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God damn, that was funny at the begining, but then it became really beautiful and sincere at the end. It's an interesting transition from, "Ha, funny joke about heavy petting," to, "Don't be afraid to talk about things that may make you uncomfortable since it's good to have a healthy conversation."

If there was a scale to measure a story's worth, this one would have broken it.

Enjoyed the green on 4chan, didn't expect to see it here!

Before I start reading, I need to let you know that you should change succubus to incubus because the former is a female while the latter is male.

This was a trip. It was meme filled and also ended pretty great. I will say my one problem was there wasn't a single 69 joke.

This is the longest blibical joke i've read!!

Later it would be a very incestuous family, but hey, what guy wouldn’t want to drown in pussy? One that wasn't you, that’s who. Good thing they’re not here, huh? Dinner tonight was a delightful cajun-ish style chili with garlic bread. (weaker garlic butter for the pones because they can only handle so much)

Who you calling a pussy, ya horse-cocksucking-corrpution-child of the month June faggot!??!

This is the funniest lore, and the loreiest funny I've read in a long, long time. So good!

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That's because it was already....


SSA #12 · June 12th · · ·

Thank you so much for your praise. I kinda wrote this as a goof but with that ending part I'm hoping that my words might help or inspire some people.
Yeah, someone on there requested it be posted here and I didn't have anything better to do.
Thanks, good to know I haven't lost all my humor yet.

Cash Money. A compelling read ^^

I was expecting sex and hedonism not the levels of comfy and heart warming ive read. This has made me smile about the entire thing.

Thanks for posting this here man

Celestia in her sweat stained sweater.

I haven't heard that in a long time

This was an unexpectedly heartwarming collection of porn and memery. I shall be watching you author, you earned your like and favorite :twilightsmile:

Most people just call her Nightmare Cadance. We need more stories of Decadence, the dark alicorn of lust and excess.

Cadance screamed, tossing Shining out in front of her, face down ass up.

NOW we're getting somewhere~!

Empress Decadance

Why did I never think of that!? God damn it! That's clever...

We just keep running into each other.

One note: The female equivalent of Cuckold is Cuckquean.

Even when they're getting cucked they think they're queens...

Hey thanks for posting this here I am wondering if you are going to post your other stuff here from pone paste

Nice one.
What it is really missing is Discord ^^;;;

Like two different stories.

hay do more chapters lol

You know, I came here to complain about the story, but I'm noticing people seem to be really praising the ending. I'll admit I stop reading during the Cadence section because if there's one thing I personally can't stand it's a story written like a parody fever dream. Not something written about an absurdist situation, something written like it's being told to you by a strung out college student in a Denny's at three in the morning.

Now, the excuse of "It gets better later." is really something that shouldn't excuse anything. But one of my favorite shows is Breaking Bad and boy are there some parts you could probably fast forward through and not lose anything. Cough, most of season two, cough cough.

I guess what I'm saying is that maybe I'll try giving this another look. But if I don't like it expect me to come back and leave a mildly worded comment.

SSA #28 · June 15th · · ·

That's fair. This was originally just an overly long shitpost to be honest. So if you have some criticism that will help me shitpost better in the future then I'm all for it, especially coming from an author I respect.

SSA #30 · June 15th · · ·

Lol, don't go nuts, you wrote a couple comedies that I think are good, it's nbd.

So, I guess in the interest of prosperity, I'll give my thoughts on the story. These are just my opinions and I'll try to write these as plainly as possible, but that'll probably go horribly. (Spoiler, it does. Also, post be long, but I hope you read through it anyway.) Anyways~!

I guess I'll go section by section to make things relatively easy to follow.

This section is mostly fine. Near the end we jump to being Berry Punch, but there's no line break which I find irksome.

I hate the Cadence section. I hate everything about it. It's 469 words (nice) of referential joke where the joke is that it's a reference. I feel like if Cadence is going to be present in the story itself, it should be as more than a one off joke referencing that anime that makes people go to the comment sections of songs I like and make references to a show I don't watch. Is that petty and stupid? Yes it is, but I still hate the Cadence section. I feel it would be better if it was excised from the story entirely.

This is great. Good world building, nice character interaction. And if there's one thing I love, it's character interactions.

