To Ne'er Come Down Again

by Some Leech

First published

A fateful event leads Anon down a winding road of lust, love, and ludicrous adventure...

Anon never expected to find himself face to face with one of the biggest, baddest bugs in Equestria's history - then again, he never thought he'd wind up in a land of magical horses either. With the sudden addition of a nefarious villain in his life, he finds himself confronted with an age old question - where does the line between lust and love begin to blur?

Kinks Include: Interspecies, Female on Male, Male on Female, All Sorts of Oral, More Sexual Positions Than I can Count, Plenty of Creampies, Impregnation, Pregnant Sex, Body Modification, Lactation, and Scads of Wholesome Lovemaking

Artwork by Underpable (Twitter @NotSoDerpable)
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Chapter 1 (NSFW)

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“Anon! Anon, are you home?” a distinctly familiar voice rang out, followed immediately by a frantic beating at his front door.

Languidly glancing at the entryway, Anon winced. “What do you want, Twilight?”

He’d hoped that finding himself in a land of colorful horses would have improved his boring, dead-end life, but things were far from sunshine and rainbows - at least, metaphorically speaking. He’d gotten a job, found a little apartment, and was doing alright for himself, although things were still far perfect. Despite having been in Equestria for over a year, he’d failed spectacularly on any and all romantic fronts.

While his material needs had been met, true contentment had eluded him; was it too much to ask for a special someone in his life? Honestly, the interspecies thing wasn’t even an issue for him; he just wanted companionship. He’d been shunned by woman after woman, back when he was on Earth and, unfortunately, his crummy luck with females had carried over to Equestria. After acclimating to the new land, finding the warm and pleasant denizens of the world remarkably charming, he’d tried his hand at the dating game.

Sadly, he fared no better with courtships in Ponyville than he had back home. Every mare he’d spoken with was either already in a relationship or politely turned down his advances. He didn’t think it was because he was a human, since creatures of differing species dated fairly regularly, yet the notion was still possible. It was almost like fate had decided that he shouldn’t have a lover, as downright shitty as that sounded.

“Anon, would you please come to the door?” the Princess of Friendship urged.

Rolling his eyes, Anon heaved himself from his chair. It wasn’t like he had much else going on that afternoon, besides brooding and reading comics, so he figured he may as well entertain one of the few royals he knew. Plodding to his door and casting it open, he winced as the sunlight hit his eyes.

“Yeah?” he grunted, squinting down at her.

The little purple alicorn smiled up at him, stepping back to give him a bit of room. “I’ll keep this short, I Pinkie promise. I just wanted to know if you were interested in meeting somepony new this evening.”

“Who this time?” he countered.

It wasn’t the first time she would have introduced him to someone before. Since he’d arrived, he’d been shown off to: Celestia, Luna, Thorax, Prince Rutherford, Ember, a number of bureaucrats, musicians, an actress, and he’d even been brought to a show-and-tell at Ms. Cheerilee’s class. It was almost like the Princess took some perverted joy out of presenting the human to anyone and everyone she could.

“Well, for starters, they’re royalty and I can guarantee you’ve never met anypony quite like them before. She’s also quite the little fireball,” Twilight excitedly explained. “If you want to know more about her, I’ll arrange a dinner at my castle tonight.”

The prospect of a free meal alone was a tempting one. Anything and everything served at the castle was top notch stuff and, if he was lucky, he’d be able to ferret home a fair bit of damn good leftovers. Without any real reason to turn down her request, he shrugged. Fuck it, why not, it’s not like he had any plans anyways.

“Sure,” he hummed, smiling halfheartedly. Though she’d mentioned this somepony was some sort of nobility, he’d really rather not break out the monkey suit. “Do I need to wear anything fancy?”

“Wear whatever you’d like; I’ll make sure everything is ready for you, before you arrive. Just be at the castle at seven o’clock,” Twilight beamed. Without so much as another word, her horn went alight. With a flash and an audible Pop of displaced air, she teleported away and left the man standing in his entryway.

Closing the door, Anon skulked through his living room and into his kitchen. Like the rest of his apartment, it was dimly lit and relatively cave-like. His schedule, which revolved around his second-shift job at the bowling alley, meant he was more of a night owl and, as such, preferred to have his abode relatively dark. He did manage to keep his place relatively tidy, with only the odd pizza box here or there, though it didn’t matter much; without regular guests, he saw no need to keep the place spotless.

Rummaging around in the cabinet above his sink, he retrieved two empty tupperware containers. Yeah, he’d definitely be swiping any leftover food from the meal that evening, so he may as well come prepared. Setting the vessels on the counter, he moved through his house and towards the bathroom. Even if he decided to wear his regular attire, a shower wouldn’t be undue before introducing himself to some sort of royalty.

Twilight’s declared time of seven o’clock left him precious little time to get ready. Though it was a small grievance, having a day’s notice beforehand would have been nice. Stripping out of his clothes and tossing them into a steadily growing pile of laundry in the corner, he scowled at the heap of garments and linens. He’d need to take a trip to the wash-house soon, lest he find himself without anything clean to wear.

