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Whenever you feel small and insignificant, just remember: Middle Earth was saved by a nobody...and his gardener.


Once the portal was opened, new aliens called 'ponies' started appearing all over Earth. They're very friendly and very cute, but there's a problem: They don't seem to understand the concept of 'personal space.'

As I found out a few times.

Featured April 9th, 2020. Thanks guys!

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The USS Exeter, still damaged after a recent battle, scans a certain planet and finds evidence of much-needed dilithium crystals on the surface. Scans also show it's a pre-warp civilization, so the Prime Directive is in full force.

But they need those crystals, as the nearest starbase is hundreds of lightyears away. They only need a few pounds of them to repair their warp drive, then they can be back on course. How hard could it be to beam in, get the crystals from the primitives, and beam out?

What they don't know about is the white unicorn who's been using them for her dresses.

Those poor fools...

Story idea stolen BORROWED from Estee's Utterly Mundane Crossovers blog.

Now made into an audio play by Visual Pony!

Also featured on Equestria Daily!

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Pinkie Pie. The ultimate party pony. Loved by all, and loves in return.

But sometimes...sometimes, in the dead of night, after all the decorations are taken down, she feels a darkness welling up inside her. A darkness that threatens to overwhelm her in the form of a voice that whispers unspeakable things.

Pathetic. Loser. Let me out.

Let me hurt them

Let me hurt you

Written for a beautiful friend who is having a rough time.

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The ponies of Maneville are a quiet sort, and not much used to trouble, largely due to the town constable who keeps everything just so. But when a pink stranger shows up late one night, it sets in motion a chain of events the town still talks about to this day.

Chapters (4)