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That's so wrong... Yet so right!

The Mature tag might have something to do with it.


"Button!" she gasped. He took her tail in his hoof, pulling it aside as he guided himself downward between the supple cheeks of her luscious ass, bringing himself to bear against her marehood. He rubbed his tip against her entrance, parting her lips just enough to allow his advance. In a smooth, practiced motion, he penetrated his mother, sinking completely into her without warning or ceremony. Elaina gripped the edge of the counter for support as her son took her, rutting her silly, right there in the kitchen.

Right to the point I see! I approve.

"It's that Diamond Tiara! She wants to cheat off of me on the test on Monday!" he said. She trembled each time his balls slapped against her swollen clit. "She said she would make it 'worth my while', and she flicked her tail at my nose."

Ha! Like she could compare to Elaina.

Not that there weren't rules after all. Firstly, nopony else was to know about their 'special' bond. Even Button was not so naive to not know that the bond that he and his mother had was... unusual. And secondly, his 'treats' were conditional to his performance in and outside of school. When his grades began to slip, she withdrew herself from his advances, in promise, only to his improvement.

Clever girl.

"Nff. Mfff! Oh Buttooooooon!" she cried out as he mashed her button, sending her reeling over the edge.

Oh the puns!

"Happy Mother's Day," he said, taking a short break from his cunnilingual ministrations. "I thought I'd do breakfast in bed." Elaina looked around for a tray on her nightstand. It was nowhere to be found.

What a sweetie!

"How about tulips on your organ?"

"But I don't have an orgaaaahhhh!" She cut off his sentence when she slid off of him and took his throbbing morning wood into her mouth, licking and sucking with as much effort and attention as he'd given her.

Button sure is slow on the uptake. I bet his 'outake' won't be as slow. (Yes, I know that was horrible. I feel no regret.)

She sat down all of the way, sitting on his lap, with her completely inside of her.

Small break from the silliness to point out this slight hiccup. Nothing major, just said her instead of him. Also, it might do to reword this sentence a tiny bit as well since you say two variations of sit.

He buried his face into her mane against her neck as he rutted her. She did the same to him. Maybe what they had wouldn't last forever. Maybe is couldn't. Maybe it shouldn't. But in that moment, in that bed together, it didn't matter to either of them. All that mattered was this moment, right here, right now. She loved him. And he loved her. Mother and son. Each felt like the luckiest pony alive.

How quaint.

All in all, a fic that does its job well; fueling the clop train for us degenerates on this fine Mother's day. And what better way to celebrate than the MILF that was practically drawn to be sexy?

7197841 Thank you and fixed.

This was cute... One of my favorite pairings... Thanks!

7197860 Imgur link, meaning your pic didn't show up. Sadly.

Button is certainly mashing that Milf. Great job.

Finally some Buttoncest that isn't grimdark. Thank you based Shakespearicles. X3

That was definitely stimulating but, before "breakfast in bed," it almost closed out on a really sad note :fluttercry:

Kinda wish you didn't spend the time explaining that Button's Mom is barren.

One of the most depressing things that can happen to a woman is the choice to have children be taken away from them before nature intended. Clearly Elaina has made peace with it, going so far as to have what some would consider an unhealthy relationship with her child, but she's not an alcoholic, or depressed, or has anger issues... so at least there's that.

But it's still really sad :raritycry:

This was incredible.

7198539 I made you feel a feel.

But, it wasn't my intention. I needed a reason for her to be okay with what they were doing, without the inherent biological risk of an incestuous relationship. It was more the point that she cherished Button more so as her only begotten son. She appreciated what she had, and didn't resent what she had lost.


I appreciate why it was there, I just felt compelled to mention how I personally took it for some reason. Was still a nice offering, thanks for writing it!

I have a very biased perspective because my family has a hereditary predisposition to terrible uterine cysts, 95% of the women in my family end up having a hysterectomy by age 35. Some take it better than others, but it's rough for most of them, and they cope with it in different ways.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say, if I'm trying to say anything at all (which I'm not convinced), is that this kind of thing might affect people more than you would have thought.

