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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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this doesn't have a sex tag, seems like it should from reading the description

Also, this is one of my favorite Queen Chrysalis stories so far!! Looking forward to the rest of the chapters!!

Absolutely great start.
Loving it already.

Just in case y'all missed it, I'm gonna be putting out 2 chapters a day.
There are 13 total chapters, an epilogue, and a short bonus chapter!

As eloquent and sensual as always!
If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been working on this novel?

Something like 8-9 months.
Been chipping away at it between commissions, collabs, trades, and promotional stuff for art packs.

Oh Twilight, you think a bribe and a guilt trip will be enough?

You betray a person who was suffering, basically used him as a guinni pig, risk his life as Chrysalis could have easily turn into a human take his love, recharge and then used him as a hostage to get out or injure him so you will have to take action! Thank god everything work out in the end, but yeah.

I can only see one of two outcomes for what you did, either you will wake up complete shave! Or Anon and Chrysalis will invite you for ' a special dinner' (let me know if curious what is so special about it) , and if your friendship to him means ANYTHING you better mare up and take that offer! Or you will officially be crown the princess of hypocrisy.

I understand bronies love thier clops

But are there any Anon/human x Chrysalis romantic comedy fics with hijinks?

There are hijinks in this; they're pretty lewd, granted, but they're hijinks nonetheless!

Ohhh, now I want to keep reading, jejeje this might get interesting

I assure you, chapter four is where it just starts getting good...

Is it me or did Twilight got burned?

alright, this is good

Is that Anthro or just a really weird pose/angle

It's feral. Chrysalis is just a very flexible bug-horse!

I bookmarked it
So I'll be sure it give it a read

'Bout time you posted this here :trollestia:

This chapter is so adorable. The pecks on the cheeks, the spooning, building a home together... it's so.... LEWD.


This has just started, and already this is my favorite anon/chrissy story.

Though, I am surprised that I haven't seen extra kinky and lewd hand/hoof holding.

You know with how many love Chrysalis has been receiving, I'm actually surprise she is not experiencing Thorax transformation, maybe it act slower in changeling queens. Either case something tells me it will happen and when it does, Anon will have yet another adventure waiting.

Leech, I would love to read what is sure to be your greatest gift to humanity so far, but alas, Anon doth killeth mine enjoyment of this great monument to all our worldly sins. So here I sit, alone, bereft of your unholy light. For I have committed the most unforgivable of sins, that of having standers to my debasement. Oh Messiah of Debauchery, can you forgive me?

But seriously, keep up the good work and keep the smut flowing, even if it's stuff I don't like. If it makes you happy then I'm happy for you.

Thicc thighs save lives

If consensual hoof holding tickles your metaphorical pickle - boy howdy - you better hold onto your butt....

Just replace "Anon" with any other name
I didn't write him like the shitposty version that some people prescribe to him; I wrote him like generic human protagonist #5189

Great, as per usual. Loving what's done so far and cant wait for the next chapters to be uploaded.

May I ask why you use Anon in this story, and not a proper named character? I can understand a 2nd person story using anon for whatever immersion it helps, but this is a story where the character is fully fleshed out with thoughts and feelings of his own.

I think Anon has transformed into a character of its own in general. Most stories that include some form of Anon give him a specific character type. He hasn't been about immersion in a while.

nice work on chapters out so far:twilightsmile:

Simply because Anon is a wholly unrealistic name. If I'd used John or Steven or Jerome or George, it may make folks feel less included. By using Anon, anyone/everyone should be able to enjoy it!


did you not see the contortionism bullshit she pulled in the show in the hive?

Really hoping this doesnt end up as short as some of your other stories, liking it so far :)

No. I didn't see the newer episodes

anon has at this point become his own character on fim, for a over the top human character, and it also help that normally with anon you can focus on story without having to develop a deep backstory, no messing about with how he get to equestria just focus on whacky adventures

Huh. Yes, I, too, would not refuse Creasy who lives with me in the same house.


Wow! Really loving how this story is going!

Amazing job!:moustache:

I'm not into this sort of thing but I can see how someone who is would be turned on during that particular instance

ah yes, the art cover scares me

yeah i agree it more like creepy bug thing to me

That was low, Sparklebutt. Though the results are good so far.

Best bughorse is sated!

... Hopefully Chryssie gets to meet Thorax and accidentally buck him in the balls.

Also, kinky.

'bringing her shout' - snout

'fully excerpt their will' - exert

In total, she's sitting at over 80k words!

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