Once washed up and toweled off, he strolled into his room to get dressed. Given the weather, time of year, and his utter disdain of attempting to impress anyone, he donned a t-shirt, boxers, and a pair of cargo shorts; though he did own a suit, the damn thing was uncomfortable as all get-out and would be hotter than hell to parade around in. Rarity, a kindly seamstress in town, had been nice enough to supply a small wardrobe for him, although he later found out that she’d put the items on his tab. After giving himself one final glance in the mirror, he knew he was ready.

With tupperware in hand, Anon saw himself out. Strolling through town, waving at the handful of ponies he encountered along the way, he couldn’t help but think about what Twilight had said. She’d mentioned he’d never seen anyone like her guest before, which sounded odd. Thus far, in his travels around Equestria, he’d encountered: dragons, yaks, changelings, a kirin or two, griffons, hippogriffs, and all manner of ponies. If there was some sort of creature he hadn’t encountered yet, it might just prove to be a particularly interesting experience.

His pace steadily quickened and his hopes for the afternoon kindled, as his curiosity piqued. Yeah, maybe the remainder of his day wouldn’t be that bad after all - hell, maybe the creature he was going to see would even be cute! Twilight had referred to his impending company as a her, giving him some ephemeral hope that they’d hit it off. Looks weren’t everything and, as long as he could find someone he meshed with, he couldn’t care less what she was.

Anon’s trip was a short one, leaving him standing at Twilight’s front door in a matter of minutes. With the crystalline castle towering over him, he leaned in and knocked on the entrance. Sure enough, after a moment passed, he heard signs of life from within.

“C...coming!” Spike hollered from inside. One of the two titanic doors swung inward, revealing the dumpy dragon’s heavily breathing form.

“Hey, Spike,” Anon began, squatting down and extending his closed fist. “Twilight around?”

“She’s - Huff - putting the f...finishing touches up for your date,” Spike wheezed, completing the offered fist bump.

“Date?” Anon repeated, knitting his brow.

The little dragon grinned conspiratorially, leaning closer to elbow the man’s thigh. “So ya like ‘em big and kinky, eh? I can respect that,” he snickered, waggling his eyebrows. Turning away and waving a claw, he began walking down the corridor. “I just hope you know what you’re getting into with her, she’s a bit feisty.”

Standing by the entryway, it took Anon a second to respond. Date? Big and kinky? Feisty!? Though Spike hadn’t said much, he’d hit on a few very compelling words in short order! The comments didn’t reveal much at all, in actuality, although they definitely fanned the flames of his interest. Walking up to and keeping pace with his draconic companion, he glanced down at his friend.

Spike was one of the few creatures he got along really well with. Despite their differences in age, size, and species, he thought the tiny reptile was a pretty cool dude. They’d have game nights every so often, go bowling, and even grab the occasional bite to eat. All in all, the little guy was a damn nice dragon and a very knowledgeable source of information for nearly anything in Equestria - which meant he might be able to glean some intel for his supposed date.

“So, Spike, do you know anything about this girl?” Anon asked, smirking down at his buddy.

Hmmmm,” the dragon hummed, shrewdly rubbing his chin. “Well I know she can be a bit obsessive sometimes, she has a bit of an attitude, and she’s a screamer. She can’t be all bad though, since all of her kids turned out well.”

Anon’s eyes widened, processing what he’d just heard; besides being big and feisty, she was also a potential MILF! His smile broadened, thinking about how he may finally get his lucky break. Reining himself in, he shook his head and took a deep breath. Even if he was about to meet some bombshell, he couldn’t afford to fuck things up by getting too excited.

“You - uh - wouldn’t have any sage advice for me, would you?” he pressed, hoping for any helpful insight he could get.

“Oh! Don’t mention Starlight! I know for a fact that those two don’t get along - besides that, she’s a sucker for flattery! Just ham it up and put the moves on her! I’m sure you’ll be fine,” Spike responded, shooting him a wink.

“Thanks, buddy. If this works out, I swear, I’m gonna take you out for a night on the town,” Anon noted. Hell, if he actually did manage to click with this chick, he’d buy Spike a year’s subscription of Play Colt magazine!

“I’ll hold you to that,” the dragon chipperly remarked, his pace slowing. “Alright, here we are.”

Anon stopped in his tracks, looking around in confusion. He’d been so involved with the conversation and his thoughts that he’d failed to realize exactly where they’d been headed. Apparently, at some point or another, they’d begun descending into the bowels of the keep. Well away from the social areas above ground level, the labyrinthine network of storage rooms beneath the castle were the last place he’d expected to wind up.

Ummm,” he hummed, looking up at a large, heavily reinforced door. “Is this some second dining room?”

Putting his shoulder against the slab of crystal and metal, Spike heaved; it was only when the man lent his aid did the door finally budge. Creaking loudly, the monstrous portal ponderously moved to reveal an absolutely immaculate dining area. The cavernous chamber was almost entirely empty, save for a small table and two chairs.

“Go on in and have a seat,” Spike chirped, motioning for him to enter. “Twilight will bring her in shortly.”

Unsure of exactly how to respond, Anon nodded and hesitantly stepped inside. Looking around, trying to make sense of why he’d be eating in such an odd location, the door slammed closed behind him. Scratching his head, an uneasy feeling steadily welled up inside him. Besides the three pieces of furniture, the room was completely vacant and nondescript. Large mirrors sat in the dead center of three of the four walls, only adding to his confusion.

