories written about buffaloes

Well, two stories is one more story than what I have. For now.

Not sure why the site decided to suddenly make me unfollow you? Ah well, I'm back!

Doing good, can’t complain. I saw your blog post about you being harassed and wanted to see how you were doing after your very last blog post:pinkiesad2:.

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