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Nice. Real nice.

Looks like Anon's about to meet the Princess's again after all this time. I wonder how that's going to go?

Baby showers anyone?

Sweat who gonna get the Stallion in the end. I think in the end its already to late to stop the spread of the knowledge of sex. Since Candance in fact. She is the princess of Love she probably figure out that that she can experience that glorious feeling with an male she gonna try and replicate that with her husband. Any guards who heard what happen would be interested. Same story with anyone who has heard or experience sex sure the number is small and probable containable or as much as one can contain several world leader and allies. but I have a feeling that Daring Do would be the one that beaks the world after all she a Mare of her word,😏

The chase has been fun and he plowed many females. But now we get some answers from the princesses about the why no one know what sex is. I must admit, I'm more curious about that than seeing anon plowing the princesses. Not that I dont want to see that

It will spread like a plague.
If the Royal Sisters were involved, they suppressed a basic instinct for hundreds-if not thousands-of years. This base impulse will spread like wildfire, and it's because it was taken away from them before they could learn how to deal with it.

If the Princesses did this, they backed themselves into a corner.
If it's not the Princesses, this totally sounds like something Discord is capable of.

Chaos from ecstasy.

No one:

Me when there's another addition to Anon's Sexy Adventure:

“I’ll allow you to shower in my cabin, and I’ll share my bed with you for the night, but your fate is out of my hooves,” she continued, shuffling over and unclasping the shackles around his ankles.

Tempest is the best Tsundere.

Going off like a hose on full power. :pinkiegasp:
Exploded like a rocket mid flight. :eeyup:
Erupting like a super vulcano. :moustache:
In the end... There is only blissfull Oblivion ♡ :raritystarry:
Simply :yay:

Request for anon to escape due to plot device convenience

next thing you know the big twist is that the princesses are curious as well

Hmm, time for Celestia, Luna and Twilight to get some?

For someone who doesn't believe sex exists, she's really good at it! :moustache:

Multiple years of physical training, keen instincts, and a lust for domination will do that to a mare! :trollestia:

I'm guessing it's one of Discord's jokes.

Would be interesting if they crash in Griffonstone on the way.

That would make sense

Yeah, I mean, in one of the earlier stories, he did hear a chuckle with no one around.

So it is possible

i predict a 4-way battle between ember, chrysalis, luna and Celestia, with novo, cadance and rainshine discussing on the sidelines. the big orgy ending with all of them in 1 big pile

Joke in question being whatever started the whole thing, I haven't actually read the first one in the set, that NATURALLY spiraled out of control and Discord just kinda rolled with it and has continued to just roll with it.

Great story we're reaching endgame now. I still hope by the end of this story series that Anon will be the father of no less than 20 children one from all the females he engaged in unprotected sex with, 7 being of Royalty.

Wednesday the 27th!

And the time for today that the next chapter will posted?

It'll be going up in about 3.25 hrs - when I get home from work

Which is when I'm at work...


No worries, it'll be there waiting for you when you get home! :twilightsmile:

Equestria was a pure and innocent place, lacking a great many evils which tarnished earth, and he wasn’t ready to introduce an element of corruption to the world.

Okay, I call TOTAL BULLSHIT!!! It is far too little and too late to start worrying or even thinking about that NOW!!! He's already numerous seeds all over the lands and with basically all the races. Either he's a (literal!) fucking hypocrite or he's just a damn idiot.

i'm still confused, was the thing with the kirin a dream or whatever?

was it ever established how he ended up back in the desert tho?

Got snatched up by Ember in the Kirin village then got dropped in the dessert

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