One small saving grace was that the table wasn’t completely empty. Two place settings sat to either side of the polished, wooden surface, as did several trays of hors d’oeuvres, a bottle of what looked to be very expensive wine, and two empty crystal goblets. If things did go to hell, he’d make sure to swipe the booze - if only to drown his sorrows later.

“Anon? Anon, this is Twilight, can you hear me?” the Princess called out, her voice somehow coming from everywhere and nowhere at all.

Spinning around, trying and failing to figure out where she was speaking from, Anon scrunched his nose. “Yeah, I can hear you. Where -”

“Perfect! I’m legally obligated to inform you that the proceeding can and will be recorded - for academic purposes, of course,” the unseen alicorn merrily intoned.

“Twilight, what are you…” he fell silent, as he heard the unmistakable Pop of a teleportation behind him.

Turning slowly, with a knot forming in his stomach, he peered over his shoulder and froze. There, sitting not a dozen paces from where he stood, was a statue. Hewn from what appeared to be granite, it wasn’t the size of the carving which concerned him, nor the material it was crafted from - no, it was whom was sculpted that caused him concern. Though she was missing her two nefarious allies, her figure was unmistakable; he was staring at the ex-ruler of the changelings, Queen Chrysalis.

Without giving the effigy so much as a second glance, he bolted for the exit. Grabbing the door’s handle, he pulled with all his might but, alas, the crystal edifice wouldn’t budge. Releasing his grip, as a buzzing sound filled the room, he pounded fruitlessly at the exit. Needless to say, things had taken a very unexpected turn and he was less than thrilled.

“Twilight!” he yelled, desperation tinging his voice. “Let me out!”

Peeking over his shoulder, seeing the statue beginning to glow, he swallowed hard. Though he hadn’t been around for the catastrophic confrontation involving Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, and Cozy Glow, he was well aware of the event - hell, he’d even gone to see their statue a few times. The last thing he wanted was to be stuck in a room with a narcissistic, petty, possibly psychotic bug-horse, so he renewed his efforts to escape.

“Date night commencing in five...four...three…” Twilight droned on, giving an ominous countdown.

“Twilight, please, I don’t want to-” his protest died, as a thunderous cracking cut through the air. Wheeling around, he pressed his back to the door.

Leaping through the air, skidding across the floor, the shapeshifter completed her petrified assault. It was quickly apparent that her imprisonment had left her body and mind in some sort of stasis, as a look of angry confusion crossed her face. Furiously scanning the room, throwing her head from side to side, her lip curled in rage.

“Come out, Twilight Sparkle! You and your pathetic friends will feel our wrath!” she hissed. Steadily spinning in a circle, with her wings unfurling from her back, her harlequin gaze swept the chamber - that was, until it settled upon the man plastered upon the door.

“Chrysalis, hello, I hope you’re doing alright,” the alicorn cheerfully greeted, remaining unseen.

Harridan!” the changeling howled. Snarling ominously, utterly ignoring Anon, she flew to the far corner of the room. Blasting the wall with a vibrant bolt of energy, leaving a scorch mark on the stone surface, she hurriedly flitted to the ceiling. “Show yourself, coward!”

“I will, but only once you’ve had a chance to recuperate. It wouldn’t be fair to have you face off against me, after having been detained for such a long time, so I thought I’d give you a bit of a breather before our rematch - in the meantime, I wanted you to meet someone!” the Princess noted, her chipper tone unwavering.

Rocketing around the room, the irate changeling peppered the walls, ceiling, and floor with rays of brilliant energy. Too unsettled to move, Anon watched the spectacle play out. He’d heard tales that the former Matriarch was a formidable wielder of magic, although the stories paled in comparison to actually seeing such a display. As he tracked her with his eyes, only slightly adjusting his head to follow her, he noticed her gradually slow.

He felt certain that Twilight had to have imbued the room with some sort of shielding sorcery. Though Chrysalis’ barrage left little more than small, singed marks on the marble or polished glass, his concern wasn’t dulled in the slightest - if anything, he was even more worried than before. Even if the Queen had paid him little mind, it was painfully evident that the Princess had intentionally lured him into the precarious situation.

Anon’s anxiety transitioned to one of cold, foreboding dread. Be damned if he could explain why Twilight would coax him into such a trap, yet he immediately regretted taking her up on her earlier offer. Surreptitiously trying the door handle for the umpteenth time, he went rigid - the Queen was staring right at him.

“Queen Chrysalis, this is Anonymous. He’s a human incubus from Earth - that is to say, he’s a being of unfounded carnal energy and love! Please, if you’re feeling a bit peckish, I’m sure he’d be more than pleased to meet you!” Twilight giggled, her filly-like laughter reverberating throughout the chamber.

“No I’m not!” Anon loudly groused, drawing the shapeshifter’s attention.

Chrysalis’ eyes narrowed, as she glared at the captive man. Sauntering over in his direction, stopping a handful of feet away, she looked him over from top to bottom. He couldn’t see how it would be possible that she knew of his species, and her curious reaction was a dead giveaway of that fact. Maybe, if he was lucky, he could avoid evoking her legendary ire.

Hyu-man, I presume you are an enemy of that accursed Twilight Sparkle as well?” the changeling inquired, looking up to his face.

