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Ya know, if I were witty, I would put something clever here. But trust me - I ain't.



At 4000 years old, Queen Chrysalis has a lot going for her: she was definitely is a Queen of one of the mightiest changeling hives in all Equestria, she's next in line to be the Queen of Queens, and she is most certainly NOT a virgin. She's had dozens, if not scores, of partners in her life. After all, how could you live that long without losing your virginity? That'd be just weird, and Queen Chrysalis is the least weird changeling you'll find.

(Rated "Teen" for occasional lewd references, and "Sex" for allusions to the horizontal mambo. Nothing explicit, but better safe than sorry, right? Cover image done by the wonderful apricalico/feellikeaplat)

(Also, this was featured on Feb. 20 and 26, 2019! Thank you to all who have read it!)

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 290 )

Going this route while still taking all the flak that season 6 brought at face value? I'm reasonably impressed (certainly enough to give a like and track) and eagerly wait for the continuation!

This is fantastic! I can't wait to read more!

~Oh this story is going to be an fun read, I can tell!~

The first chapter is pretty good, so I going to leave an like and I'm going to fellow this story See were I goes!

Oh I like this. Can't well explain why, but this hits sweet spots.

They're mantises?

Good stuff so far!

This is interesting so count me interested. Take my friendly like of friendliness, you beautiful writer person. :-)

...Blink. I LOVE IT!

4000 is one year too many. Heck Chrysalis is only slightly younger than China and Egypt.

Hang on. Dominatus wants grandchildren from Chrysalis, but is also encouraging her to pursue same-sex relationships? :rainbowhuh:

Unless changeling reproduction here is drastically different from the standard model, it looks like her plan is only going to lead to disappointment. :unsuresweetie:

Ovipositor. She said it several times. If you don't know what that is, it's like an egg dick.

8664347 An ovipositor is typically for the placement of eggs, not fertilisation. She still needs to get the sperm from somewhere, unless changelings possess haplodiploidy, in which case romance is an unnecessary step.

Whatever the case, my comment was just a facetious, roundabout way of saying that it would be great to get a little more info on how their reproduction works. :twilightsheepish:

Hhmmm, fair point. My apologies.

As for reproduction... it's magic!:trollestia:

... You piqued my interest, now you have my interest. Continue.

Why do I get "Pony Courtship Rituals" by Deus Ex Equus vibes?

Comment posted by gale strike deleted Jan 13th, 2018

I find it quite interesting the similarities to this story and the one i read just last week ago of the same name idk heres the story just if you find the stories similiar https://www.fimfiction.net/story/359876/the-4000-year-old-virgin

You had my interest, now you have my attention.

Great start.

Eks is a horrible disease. Hopefully it's terminal for the skittle moose. :D

Can't wait to read more.

All shall be explained! Most likely clumsily and leaving more questions than answers, but all will be explained in the future!

Well, I guess I'm not nearly as clever and original as I thought! :rainbowlaugh: I'll have to give it a read!

Well, it's certainly not because I read that story many months ago and decided to shamelessly rip it off was inspired by it, no sir!

Chrysalis literally has the most entertaining mother ever.

...You know, I am growing exceedingly thankful that my parents have NEVER been this... Interested, in my personal life. Not that I have much of one to begin with, but still! Also, continuing to love the story!

I like that despite her physical age, Chrysalis is still kind of a teenager. That's how her character always came across to me. Like every mostly unsuccessful high school bully.

XD i know how you feel

I love the queen of queen I wonder what she looks like if someone made an art about her that would be awesome also love the story it makes me laugh a lot :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

In any case I look forward to this.

Between the show having to throw out a Dues Ex Machina every time it needs to stop Chrysalis and her mother I am amazed that Chrysalis hasn't become an alcoholic.

Aww, poor Chryssie. She shouldn't let others get to her si much, she's really pretty. :o

8666542 Apparently she's an icecreamoholic.

"Oh, sure. Why don't I just pass her a note that says 'Do you like me? y/n'"


Here's why this chapter sucked: :applejackunsure: :ajbemused: :rainbowhuh: :pinkiesick: :twistnerd: :trixieshiftleft: :twilightoops:

In all seriousness, really enjoying it. I'm really enjoying the unique take on Chrysalis so far, though I really hope she turns out to be competent at something soon. She can only be the butt of all of the jokes for so long before it becomes stale.

She has competency, alright. She just needs to realize it.

And she will, soon! It's coming, I promise!

Once again, I am so happy that my own mother declared that there was no romance in my soul. So happy to avoid such squicky interactions. Also, thank you for this chapter!!!

"Also, hard work builds character. If anything, you should be thanking me for the opportunity."


I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who reads Calvin and Hobbes :twilightsmile:

Poor Chryssie. XD

You might want to rethink your intelligence management practices there, Chryssie. >.>

Hopefully her sanity can survive this. Hah, sanity.

Twilight is gonna get this letter, show up with the girls and stone Chrysalis. Or send her brother as her champion. With a army. Or Luna shows up and cracks that portion of the continent. Or Celestia shows up, screams 'MINE!' And burns that portion of the continent. But I don't see Twilight showing up alone to a fight.


Snrk, that was great. I love this story, Chryssie is so cute. And her mom is just a riot.

Inb4 it actually goes too well.

Hah, Dorkalis is the best.

Don't worry, Chryssie, you're best than any princess.

Though, I'm kind of confused due to some wording. She apparently has an ovipositor, but you also mentioned her 'royal jewels', which refers to, well, balls. I does she have both? >.> If not, a good metaphor would be the 'royal scepter'.

I see what you mean. Personally, I've always heard "royal/family jewels" as just a general euphemism for genitals overall. I guess it just depends on where you grew up, eh?

edit: If enough people come to the same conclusion, I may change it to your suggestion.

I get the feeling that some CRITICAL INFORMATION REGARDING PONIES NAMED TWILIGHT SPARKLE was lacking in the Queen of Queens' intelligence network.

This chapter is shit.
Let me tell you why that is:
I am a liar.

Another great chapter! I can't wait until we start seeing other characters like Twilight and Applejack, but only because you've already done such a fantastic job making me like the characters that we already have.

Let's see....5...7...5! Alright, we're good.

And they may or may not be focused on in the next chapter...

I just want to see Twilight reaction to this and best of best if Thorax will be there too. Chrysalis will go fucking balistic xD

Really, they could have just taken a picture of Chrissy in front of a bookshelf and Twilight would have traveled to the hive in her underwear...

To read. Yeah, maybe that wouldn't be the best picture to send to Best Bookhorse.

Some of these paragraphs in chapter 5 are really big, could you break them up a bit?

The Popup Book of Changeling Anatomy :twilightoops:

They clearly have no taste, Chryssie is beautiful.

Hahah, popup book. XD

I'd say they're off to a great start.

I'd say she has the kind of face that only a mother could love, but given how her mother has called her a fat loser... I kid, I kid! Chryssi is best Queen!

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