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n1god #1 · Jun 30th, 2021 · · 2 ·



40 seconds ago?

They say that Cadence got her Mark for the deep understanding of Love

Cadence is cute in this one, how she doesn’t really know what love-making is until he cums on her nose. :twilightsheepish: Great story, man!

Time to shoot the likes sky high.

Bendy #6 · Jun 30th, 2021 · · 1 ·

That was fantastic. The only thing missing was them having babies with love cuddles. XD

So, what does he do now? Make love to Shining? (male x male) Or show how he can make love to his wife? This seems like sequel bait.

You can’t just tease us with the end like that and declare this fanfic complete.

We NEED a sequel!

The title is a subtle hint...

Does anybody else want a story about leech and Princess Cadence going on a sex Adventure

Giving a new meaning to Sexual Revolution :trollestia:

This needs a sequel! Like an after effect or a story detailing how the ponies and their society changes after they learn and or know about sex and other intimate acts.

This needs a sequel

Heh, niiiiiiiiiiice!

>Contains Cadence

So it's clear ponies were designed with the capability of having sex, so why didn't they? Maybe it was some powerful puritan sorcerer who removed their knowledge of it and the necessity for it. Maybe it was Discord playing a colossal prank.

How is a reference to an eradicated disease a hint to if you'll make more oneshots on this?

All the things that are planned >:3

Pestilential: relating to or tending to cause infectious diseases.

Pestilential Passion
Acronym: P.P
Sounds like peepee
Gay sex confirmed

Damn, you got me!
NGL, I try to pull dubiously clever stuff like that from time to time :trollestia:

Well I wait with baited breath. The only thing better than one dick is two.

Insert joke about hemipenes here.

This is realy great! Also since it seems like you plan a sequel, please let Shining get that dibs on next and I don't mean with Cadance :raritywink:

Sequel where anon fucks Celestia (her first time too perhaps?) and she turns into Molestia? :trollestia:

Fuck a sequel this needs a series lust spreadinf throughout equestria

When two ponies loved one another, typically after they’d gotten married, they’d go into their room for the night, go to sleep, and the mare would wake up pregnant.

Are you saying all ponies have sexsomnia?

That sound like everyone is mindmanipulated by a higher being to keep the population controlled and enslaved.
The story 'Crossing the Trixie Bridge' is following exacly that as plot.

More like they are enslaved and dont realise it.
It has actually a very sinister Implications. A story fitting to this plot exist. Reading it cost you a few days to reach its current ( to be continued ) chapter.
Threesome :raritywink:
Is this story based on 'Crossing the Trixie Bridge' ? :raritywink:
Crossing the Trixie Bridge

A very complicated and deep story.
Harmony is a lie...

It'll be explained eventually.

There is only conflict.

Are there other stories with a similar setting as this?
ive only been able to find one other so far and i hunger for more.

Some very well written pornography. In 50,000 years when the next evolutionary species are sifting through the remnants of our civilisation. They'll stumble upon your work and herald it as one of the great written pieces of our time. 9/10.

In case I haven't given it away, this is the start of a series

If my content doesn't wind up in a Brotherhood archive, I'll be disappointed with myself

Can you imagine the scribe's face when they find it?

This looks that it Will hace a Esquel.

Shining stiffened, looking to the man’s face, as a perplexed smile split his muzzle. “Can I get next?”

Does this mean we're gonna have a little Shiny x Anon play in the sequel? I mean with Shining Armor not exactly being the most masculine stallion out there... It's kind of hot.

Now you're writing for me.

There'll be more to come

Anon is going to die.

Thoughts on a second chapter or sequel?
Anon is too exhausted, so he watches Shining and Cadence go at it.
Hours later, word gets out, and Twilight practically drags him away to "experience" this new "phenomena" first-hoof. Twilight being so relaxed actually freaks out a few ponies.
Celestia and Luna find out. It'd be amusing if one of them, maybe Luna, knows exactly what this is... and she's completely down for it.
Anon is heralded as the guy who initiated a massive pony population boom as ponies begin fucking like bonobos. Marriage rates also spike, which makes Cadence even happier.
Changelings, attracted to Equestria's massive boom in love, suddenly find themselves either assimilating into pony life after they end up being rekt by horny ponies, or stand out like sore thumbs/are easily identifiable as they're confused/not willing to shag.
As a wholesome bit, Celestia has a foal after one of her "encounters" with some random male pony -- the usual pony method of "falling asleep and waking up knocked-up" didn't work, but this sure did. She's so indebted to Anon it borders on creepy, and she makes him the godfather.
...Anon still bangs Cadence and Twilight, though conflict sometimes arises when they fight for turns/time.
Anon and Shining, feeling more bruised than old bananas, sometimes go into hiding, just for a break from the mares. A bromance ensues as they try to evade their horny wife/the sister respectively.

Not to worry
We have a plan

Anon’s mouth flapped noiselessly, as his brain tried and failed to make sense of the situation. Had she seriously just asked him to explain what lovemaking was while nonchalantly inviting herself to blow him? Even if he said it it was alright, was it? Torn between his lust and better judgement, his indecision cost him dearly.

Blithely indulging herself, presumably taking his silence as a yes, she wrapped her lips around his-

Shame is an abstract and novel concept for me

Sequel plz 🙏

Like what? Anon become a professor at School of Friendship in charge of Intercourse Study 101?

He can probably make profit off this

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