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Well, Lyra certainly liked that service. Perhaps she can convince Moon Dancer to come visit? She could use some relaxation.

Obviously she's going to tell Bon-Bon! Nothing like a good old couple's "therapy" session to relieve the tension in their marriage.

Couples therapy?
Well we can't have Lyra come back right away.

... Maybe later.

Obviously Bon-Bon is going to be the first to hear about this new service. From there who knows. :)

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Just going to make a note here:
The single comment for each chapter with the most upvotes will get selected.
Duplicate nominations of the same character will NOT have their scores added together.

Also, if your character does not get the most votes, do not despair!
You can always nominate them again on the NEXT chapter comment section.

Nice chapter. But its more of a quicky than a long sensual experience.

Personaly i would like a detailed Wingpreening or windmassage.

Oh, don't worry. This is just the prologue.
Future chapters are going to be much more... in depth.

Well, step 1 in that is nominating a pegasus, because there isn't one currently on the docket.

Who says it's gotta be a pony? Believe you me, Lyra's going to spread talk of Anon's stuff far and wide - and someone eager to see more of Ponyville's gifts - like say, a certain shaman named Zecora - is going to come calling.

Massage stories are my favorite. Which reminds me...no one has ever done a chapter with Derpy/Ditzy. Please make this happen.

I love puns. Alone for that you get a like on comments and storys from me :raritywink:
Derpy! Everyone loved her :yay:
Alternativ - Fluttershy, dealing with the blood bunny named Angel must be a pain :facehoof: Besides RD isnt a big Spa fan...
Zecora is a rare treat indeed. She will keep the human on his feet. Ones they meet it will be quite the exotic deed.

I guess i vote Derpy. That loyal and beloved mailmare deserved a good treatment :pinkiesmile:
Derpy :derpyderp1::yay:

Are you really going to make me write a chapter of dialogue in rhyme?

Tender Care /mindo mash

and when she pops off she just yells 'orange'

Also, happy ending massage is like, my number one thing. And it's being written by the number one writer. Yeeee

"If you speed up your rhythm some,
you are going to make me- oh fuuuuck!"

Flitter and/or Cloud Chaser

Kerfuffle, the pony from Rainbow Roadtrip with the prosthetic leg.


So he decides to work as a deep-tissue masseuse at the spa with Aloe and Lotus.

I vote for Gilda and Silverstream (NO seapony form).

Something about this sounds oddly familiar. Also I vote for Rose

Bon Bon, but secondhand and she's unaware of the Lyra connection.

He works with them, but where's the incest?

Unless one has to nominate that or another incest pairing. Hmmmmmm. Much to think about.

next up, Carrot Top!

I would love Octavia and Roseluck to respectively have him at some point, but it does make the most sense for BB to be next.

While I understand that Bon Bon is the obvious choice, I think she should choose Derpy instead. Wings are just as sensitive as (if not more so than) horns. And given her usual rate of clumsy accidents, being a single mother, and laborious job as a mailpony, I think she could use some serious massage therapy.

Hell, call me if you need help with the rhyming, hun. I can help you with cooking that mental bun.

Dammit, you beat me to it, lmao.

I think DERPY deserves to have a good time.

Hmm. How about Spitfire.

Big Mac we already know his good and stroking now let’s see him do it on something bigger~

Queen Chrysalis, bug queen needs some lovin’ too

Well, for starting, after Lyra, next is derpy, then pinky, to complete the set.

Since OCs are possible, I'd love to see how Anon handles Milky Way.


My name is Anon. Uh... I'm an artist. I'm a performance artist.

I'm hired for ponies to fulfill their fantasies, their deep dark fantasies. I was gonna be a movie star, you know, modeling and acting. After a hundred and two additions and small parts I decided, y'know, I had enough.

Then I got into Massage world. The client requests contain a lot of fetishes, so I just decided to go, y'know... full Master, and change my entire house into a dungeon, uh... Dungeon Master. Now with a full dungeon in my house and It's going really well.

Fisting is 300 bits, and usually the pony is pretty much hard on pop to get really relaxed, y'know, and I have this long latex glove that goes all the way up to my armpit and then I put on a surgical latex glove up to my wrist and, just lube it up, and it's a long process, y'know, to get your... get your whole arm up there, but it's an intense feeling for the other person. I think for myself too, you go in places that even though it's physical, with your hand, but for some reason it's also more emotional, it's more psychological too, and we both get you know to the same place, it's really strange... at the same time... and I find sessions like that really exhausting.

I don't know I feel kinda naked because I am looking at myself for the first time. Well, not myself but this aspect of my life for the first time and it's been harsh... three to five years already? I never thought about it... Kinda sad I feel kinda sad right now, I don't know why.

twilight and nice work on first chapter:twilightsmile:


Spike. That is all.

Hmm, if I get this right, this is going to contain fisting?
Tell me YES!

Sorry, but I thoroughly despise Anonymous based stories, it's the ultimate immersion breaker for me (trope or not, it's lazy writing in my books the majority of the time), Shakes, and as much as I like your kind of degeneracy, got to give this a pass.

Yesssssss... Downvote me... Your tears are delicious.

Patience, my friend.
It's a little thing called foreplay.

Fun fact: This was a contender for the alternate cover art.


Her prosthetic isn't just good for walking! It's a Swiss Army horse leg!

I wouldn’t mind seeing Gabby or even Gilda get a nice wing massage, and maybe Anon would make his way to their lion haunches

No matter who Lyra intends to recommend to next, Roseluck is waiting for a massage and she will see that Lyra was well-satisfied, and quickly, too. And unharmed in the process.

Of course, that might not start out being sensual, but I do expect it could be twisted around by quirks of conversation.

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