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Did not know genteel is an actual word

if two mares were only just enough to mollify Anon, maybe a third pony would do the trick…

Send in the heavy cavalry. Princess Celestia. That will show him.

Yeah, this story was hot. Is this going to be a standalone one?

I gave it an open ending for a reason >u>

Who’s the third pony going to be?

I couldn't stop reading this. Fluttershy and Rarity are my favorite pairing.

I think the most hilarious thing is that Flutters is trying to teach him how to sate his own urges. Due to the language barrier Anon can't tell her he already knows how. All he is getting from her actions is that mares are apparently insatiable nymphomaniacs and need to be rutted on a regular basis. :pinkiecrazy:

My first two thoughts were Rainbow Dash, the Applejack but I going to go with Pinkie Pie for my guess.

Next should be Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

Oh please please PLEASE let it be Applejack next! With that round, soft apple-booty just waiting to be ruined...I can hardly wait...

Sequal with Applejack? Or maybe Pinkie Pie?

Human on Pony with my two favorite mares? Yes, please!

Also, since she was mentioned I'm guessing Twilight will be the next one? But I'm hoping it's Applejack.

Ah some good ol', vanilla, human on pony, or as close as we'll ever get with Leech. Though I must say, a sequel will be significantly debaucherous with even more mares in attendance.


Yo leech, great story. Hope you don't mind if I ask a quick question. What do you think about the idea of writing a whole story, with romance, adventure, sex and whatever else you want. I'm just asking because you have a high quality of writing and your update output is inhumane, you pop stories like a machine mate.

Check out my Cozy Story or my Chrysalis Story

I've written novels before, but they're not pony related


Thanks mate I'll check them out. Also where can I find your other novels?

That's a huge mystery
I don't connect my pony and non-pony stuff
All I'll say is that it's out there somewhere


Alraight, ...
Could I get a hint?

You are one of the rare writters that I have followed who is still very active. I'm glad you keep giving us content.
Also I always enjoy stories from writters that arn't afraid of words.

Can't wait to see a sequel to this if its happening, especially if it include Celestia :trollestia:. but I'm sure it will be good whoever appears !

Been putting out one story a week for over three years, and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

As long as you enjoy doing it, then its all good !

Aye, I do

A lot of my stuff consists of commissions and/or trades, as well as a fair number of collabs, but I have fun with it

Might sound odd, but I like giving folks something to look forward to every week - granted, not everything I publish is for everyone, yet I feel consistency is nice for folks

Nah its not odd, I totally understand the feel :D

Plzzz do a sequel I wanna what is going to happen to the third mare oh and I love what you do keep doing what you do and make everyone horny

> Lives to pleasure his mare
> Hears another mare in need
> Pleasures her too
> Refuses to elaborate

Unimaginably based.

Most delightful story, the end almost screams sequel.
Will it be Pinkie Pie to have a lewd private party? Perchance Twilight having more than a nerd gasm...
Applejack that get bucked her apples out of her mind?
Maybe Rainbowdash endurance will be tested?
Lyra sure don't mind getting a few rounds in!
Perhaps Luna can get her Moon time in fucks given by this hunk of male meat?
So many possibilitys :eeyup:

1 like, you reached 399. Soon 400 likes! Don't that screw sequel orgy to you?

Why not all of the above. Better safe than sorry

Indeed :eeyup:
So - mutch - FUN :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter, and thankd for this awesome update

Way too much happened way too fast. Not only does it feel like we are missing at least a chapter with AJ, RD, and Pinkie, but the chapter has about 2 to 3 chapters worth of story progression jammed into one. I also couldn’t fully enjoy the lewd scenes due to it almost all being pay-off without any set-up. You have a great idea of the human passively causing an increase in libido and a decrease in inhibitions within a certain area of effect that I feel isn't being utilized to it's fullest potential.

Small time skip between the first and second chapters
Same will happen with the third chapter

To Sunburst hooking up with both Starlight and Trixie


Fully hilting herself with a particularly savage downstroke, Applejack gyrated her toned ass atop the giant. “Ya might want ta get comfy down there, Dash, Ah ain’t stoppin’ ‘til mah legs give out.”

With her forehooves resting on his broad chest, she lifted her waist, freed a portion of his length from her clinging confines, and set to riding him like a seasoned cowgirl. Her taut, lower lips were drawn out with her every upstroke, before being stuffed back in on her descents. Though she lacked the magic of a unicorn or speed of a pegasus, she put every ounce of her considerable earth pony strength into the lustful endeavor.

JUST what I was hoping for! >chef's kiss< Ç'est Magnifique!

You earned a favourite, props if I’m the ends anon some how manages to communicate and say the defeated twilight, that he wants he consent and that he thought she wanted to fuck him

Could there be a possible sequel to this story? I'm just asking because of how you wrote the ending. Either way, sequel or not, this is a great story.

Maybe chrysalis hears what happens and try’s to use the being in her schemes only for her plan to back fire

This is the start of a beautiful adventure

This chapter was far, far better then the last and I throughly enjoyed it. I always messure how I much I enjoyed something by how much more I want when it ends, and I definitely want more. Even if it's just a bonus chapter or one-shot of Anon and "his" mares all in one big long orgy. Maybe even throw in some potential relationships that started due to this event if you really need a story element and to show that some good came of everything.

I still say the events of the middle chapter could have been divided into two, maybe even three, but I did ultimately enjoy it on the whole and is definitely staying in my favorites folder.


How do you write pure gold?????

“and brought her muzzle to his ear. “If you so much as hurt one little hair on her head, I’ll feed you to my cock,” she hissed.” -Some Leech

God I wish this had a sequel. It needs it

I didn't even know you were still adding to this after the first chapter, or I just forgot to track it. Regardless I'm glad I checked back in on it👌 "Celestia's inner butslut" killed me.😅

I remember reading something like this a while back. Then I saw this, read it randomly, and now I remember it was THIS that I read.

Ok, I guess? Awesome story!

So, Twilight didn't go for calling it the Malestrom?

I wonder if you're willing to write a sequel of the aftermath in Ponyville: the multiple pregnancies and "The bad news is that the lust effect is extremely pervasive. I suspect that, even if we are successful, those who are inside the barrier now will carry a much higher libido and less inhibition than what could be considered normal for the rest of their lives"
With the way it's worded, it's either everyone has their memories erased or no one does and I don't think a mind wipe will resolve the issues stated above

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