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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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Before I even read this... considering it is Eris/female Discord... and their magic is chaotic... they could easily grow in size for certain fetishes. Or even shrink in size. It is not out of the realm of possibility, at all, that Noodle Horse Dragon Thing would enjoy a swim in a ballsack.

LOL I fucking knew something was up

Damn! Update flood confirmed!

Bloody hell... Great way to get a story done in one go!

I guess this will be a glorious final story?

Surprisingly short... :rainbowderp:

His... All His...

Might want to look at the very end of those. There might be a tie-in...

Amazing clop. I love it ♡

You bloody hot genius... I love you :heart:



You - are - a - bloody - genius! (ಥ_ಥ)👍

Excellent work, even with the choices too.
Keep up with your pervycultured tales in the future:moustache:

So is this where the Leechverse© officially begins?

Damn in all hot and bothered now... Time to re-read the linked story :rainbowkiss::rainbowwild:

Didn't think someone could make me have the hots for Discord Eris, but of course Leech has managed to do it

OOoooohhhhh I see now, clever girl..boy...whatever you may be.

ah, it is connected then

Wait a minute all your stories that have ever had aNon in them it was all because of this one and eris

Comment posted by Glam Slam deleted May 26th

"...There is a certain somepony I feel could genuinely use a fine man like you in her life,” Eris remarked.

“Oh?” he quipped, wriggling against her. “And who would that be?”

“Well she’s somepony who’s cunning, powerful, and quite the capable leader,” she explained, twisting her hand to embellish the statement.

With his interest growing increasingly piqued, he lifted his head. “Is she nice?”

“Goodness no!” she cackled, holding the man to herself. “She may be the biggest shrew to ever walk upon Equestria - that said, she’s not without a certain je ne sais quoi."


"...I’d even use a few of my connections to get you an apartment and land you a job at that bowling alley you’re so fond of!”"

I KNEW IT!! This IS the same Anon. I now can guarantee all of Leech's stories are of the same Anon, "The Best Anon". I can not wait to be proven right about the cosmic, {Both in continuity and this reality we live in}, crossovers that connect tge literal " Leech's collective multiverse" to other writers' works. Here is to hoping for A connection to the Aufpasser Anon series!

I need to see every timeline's Anon come together sometime. Though Leech will still be opening the pages to A new One when 100. Still sounds epuc though.

"Every One us here! ...To SMASH!!!"

Bravo. Well done!

A surprisingly (sort of) romantic ending to this story and yet you somehow tied in your own "anoniverse."

I'm actually tempted to write more with these two. Eris kinda does thing to me...

"Yes, It's Finally Here!"

Nice would be intresting to see more of both them.
Though still hopefull for posibility of more Queen Novo in future

I would like to see an entire story between them, I'd love it

There was plenty of stupid shit Anon had done over the years, but surprising a eldritch being with a kiss had to be one of the most foolhardy

They made a game about that. Was actually pretty good.

For some reason this has the same vibe as the Beezlebub ending in everyone's favorite demon girl waifu game. :rainbowwild:

Plz don't tempt me to write Lovecraftian smut ;>_>

I would not say no. The best ending was also sad as hell when you stop to think about it.


Me after reading Anon and Eris do the dirty:

based as fuck

wish there was more discord smut

This adventure was amazing! Love your work❤️

I've been meaning to read that. Might as well.

These endings are glorious!

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