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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)

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So far so good! got the SAO Vibe to it lol. can't wait for the next chapter.

Welcome to Sword Art Online: Limited Time Special Equestria Edition

What the fuck is wrong with you?

It's good even though it's fucked up...

Got to remember too look at tags, didn't notice the porn tag. Also did you change the image? I won't forgive myself if I somehow missed the obviously NSFW image :/

Dont know what think of this one. Bit confused really

Okay...:facehoof: This...:rainbowderp: is...:applejackconfused: so...:derpyderp2:AWESOME!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy::rainbowdetermined2:

Oh thank god, also will this be Porn with plot or straight up porn?

I can see a lot of untapped potential here. Just don't go full wish fulfillment-it's nice when the main character has to fight for his reward at the end of the tunnel. Also careful with how you play with the stats. If it gets to a point where he can feasibly seduce a volcano into erupting, you have definitely made a wrong turn somewhere. Always keep in mind in this scenario, the main character's greatest strength is control. The less he has, the more precarious the situation becomes, use that tp your advantage.

Small sidenote, but the device is wired to his brain. That should get around most if not all menu navigation problems, as well as any other typical MMO RPG elements such as item management, stats, logbook. If he can think it, it is done.

I see a lot of potential here.

It is rather a good story of HiE with a few details of Clop, it is not concentrated in the clop and it is a good thing.

by the way, good narrative.

In the title, it says "Fantasy is Reality" but do not be fooled. No matter how many times I read it, it's still all in my head.

You know. 15 years in the future? By this time it would be Mane 7 in this VR role playing game. It pretty much is now.

After seeing the list of achievements, I'll definitely be following just to see where you're going with this.

Can't decide on a pic? Lol, I keep seeing it changed.

So long as I see mares wearing panties like that I am interested in seeing where this goes. Oh and the story too... I guess.

I question how much about hacking you know. I'm not saying I know more than you, in fact, all I know is that it isn't as simple as others make it.

I must ask though. What languag3 W0LUD U U53 2 H4CK? PÝTH0Ñ? RµßÝ? Ð0 µ µÑÐ3R5T4Ñ M3?
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I'm tempted to downvote this just for the main character...I hate hackers.

But, it's a good story so far; we'll wait and see.

Comment posted by Dragonclaw44 deleted Jul 22nd, 2018

Ok... Ok, I dont think I can take this to seriously based on the cover image but I'll still read it.


Hmmm, bootylicious coverart, trapped in a realistic video game, sex and adventuring? Take me away on this ride!

[The Bro: Acknowledge Spike's existence.]

You know, I really hope the Devs make a patch so that this achievement is easier, I mean, the 1.5 completion rate just speaks for itself.

Also, no jewing the sales from Steam card purchases-KEK.

(while typing the word "jewing", Grammarly corrected it to reflect what should be in its place, "to jew")

man i alyways wanted to write shit like this but i suck balls deep at grammar so :/

Personaly I say Pegasi are the second strongest after Earth in the three tribes. Alot of althete's Sure AJ beats Dash in raw power BUT Dash versus a standard Earth pony I think would win.

[The Casanova: Bed each of the mane six.]
[The Bachelor: Go on fifteen dates.]
[The Hitched: Get married to another character.]
[The Hero: Defeat an evil villain and save Equestria.]
[The Royal Fucktoy: Have sex with every princess.]
[The Dedicated: Read more books than Twilight.]
[The Suicidal: Break a Pinkie Promise.]
[The Bro: Acknowledge Spike's existence.]
[The Total Prick: Make fun of Derpy.]
[The Spelunker: Explore fifty locations.]
[The Bearded: Master a spell class.]

THis is freaking hilarious.

Hmmmm....fascinating. Hope this goes on for a good while. This has alot of promise. Followed. :moustache:

First chapter and I'm already in love with the story

This story is shite and wierd… and I must have more!

Aghm een de sistem gais lol am hacrer

Hacreman actually gets the puss? How? This does not make sense in the r9k rulebook that if you know how to clear your browser history you’re not gonna get laid.

So wait did he actually get sucked into the game?

Lol, reminds me of Fallout so much :rainbowlaugh:

Better intro than I expected. Has hopes of getting some good story with the clop.

I hope he gets The Casanova and The Royal Fucktoy by the end of it.


