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So many fucking sequels it's like the movie season of 2012 in here!

Vexy #2 · Jul 13th, 2013 · · 1 ·


It's still the best thing since sliced bread.

Are you getting bored of fics, Mr. Regidar? :trixieshiftright:

Vexy #4 · Jul 13th, 2013 · · 1 ·


You circlejerking downvotes, mister? :trollestia:

2871695 I rarely downvote, and I can assure you I did not downvote this.

2871672 I got bored of fics ages ago.

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Sorry, Pathors Mors kicked me from the conversation. :applecry: I can't lurk in your skype calls anymore.

2871708 god damn pathos
what was your skype again, anyway?

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I should probably stick that in my Bio so anyone can add me. :derpytongue2:

A :moustache::heart::ajsmug: Clopfic. :yay:

2871664>>2871672 Heeeey


Ahh Alex! :rainbowkiss: Welcome to the club. Here to revel in the awesomeness that is Shakespearicle's presence? :rainbowkiss:

2871757 I just came for the clop

It took this Fic to realize how much I now ship Spike X Applejack. Really well written. You could actually almost feel all the emotions that were portrayed in this. So awesome :rainbowkiss:
It made me feel good. But not that kind of good. Thanks for an awesome fic :)

2871963 whatever man

and to think, this all started with a backrub. :ajsmug::moustache:

2872226 Funny. I remember feeling the same way about watching a show about colorful ponies... :trixieshiftright:

Why didn't Spike tell AJ about the potion? I get that he didn't want to raise her hopes up just in case it didn't work but still, something she should have known.

Also, you know that potion has to be over a thousand years old right? At that point......ugh.

2872678 Not unprecedented. see: Honey

True, but honey does it by having a butt load of sugar in it, is slightly acidic and bees put a bactericidal into it. I don't think this potion contains such things.

It is true that the potion could have survived, it just seems unlikely to me. Course a dragon effing a pony seems unlikely as well, so who cares.

You're really missing out then :raritywink:

:rainbowlaugh: wait until the little guys ask about the day he was born. That one top my own story :rainbowlaugh:

2872763 I wouldn't really say that Spike, as I've written him in this series, is the Spike from the show. (Aside from the first half of the first chapter of Applejack Gets a Back Rub). The rest of the time, his character is very unlike canon Spike. A dragon, that just happens to be named Spike, if you will. The romance between them feels more like a Sparity ship if that is what you're used to.
My version of Spike uses a Thu'um from Skyrim.
Just saying. :trixieshiftright:

wasn't that the one where his hand gets stuck in her snach?

It was a bit rushed, but it was so good :moustache::applejackunsure: Iaughed of how Applejack's water broke :rainbowlaugh:

A blunt story sequel, eeyup.:pinkiecrazy:

Love it. You got a fave and a moustache :moustache:

A really good start after a long absence from here for me!


YAY another person reads that tumblr!:pinkiehappy:

I was surprised at the skyrim reference and battle, but I really enjoy their quest to get a baby and how they go through it.

Its such a heartwarming story, i wish tho there was a pic or something of what the foal looked like :pinkiehappy::raritystarry::rainbowwild:

I'm going to call false title on this fic. I've read it twice and nowhere does Applejack get a second backrub. :P If you're going to shamelessly promise these sorts of things, have the common decency to follow through.

I read this and replaced Applejack with Rarity and the farm with the boutique. Sorry, but I am a big fan of that pairing.

I straight-up lost my shit when the Thu'um entered the tale. And do I detect a reference to FRIENDS, the 90's sitcom, during the ultrasound?

wait wait wait wait...wait...wait wait.....wait...wait,wait....wait wait.....wait. so Celestia gave AJ and spike a potion for a baby.....im confused here....spike and AJ have a baby!? :rainbowhuh:

2876836 Foal
2876903 Right at the beginning!

Inside the barn, Spike lays her tired body down on the soft hay.
Applejack Gets a Back Rub.

2877566 Wow. WOW. That was a really REALLY obscure reference that I didn't think ANYONE would get! +20 internets to you!
2878401 Yes. I thought I was quite clear about that in the story.


.... Not good enough. :ajbemused:

Wow! This story had more then I expected would.:rainbowderp:


I enjoyed this very much. Laughed my ass off when Applejack was having the baby. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by bluerose6969 deleted Jul 16th, 2013

Thnx for the pic of the foal :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

Touching, romantic, and at times funny as heck. A most excellent sequel. :yay:

2878529 Well crud I caught the Friends reference too but now it'll seem like I'm just copying that guy :derpytongue2: Anyway great story :pinkiehappy:

To think, TWO of them. that' is one tough mare.
BTW, What made you choose mammal birth over eggs?

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