“We’re not on the best terms at the moment,” he grumbled. Given the circumstances, he definitely wasn’t pleased with the Princess or whatever harebrained scheme she’d thrust him into.

“Interesting,” Chrysalis remarked, almost to herself, “some semblance of a diamond dog or perhaps an ape, yet clearly neither.” Examining him carefully, inspecting every limb, her gaze eventually drifted back to his face.

Standing there, feeling like a fly in a jar, Anon shifted uncomfortably. The Queen was a good bit larger than any of the ponies he’d met before, barring Princess Celestia. Her head reached his chest, with her horn making their height nearly equal - still, despite her size, she was relatively svelte and thin. While she looked him over, he found himself studying her figure. Just as his eyes wandered over her hindquarters, she chuckled.

“So you are an incubus, fascinating,” she mused, stepping back and motioning him towards herself. “I have heard stories of your kind, yet I’d always presumed they were old mares’ tales.”

Rolling his eyes, the man inched away from the wall. “I am not an incubus, I’m just a regular human.”

“He really is an incubus and he loves thighs and butts,” Twilight called out, exacerbating the situation.

Gnashing his teeth, Anon clenched and unclenched his fists. “Twilight, I fucking swear, you are going to pay for this!” he growled, scanning the room for any sign of the mischievous alicorn. “Chrysalis, don’t believe her,” he began, attempting to clear his good name, “I’m not…”

If that goody two shoes is lying, I’m sure you wouldn’t be bothered if I…” Chrysalis trailed off, lazily spinning in place and flicking her tail to the side. Without the slightest bite of shame, squarely facing away from him, she leaned forward, arched her back, and braced her hind legs. With an impish look in her eye, she glanced over her shoulder and grinned.

Like a deer in the headlights, Anon gazed dumbfoundedly at the shapeshifter’s unabashedly displayed loins and rump. From between the plump, meaty lips of her marehood, a peek at her chartreuse depths could be seen. The color contrast, with such a vibrant interior against the changeling’s obsidian hide, was beyond striking, giving him a moment for pause. Damn near forcing himself to look away, dragging his eyes off from her nethers, he leered at her face.

“Does it not please you? Perhaps you prefer your mares a bit more juicy?” she innocently asked, twisting her head at an unnatural angle.

“No, listen, I’m not…” Anon twisted his head, as the sound of dripping water caught his ear. Scanning the ceiling, wondering what was going on, the pattering continued unabated.

“Try a little lower,” the shapeshifter taunted.

Wondering what she’d meant, reflexively looking down at her, Anon quickly found the source of the noise. The Queen’s sex was positively engorged, winking and slavering as if she’d instantly been stricken with some preternatural estrus. At a loss for words, he shamelessly peered at what had to be the most worked up mare he’d ever seen.

There it is,” Chrysalis sighed, inhaling sharply through her nose. Standing straight, she turned to face him. “Such an exotic bouquet of lust…”

“I...I’m not…” he stammered, shaking his head.

He didn’t see the glow about her horn, nor the way she licked her lips, before he was wreathed in emerald flame. Seemingly out of nowhere, in the blink of an eye, every article of clothing about his frame was blasted to ash. With a yelp of surprise, he leapt back, pressed his back against the wall, and patted at his chest and limbs.

A second passed, then a third and a fourth, as realization slowly dawned on him. He was, as far as he could tell, completely unscathed, yet his garments had been obliterated. Nearly hyperventilating, he stared at the shapeshifter in shock. It was only when he noticed what held her attention did his hands sail to his bare groin.

“You were saying? I’m not what?” she mockingly scoffed, strutting over to him. “I know you weren’t going to tell me you’re not aroused, given how absolutely turgid you are. Come now, don’t be shy,” she snickered, excerting her sorcery to pry his hands away.

Being forced to unveil himself, Anon fought weakly against his magical bonds. As his arms were pulled to his sides, his manhood sprang free. Standing proud, at nearly full strength, his erection stood in stark contrast to his timid actions. The changeling quickly leaned in, bringing her snout to the tip of his length and magnifying his discomfort exponentially.

“Interesting shape, noteworthy size, and an exquisite aroma, I’d expect no less from an incubus. Tell me, how many mares have you wooed with this magnificent tool of yours?” Chrysalis cooed, drawing one forehoof up his inner thigh.

“Zero!” he bleated, closing his eyes. “And I’m not an incubus!”

“But of course you’re not,” she wryly laughed, flicking his manhood and watching it wag, “you just happen to be a - what was it - hyu-man who absolutely reeks of lechery and it’s purely a coincidence that you are so superbly endowed.” Rearing onto her forelegs, mystically wrenching his arms out to his sides, she stepped closer and pressed her forehooves against his chest. “You know, if you decided to give me a small helping of that love you’re filled with,” she continued, shifting her muzzle to his ear, “I’m sure we could escape.”

Before he could ask what she meant, she bucked her hips. The undeniably humid warmth of her sopping wet marehood washed over his cock, causing him to shudder. He’d heard that pre-reformed changelings were gluttons for love, often deceiving or outright robbing innocent creatures of their energy, though he’d had no way of knowing the former Matriarch would come on to him like a drunken date on prom night!

