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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)

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Prepare to see the necessity of the genocide of goblins Twi.

The cover art makes me think of Doom.

[Heavy Metal Intensifies]

Honestly this is just annoying. She has so many stories that arent finished that I want to read and this is just to much😔

Two words are harsh?


wheres his party?

Awesome. Was wanting a Goblin Slayer x MLP fix since I found the Manga/Anime. Will look forward to future updates.

He doesn’t care if they are ponies, he has a job to do, goblins to slay.

Damn chief I was pretty hesitant going in to read this but still did anyway and I must say that this is pretty good and I look forward to seeing more chapters! Very good job and I am looking forward to what happens next!

I've been waiting for this...

Goblin Slayer in Equestria... i don't care, i like the idea itself

oh boy, purples is gonna be in for a shocker, i can only inagine how damaged she will be after the first encounter.

PS: Your GS is ok, but i feel like he is “thinking too much”, from what i’ve seen his only need is Kill Goblins, all else is just maintenance.

If you've read the light novel or manga, this is very in character for Goblin Slayer.

Ohhhh, this can only end with violence and bloodshed. Can't wait to see when Sparkles realizes just how wrong she is about goblins.

You've got the writing style down for sure. Following for now.

*grins from ear to ear*

Intricate Disguise, I love ya. You got a good style, you got good range, you do good work. I just wish you'd focus the hell up and finish what you have, or at least mark some as cancelled or on hiatus, before starting something new. It's cool that you wanna try new things and all, but it makes me leery of trying anything of yours that isn't already marked as "complete".

down vote, for no reason in particular is just being a douchebag

What the fuck

ignore fractured. from what i can tell they literally go around on other people's stories and say shit similar to that, only to cause a fight and get attention.

The first word in a sentence is supposed to be capitalised. Before criticising someone's behavior, do make sure that your grammar is at least at a fourth grade level.

”And why would him taking residence in that land be such a monumentally bad idea?”

”Well, he’s notably xenophobic and highly skilled in melee combat for one.”

”Aye, but there are plenty of heavily armed racists in the world. That land is peaceful, it’s people fair and compassionate.”

”Say you took a human-sized blender and put an off button under the blades.”


Then you offer immense power, fame, money, and a better life for anyone who can hit the off button with their foot and survive.”

”One would not be able to count how many would perish for this things.”

”That man is what happens when you make that off button a dud, and still insist there’s any reason to jump at it.”

Comment posted by Ranun deleted Nov 7th, 2018

I think it's safe to say that yes, people do indeed want you to continue the story. :ajsmug:

it was only a matter of time till this happened I think there are a few Bowsette fics on here too so I think there should be an internet rule about this: "if it exists there will be an mlp crossover with it at some point in time"

i was not defending anyone. i was trying to tell the person that the fight wasn't worth it. i've already run into multiple stories where fracture literally only posts "down vote" to bait people into fighting them over nothing.



*downvotes comment*

Well, you did ask nicely.

Ah yes, Assistant Drake and Purple Alicorn, some of my favorite characters.

Can not wait for the next chapter!!

right, but it still ticks me off

You have my attention

nah man it's cool, mistakes happen.

it pisses everyone off. Eventually he's gonna get enough complaints and get booted. if you want to make a difference and Really annoy him. either go to His page and return the favor, or contact one of the people in charge of the site and get him kicked faster.

We will see if her conviction holds true when she sees the raped mares and fillies then the eaten stallions and colts.... damn I just pictured a goblin wearing hide armor that has a tail in the back and a head in the front. Goblin slayer is definitely a mature anime.

Whoa. Hold the fuck up. I wasnt expecting Intricate to write a crossover story. When i saw this in the feature box, i did a triple take and still didnt believe it. Have yet to read it, but im excited

Oooh. This seems good, your character interaction is great, and your original character seems cool, if a little cold. (huh? Huh?) anyway, there are some things that need addressing. If humans apparently are from the south, how come neither equestria nor the humans have met before now? Also, apparently the humans know about goblins but equestria doesnt? I find this kinda hard to believe unless the encounters were covered up to keep the pony populace calm. Either way, this is track worthy

eat a dick buddy, we know the stuff but fully correct capitalization and punctuation ain't the tone we looking for.

Clearly you and that other kid rushed to white knight so fast, your elementary lessons got forgotten. I'm sure you're used to it on deviantart, but this site has(d) something of a reputation for at least appearing to have standards. Go try that hugbox Wattpad. Seems more up your alley.


i'Ll tELl oN hiM

You have to be older than thirteen to have an account here, kid.

Fuck, you beat me to it.

Please tell me the source, that sounds amazing.


Goblins are basically the most antipony creature out there. Putting Twilight into Priestess's slot here guarantees a lesson in "friendship" that will traumatize for life.

(For those who haven't read Goblin Slayer, you'll understand before even finishing the first light novel/manga that these goblins are Tartarus spawn.)

Closest thing I could find that works

Huh, I didn't think we'd get a Goblin Slayer crossover so soon. I'll have to add this to the read later list.

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