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    Its been 6 weeks since a mysterious creature of the Everfree wandered into town, and now it has everypony wrapped around its claw... according to Rainbow Dash. Determined to expose it, how will the pegasus fair face to face with said monster?
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I only did a quick overview, as it was in the middle of the night but not bad I say.

Ever thought of making a story with stallion on woman? They are so rare

I could see a sequel of this

sequel. sequel. sequel! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL!

I mean, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have something in mind for the future.

“U want sum fuk”

You, sir, are the greatest memelord I've seen yet

“U want sum fuk”

Shoulda left him in Tartarus.

I would love to see a sequel and to see how they would tackle the language bearer. :twilightsmile:

Welp that was hot, well done

Well, this is clearly great... I rate it as a 8/10

who would say that he ended up in hell as a doom slayer!!!

awesome! only gripe, is when the characters spoke in the midst of those large sentences. maybe split when the characters spoke like this and when "They talk like this."

Good point, I’ll consider that in my next!

Ah, hell. I looked around and found I was surrounded by a bunch of weapons, like a shotgun, a rifle, a rocket launcher, and a chainsaw among other ordinance. Suddenly I hear The Only Thing They Fear is You and realise how fucked I am.

You misspelled blessed.

You could probably turn this into a regular story keep the sex if you want

Very well done

Creative and funny

The Monk
"I-I'm sorry, did you just say 'blowjob'?" Jesse had to think seriously hard about this.” -An Intricate Disguise

This tickled me so much more than it should've. Would def. read a sequel.

There is, so much potential here, it physically hurts me. Sweet Celestia I hope for more chapters, this was amazing!!
A sequel would be hella dope but I could also see prequel chapters of Feather studying the 'creature' and Everett just surviving with his thoughts.

Huh, ya know being the a victim of the horny, i didn’t consider going back to go over the bits and pieces before they officially meet, but maybe if I find the time out of my completely free schedule (jk I got too many horny stories I want to write) I’ll try that. But as for the story as Everett gets to live in Ponyville, I think my ideas should suffice.

The tickle that starts with some butterflies and then a smile, or a tickle that says ‘get the hell outta here’?

Lmao that ending got me, let the silly flow
But great story, loved it. Hope we can see more of these two in a sequel

Sexy, funny, and just plain awesome. I join the chorus begging for a sequel. 🙂

glad you liked it. I actually remember your comment from my last fic with all the weird perspective changes lol

Oh my. I hope that's a good thing. 🙂

This was a epic wild and fun beginning I can't wait to see where this goes and I hope he makes a herd of his own and dome friends.

This was epic I really hope this his or will get a sequel that was awesome and funny and I love the POV switches. I also love the doom reference.

“U want sum fuk”

Not going to lie, that made me laugh. A continuation would be cool but it's not always easy to do and write up a direction to go on the fly. Pretty fun to see what's on the other side of the camera when it shows the cells in Tartarus. Oh, sure, swanky little cage in the middle of flippin DOOM Hell but you get a hell of a view with entertainment whenever Doomguy strolls through. It's like a cranked up Itchy & Scratchy since there are no censors.

When the effects of the beam wore off I slowly opened my eyes to find I was no longer surrounded by miniature horses, but by hellfire and brimstone. Ah, hell . I looked around and found I was surrounded by a bunch of weapons, like a shotgun, a rifle, a rocket launcher, and a chainsaw among other ordinance. Suddenly I hear The Only Thing They Fear is You and realise how fucked I am. I guess this is what I get for sticking my dick in a horse.

Fuck yes, DOOM.

That "U want sum fuk" is from that Becky bird meme isn't it :rainbowlaugh:

Now that's a banger, sequel is verily requested

I want to see more of this world, the concept of a wild human trying to adapt to pomy civilization is so cool

This was great i too would love a sequel

make a story from this


We lost it right there. Silly human, why would you do that! :rainbowlaugh:
At least he handled himself better in Doom...
Keep going! ;)

Oh Sweet Celestia and Luna! This! Was! So! Awesome!:rainbowlaugh: I love the bonus chapter especially.

Love the story and would like to see you add more or make a sequel.

Fun enough story and I'd be interested in a sequel, personally.

Though it did get a liiiiitle rape-y at times >_>

I won't lie, I did feel that way part way through, and it made me really try to think away around it without the story devolving into a non-con fic. What is Feather Pen supposed to think when she riles up the human? Did my best to include the empathy that Everett has to make it a little better though.

None the less, I am happy how it turned out and that people liked the story!


I love the Tarzan and Jane schtick.



If it pleases the court? PLEASE CONTINUE THIS STORY WHEN YOU CAN!!!!! (Bow)

Not bad. Not bad at all!
Good job!:moustache:

"U want sum fuk" xD

Why does this read like it's written by an alien

Any plans for a sequel?

This needs a sequal! :flutterrage:

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