The only other explanation was far more unsettling. Given Chrysalis’ age and infamy, he felt certain that she knew exactly what she was doing. If seducing him meant she’d get a recharge, allowing her to fully renew her energy, he’d be in an even bigger pickle - not just because that would mean doing something naughty with someone he just met, but because he’d be giving her even more of an advantage than she already had.

Squirming slightly, as she nuzzled his neck, he nervously licked his lips. “I...I don’t know if…”

“I can be anything you want,” she breathed hotly, nibbling his ear.

Anon’s heart raced, he broke out in a cold sweat, and his dick throbbed maddeningly. He had not been prepared for such a carnal assault on his senses. Glancing over at her, seeing a wicked grin split her features, he gulped. Remarkably forward or not, there was no denying that she was an attractive creature. He watched, as she shifted lower, kissed his nipple, and released his arms.

“Perhaps a demonstration is in order,” she tutted.

Hopping off of him and moving in reverse, an arcane inferno whirled around her. Before his very eyes, she grew to nearly double her original size. Another flash of eldritch fire left her no larger than a filly. Time and again, in rapid succession, she altered her state to a dizzying array of body types and dimensions.

“I’m sure I could assume the form of anything which suits your tastes, as you can see, although that doesn’t address the real question,” she mused, shrewdly rubbing her chin. “Would you like me to dominate you, pinning you down and hearing you mewl like some innocent colt? Perhaps you’d favor jamming my head into a mattress, plowing me like some angry titan and claiming my womb with your virile, rich foal-batter?”

Unable to respond, feeling as though his mouth was full of sand, Anon kept his lips clamped shut. He had little doubt that she meant every word of what she said, which caused his willpower to wither. With his arms hanging limply to his sides, he locked eyes with the vile temptress. A pained look crossed her face, before she morosely averted her gaze.

“Though…” she began, her tone lowering to a whisper, “I must warn you of something…”

“W...what?” he sputtered, seeing her reluctantly turn her back to him.

“After you’ve had a taste, no other mare could ever compare to my hot, succulent depths,” she replied. Presenting herself for a second time, pressing her deliciously flat chest to the floor, she flagged her tail.

The remark, paired with the sight of her sublime backside, caused something to break within him. First one foot moved forward, followed by the second, until he was slowly moving to her. Drawn by her siren’s call, he reached out and caressed her hind leg. Her hide, soft and warm against his palm, had a supple, almost rubbery texture. His hand glided up her lower limb, before his fingers sank into one pillowy bun.

Bucking back into his palm, Chrysalis hummed contentedly. With a flick of her waist, she sent his fingers into the cleft of her ass. The heat between her cheeks was staggering, sending yet more blood to his tool. Gently, deliberately, his digits caressed her entrance and pronounced, silken pucker.

“Take your pick, I’d be more than happy for you to use either,” she murmured, flashing him a sharp, toothy grin.

Anon knew exactly which luscious choice he was going to make. While her ass did sport a rather inviting backdoor, he couldn’t help himself from going for her drooling snatch. Shuffling into position, caving to his bestial urges, he clutched the base of his length and experimentally prodded her entrance. He’d intended on taking it slow, giving himself time to savor the debauchery he was about to enact, but Chrysalis had other plans. Without any fanfare whatsoever, the changeling rammed her body into reverse.

He gasped, as the entirety of his shaft was entombed in her depths. The sensations which accosted his manhood were far, far better than anything he could have imagined. Like molten silk, her interior contorted around his tool. Not too snug or loose, excellently warm, and juicy as a perfectly ripened fruit, her confines were exquisite. Reaching out, he clasped her hips and sighed contentedly - that was, until his regal paramour humped back against him.

“Too smitten to speak?” she teased, nonchalantly fucking herself on him. “Though I would love for you to take part, I would certainly understand if you are a bit overwhelmed.”

Smiling to himself, compelled to oblige his impromptu mate, he thrust into her. As his waist slapped against her onyx backside, sending her body lurching forward, the most heavenly noise escaped her. Guttural and whorish, she loudly groaned and clenched around him. Even if it was an act, her reaction emboldened him beyond words. Withdrawing partially, relaxing one hand to stroke her side, started unhurriedly plowing her.

It only took Chrysalis a moment to synchronize her movements to his, leaving their bodies moving in tune. Tightening on his backstrokes, as if yearning for him to stay within her, she relaxed on his plunges. To say she was an expert lover would be an unprecedented understatement, because of one simple fact - even the most seasoned paramours weren’t able to fully excerpt their will over every part of their body.

After less than a minute had passed, Anon was sure of one thing - Chrysalis hadn’t been bragging in the slightest. All her talk and seduction was solidly backed up by the most captivating sex he’d ever had. Not only was she attractive and profoundly sensual, but it was almost as if her interior was massaging and stroking his length; the amount of pelvic muscle control she had was insane, almost supernaturally so.

Gradually picking up speed and increasing the force of his thrusts, he did what he could to reciprocate her efforts. He hadn’t been consciously trying to up his game, though some part of him wished to give as good as he got. If she was willing to pleasure him in such a magnanimous and slatternly fashion, by Celestia, he’d do his damnedest to make sure she was left satisfied. Leaning forward, his free hand ran around her flank, under her belly, and towards her groin.

