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"Cathredral bells struck by lightning, and in the clamour, hear their name." — Aragon

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Well then... A clop with some decent story? A nice change.

oh boy I hope this is a daily update

I Like it! Smash's cup on the floor shattering into the words Moar!

A human story with the Mane 6, Lyra AND, with Spike not cut out completely?!:pinkiegasp:

You have my attention!:moustache:

My father has a saying for just about every situation. In this case, the one that applies would be "Never look behind you. Something might be gaining on you." Sage advice. I made it to the path and went flat out, shedding my backpack and dropping my walking stick, running as fast as I could. Despite his advice, I chanced one glimpse behind me. And I wish I hadn't. The glow caught up to me and swallowed me whole. Darkness overtook me and I knew no more.

What was the point of the walking stick?

Applejack threw up her hooves and turned away, grumbling, "Somepony else deal with this moron."

Is she talking sh*t?

Lily, one of the ever-nervous Flower Trio, timidly said, "And how d-do you know it won't gobble us up at the first opportunity, Princess?! Look at those teeth and its tiny eyes! It looks like a predator if ever I saw one!" Several other ponies voiced their agreement. Alex held up his hands.

He would’ve done it by now.

"Get him out away from us!" screamed several ponies at once. They started to form a mob and began to advance on the human when Applejack cried "Let's go!" and they ran, leading the human out and away from the Square. They soon found themselves at the relative quiet of the Golden Oaks Library. Alex had to slightly stoop to enter the building, but still had plenty of room to stand up as there was enough space above him. He looked around for a suitable chair and, finding none, just sat cross-legged on the floor.

F*ck that. If they wanna fight, then let’s see what they can do.

"Gross!" yelled Rainbow.

"Quite agree!" said Rarity. "It's vulgar, causing an involuntary effect on innocent ponies!" Even Pinkie and Fluttershy looked a bit put out.

It was a f*cking accident.

But despite their outward protestations, every mare couldn't help but glance briefly at his crotch as he stood and wonder to herself what he was packing.

Heat season wasn't that far away.

I would not help them.

Good start but i hope the ponies don't hurt him because he's different if that becomes the case i hope he get's returned home. If this goes the way of harem i hope AJ is first for the simple reason of questioning his intelligence, followed by Rarity for calling him uncivillized just because he was several days hungry. Let her feel like she is starving and see if she maintains being civil when presented with a buffet. Then finally Twilight because she wants to feel those erotic feelings again and effectively becomes the mouse that almost starves because it only hits the pleasure button instead of the food button

STOP POSTING ABOUT AMONG US, I'M TIRED OF SEEING IT! My friends on TikTok send me memes, on Discord it's fucking memes, i was in a server, right? and ALL of the channels are just Among Us stuff. I-I showed my Champion underwear to my girlfriend, and the logo i flipped it and i said "Hey babe, when the underwear sus HAHA ding ding ding ding ding ding ding *takes breath* ding ding ding" I FUCKING LOOKED AT A TRASH CAN, I SAID "THAT'S A BIT SUSSY", I LOOKED AT MY PENIS, I THINK OF THE ASTRONAUT'S HELMET, AND I GO "PENIS, more like peenSUS" *takes breath* AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

For some reason I always enjoy story based clops.:rainbowhuh: Hope this keeps going for a while.:pinkiehappy:
Also, Rose had me crying!:rainbowlaugh:

I knew this would reach the featured box. Not often you get a clop fic with a story like I mentioned earlier. :moustache:

This story sounds similar to Bad Touch!!! except that one was intentionally summoned to Equus, unlike this one. The situation seems to be vastly different too. Plus this one seems to have more comedy air in it. Let's see where it would go from here.

Heh...thank you. I tried hard to make that part funny!

Thanks for reading! The next chapter will be out by Monday or Tuesday evening.

I can tell this clopfic will be one of the best of the year if it get regular updates. Can't wait.

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding... ding ding ding...

Can't say I blame them. He's kind of an asshole.

I was wondering how far back I'd have to go to find this.

I'm gonna guess that the Rose chapter will contain predator/prey foreplay, which if that's the case will be a treat.

This is some good stuff. I like that the human is a jerk, yet not a total jerk either. Not a total nice guy (somewhere in between) which is a nice change. Roseluck shaking her booty was frankly hilarious, I think she is good friends with Lyra. Or at the very least. Roseluck may try get closer to Lyra to try learn more about humans.

Judging by the cover, I assume Rarity is going to end up warming up to him at some point.

