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  • 36 weeks
    A Small Update.

    Hello there kind people, it's been a hot minute. I assure you that I am not dead, and am hard at work on the Thunder and Lightning sequel. I am taking a careful approach to ensure that each chapter is of the highest quality, and is primed and ready for your viewing pleasure (it doesn't help that I do a lot of rewriting). As wise men have said: patience is a virtue, and it is something I hope you all can have with me.

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  • 44 weeks
    At a Crossroads

    Hello dear readers, Warrior Priest here. I'm reaching out to you all today with a humble question. Well, maybe it's not to humble. You see, I have had a few ideas for stories floating around in my head, some even have a full synopsis and chapter lists. But, being so abound with energy and inspiration can be a detriment as much as it is a blessing. I simply cannot decide which story to focus on writing next. That is where you all come in. I ask that you consider the following options, and give

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"We must be ever-vigilant, for if we become unwary and weak the enemies of mankind will devour us utterly. Place your faith in Sigmar to protect you, place your trust in your Emperor to lead you, and put your strength in your sword to deliver you from those who would destroy your Empire."

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Glad you enjoyed my works. And good luck with your own endeavors!

Hey dude, really love your work!

Good to see HIE non-anthro stories that are plot first, and not overly fetishy.

I want to get better at writing feelzy romance with maybe some vannilla clop.

Thank you! I already have a few other stories planned. So do keep an eye out in the future.

I gonna say this now and believe me I mean every word... You are talented at building a story from a ground-up.
I know this is your first story on this side and there are always ways to improve for you , but you did a great job with this first story.
Pacing is solid, character of Guardian Angel is so likeable that I wish you would make a longer story featuring or starting her. I think that would be intresting.
Whatever stories you plan I look into them with some kind of eagerness.
Thanks for hiting up my page, and Welcome to FIMFiction, friend.
Have fun out there and good luck!

Hee, thank you!

You deserve it, awesome possum. Always here if you need a friend. 😇

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