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>recent stories
>6th of January, 2013

2245355 That was when I first started writing it. I had been busy lately. Plus writers block. More to come soon. As in, a chapter a day between now and the 15th.

And THAT is how you wright a damn good story.

wow Star Wars? really?

Whelp, I read this tentatively since I was in a cloppy mood. I thought for a bit that it was Luna on the throne, but then when the Star Wars references started and Twilight appeared I began to think that it was a dream. Then when it was confirmed a dream I was calm again since for a while I was concerned that this was just really poorly written, but nice job =) Consider this story liked and favorited and I am eager to see future chapters.

I'm glad to see that people understand that those parts were written to be intentionally cheesy. I assure you, from here on out it gets really good.

I think I'm loving this voyer luna.

I can't say yes enough.

This thing is pretty awesome.
Edit: Congrats on the feature by the way.

Honey hole? Damn, the sexual innuendos are almost as bad as the Star Wars pun. I swear I'm reading a screen play for a pony porn film. I'm almost surprised you didn't include the scene where Leia (Twilight) kisses Luke (Luna). I thought if you're going to go outright voyeur on Luna's part, you were going to throw in some implied incest there. That and I think Celestia would have been perfect for that scene. "Scruffy Headed Nerfhearder!"

Is this gonna go Romance Reports? Teasing or starting off with the Twiluna and discarding it for something else?

Before I start for real, Star Wars? :twistnerd:

Your telling me ===> You're.

This is the greatest story ever. End of discussion.

"But first, you must prove you can love me. Love me completely. Prove that you are worthy of my love in return...You must learn to love yourself...Learn to do this Twilight, and I will take you as my lover!

I swear to Twilight, if this ends up like Romance Reports and there isn't Twiluna at the end, I'm going to punch a kitten.



There's a reason I hated stories with Cheerilee in it for months on end.

I'll check it out later but this sort of sounds like "Perfect for me". Though I think that one kinda died.

by a certain, white furred, fashionista.

Oh yes. :duck:

Lawl Star Wars. That was hilarious. Color me intrigued.

I will read this... purely for research, of course.

2250782 your arm's a bit buff there Shakespeare, been a.... doing these often? :trixieshiftright:

Unf. Delicious. Hilariously sexy Star Wars puns-filled story by a renowned author? Tracked. No regrets. I shall be watching.

"My own clone! Now either of us will be virgins!"

so many star wars references:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

If I where to get a clone, I want it to be female.:ajsmug: I'm strait. But I still find this story interesting on an artistic level and I look forward to the next chapter.

..................*faves then faints*

wow! can't wait to see how this turns out!

I like the comic on the cover photo. Really is a joy killer though~:moustache:

Hah, I lay claim to the blame for this idea.
Sadly, I do have to say everything feels rushed and artificial. Perhaps an editor would help?

WTF am I reading? And why do I love it?

Questions that on one will ever answer.

Congrats on the featured

Huh. Killing Celestia seems to be a recurring theme in her dreams. :ajsmug:

2247534 go Vinyl! and go this story!

Brilliant writing that was terribly written.

Amusing like nothing else, great concept, frankly skipped over the sex scene... Did notice you pulled an homage to "Sharing the Night" hmm?

Regardless, the fastest way for you to improve immeasurably right now would simply be... Find a proof-reader?


The most recent sequel made it all better.

Twilight * Cheerilee * Celestia polyamorous romance with only subtle hints of clop.

Yes, I saw a lot of subtle hints and nods to other stories in this. I'm almost offended none of mine were included before realizing "Oh, right, why would they be?" and then I sulked and punched a kitten.

2254637 They wouldn't let me use that. I tried. Even with censoring.


No, it's not redeemable, not yet anyways. IT started out teasing the fuck out of TwiLuna (best / 2nd best pairing to me), then drove that train off a cliff, pissed on the remains, and then blew them up with some C4 then Hellstrike missles after that for good measure. That's where people take umbrage to Romance Reports, and why I fucking hate it. So, even if Celestia ended up in their little group, it's still a shitfic in my eyes, just for that bit there.

Comment posted by MrNumbers deleted Mar 12th, 2013

One is allowed to dislike even well written material when the end result is not to your enjoyment. Even good movies can bomb in the box office, and one can draw the same parallels here. I've dropped plenty of novel series, even well written ones, when they turn in a 'wrong' direction in my eyes after setting up a nice foundation beforehand for another thing. There's also a thing called 'personal preference', and if you wanna bring your funny little analogy into things, there's also something called 'freedom of speech,' 'freedom of choice,' etc. Take your pick.


Look, I meant it in the same way that I helped AbsoluteAnonymous handle the backlash from the ending of TGWP.

Christ, that destroyed her, and it's very likely the reason she isn't still writing.

A story that everyone loved, up until the very last chapters, was 'ruined' by an ending that was heavily foreshadowed the entire story? It's ridiculous to hold the quality of a story, and the writer themselves, to an event that you yourself has just decreed as "Personal Choice".

Yes, you would have preferred Luna, but trashing what was, until that point for you, a brilliant story because the heavily foreshadowed ending wasn't your ship is beyond ludicrous.

For the sake of humankind, carry on with this Story! +fav :pinkiehappy:

You know what this means...



Wuhu! Next Chapter earlier than possibly possible. You are so great. Anyway, one little:
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Bad style, just use one; Otherwise it looks like written by an youngster cybering
Number 42? I see what you did there :pinkiehappy:
I hope you hold your pace (I await a new Chapter in a month, k?)

This seems like a mix between Romance Reports and Perfect for Me, at least from the first glance. Assuredly it deviates from the expected path, but I am in no mood to read anything that might get feelsy in the slightest.
Too many feels.
Too many.
But I'll read it later!

The two mare hurried back up to the bedroom, giggling excitedly the whole way.

>two mare
Not sure if you did that on purpose, lol

Twilight say"You might know everything I'm going to do, but that's not going to help you since I know everything you're going to do. Strange, isn't it?"

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