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Well damn, I have to say that was quick...this seems like it's the first Sparlight clop done (Sparlight = SPike + StarLIGHT for those that didn't know).

Awesome fic good work ^_^

First Starlight clopfic and it's so lusty hot. Wish to have more fiction of this new shipping.

We need more of this pairing.

7090614 Gotta say my favorite shipping for Spike is SpikeBelle, but I'm really feeling the Sparlight. We need a lot more of this pair.

who actually started with the idea of him having two penises?

7090831 I think it's the whole 'he's a dragon aka reptile and they are known for having more than one'. At least that's my best guess.

round 2 chapter when ? ^^

Yeah, a lot of reptiles have strange genitalia in general, which is where it came from most likely. Off the top of my head, snakes come to mind. I'm unsure who the first person to apply this to dragons were, but the idea is different enough for me to try writing it.

7090305 Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the first clop to feature these two as well.

7091144 I left the potential for a round two, but I ticked the story as complete because it's dubious if I will write it.

7090460 Glad you liked it!

7090659 It's great to see you guys like the shipping! I was unsure how my take on it would be received.

Estrus (heat), anatomically correct, hemipenes*, inter-species, underage, first time, vaginal sex.

*Damn it.

...No femdom? Curses.

Awesome, pretty cool to read, also it's the first starlight x spike fic I read and even saw so Yeh awesome!

I wanna see Starlight pregnant with Spike's child.

7091175 I thought it might be something like that, for me a Dragon is not quite a reptile or just that, but it is reasonable enough to me.

7090888 well thanks, I wasn´t sure but somehow I remembered, or at last thought that maybe some animals/reptiles. are the reason for that.

The story itself was okay, better than some other stuff I read here and there, but that´s just my opinion.

I never understand what some people have with their 300 words per chapter, Clopfic or not.

Lately Starlight keeps looking like Rarity to me.

7091175 So, you going to make more of this?

7091583 we all hope so i guess ... because it would be sooo much wasted potential if not ...

:moustache: YOU'RE WHAT?
:duck: I switched her birth control with sugar pills. . serves you right
:unsuresweetie: and I was jealous too and used tic tacs for yours Rarity:raritystarry:
:rainbowhuh: yo! I did that as a prank!
:fluttercry: me too, I'm so sorry
:pinkiegasp: me three!
:applejackconfused: Spike ya sure a busy little guy
:facehoof: Who didn't he do?
:trixieshiftleft: guess who book horse guess who!
:trollestia: You need how many birth certificates?

*Was going to write Spike and Starlight clop*
*Somebody who actually knows how to write clop writes it*
Oh, um, well... never mind. I'll just... have fun with this instead.

Hell yes!
"Friends with Benefits"! Awesome relationships!
Hoping for more of this ship!:trollestia:

So they ARE thinking of secret sex?!

Well Twilight, I guess Spike is going to be Starlight's number one assistant now! :heart:

7091664 I'll think about it. As it is, I have a few other fic ideas to work on. One of them including cloning shenanigans.

7091762 The best kind of relationship. At least until it inevitably turns into something more. That's what happens on every single sitcom that exists, right? "No strings attached" always turns into "I can't live without you!".

7091767 It's going to be very hush hush.

7091984 assistant

Boy you do not hesitate with jumping to the action, do you?

~Skeeter The Lurker

7091723 is that a king of the hill reference?

7092927 Thank you for pointing me to a new artist to love. This is some gooood dubstep.

7093045 damn, it was a good episode. Let's just say that birth control looks a lot like jelly beans.

Obligatory heat services

best idea ever

Wow. It was amazing!


7090305 I like Sike better

“Well, not necessarily. But back up; do you really clop to me? You find me that attractive? What about Rarity?”

He groaned into his claws. “How does everypony know about that?! Well, to be honest, I haven’t thought of Rarity that much lately. She’s beautiful and graceful, but compared to you she’s kind of, um, dull.” His eyes widened as he realized what he said. “D-don’t tell Rarity I called her dull!”

“It’s fine, Spike, I wouldn’t dream of ratting you out. Especially considering how much you helped me out.”

Given Starlight's personality, this is trouble waiting to happen. Not that she's malign at present -- but she is still quite manipulative, and in pure vanilla canon.

Actually, I seriously doubt Spike finds Rarity dull. But I do understand why he might say it at this moment.

With a flash of her horn, all the fluids that covered them, as well as the floor and table in both this room and the other, vanished. As if the stains never existed. Which was exactly what happened. “Heh, time magic sure does have its mundane uses.”

I find it scary that she can do that, but this is now SWSV canon. Not the sex part, but her ability to use temporal magics for mundane purposes, and lack of grasp of why this is a BAD IDEA.

Yeah, Draconic endurance is nice, isn't it? :moustache:

Comment posted by EverfreeSparkle deleted Apr 4th, 2016

7093610 She's already manipulated Spike. Sure, she might not realize it, but years as a cult leader have engrained it into her psych. She even is able to overcome her own conscience with the weakest of arguments, making it so she gets what she wants.

