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make your rounds once an hour, checking to see all the cages are still securely locked

Let me guess, this is because Cerberus utterly failed to keep Tirek in that one time and NOPONY KNEW ABOUT HIS ESCAPE UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE, right?
...Celestia and Luna couldn't have put a damn sensor on the door, linked to a magical alarm that would alert them if an inmate escaped? Lazy flanks...

You would have had a point if the captain said, that there is no system like this in place. In real Prisons there are systems like this and real guards. Can be the same here. After all, every system was made by a person and therefore has flawes you can exploit. Magic probably falls in the same category.

10014907 Well it's a place where people are kept in tiny cages with no furnishing or toilet, and apparently nowhere to get food either, so I think the lack of pony guards would have been an afterthought in what is basically an Equestrian Vernichtungslager.

She dimpled and said, "I'm your new girlfriend, Cozy Glow. Pleased to meet you, Mister Caramel!"

Caramel is so screwed:derpytongue2:!

Legal age? ight imma head out

The storied good. But it lacks some of the more juicy details.

Well you are technically correct there. :trollestia:

Sort of in a good way, but mostly in bad way:twilightoops:.

Image source? For... reasons.

I sent you a link to my copy...it's pretty graphic.

Regulations exist as a consequence of previously unforeseen problems. The progression of systems in that regard has only ever been a huge fucking mess of a patch job. Patches upon patches upon patches, all of which fix holes in security and/or safety at a very local level because a complete overhaul of such systems would be a very time-intensive and resource-heavy project. No one wants to have to take responsibility for such a sink of time and money on the chance things would have worked better if they stuck with the patchwork.

Also, the cage is probably new.

Aye, I'd better chime in here.

Cozy is by herself because after years of driving him completely batshit crazy Tirek finally demanded she be set somewhere far, far away from him. The jailors complied only for the sake of peace. And since she'd do the same to any other prisoners, she was placed in an alcove by herself. Which also explains why she was so eager to meet anypony that came to visit her.

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