Okay, guess we get to do some technical critiquing now. Which is like regular critiquing, but I don't have to feel guilty about what I say because it's not related to subjective opinions! The forth second starts out as a bit of a mess. First off, I haven't been told who I am. I can guess based off context clues that I'm Lyra, but when the previous three sections very plainly spelled out who the 'you' was, it's more than a little disorientating. Second:

With a happy prance you dart off to your treebrary from your favorite writing hill. When you get there, though, three of your fellow sisters are waiting for you wearing their full regalia. Is the big spherical Anon helmet still really necessary? You thought that everyone agreed that it looked silly. Oh well, some habits die hard, you guess.

"Girls? What’s up?"

”So, check it, Chrysalis dragged her buggy butt out of the Everfree and Challenged Anon for control of his… Are we still a cult? Or are we, like, a religion now?

I know the first speaker is 'you', but I have no idea who says the next line or for that matter who the other three characters are. It isn't until this line

Dash is still talking, “So, Chrysalis is challenging him for control of his religion, but guess who shows up?”

That I know the second speaker is Dash.

Oh no. ”Cadance, that’s who! So the three of them are having a standoff over by the lake!" Time to go be a hero again, filly.

Also, 'Oh no.' and 'Time to go be a hero again filly.' should be separated from the spoken line by paragraphing (Yeah, there's probably a proper word for that, but heck if I know what it is). Because they're 'your' internal thoughts. Unless it's 'you' who is speaking, in which case it's fine, but it's also not clear that that's what's happening. To me, anyway.

Oh, 'you' is Twilight. Damn, I guessed super wrong.

Oh shit he’s activated those scarves I gave him.

Should be 'you', not 'I'

This section kinda devolves into the Cadence section near the end, tho. Which I think we've established I don't like. :twilightblush:
I guess in terms of fixing it rather than just cutting it out of the story... It's hard for me to say. I guess slowing it down and easing the narration to be more in line with what the earlier parts of the section were like? Feels like a speed freak is running through their list of meme references again. (Man, I remember the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny...)

Okay, so, real quick, I'm just gonna shit all over first and second person narration. This is 100% me being a third person narration forever sort of person. It's my favorite to read and to write. And because you can do third person limited narration, you can have all the fun of first person narration with none of the hangups. Or do third person omniscient narration and leap from scene to scene and character to character with nary a care in the world. Hell, you can do third person limited, but just switch who the narration is following scene to scene.

I bring this up because who the fuck am I supposed to be in this section? Zecora? That makes sense, but it makes sense for me to be Lyra in the last section and that was a straight miss on my part.

Fuck me, I'm Anon again. I'm O for 2.

The echo’s of pleasure, and pain, can be heard faintly in the halls.


”Memo’s don’t travel as fast as I do, but don’t worry, I’ll make up for lost time by kicking your but faster than you can say, ‘oops all Dashie.’”


Also, side note. Calling her Decadence? *chef kiss* I love it.

”And what do you want, dear?” Rarity asks.

You smile at your friend, “I want to help ponies. I want to make a difference, and I want things to be better when I leave them than when I found them, and I want to be appreciated for it, can’t forget that. I’m not doing this shit for free, yo. I want cuddles, and I want to be told at the end of the day that I did a good job.”

”Sounds like you want friends.” Twilight entered the room grinning.

Oh boy, you get to hear me bitch about technical stuff again. See, it was previously established that only Lyra was in the room with 'you', but then Rarity suddenly appears. Which is fine, but then Twilight is the one who is said to be entering the room after the next bit of dialogue. So the entering the room bit should be attached to Rarity.

Twilight ponders what celestial body that would be for a moment before shaking her head, “Well, what do you suggest then? The Elements are kind of our go-to for this sort of thing.”

It would make more sense to be written as 'Twilight appears to ponder what...' since it's entirely from 'your' perspective. Of course, you could solve this problem by converting to the Church of Third Person Narration. :raritywink:

With some jostling and positioning and a false start by Rarity we’re eventually in place for your dramatic entrance.

Instead of 'we're' something like 'you're all' would probably work better.

Also, I'm noticing that the tense sometimes changes. Like, it says 'moved' instead of 'moves', which is an honest mistake. S and D are right next to each other so it can happen. But it sometimes happens with other words, which is again probably just typos. Just something I needed to take note of.

