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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)

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Edit: Omg....it was official from the man himself. Cream Heart is her official name.

It's Cream Heart, not Creamy Heart.

Y'know, normally I'd fix it, but for the last couple of weeks she's been 'Creamy Heart' in my head so I really don't wanna. It's just her name to me by now.

Some people have name preferences, so yeah, what can you do?

Nice. Button seems appropriately hateable. Did not expect Heart to be so blatant, but hey, I enjoys it. Looking forward to more!

Should probably have the "Second Person" tag. (edit: its fixed now)

This is beautiful.

You intrigue me. I request more, please.

dis gon b gud

Brooooo this is looking to be some good shit :trollestia: Unf, loving how it started man, good show so far.

And Button, fuckin' cunt, lol

I can't wait to see if there's a reaction from Button to this, lmfao

Comment posted by arcanica_scripta deleted Mar 27th, 2019

Fam we just gettin' STARTED.

It's gonna be a ride.

*preps baby powder for epic pimp slap to Button-douche's ego (and cheek, hopefully), and grins to await more*

Going How High on this 'un. Button needs a pimp slap from Tartarus, and banging his mom would be the best vengeance ever

Button: "I fucked your girl!"
Bro: "I fucked your mom!"
Button: "Ha! You did incest!"
Bro: "I'm not in your family, remember?"

Button will literally have the ultimate smack in the mouth ... "hey, Button ... who's your daddy? That's right ... I am your daddy, cuz your momma is on m'dick!"

Mom basically throws herself at me.

it's time to seduce . . . Creamy Heart.


Also why do I act like I'm 14?

I'm sorry, would you like to write my ad copy in future?

But no legit you do have a point.

Also why do I act like I'm 14?

Probably because your brother acts like he's 12.

I only do that for my patreon subscribers

>Checks your page
>Sees section devoted to SweetieDash
>I'm sorry can we be friends

SweetieDash is pretty awesome.

But I don't know, man. You do kinda have her slumming it up with Button in this with no Dashie to be found.

Well... how about a choice of six TwiDash stories?

...except one's cancelled. And one's incomplete. And one was a total shitpost.

Tbh just look at the trilogy and fuck the rest.

If it helps, here's a thing you said about a story I wrote on an alt once:

It's been a very long time since I actually enjoyed trudging through the TwiDash incoming folder. Thank you

Don't ask me why I remember that. Just love me 'n' stuff.

I always thought Button Mash's mom's name was Nursery Rhyme.


Great, now I'm gonna spend time looking for that comment.

Hmm, one seems to also be RGRE, so that's even more points off.

While I am the TwiDash group admin, having a TwiDash repertoire isn't too impressive. TwiDash, while a great ship, is more often these days used as a way to get popular quick ( results may vary). Also, the stories that stand out most to me are the non porn ones.

These days, I'm more interested in weird Rainbow Dash ships: SweetieDash, RainBloom, CaDash, Sunny D. You know, classy stuff.

I am also interested in how you treat Sweetie and-- oh dear. Just this story then? Not a great start, my friend.

Oh my God, write SweetieDash.

>rip 2013

Eh, I'm not going to argue the RGRE comment. You like what you like.

Sunny D? What a ship name. That makes me smile in a pleasantly fruity way.

Also yeah, I've not exactly written many stories involving CMC because it usually involves ageing them up but—

I just remembered I have like 10k of unpublished SweetieDash smut sitting in a GDoc somewhere.

Maybe I'll continue that at some point. Dunno. Wasn't too keen on where it was going.


I just remembered I have like 10k of unpublished SweetieDash

Shit, brony. That's all you had to say.

What if I said I could possibly help you send it in a direction you'd like. Would you possibly, maybe send me a link?

I'd totes be your friend then.

Hmm, it's a thought for sure. Honestly, I'd have to dig it up and give it a good look over to make sure it was actually worth sharing before doing so. Remind me if I forget, cause I'm working on a million things at once right now, but I'd potentially be down for that!

I just wanted to read 10k words of some SweetieDash. Why ya gotta play with my heart like that?

Man I hope you have button throw sweetie to the curb after he's done with her.

She'd say something like "I thought you liked me." Button would say " I liked you for the 5 minutes I was screwing you. But I don't like you anymore. Thanks for helping me hurt my brother." She'd cry then try to come crawling back then find the main character screwing buttons mom. Then told to get lost he has no time for cheaters. To top it off button gets her pregnant and turns out to be a deadbeat. If you cant tell I hate cheaters.

Edit .. everyone who down votes hating cheaters is probably one. Then dont be surprised if your kid looks like your best friend. After all what goes around comes around.

Want revenge on someone? Do their mom.

Button: "I fucked your girl!"
Bro: "I fucked your mom!"
Button: "Ha! You did incest!"
Bro: "Jealous?"
Button: ".... Yes."

You okay, mate? Wanna talk about it?

upgrading to a mare that he could never have

That's what you think

So, this guy and Sweetie aren't official? And they barely kissed? I feel so bad for this guy and I know it's going to get worse for him.

Nah just a pet peeve ...lol. I just hate cheaters. I get a kick outta stories where the tables get turned. Like when they get to the party after the weddings completely done and they walkout after announcing during the toast they knew they cheated ... and just wanted their family to know.

I think they are official but he's taking the relationship slow not wanting to ruin it. If the conversation he had with creamy is him being truthful.

I need moooooooore!
No but seriously this is amazing.

Comment posted by Dragon Dred deleted Mar 27th, 2019

Hmmm... kinda confused. The synopsis is that Button fucked Sweetie and your character caught him... so in retaliation, your character fucked Cream Heart... yet there isn't any indication of that happening beyond Cream Heart initiating contact.

On another note... cheaters are ass holes. I was cheated on by the girl I was going to marry, so... yeah.

I hope that he punches button in the dick

question this is gonna be like a romance story between creamy heart

Quick question, do you intend to upload all the other chapters at once? Or one at a time?

In the first chapter, we hadn't gotten all the way to the premise yet. Consider that chapter a prologue of sorts.

Also, yes, cheating is bad! I in no way advocate it, that shit ruins lives, and I'm truly sorry you ever had to deal with anything like that.

I haven't actually experienced true cheating, but that one asshole thing happened to me.

You know, that one thing when (She in this case) breaks up with you because she believes it's 'too early', and then dates some jock upwards of 3 years older than you?

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