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Huh for something of a crackfic, this is quite good.

Almost the same plot as Parallel Paradise the manga. Except this would probably involve less action.

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Too bad this is not anthro Equestria.

Really want to see how far this goes.

Thumbs up! I would read more. 10/10!

You forgot the tag 'wish fulfillment.' Also, from what I remember of English class, the past tense of 'cast' is 'cast' but that may be a regional thing so whatevs. Good luck, I guess.

I'm totally down for some Story Plot.


I thought it was the darn Incredible Hulk at first.

i want more just to see what happends to him/barb/anyone ealse he touches

Good thing this isn't anthro Equestria!

So. Lust of mares and xy project basicly?

Oh? You're approaching me?

I can't impregnate you without getting closer.

I was expecting to dive in the dumpster, instead I got this brilliant shitpost of a story

8.5/10, would read moar

Fun to read. Waiting for more

I'm really interested to see where this goes. I hope you continue this.

"Easy guys. It's not that big of a deal." Both looked at her like she was crazy, "Anyway, to Anon's question. According to Starswirl's Book on Reproductive Species, Equestrians are able to breed with almost any species provided that they are in fact fertile breeding partners. As a result though, to maintain the balance of species the offspring will always turn out the same species of the mother who gives birth to them, while the father just creates genetic variation with maybe a few phenotypes such as pigmentation or height. And Barb, you shouldn't worry so much. I mean, yeah, you should be too young, but isn't this exciting?! You're getting a free hatchling! Not many mares can say that. You shouldn't worry too much. I'll of course be there to help out any way I can. I always wanted to be an auntie."

soooooo does that mean that eveyone who lives in Equestria (ponies, griffin, dragon etc) can reproduce with each other?

I think I've read a manga like this... >->

KONO DEKU DA! Great story bud. Can't wait to see where this goes

human on barb action? nice.

this has both horny and wholesome? very nice.

not anthro? you have my attention.

did it involve a three legged owl?

hopefully less melodramatic and more wholesome than those two.


A potential "i-came-looking-for-copper,-but-i-found-gold.jpg" situation?

Are you going to finish this story

I plan on it. I only just recently submitted the first chapter. The next I'm currently working on.

Hm, is this a "lay all of the species" type story? It'd be interesting to see not only dragons, but diamond dogs, cats, griffons, and every other female out there.

The only thing I have a slight problem with in the story is this part.

I know this all may be sudden Barb, but if there is anyone to bear my child, I'm glad it's you.

We are talking 2 individuals that just meet, and hes just like, "Sure this new person I just meet will be perfect for my child" it just doesn't make logical sense to do that with some one you just meet, I mean honestly, it's the lack of real panic in him in this situation that kinda kill the character for me, I can understand Twilight and Barb in this story, for how their world works, but Anon? especially since he, him self, acknowledges that shes rather young.

yeah, now that I think about it, that line doesn't sit right with me. How about I modify that.

That change right there, just made him like 10 times more believe able, and just come out as a dependable person, that owns up to his actions. :heart:

Oh no Anon if you see Lyra RUUUUUUUUNNNNN! And PRAY to all that is HOLY and UNHOLY that you saw her first and she did not see you. It will cause THE ULTIMATE ORGY! (Queue parody of The Ultimate Showdown)

>insta sex
>hinting a harem

this fic sounds like a isekai, but I really like Barb and ponies so I rated it 8.5
and yes, I found a Gem instead of gold

I guess no one has read Parallel Paradise yet a manga that is basically this + a plot that escalates quickly and gets fucked up fast as bodies go to mush, Yandere, imprisonment, repeated deaths and basically a Sadistic GOD that is A cheap knock off of THE GOD HAND

Also in lighter notes the creator of the

"preform reproductive actions with this girl"


Wow... that's intense. I was wondering what this Parallel Paradise people mentioning was, but damn.

Welp death by snu-snu would be a understatement for Anon

Ya and that when I dropped before it finished and has since added another 20 ch to 50 or 60I dropped off at so t probably got more F ed since I left

Anon's sexual priorities are kinda fucked, TBQH.

I kinda want Twilight to jump him now.

On another note, was her snap bigger because she's older?

Fun fact: The main reason that the whole world is fucked up in that story is because that in the past, his sister was super rapey and he couldn't commit incest fast enough. She brought the whole world down with her because the world took her brother away from her. I put a spoiler on there because I don't know who would be bothered by me divulging the later scenes that I've seen. Also, I...I may have started to do that as porn, but...I think it turned into more of a mystery novel for me. Why was the world like this? What does [Insert MC Name Here] have to do with it? Why are there gods and creatures from mythology just floating about everywhere? That's why I stuck around. And sure, sometimes the scenes were graphic, but I pressed on because I had come so far. I couldn't give up on not finishing what I started. It was like that time I was reading the installments of that one manga that had the horny guy corrupt innocent island elves to the point where they killed themselves en masse along with him. Plus the worst was over around chapter 45~ish. They weren't decapitating anyone, committing cannibalism, or exploding people, so if you want a place to pop in, I'd suggest around 45-55.

Breeding barb...
My friend you are an inspiration

Read the title and thought it might be a similar to the song Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang.

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