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Is this a sequel of an erotik escape? If not, any speculations at to when that comes?

Sorry about that
It's a sequel to Bursting at the Seams

I'm very plleased at this!! And I know that was a hippogriff/seapony you hinted at at the end!! Don't think you can hide it from me!!

The artist for the cover art is actually dmann892 lol. Tried to track it down on Derpi and eventually noticed the accidental misspelling.

Also, Parasitic Paramour. I too am a fan of Ponyphonics. Feed Me with Your Heart is amazing.

I love that art. Looks like my dog when I ask her what’s in her mouth.

Shoo Bee Doo~

Anon better call upon the seaponies to save him!

I will give it a nice

Vert nice.

What I'm hearing is that Chrysalis is a complete bitch.

down to earth, and had become developed quite the penchant.

Think this might be a mistake.

There already is a sequel to erotic escape it is called bursting at the bursting at the seams

What happened to anon at the end there

next time on tales of anon's tails, anon learns that the whole "what did you do?" question from the princesses were literal questions, not demands of retribution., and he is all the more eager to enlighten the princesses. but not before fornicating with his rescuers. will anon survive the nonstop coitus? will he enlighten all of Equestria to the pleasures of the flash? only one way to find out.

I'm guessing Anonymous was teleported by Chrysalis hence her saying, "I will find you…".

hot picture...

my guess is he got teleported to mount aris by Chrysalis, and then the "flash of cyan and yellow" or something like that is princess skystar saving him.

Oh good I was worried the story was gonna end there

The idea of ponies having no idea what sex is and anon just somehow always ending up fucking someone is as interesting as it is hilarious.
Though I wish these would all be chapters of a single story instead of seperate stories.

Either way I really hope these stories will continue as I really want to know how cadance and co are doing after anon ran away and what the consequences are of creaming a princess when noone knows what it means. (What a plot twist if she got knocked up and ponies realized there is an alternative to make foals)

Don't worry, it'll all make sense eventually

“Because you’ll do what you want anyways,” he frankly replied. “And if I’m going to feed you, we may as well both enjoy yourselves.”

Oho? Is that a hint of plot i see?

Blonde and cyan? Looks like princess Skystar is next

That cover art is a spitting image of what my cousin's dog looked like when I was tryna take the paper out her mouth

This is now in my top five Chrysalis porn fics. Well fucking done.

You know, I should have realized this was your doing Leech.

I'll try to catch up to it later.

“Silence, lesser Diarch, the hyu-man belongs to me!” Chrysalis bellowed. Stomping a hoof, sundering the earth itself, she looked back at the visibly shaken man. “I will find you…”

is it wrong for me to rout for her to bag him in the end? sure her personality is prickly but all it will take is time understanding and a firm hand to change that. Heck she was being injected with so much love It wouldn't have surprise if she metamorph into her evolve form. Think about it she was injected with pure love/lust and that given freely. If anything could it would be that or at least a step in the right direction . metoorig00.deviantart.net/042f/f/2016/310/6/b/alternate_reformed_queen_chrysalises_by_orin331-danjrsl.png

This was beyond epic it was a blast I hope Anon makes a herd/herum and Chrysalis joins I really want to see more of them together and hopefully Anon turning Chrysalis good,maybe she gets reformed. I mostly just want him to get her to fall for him her joining /making a herd with him and him turning her good.

If you're interested in what would happen if Chrysalis permanently bagged Anon, might I direct your attention HERE

Heh, another one joins the race!

Is all porn on this site just written by one dude now lmao

I just post each and every week

Nice and juicy. The end was quite a surprise.

When I first saw this story, I thought the title was The Hunter of the Hunted.

That would've actually made a damn good title, damn it :fluttershbad:

she looked back at the visibly shaken man. “I will find you…”

You see this right here? This is why I love Leech's stories.

She knows that facing against three princesses, her chances are low, so she teleports her meal ticket away.
But she teleports him to where he says he wanted to go. That's actually nice that she is a listener.
But what she says in the quote... Was it a threat said to her pray, or a promise to someone she longs to see again?

Fucking awesome, and a great cliff hanger in itself.

Thank you for posting.

Things are definitely heating up. Don't know how many more situations Anon will get into before we learn why the princesses are so upset, but I'm looking forward to seeing what chaos he will cause next.
Now that I think of it I wonder, why didn't Cadence and Discord get along more than they did in the show? Love is not even Close to an orderly thing. It's messy, confusing and a crazy mix of contradictions that has the chance blow up fantastically and/or create something amazing. Sounds like something that would be right up Discords alley. Food for thought. :twilightsmile:

Also, I ship Anon X Kerfuffle by the end of this. She seems to be the one he connected with the most (Sex pun fully intended :pinkiehappy:) out of his trysts so far with Chrysalis as a close second.

Saw this in my feed and somehow didn't realize until today that it was the next part of the series.

That said, if the next one is who I think it is, I will laugh until I choke.

You'll just have to wait and see!

A. Tentacles
B. Merpones
C. Kelpies
D. any of the above

... still waiting. :trollestia:

Trust me, I've already got three more stories done in this series >u>

Well, that's one way to get to Mount Aris!
Great work. Loving the turn of events!

Hoping for Chryssi gets her Hyu-man, back!

Blond with cyan? Who and what could that possibly be?? I'm truly lost! Oh and LOVE the story by the way Leech. Good story as always:twilightsmile:

Great story Leech! Also you wouldn't be surprised if Anon gets someone pregnant?

Every time I see this imagine I have a laugh cause it looks like she’s a mix between happy/content and angry that someone is doing that and it’s kinda funny.

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