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It started with a trip to the spa. Spike receives a simple back massage, it felt nice, he thought that'd be the end of it. However, it turns out things would just spiral out of control from there. Especially when Rarity invites him over with little explanation about what he's doing there.

Welcome to "How far can this go before it needs an M rating".

Teen rating for Innuendo

Chapter 1: Rarity and Spike

Chapter 2: Pinkie Pie and Spike

Chapter 3: Ember and Spike

Chapter 4: Spa Ponies and Spike

Chapter 5: Twilight Sparkle

Chapter 7: Bulk Biceps masseuse, Mina victim

Special note: Having "completed" the storyline, I'm no accepting commissions to write up a massage story to post here. Please feel free to dm me about it

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 30 )

This story sounds like it needs a non-con tag. Why doesn't it have one?

I am

so shocked
And confused
why did i like it

Apologies about that. It's fixed.

I hope it wasn't a bad shock

Oh c'mon guys we need to take a break from all of this spike x rarity stuff and look at other spike shippings instead😐😔

So far, there hasn't been anything explicitly sexual, be it consensual or otherwise. It was just a massage, and not even one that touched any private parts. Sure, there was some implication of things progressing in the future, and a hint of innuendo, but nothing actually explicit.

Plus, Spike didn't at any time object. He was a bit confused about what was going on and what her motivations were, but he clearly enjoyed it, both physically and mentally. Why would it need a non-con tag?

That ending is amazing, I have a feeling pinkie is going to throw rarity under the bus trying to explain this.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Hope Rarity will be in the M rated chapter.

I'm scared.

Um, scared of what?

Wonder if Gabby hears of this.

Will smolder be in the story?

OMG I love this so much! Please keep it going.

I'll definitely try! Though, I've got a couple of commissions to deal with

Not a problem, I can wait.

What about Smolder?

I think I might try her later

But when will he try out his massage skills?

You can check some of them out in the story I wrote as a commission.

Wonder how Gabby reacts to this?

She sneeded this fast.

Was this a typo?

Yes it was. Sorry

Another great chapter. Was hoping for Spike to moan loudly after the crunch, but the joke still works.

Oh dang, that could've been good

Another great chapter. Izlove the bone cracks and Spike drooling.

Do griffins have a progress of choosing their forever-mate?

Could be hidden somewhere in MLP lore, could be a commission idea

Wonderful story....and no one's here?

Eh, a few have commented already. it's been a while since someone's commissioned for this series

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