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This story sounds a lot more plot-oriented then the previous one... Will I need to read it to understand this one?

it's as it reads in the description, while it helps in terms of overall comprehension, it isn't a strict requirement to enjoy. There's a little bit of story in both, reading the prequel will just fill you in on that.

Great one! Looking forward for the bonus chapter.

though i enjoyed the clop, the premise drew me in faster than the first one and i enjoyed this one alot more. Cant wait to read more of this. :D Theres just always something about this type of HIE stories that i love.
As a twi lover, the potential is there for some omg twilight/human dirty fun :p

Well I’m glad to hear you liked the story!

As a twi lover, the potential is there for some omg twilight/human dirty fun :p

Oh BOI do I have surprise in story for you sir


Hahaha.. you did it.

So ponies had their own Gulliver? Even while in that book he finally found himself in land of talking horses...

Also, amazing work on character perspectives.

Couple typos here and there.

the new creature didn’t meet it wherever it happened to be sent to

Not entirely sure what the "meet it" was for, assuming you meant to imply it was a good thing the human didn't die "wherever it happened to be sent to." Rainbow lasers never really implied death though, so this is just a bit confusing.

“And why would I after all the effort I sent tying you up?”

"spent" not "sent" here.

The edges of my lips pulled up as I gave the creature a coi grin

"coi" should be "coy." A coi is a type of fish.

The creature could hardly do anything with his cock sandwiched between my tights and his claws

Guessing you meant "thighs" not "tights."

That said, this was fun! I'm not really a fan of HiE stories, but it worked decently here. I do adore the idea that all it takes to make ponies stop fearing you is some ear scritches.

I needed a word for large, so I searched 'weird words that mean large'
Was not disappointed

"Did you really think you could get out of here without getting a BATH?!"

Thank you for pointing out those errors! And thanks for the read!

now your just teasing and gettin me all excited lol

Somepony about to be tied up!:trollestia:

I also think that Twilight, and/or other Princesses are watching from a far with magic!:pinkiehappy:


A forced bathing indeed.

I mentally prepared myself to wash another horse. I could start a business at this rate.

"U want some bath?"

I love the world building going on here. You set up yourself for many stories to come.
But, how did Feather Pen manage to convince Twilight to get him alone... where she could scream at the top of her lungs?

You could ask the same about how she got so good at tying ponies up... an explanation will come when the opportunity arises

"Anger2 "

I know what you did there. I approve.

Tree branch is located approximately thirty meters from the library window. Location allows for a good view into the library interior, with the added benefit of adequate concealment.

Someone really needs to tell Dashie that, aside from those rainbow mops she sports, her coloration is ONLY considered "camouflaging" when she's held up against a clear blue sky. On the ground, in a tree, or whenever her mane & tail are visible, NOT SO MUCH! :facehoof:

OOH, a sequel! Now this is something I'll put into my read later list that I'll actually read!

I noticed a few grammer errors.

The cock ___ across my face as my tongue slid against...

I think you need a verb here as the sentence comes across, to me, as confusing. 'Slid', 'brushed' or 'glided' might work, if you think that fits the scene you are portraying here.

My voice was raspier due to the beating my throat had taken earlier.

Beat should be 'beating' and your missing the period/full stop at the end of the sentence.

“HA! It appears our concern for young Feather Pen had been all for naught! From how thou presented thyself, we have interpreted that you had engaged in fornication!” Princess Luna said before bursting out into laughter, as her older sister appeared to be holding in laughter from behind her hoof.

Gotta love Luna's lunaness

Thank you! Errors have been corrected!

Stupid bitch just needs to create the Star Trek Universal Translator Spell. :facehoof:
I mean, he's already tried to teach her HIS language while she's teaching him hers.

I tip my hat to that reference

Indeed it is, indeed it does

This story is just so much fun to read. Great job!

Please continue!:moustache:

I kinda liked the other way of him speaking. Although I think that's cause I don't have problems reading backwards

I'm loving this so far

“¡Dónde está la Biblioteca!”

Poor Twilight, he did say he wouldn't bargain lol

his name might be T-Bone...

Really enjoying these stories. Glad to hear there's more coming!

Poor Twily. She's trying to teach him the basics of the language the wrong way. She needs to establish a baseline on both of their spoken languages first by drawing some simple pictures of common everyday thing like an apple, a door, the sun, a flower, then having him say each word in his language, then she say the word in her language until they can get to where he can get across basic simple concepts(i.e. me hungry, me sleepy, me need bathroom, etc...), she needs to assume that since he doesn't speak the language, he doesn't read the language. Maybe get Cheerilee or Celestia to help her, since both are teachers and she's clearly not.

Smorts =/= Good teacher

On the bright side at we get to laugh as she's terrorized in Italian/Spanish!

Twily could also use a good scrogging. I think I know of a certain pegasus stallion that could help her with that.

Oh! don't worry about that aspect, just give me a few weeks to find the will to write again and you'll have a great sequel!

Rainbow Dash's narration sounds nothing like her.

heh heh heh, yeah... hope you like the smut tho!

I did in Field Work in the Everfree, but in this I didn't get that far.

Ah, that's a shame, but thanks for stopping by none the less!

I really like both of these stories. They really are very well done.

I would be very interested in reading more of these fun characters.

“You’re right. Violence is never the answer.” “Violence is the question.” “And the Answer is YES.” -Illua

I know, I always roll my eyes when Authors start trying to teach the human the local language...by starting with the Alphabet. You dont teach a language with A B C. You walk around the place pointing. Chair, Table, Hooker. While doing that you teach common phrases.

"How much is the coffee?"
" Where is the bathroom."
" When does your husband leave?."

You know, things he will use every day.

The Monk
“Any problem can be solved by rigorous and vigorous application of horse-dick.” -Fenoxo

Luna holds the mic and she ain't afraid to say what's on her mind, fool!!

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