Your little group slowly approaches the irate BBEM.

I might just not be hip with the kids, but I have no idea what a BBEM is.

”Didn’t you just hear, I do what I want! Go suck a dick so you can say that you mom was wrong you fucking dyke!”

Firstly: :rainbowlaugh:
Secondly: *your

He doesn’t say anything. You’re not even sure if he’s conscious.

He is conscious, but he's not very aware of the situation, I'd say.

“Ow the edge.” You deadpan,


Shining slowly came back to his senses, and he and Cadance began to talk. Well, they began to argue. Shining was hysterical, as you would expect after being mind controlled and fucked stupid by five mares while hanging in the air. Decadance still thought that he was trying to replace her, or taint their love or whatever. Shining is eventually able to convince her that he was just worried about her. There just isn’t enough time in the day to be a prince, a father, and a guard captain. He needed help, and he could see that she needed help. The solution seemed obvious, a herd sister or two would provide the emotional and physical support they both needed.

Decadance breaks down in his forlegs, telling him about her insecurities and fears as well as how she’ll outlive him and their daughter, and how she wants to do everything she can while they’re still in her life. He reassures her that she’ll always be marely enough for him. How she’s not only not inadequate as a wife but a hundred times better than any marefriend he’s ever had. (which is just the one back in highschool, but it’s the thought that counts.)

Okay, so I'm gonna have to unpack some stuff here. Bear with me.

So, they always be saying 'Show, Don't Tell', which isn't always true. Sometimes, you do have to just just straight up tell the reader something. Which is a perfectly fine thing to do. That being said, this little moment right here definitely should have been shown through dialogue, in my opinion. It's a very good outline for how that conversation should go, but it should have been all written out and not just summarized.

Actually, as I read to the next little bit, it has occurred to me there is a work around for this. Have Anon (yeah, I'm just gonna call him Anon now) leave Cadence and Shining alone to talk out of respect. And then you can gloss over him waiting on the balcony while they hash out their problems.

Okay, all done. Honestly, I'm glad I decided to come back and read through the rest of this. This story is good and it has lots of good things in it. It just needs some polish is all.

I just want to say that if you ever want help with a story, let me know. I'm easier to reach on Discord, so DM me if you want to find me on there. Have a good day. :twilightsmile:

SSA #34 · June 15th · · ·

Geeze dude, you didn't have to go so far for me, but damn, thanks! I totally get where you're coming from with references and jokes and jokes that are just references. It's totally fair to just tap out if you're not into that stuff. As for the first and second person perspective stuff? I also kinda agree with you there. The only reason this is in second person is because it was originally a 4chan green that I wrote as a bit of a joke and it's the style that you write in second person in those. I'm also much more comfortable writing in third and first person, which is why I sometimes slip into first person when I'm supposed to be writing in second person. Also I agree that Decadance is a great name. Can't take credit for that one though, I found it in the archives of some forums from a couple months ago. As for the tense mix-ups? Yeah, those aren't typos, I genuinely mix up present and past tense a LOT. It's gotten better since I've started using google docs for typing these out, but yeah, those errors are totally on me. BBEM stands for Big Bad Evil Mare (As opposed to the Big Bad Evil Guy) and is a meme that carried over from its original state as a 4chan green because it was in the Reverse Gender Roles Equestria General thread. Your 'show don't tell' advice is really good, and I've gotten it before. The thing is I'm good at outlining how a conversation should go but I'm not great at actually finding the words. That and I'm working on a time limit for the most part. Not a limit on how much time I have to write the story, that's basically endless, but how long it'll be until I get bored with the idea and drop it, so I do my best to get a story completed so I can post it. Is that a good excuse? Fuck no! But it's the reason I'm sticking with!

Thanks for taking so much time out to read and review my story and point out my fuckups. I know you probably know this being an author yourself but it really fucking helps me get better when you go so in depth about what's good and bad and the why of it. You have a good day too! :moustache:

Well this went from meme to meaningful quite delightfully. Did not expect that. What fun!

What the fuck did I just read?
I love it

This story was great, I don't have any particular special words, it felt like a mix of two stories given the Cadence bit but I liked em both

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