Chrysalis’ moans raised an octave, as he rubbed her clit. Squelching and winking around his length, her marehood slathered his loins with her syrupy nectar. Anon could only assume she was enjoying it, considering the way she was clamping down upon him, which poured more fuel on the inferno of passion blazing within him. Releasing her waist, he shifted his grip and seized the dock of her tail.

Yes!” she howled, meeting every ounce of his zeal with her own wanton fury.

Though he wasn’t fully aware of it, the physical bliss he delivered her was eclipsed entirely by the ephemeral energy of his desires. Besieged on two fronts, the changeling Queen ravenously fed off of everything the man had to give. Arching her back and lifting her rear, she relished the strange, intoxicating creature who had mounted her.

Peering over her back and to the shapeshifter’s face, Anon couldn’t help but notice a strand of drool hanging from Chrysalis’ chin; the sight, coupled with how her heavily lidded eyes gazed back at him, gave him an idea. Grinding to a halt, he stood to full height, gently patted her thigh, and unsheathed himself.

“Get on the table,” he huffed, strolling over and carefully moving the various food items.

Chrysalis obliged, straightening up and taking to the air. Landing upon the wooden surface and easing herself down, with her rump hanging over the side, her wings buzzed impatiently. Strangely, as his dexterous hands rested against her, she was rolled to her side and onto her back. Piquing a brow in confusion, she glanced down her chest at him.

“If you feed on love,” Anon muttered, stepping between her legs and casually sinking into her marehood, “then we’re going to make love.”

The look on the changeling’s face was priceless, far better than what he’d expected. Since she’d seduced him and destroyed his clothes, a bit of payback was definitely in order. He wasn’t mad - at least, not really - but he thought it only fitting that he turn the tables. Her fanged jaw flapped uselessly and her pupils shrank to razored slits, as he leaned in, cradled her head, and kissed her.

Though his intention had been to get her worked up, his ploy worked to devastating effect. Straight away, once his tongue entered her maw, she was wracked with a ruinous climax - that or she had a severe seizure. Writhing beneath him, gushing juices like some lecherous geyser, her limbs trembled uncontrollably. The abruptness of it all forced Anon to retract his head momentarily, before she reached up and wrenched him back downward.

More!!!” she bellowed, as her hind legs sprang shut around his hips.

The changeling pulled him deeper, while their tongues entwined. More than happy to comply, Anon started fucking her in ernest. Unlike before, when he’d paced himself to some degree, he pulled out all the stops. Jackhammering into her with reckless abandon, his passion soared to astronomical levels.

Knowing he had the shapeshifting Matriarch wrapped around his finger was even more exhilarating than having his dick balls-deep in her. Chrysalis was one of the biggest, baddest villains in all of Equestria, yet he’d reduced her to a whimpering, juicy heap of limbs. Breaking their kiss, sliding his cheek against hers, he brought his mouth to the side of her head.

“I love the way you cum…” he breathed, tonguing her ear.

For the second time in a matter of minutes, the shapeshifter spontaneously convulsed and squirmed. The mere mention of love was enough to promptly send her spiraling off the edge and in so doing pushed him closer to his limit. Rutting her with everything he had, knowing his time was finite, he closed his eyes and fixated on the sinful sensations she afforded.

The way her lilting voice cut through the air, how her velvety canal embraced him, the scent of her arousal, how she hungry peered up at him; in every possible way, she was a feast for the senses. Worming his hands under her back, Anon held her tightly to himself. Embracing her, moving in for one final kiss, he peaked.

In that astonishingly passionate moment, he hilted. His essence surged through his wildly throbbing length, before crashing against his lover’s womb. It was the perfect crescendo for the impromptu and wholly unexpected depravity. Chrysalis’ depths quivered, greedily milking every drop of his precious seed. Given the way she was moaning into his mouth, he wouldn’t be surprised to learn she’d climaxed again.

Holding one another, riding out their ecstasy, the two inevitably grew still. Slipping his head to the side, he rested his neck against hers. All of the activity had left him exhausted and wanting little more than a well deserved shower and the warmth of his bed. Working one arm free, pushing himself up, he opened his eyes to look down at the perverted changeling.

Much to his surprise, she was silently snoozing beneath him. At some point, presumably as the post-coitus warmth settled over them, she’d drifted off to sleep. Wondering how he was going to handle the situation, he knit his brow. He would rather avoid waking her, villain or not, which left him in a predicament. Carefully working his second from under her, taking care to be as gentle as possible, the faint sound of hooves caused him to pause.

“Much, much better than I had anticipated. Anon, I have to hand it to you, you really did a number on her!” Twilight quietly laughed, sauntering up beside the man. Apparently she’d seen fit to let herself in and speak with him, heedless of his naked and undignified state, while he was still hilted within his parasitic paramour.

Scowling over at the Princess, he held a finger to his lips. Chrysalis had been very vocal about her displeasure with the alicorn, so ensuring she stayed sleeping was more important than ever. Gingerly cradling the changeling’s hind legs, he lowered the extremities to the table and stepped back. His softening manhood slipped from her sex, sending a trickle of his spunk spattering to the floor below.

“She won’t wake up for at least another six hours; if my calculations are right, you just dispensed over a month’s worth of energy for her! Frankly, I’m surprised you’re still able to stand!” Twilight chirped.