Gonna be honest this is a pretty bad start, first the main six seemed more uh aggressive in a introduction and felt a little OOC except for twilight and was generally grilling on alex for accidents and ripples he caused and where does this even take place, it mentions twilight is a princess due to the "your highness thing" but she said there wasn't any space there, what? Like dude the kingdom is ridiculously huge and has been stated to have several rooms and it seems to maybe unnecessarily lead a little too hard on the sexual aspects like the jiggle butt thing, seemed out of place and especially the crotch thing, seemed so uh out of touch? Irrelevant at the moment? Just seemed kinda forced really especially when they just met the guy so maybe uh be more smooth with it?

Comment posted by True Edge deleted Jun 1st, 2021

P.S. Don't be afraid to do some "experiments" of your own. (wink!)

Why did I have a feeling she was speaking from her own experience here?

I hope they told Alex there were other humans before him, and that there IS a way back, because that seems like information he has the RIGHT to know.

Plus it also explain the leyends Lyra knew, it was most likely the pioneers before Alex. Some in group, some individual. It a bit sad hearing the first one caused disasters but I will chalk that one to our past conquerors self or middle time form of thinking. Believing that what they saw were monsters of legends that needed to be slain, or in the middle of a conflict.

After all, it must had pass a Lot of time if so far only Celestia and possible Luna knew the facts.

Also, I knew it Rose will not give up that easily yet, and Twilight just did it. Alex has officially has gone a taste. And who knows what this might spell for ponyville when the season finally starts.

Twilight drew herself up proudly. "If you must know, there are several questions I have for him, questions best answered back in my laboratory. Strictly for science, of course!"

Sure it is?

"Git yer lazy plot over here! Twilight wants to talk to ya!"

I’m sorry, lazy?

"I...I have some questions for you, and I'd like to do some non-invasive experiments to find out more about you if you'd be willing."

What does that mean?

"Welcome to Carousel Boutique, where everything is chic, magnifique, and...oh, Twilight! What a pleasant surprise! What brings you..." Rarity's voice trailed off as the human followed her inside. "Twilight. What's he doing here?"

B*tch, he has a name.

"Certainly." She cast a wary eye at Alex. "Don't touch anything while we're gone, human!" There were several other customers, mostly mares, in the Boutique as well, and Rarity addressed them before she went with Twilight to the back room, "Please, continue shopping! If you see anything you like, don't hesitate to let me know, and don't worry about the alien. He's harmless!"

Alex has the patients of a monk.

Twilight smiled. "Thank you! I'll see you soon. Alex! We're going!" She left the shop followed by the human and a huge sigh of relief from all the ponies still left in the boutique. As they walked, for his part, Alex was in a state of constant semi-arousal. All the naked female butts around him...it was like being at a beach in Europe. Everywhere he looked, he saw one perfect ass after another, so he soon learned to keep his gaze downward, if he didn't want to be sporting huge wood by the time they reached their destination.

That’s an odd comparison.

"Alex and I will be down in the Lab for a few hours. Rainbow Dash and Rarity should be joining us shortly, as well. Don't come down, no matter what you hear, understand?"

If I was Alex I would leave.

As Rainbow and Rarity finally made their way to the Library, a yellow pegasus, perched high on a cloud overhead, had watched Alex when he'd gone into the Library, and had watched him when he was at Sweet Apple Acres.

She watched, and bided her time...

What does that mean?

Something tells and considering she said various earths. That in one earth King Arthur existed and cross paths…and she might had been the lady of the lake that gave him aid to rule his nation. And in another occasion a more violent version of Earth almost invaded by similar circumstance so that is why she tells that they can be both good and bad way in the past.

And ever since then no humans have arrive in a very long time.

…oh boy she might want to see if things repeat with Alex.

Cause Celestia is top 3 of the lewdest of horses

Next, on my chemical romance addiction...

As for the yellow pegasus... my bet is either Fluttershy or Spitfire, and since the fic is tagged with Mane 6, but not Spitfire... I'm very heavily leaning towards Fluttershy.

But, why is she there?

Oh, dat cliffhanger. I remember when Flutterrape stories were the fad. Get off my lawn. :trollestia:

As Rainbow and Rarity finally made their way to the Library, a yellow pegasus, perched high on a cloud overhead, had watched Alex when he'd gone into the Library, and had watched him when he was at Sweet Apple Acres.

She watched, and bided her time...

*Cue the Jaws theme*

We are highly interested in your story, we'll continue to watch your marvelous endeavors

Great chapter! Hot damn Twilight! Rarity, you bitch. And Stalkershy! Nice!:moustache:

*spit take*

Three words: Lucky. Fucking. Bastard. :rainbowlaugh:

Hopefully Twilight becomes really good friends with the human. Sucking a man's cock is a sacred thing.

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