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I just created a new group! · 2:46am Last Friday

It's called the Original Pairings group, which you can find here.
Basically, the point is to have stories in here that take more creativity than normal to write (unlike Twilight x Rainbow Dash).
There are both SFW as well as NSFW stories, so regardless of what you're into, you're bound to like it!
At least, you will once it gets more content, which is where I need YOU!

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[X] Reach 100 followers
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[X] Run a panel at a con
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[ ] Write for an animation
[ ] Convince someone to make or buy me a Princess Cadence plush

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To be fair, it does seem like the kind of story that might be poorly received.

Why'd you cancel I Hate Myself And I Want To Die after only one chapter?

Good thing I'm a pony and not a person. I'm gonna bucking rock your world!:yay:

I'm starting a religion around you.

can you answer my question?

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