The alicorn’s words reminded Anon of her not-so-subtle ploy and outright lie of him being an incubus. Kneeling before her, keeping his eyes locked to hers, he bitterly held up a finger. “First of all, you’re buying me new clothes - secondly, I want someone to pack all that food up for me to bring home,” he growled, pointing at the carefully saved snacks and wine.

“Oh Anon, you’ll be able to buy several new outfits!” Twilight giggled. “Here, hold out your hand.”

Confused, frustrated, and keenly aware of the cooling fluids on his waist and upper legs, he did as asked. With a flash and a Pop, a hefty leather sack jingled into his palm. Reaching up and digging his fingers into the pouch, he produced a gold bit. Judging from the weight alone, there had to be at least a hundred coins in the bag!

“I’ll have Spike collect the food and bring it to your house,” she noted, nodding to the hors d’oeuvres.

“I can carry it myself, but I don’t think the townsponies will be too happy seeing me walk back to my house buck naked,” he grumbled.

“Shoot, hang on,” Twilight cursed, disappearing and reappearing in the blink of an eye. Holding what appeared to be a bed sheet, she offered the linen to the man. “This will have to do for now. I hate to be so abrupt, but I really must be going; I need to make sure everything is documented properly. I’ll pop in tomorrow morning to see how you two are doing.”

“Two?” Anon parroted, as a sinking feeling grew in his gut.

“I’m going to be studying the cohabitation of a human and an unreformed changeling. If my theories are correct, you may just be the best chance we have to keep her out of trouble!” Twilight explained, waving at the softly snoozing Matriarch.

“So I’m supposed to just let her crash at my place?” Anon croaked.

The Princess nodded, smiling broader than ever. “You’ll be very well compensated. Cost of living fees, rent, food, all the necessities for my experiment will be covered - not to mention a rather generous stipend for volunteering!”

Though the prospect of having extra cash around was tempting, having to live with a possibly deranged bug-horse didn’t exactly sound like a walk in the park. “What happens if I refuse?”

“Well, if you decline the offer, I’ll have to imprison her again,” Twilight admitted, the enthusiasm bleeding from her voice.

Anon may have made several poor choices throughout his life, but he was not going to be responsible for someone he’d only just met being sentenced to a stony prison. Pinching the bridge of his nose, already regretting what he was going to say, he shook his head. “No...I’ll take her home…”

“Splendid! You shouldn’t have too much to worry about, since she’ll probably be pretty out of it for the rest of the night” the alicorn stated. Moving to turn away, she scrunched her snout. “On second thought, I’ll just teleport you home.”

“No, Twi, that’s really not -” his protest came too late, as the world was drowned out in white.

Materializing at his bedside, with the comatose changeling on his mattress, he reached out and steadied himself against the wall. Teleportation, while convenient as all get-out, always left him feeling slightly woozy. Glancing over at his slumbering guest, his shoulders wilted. Though he realized he’d have to change the sheets in the morning, due to his visitor’s unavoidable leakage, he was willing to leave her undisturbed.

He wanted to get some rest and he needed to figure out what he was going to do about his impromptu housemate, although those could wait until he’d showered off. Quietly plodding into his bathroom, he paused by the doorway. As he peered back, gazing at the softly snoring form of the Matriarch, he silently prayed that he hadn’t inadvertently gotten himself in over his head…

Chapter 2 (NSFW)

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The first rays of light crept into Anon’s room, causing him to squirm and turn away from the window. Beneath his thin blanket, atop the bed, his unconscious mind nagged at him. Though he was by no means awake, some part of him recognized that something was amiss. There shouldn’t have been a large, soft thing wriggling against his back, yet there was. It was only when a slender foreleg wrapped around his chest was he fully shaken from his slumber.

He’d slept like a brick, which did little to help his mental faculties solve the predicament he’d found himself in. Blinking rapidly, he glanced down at the limb softly clutching him. Covered in black hide, marred by cavities and small hollows, the leg slightly resembled that of a pony’s, although it was anything but. Staring down at the appendage, a contented hum behind him caused him to start.

Suddenly, everything clicked into place. The evening prior, he’d been invited to the Castle of Friendship by Twilight Sparkle to meet some esteemed guest of the Princess. Hoping for a free meal and the infinitesimally small possibility of rubbing elbows with somebody interesting, he’d been baited into what had to be the most debased trap imaginable. What was supposed to be a quaint meal had turned into a debauched breeding session between himself and the freshly released Queen Chrysalis.

It wasn’t like he’d planned on bedding the infamous changeling Matriarch, yet it hadn’t taken long for the provocative creature to tempt him into a rather carnal affair. After the very inappropriate cultural exchange, which just so happened to destroy one of his favorite shirts, he was deposited back in his apartment with the sated and comatose shapeshifter.

He didn’t remember much after returning home, although he did vaguely recall taking a shower and easing himself into bed. The entire ordeal had left him oddly tired and lethargic, leaving him to collapse into a deep, dreamless sleep. Despite the preternaturally sound slumber and the momentary confusion of waking up to an evil villain snuggled against him, he actually felt great - still, that did little to address his problem.

Outside of the stories he’d heard about Chrysalis, he knew next to nothing about her - therefore, he wasn’t sure how best to handle the situation. Twilight had offered to give him a hefty stipend to room with the deposed Matriarch, yet she’d failed to give him any insight on how to deal with his newfound guest. He did have some fundamental knowledge on unreformed changelings, namely that they feasted on love and were generally ill tempered, but that was about it.

