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This'll be interesting

If you give us an image oc the MC who isn't a green guy with a question mark on his face most would tolerate this

This looks like it's going to be damn funny, great start!

Why do I have feeling each of them be pregnant at end of this.

Okay where is that cover art from?

Well this is going to be fun especially the ending perhaps.

Oh no, I can already sense the shenanigans that are about to start. Please, continue.

Please tell me there will be consequences for the girls using Anon, their friend, as nothing more than heat relief?

Anon be like "Why do I hear six different kinds of boss music?"

This can only end poorly for our resident human. Can't wait!

"And that's how you were born, son," Twilight said to her foal.

Ya ever hear about the Sturddle fish? It's a cross between an American Paddlefish and a Russian Sturgeon. The nearest common ancestor between the two species was one hundred eighty four million years ago. As far as I understand that's like if a human managed to reproduce with an echidna

Or I guess a platypus, a lot of things are named 'echidna'

It would be funny that the reason why he doesn’t show an interest is because he’s already sleeping with some of the princesses because they know He can get them pregnant. And this misunderstanding leads to all of them getting pregnant as well

Hell yeah. Already love the premise of this. Can't wait for more

This ia gonna be good :moustache:

needs 'AU' and 'Anon' tags

oh, he's so going to knock them up!!

i cannot wait for more!!

very interesting. didn't know about that

These will be very long-term consequences, growing over time, during which they will not be able to rely on the help of a friend.


Im hoping there's consequences. Guys don't like being used and there's really bad misconceptions about guys being always ready to go, easy to get in the mood, ect.

Then again, it's a clopfic so I doubt it'll go very deep unfortunately.

This should go swimmingly.


...So many things are going to go wrong.

Interesting. A protagonist who isn’t involved with the Mane Six but being actively targeted by them. And when Lyra and the rest of the town figures out the strategy… shenanigans.

The bane of mares throughout Equestria. Estrus, more commonly known as Heat Season, marked the annual period when a mare was simultaneously in her horniest and most fertile state. It instilled in them an all-consuming directive to go out and multiply, that the pony race may propagate and endure.

I like the general details of it.

Good start, know I'll be tracking this one

What a glorious prologue!

Was...the prologue posted AFTER the first chapter, or am I just that tired right now?

I sat down with the intention of writing the second chapter of the story, only for this prologue to come out instead. Funny how things work out, eh?

fair enough, made my brain do mental gymnastics trying to figure out how I had somehow skipped a chapter though for a hot minute

Nice :moustache:

Also I'm guessing Spike will be absent in this I guess, will it be that Twilight sent him away so he doesn't get caught up during the Heat Season?

I really like to think that they're going to end up pregnant at the end of it cuz he probably never went to the doctor to see if his swimmers are able to impregnate a mare.

I know it's not what you said, but it is now my headcanon that Spike sequesters himself away during heat season due to feeling ashamed of how he acted around Rarity the one time he didn't.

You... Know Kirins exist right? Pony x Dragon = Kirin, either Celestia is bullshitting Twilight or this is a plot hole.

Perhaps that's the reason Celestia didn't want to talk more about it in the letter.

It just so happened to coincide with the Great Dragon Migration and... Oh right... Well, the letter is already half written and I am not rewriting it again. well, nevermind that.

One of the kirins (Rainshine) is unnaturally large for a kirin, alicorn-sized I'd say.

Now that's a good theory, and imma gonna take that for myself thank you very much

I need moar. Gimme moar!!!

I would like this is going serious yet just enough silly


a little short, but it's alright
also, anon has a tag

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