7198742 Thank you. I'll keep that in mind.

7198688 Uhm... what about... you know, condoms, the pill, abortion, magic...
Just asking out of curiosity...

7198822 As an earth pony, it rules out magic. And the pill makes a presupposition about birth control in Equestria, although we have seen pills in the show, (A Bird in the Hoof). And condoms are for suckers.

lol jk. Don't be a fool. Wrap your tool.

7198822 The pill could lead to this (being pregnant or being tricked by the pill into thinking you are causes you to seek out people who's pheremones match yours closely to care for you and babby) but condoms are boring and abortion would instantly make this a politific. Also, abortion/miscarriage is a highly traumatic experience for the psyche and the body.

Thank you for taking the time to write this story.
This is an incredible read, I like that it was not a dark flick.
I like how Button's mom justifies herself, mean while Button has no such justification.
It is the interaction between the two of them that makes this story so addictive.
I can't see a down side to this story right now so I can't give an honest review.
But I will reread it in hopes that I can, some, day.

I wish you good luck in the future.

7198888 Well... I tonly means she can't cast them herself... Maybe she can get a hairband enchanted or stuff like that, who knows?
7198891 That... would leave magic then... I guess...

Good Stuff.

Does anybrony here work at IT support, or know anything about IT at all ?
I really need to know if those IT guys could possibly aware of me looking at NSFW on my laptop using my company's wifi because I'm fighting a losing battle here trying to not reading this hot stuff right now and the 4 inch screen isn't helping.
Could they know exactly what you've been browsing if they're really looking ?

I haven't read the fic yet, but all I can hear in my head is the "Mother Knows Best" song from Rapunzel. Thank you for that. :ajbemused:


If actively looking they could see your exact internet search history depending on their wifi set-up. Not that most ever really look at that stuff as they almost all rely on firewalls and the such. But really if someone was actively looking they'd not understand what they were seeing and probably not read through everything to figure it out.

IT guy here. The answer is... It depends. Some companies do monitor every single bit of internet activity you do, others simple don't care. Become friends with one of your IT guys and see if you can find out from them to be sure.

Were you on mlpadultsonly.tumblr.com when you wrote this?

Commence read.

"How about tulips on your organ?"


No sooner had she, than he filled her mouth again.

Not sure why this bugged me.

A nice read.

7199290 This. Always befriend your IT guy. At best, he'll completely ignore or help you cover up your tracks when browsing unapproved. At worst, you'll be the only person that doesn't get shot when he inevitably snaps.


Freud was right, the gun in people's dreams is a dick and Oedipus complex everywhere. Go ahead and keep on using that copy of "The Interpretation of Dreams"

7197751 I know..."That's so wrong" I know "Yet so right!"... what it feels like

Note: Respect Mother's Day.


Yes of course they could. Teather you phone and use incognito and that should make it harder. Don't use their wi-fi. Buy a bigger phone or learn how to make h text larger. Or get voice reader and put on headphones.

7199363 Holy fuckin; shit that pepe meme!!
Fucking dying in a corner right now..:rainbowlaugh:

Another fantastic job, good sir. Only one complaint from me:

How about tulips on your organ?


Apologies, but I'm not a fan of puns. Still, loved it.

You strike an interesting balance between Human and Equine traits--adolescent colts attempting to mount their mothers on instinct and whatnot. It's refreshing to read.

7199206 Everypony here saying to befriend the IT guy is spot-on.

With that said, I still don't usually do anything questionable on the work network...despite the fact that some of my coworkers have actually read my own 'fics of a cloppy sort. My reasoning for this is that nothing can prepare you for all of the nuances and unpredictability of workplace politics.

VPNs are pretty solid, though.

Regidar, what have you done?

Your tradition is still going strong.

I suppose next year, I'm going to be seeing the new alicorn paying her mother a visit.

I have no problem with this.

where's the comic?


7200234 derpibooru 927032, 927031

7200450 I could think of worst people to be in hell with, ma'lord.

whats the comic, i wanna read it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

7200695 It said in the desc, but since I'm nice, here ya go. (Put the numbers at the end of https://derpibooru.org , so for example it'd be: https://derpibooru.org/1150140 )

WARNING: Not for those under legal age of consent (Being an adult!)!

random exclamation points!

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