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Query: Would this be considered bestiality?

Postulation: If both parties involved are sapient and willing to engage in coitus, I would presume not.

Not much femanon stuff about.

This was some gud shit.

~Skeeter The Lurker


I know one thing’s for sure, it’s tasty-ality. Yum.

I’m so jealous of femanon, lol. Thunderlane is a cutie pie.

They're both sapient. If anything, it's xenophilia.

If this story gets a resounding reception, I'll write a sequel.

Working titles include
Seven Minutes in Heaven
Don't Hold Your Breath
Truth or Dare

9700912 Featured, congratz. 6/26/2019

Buzzed is still drunk but I fail to see how that is bad here...

Well, like, they're not trashed though.
Meaning, they're still fully capable of making reasonable decisions.

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Jun 28th, 2019

9701273 9701274
You have to click/tap the thumbs-down icon above the story.

What is your reason to downvote?

There are not enough stories with Female humans on Stallions, this was HOT!

Fascinating. Absolutely riveting. This comment changed my life :facehoof:

Socially and emotionally no, biologically yes. Did you know that human men who admit to sticking their willies into other animals have a noticeably higher rate of developing penis cancer?

Dude ate one chip and now the nachos are cold.

Definitely needs a sequel.

FemHuman x Pony is sadly under-represented.

FemAnon is a perspective in painfully short supply on this site, thusly, I must thank you for this gem.

Welp, looks like I'll be writing more in this series

Now, onto the serious question
Whom should she continue her adventure with next
Stay with Thunder
Maybe branch out a bit, maybe with some romantic elements

Make it a series! :pinkiecrazy:


How about a threesome with Thunderlane and Soarin after she finally visits Wonderbolts HQ to see if the pies are bullshit.

In any case, this was great!

I'ma give you points for actually having anon be female, something I rarely see in fanfiction and fanart, so... uh... good job?

more plz

Congratulations, Leech, you wrote a story with Thunderlane in it I was actually able to enjoy, I'm shocked

Good shit, my dude, good shit :yay:

I'm with 9701455 and 9701649 in that female!human + male!pony stuff isn't done enough around here, which is the main reason I checked this fic out. I'm kinda natural on fem!Anon, on Anon overall really, so that didn't factor into things for me.

The fic was really well done, I did like it and I'm going to look at your other stuff but I have just one problem;

Thunder’s medial ring ground into Anon’s sex. <snip>
Now virtually hilted,

The medial ring is in the middle of the shaft so there should be a bit about "the rest" of his length sliding in before womb impact. Just a small nitpick about anatomy. (Kinda ignoring the whole length thing as some girls just like it that deep...)

I second 9701936 on sequel ideas. Spit roast in the locker room where Soarin can make his own pie ifyouknowwhatImean.
Bonus points if another Bolt (one of the mares?) catches them near the end slash after the fact and just makes a joke about the whole thing.

Thanks for the story.

I think the medial ring is roughly 2/3 down the shaft, but I can't be 100% sure there. Regardless, I wanted it to convey she'd managed to take most of his studly stallion shaft.

That being said, I'm weighing my options on how to continue this.
I won't spoil anything, but she may have a number of adventures...

This was great! It's a rare treat to read about human females with male ponies. Thank you.

Comment posted by Buckin Bronco deleted Jan 17th, 2020

Thing is "medial" literally means "in the middle of". The reason they call it a "medial ring" is that it's normally found in the middle of the shaft.
I'm just nitpicking at this point, it wasn't really that important to the story. The important thing is Anon's a queen and she took it deep like a champ.

She's a go-getter, that's for damn sure!

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Jun 28th, 2019

I knew it would. It was aimed at you. Your brilliance was the only one, That could see how deep my comment was. We are soul mates.

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Jun 28th, 2019

Branch out with some romantic elements for sure! :pinkiesmile:

Should've added a trigger for he who must not be named:

WARNING: Contains Thunderlane


From what I know, they are about 2/3rds down as well.

Also, please make more of this. There isn't enough.

That's the plan

Captain Obvious here.
Horse cock size is relative to the size of the particular breed of horse.
No really, it is.
And there is quite the range of variation of horse breed sizes.
Shetland pony = smaller cock
Draft horse = oh god why yer gonna die.

Friendship is magic!


Whom should she continue her adventure with next

Ménage à trois, these two with Blossomforth.

Female human x pony is definitely an underserved combination here so it's nice to see you helping to give a good addition to it :twilightsmile:, however I'll never understand the allure of using Anon. Would it really be that hard to give your main character a name & personality?

She's got personality, that's for damn sure. You'll definitely see more if it, if/when I write more stories with her, but she's sort of a free spirit.

As for the name, I just use "Anon" as a placeholder; sort of like a Write Name Here thing.

Considering I've written multiple stories with different Anons, I could see why it's confusing though.
He says, having not considered the concept. :fluttershyouch:

A few months later...
Thunderlane: You're WHAT!?

I'm voting for a mixture of the two options presented.


Anon stories are what they are. This isn't some deficit in Leech's writing/planning or a mistake, it's just an Anon story. If you still can't understand it after reading several of them, I don't know what to say.

This character also has tons of personality. If you can't see her personality for lack of a name you PERSONALLY agree with, then that's also your fault.

I may be asking in vain, but can we at least get an actual name for the the human character? Wish I just had a plugin that substitutes any "Anon" instance with a name of one's choice, but sadly I don't and every time I see it, it just kicks me out of the story a bit. Yes, I know it's a placeholder in a way.

I've seen quite a few stories out there that were technically with Anon, but Anon had a name. It's a small thing, but it means a lot to some.

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