For Spike all it takes is simple body language, as well as a friend in need, and he was all over her.

And yeah, when he called Rarity dull he just meant in comparison to how he felt about his new crush, which is why he instantly regretted it.

7093614 I added the time spell because I figured that if she almost destroyed the world because of a friend moving away, then she wouldn't think twice about something so mundane as cleaning. And yes, it should scare you. One small miscast and anything could vanish from causality. Poof.

7093481 Glad you think so! It made sense in my mind for her to implement something like that, since it makes society more 'equal'.


Yeah, I got a big manipulative sense here. Also, I don't know how overwhelming or not heat is to mares in this world, but I'm thinking Starlight got a little bit spoiled being a cult leader.

What I mean is that Starlight's put herself in a potentially good position here, because she has sexual relief, she has a path in to influence over Spike (who as Twilight's Number One Assistant is more influential than even he realizes, and who is very likely to care for Starlight, given his own personality) and she could even if necessary implicitly threaten him with blackmail as Spike would not want Rarity to be offended. She's obviously aiming to bind Spike to her, since she set up both a promise of future sex and a shared secret.

It might not occur to Spike, since he's still fairly innocent, that he has an even stronger hold over her, as both Twilight and Rarity would blame Starlight for the situation rather than blame Spike. In fact, this would be a good way for her to get both Twilight and Rarity to hate her.

(Why doesn't SWSV Twiight hate Rarity for messing with Spike? Because Twiight and Rarity are extremely good friends, and Twilight trusts Rarity's morals, and that Rarity actually cares deeply for Spike and would not intentionally hurt him. Twilight does not have this deep a trust for Starlight, and would be foolish to do so).

I do see her as manipulative this way, if she could get away with it. (I don't think that Spike would fall for it so easily, especially given that his feelings for Rarity run deep -- but he might, being a horny male adolescent). Starlight treated other Ponies as objects on a routine basis to run her cult. She's not all that scrupulous in that regard, and in my own stories she tried to restructure sexuality in Our Town as well (along slightly different lines, it figures in parts of Post-Traumatic).

As for the temporal magic -- in the SWSV this is very dangerous. Yes, Pinkie Pie does reality warping all the time, and by a similar technique. However, SWSV Pinkie Pie was literally born to warp reality -- she's the Herald of Paradise and (unlike Starlight Glimmer) can directly perceive the timestream, so she can see Paradox and snuff it out (observe her actions in Dragonshyness and Her Special Gift. By contrast, what Starilght Glimmer does is cumbersome and clumsy.

Hey, it just occurred to me that SWSV Pinkie would be annoyed by Starlight's actions, because she'd immediately notice the clumsy reality warping (she'd probably be the one to snuff out the fires of Paradox that Starlight just made) and look to see what Starlight was doing. Pinkie wants the future where the ki-rin fly with Spike and Rarity over Canterlot, so she would not appreciate Starlight's actions.

But that's all about my SWSV fanon anyway, not yours, which may be quite different.

Super sexy sex stuff! And this pairing is pretty neat. They both kinda have the same colors lol. Next time, I bet Starlight will think of DP with those tools :3 :twilightsmile:

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

Btw, I freaking love your profile pic, Pinkie Moth? So cute! You have the url to it cause I can't seem to find it anywhere.

7093784 Here you go. Pinkie Moth Noises

7093715 May I ask what SWSV means? I feel kind of out of the loop here. Is it an acronym for a particular fan universe?

Also, in this story's universe she isn't going to manipulate Spike to get to Twilight. I never even thought of that angle.


"Shadow Wars Story Verse." Explained right on my home page.

Oh no, I didn't think that she was specifically being evil. I think that social manipulation and controlling the situation are second nature to her, just as to Rarity -- but she's not as ethical as Rarity. She got into the situation impulsively, but then manipulated it into the best possible social outcome for herself -- an option on Spike, no consequences from Twiight or Rarity, and she gets serviced whenever she wants it.

7092289 Nothing wrong with that turn out!:pinkiehappy:

You know, if only one of them cums at a time, he could totally play sexy Russian roulette with two ponies. :moustache:

7093814 I love how a clop story has started a debate over the ethics of social manipulation. Not that I don't enjoy reading such comments; I am thoroughly intrigued :twilightsmile:!

...You like my ass, Spike? Well, maybe after you cure my heat, I’ll let you slip into that tight ring. Do you think you’d like that?” She felt him twitch within her, and his grip around her tail increased. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

I hope we get a sequel, with some butt fun.

Ya can't give em two but only use one ..needs MOAR double play .... Needs sequel now ... spoilers ..Rarity catches them in the act ...:duck:

Well, that was interesting. The double penis thing threw me for a loop, but it was a neat touch. Would have liked to seen that put to more use, but whatevs. Still good.

Goddamn it... this new ship just works too well...

I... I think I support this now... yep.

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