[The Dedicated: Read more books than Twilight.]

Basically the equivalent of The Stanley Parable's 'Unachievable' achievement, except less possible.

Interesting start, you use the game mechanics as a narrative resource and seems so organic with the rhythm of the story, a good balance indeed, something SAO sadly forgot but SAO ABRIDGED knew at the time to take advantage and be superior to the original material without any doubt. Its a shame our principal character choose to be a stallion instead a human, my vast experience with HIE and Xenophilia fics told me this is a wasted opportunity, so please dear author, let your main OC be human among mares instead a boring stallion in the name of our immortal mistress, the God-Empress Celestia.
Postscript I hope he gets The Casanova, The Royal Fucktoy and a personal favourite: create his own HERD:trollestia::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::yay::raritystarry::ajsmug::twilightblush::derpytongue2:.

This has so much potential. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF LUNA AND ALL THAT IS HOLY, please hurry with the next chapter.......... Please:fluttercry:

Comment posted by TheUltimateBrony-Class-S deleted Jul 23rd, 2018

... and tracked.

... oh! Before I forget...

Achievement Ideas:
The Millionaire: earn, at least, 1000000 bits.
Favorite Customer: spend, at least, 1000 bits.
Honored Customer: spend, at least, 100000 bits.
Flipside of the Coin: join the bad guys.
Regicide: win a fight against one of the following: Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, Princess Luna (or Nightmare Moon) , Princess Celestia, Princess Cadence, Prince Shining Armor, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Dragon Lord Ember, King Thorax or the Storm King.
Total Regicide: win a fight against all Royals.
Loyalty: date, bed, and get married to ONLY Rainbow Dash.
Laughter: date, bed, and get married to ONLY Pinkie Pie.
Generosity: date, bed and get married to ONLY Rarity.
Honesty: date, bed, and get married to ONLY Applejack.
Kindness: date, bed, and get married to ONLY Fluttershy.
Magic: date, bed, and get married to ONLY Twilight Sparkle.
Royalty: get married to one of the Royals.
Official Reformer: help reform one of the Villains.
Chaotic Tastes: bed Discord.
Chaotic Love: get married to Discord.
Symbiotic Love: date, bed, and get married to any Dark Changeling.
(a Dark Changeling is an unreformed Changeling) Novice Archeologist: discover one Ruins location.
Daring Doo: discover all Ruins locations.
Hidden Achievement: Cotton Candy Clouds and... Cheese?: encounter Discord's... meeting.
Musical Duet: bed Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch (aka DJ-PON3).
Dance at the Night Club: bed Vinyl Scratch.
A Touch of Class: bed Octavia Melody.
Patience is a Virtue...: listen to an entire conversation between nobles or have an entire conversation with Prince Blueblood.
Hidden Achievement: ... Though Silence is Gold...: tell Prince Blueblood to shut up.
Hidden Achievement: SHAHXUDQBT: piss off Discord.
Hello Darkness My Old Friend: reform/befriend King Sombra.
Night of Eternal Passion: bed Nightmare Moon.
Cult of the Eternal Night: discover the Cult of the Eternal Night.
Night Eternal: join the Cult of the Eternal Night.
Bringer of Daylight: rat out, defeat, or sabotage the Cult of the Eternal Night.
Been There, Done That: goto Tartarus.
The King is Dead...: defeat King Sombra.
...Down With the Queen...: fight Queen Chrysalis.
... and Long Live the King!: witness Thorax's uprising.
Doggy Style: bed a Diamond Dog.
Going Commando: bed a Royal Guard.
Exterminator: defeat 100 feral creatures.
A Dragon's Hoard: date, bed, and get married to a dragon.
Hidden Achievement: ... WTF?!: witness Pinkie Pie's mental breakdown.
Agent of Disharmony: defeat the Mane 6.
The Light Within the Darkness: marry King Sombra.
Getting Stoned: get turned into stone.
Discordant: get hypnotized by Discord.
You've Got Mail!: get mail via Dragon Fire spell.
Assassin: defeat a VIP (Very Important Pony), stealthily, and get away with it.
I'm a Fan: get a signature from one of the Mane 6.
I'm a Huuuge Fan!: get signatures from all of the Mane 6.
Griffons...: meet Gilda.

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