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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (SubscribeStar)


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LOVED it! Super unique, I am really glad it won the vote

^.^ Yeah, this one was fun to write.
A little tricky, too, trying to get Cewestia's voice right. I'm still not sure I've got it.

She doesn't fuck like a filly, though!

Right to the point, I see. :trollestia:

That's the best kind of clop. :twilightsmile:

She doesn't fuck like a filly, though!


Stop catering to my horrible guilty pleasures man. I have to be an upstanding citizen.

Well, despite the fact she's a 121-year-old foal, this is good.

Oh, you. Always managing to find my fetishes.

What a super hot yet adorable faux-foalcon clopfic. :twilightsmile:

Reminds me a lot of that My Little Cadance clopfic. :P

I'm debating if I should read this or not. I don't like foalcon....but....

I guess this wouldn't technically be foalcon, would it?

What...? There's nothing wrong with this. Nothing wrong at all. Right?

I think you mean *because* she's a 121 year old foal!

Great. Now I want to work that euphemism into a clopfic.

:rainbowwild: I try.

My Little Cadance, eh?

Yep, technically not foalcon, here we go!

Ah... that feeling when you're excited about finding out about a new fic, and then you find out it's already in your read it later list.


>Already in read later list

Well what are you waiting for? Read it nao. :derpytongue2:


Well, yeah. I'm not much into foalcon, but using the different age, different appearance idea negated whatever conflicted feelings I had about reading it. Because she is an adult by age alone, it's legal for her to engage in sexual activities.

I've seen weirder boners.

Legal or moral? Because what's legal is whatever little Princess Celestia says is legal.

What am I waiting for?
Well, I have a lot of writing time to do this week. (13 hours remaining) I've got to get some of it done first.


Well, I doubt that despite the she is the law, she wouldn't do it if she was under 18-21. That would be immoral and illegal. I do understand how the guard felt though.


I see your point. :twilightsheepish:

*Sees title on featured list*
That sounds adorable!
*Reads description*
Oh. Um. Ok.

This was a unique masterpiece. Bravo good sir. :moustache:

Could we get a sequel with her being a little older? Maybe with the body of a teen?

Title could use a change.

Pwecious Wittle Cewestia :rainbowlaugh:

Heh, experiences similar to that are probably where most of the downvotes come from. ^.^

It's called a hook. :raritywink:
Story descriptions that have one are more likely to get in the feature box. :twilightsmile:

Wow, now that's effusive praise!
What's your favorite thing about it?

Eh, probably not ... not unless my Patreon supporters tell me otherwise.
I kind of consider this one done, and a sequel that repeated it would be kind of redundant.

The thought crossed my mind, believe me. But I thought that would be overdoing it a little.
(Fun fact: the title was originally 'Precocious Little Cewestia', but when I found myself subconsciously reading it as 'precious', I decided to go ahead and just change it to that.)

She doesn't fuck like a filly, though!


I do wonder, considering she knows she will have a growth spurt in the next ninety years... have there been alicorns before her? Are her parents still around?

Those kinds of questions would take it way too in-depth for a clopfic. ^.^

Well the content was one of the more original that I have seen for one thing. Also the way that you had described things with both the build up and the act was very well put. Plus, I found how he kind of had to be coerced into it somewhat instead of being instantly like "Yeah let's fuck that filly" was a nice touch.

Had trouble picking one thing. :twilightblush:

*goes onto fimfiction

*loads up

*going through feature box and sees a cute foal Celestia


*looks at tags


*adds it

Good to hear. ^.^ Don't worry, it's still very helpful to find out what in particular is working ... what people like.

:rainbowkiss: You know you love it.

:twilightsmile: Apparently, you're not the only one who likes it.

...What about Luna?
...asking for a friend :scootangel:

7506811 7506860
If anything Little Celestia is the cradle robber as she is likely old enough to be at the very least a great grandmother to every guard, save the old grizzled vets. Also, disturbing fact of the day: In more than half of the states in the US the age of Consent is actually 16. And in Japan, age of consent is 13.

She doesn't fuck like a filly, though!

One of many theories of the origins of Molestia.

What about her? :trollestia:

It can be 16 in some places. That doesn't give you free reign to go mess around with 16 year olds, though.


going in hard


She started 'young', of course. :twilightsmile:

Hopefully your patrons get you to do the Luna sequel; it would be interesting to see what kind of contrast you could do for her. Would she be the meek one who's horny and tries to clumsily seduce a guard? Would her story be her trying to one-up Celestia by stealing her favorite harem stallion? Maybe she's a complete dominatrix with her own sex dungeon hidden away somewhere on the moon.

Also, this made me think of that Rainbow-is-a-self-loathing-pedophile story that was popular not long ago in that this is the kind of thing she needed. Somepony who's a loli, but not really. In a world where age-regression magic is a thing, I think pedophiles would have it much easier. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if you could buy special potions just for this sort of thing over the internet. Or magic comics like the Power Ponies one, but hentai instead.
Yeah magic would make fetish fulfillment way more interesting.

Before I start reading this. What kind of pairing and fetishes this story contains? Such as m/f, f/f, futa, or etc. Because the description sure doesn't help.

7507671 I knew exactly what I was saying.

m/f, royal guard x 'filly' Celestia

I, too, wish sex magic was a thing.

Can you add that to the story description? If you don't mind that is.

Eh, I usually don't bother with that kind of thing.
If you're okay with the foalcon aspects, there's not going to be anything else shocking in it.

Having a character who's spiritually hundreds of years old, yet is physically a child (or, in this case, a filly) be portrayed in rule 34 has always been a bit weird to me. For all intensive purposes, despite the character's actual age, we're still getting turned on by something that is physically and visually a child. It's always weirded me out.

That being said, I'll still read this and enjoy every moment of it.


intensive purposes

Just how intensive were these purposes? :duck:

7507898 I think you mean "for all intents and purposes".

I know that. I was just pointing out that 18-21 being an arbitrary number for AoC is inaccurate.

7507671 Well, unless she was banished to the moon as a filly (which would create the possibility of an interesting story as she grew and went through hormone surges during the exile), she would have similar desires. So, would she do similar, or be a bit more modest and self-controlled?

Hotdamn, that was... well, it was awesome, but her being an actual filly was a lil' strange to me. Aside from that, hawt, good job little secret <3.

Ah, the hazards of being well-endowed.

I think I'll leave that to others to decide, though...
That is, unless my Patreon supporters tell me otherwise. :raritywink:

'aside from that' ... Oh, don't be coy. You mean 'because of that', don't you? :twilightsheepish:

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