Running wasn’t an option, since they were in his apartment, which left him with only one reasonable choice. Slowly fidgeting in place, he turned to face the snoozing bug-horse beside him. Gently waking her up seemed like a logical start to the day, so he went with his gut and put his hastily laid plan into motion. Turning his head and facing her, he was greeted by one cat-like, harlequin eye staring at him.

“I didn’t say you could move…” she grumbled, retracting her foreleg from around his torso.

At a loss, Anon pursed his lips. “Morning.”

Dismissing his greeting, Chrysalis pushed herself up and got to her hooves. Surveying his room, with an indignant expression plastered on her face, her eyes eventually came to settle on the man. “Where are we, hyu-man? Is this some trick by that loathsome Twilight Sparkle or her insipid friend Starlight Glimmer?”

“So, uh…” he trailed off, trying and failing to think of a way to explain the bizarre circumstances. “Yeah, this is my apartment. Twilight said that you can stay here with me for a while.”

“And you crept into my bed to accost me while I slept?” she sneered, recoiling slightly. “You are no better than a beast!”

Screwing his eyes shut and pinching the bridge of his nose, Anon could already feel a headache coming on. “No. For starters, I only have one bed and it’s mine. Secondly, you’re the one who came onto me like a drunken freshman at sorority night!” he admonished, keeping his tone low.

“Yet you didn’t stop yourself from savoring me, my little banquet,” Chrysalis chuckled.

As he felt the blanket unveiling his lower half, his eyes flew open. Licking her chops, hungrily staring at his groin, the Queen pulled the linens down his body. Thankfully, he was able to grab the cover and keep himself from being exposed by his guest. It’d been bad enough that he’d caved to his impulses and screwed her, but the ravenous look in her eye made him feel downright sheepish; to her, he was little more than a prime cut of meat.

As unsettling as the notion of being an entree was, it reminded him of his dire predicament. Being paid to cohabitate with the villain was a boon, true, although that was only one reason he’d agreed to Twilight’s offer. Evildoer or not, he didn’t want to be accountable for Chrysalis being petrified again. She might be big, bad, and possibly suffering from some sort of narcissistic psychosis, but she didn’t deserve to spend eternity as a statue!

Clutching his blanket in one hand, he raised a finger and glared up at the shapeshifter. “First of all, we need to set some ground rules here.”

“How droll. The hyu-man thinks he can dictate to a Queen,” Chrysalis scoffed and rolled her eyes, “please…”

“Do you want to get imprisoned again?” Anon countered. “Because if you do, all you need to do is fly right out that window,” he continued, pointing to the

“So it is a trap,” she hissed, crouching and peering at the glassy portal.

Burying his face in his hands, the man steadily shook his head. “It’s not a trap, I’m just telling you that you would be caught. Twilight said that this is your one chance of getting and staying free. If you don’t want to become a roosting spot for pigeons, you’ll have to behave.”

Chrysalis paused and squinted down at him. “What’s in it for me?”

Leering at the changeling in disbelief, Anon’s mouth hung open for a moment. “Your freedom! Come on, is it that hard?!”

“You would have me believe that I will live with a hyu-man, avoid terrorizing the public, and share a bed with you?” she mockingly laughed, flipping the mane from her face. “Preposterous, I’ll do no such thing.”

“I do have a couch in the living room,” he muttered.

“Thank you for volunteering to take the more pedestrian option, that’s very sweet of you,” Chrysalis hummed, patting his shoulder and hopping from the bed. Without a care in the world, heedless of her host, she hopped from the bed and trotted out of the room.

Scrunching his nose, Anon leapt from the mattress, remembered he was only wearing a pair of boxers, and scrambled to find some clothes. Even though the waspish shapeshifter had seen him buck naked, he wasn’t about to go chasing after her in his undies. Grabbing a dubiously clean pair of gym shorts and a tank top, he dressed himself and gave pursuit.

“And you expect me to live in this...this squalor?” Chrysalis loudly groused, from the direction of his living room.

“Come on, it’s not that bad!” he lamented, rounding the corner and finding her by his recliner.

Peeking over at him, she shook her head. “Well, if nothing else, your little hovel does have a certain cave-like charm to it. Tell me, are your kind normally troglodytic?”

“Listen,” Anon groaned, doing his damnedest not to lose his temper, “it’s the best I can afford, alright?” Suddenly feeling self conscious, he snatched up an empty grocery bag and started to tidy up. “For the record, no, we don’t usually live in caves, but I do think that would be kind of neat.”

Leaving the man to his efforts and sauntering into the kitchen, Chrysalis continued through his abode. “Yes, the scullery, how quaint…”

“Will you stop just snooping around my apartment?!” Anon protested. Abandoning his efforts, he chased after her. Unfortunately, he nearly ran into her as he dashed into his kitchen. “I would have given you a tour, you know, if you’d asked.”

Ignoring him, she proceeded to the fridge and pulled at the door - that was, until the man reached out and held it closed. “I’m hungry,” she declared, tugging fruitlessly at the handle.

“I’ll make us breakfast, after you take a shower. Come on, considering what we did last night, I know you’ve got to be feeling kind of grimy,” he explained.

Relaxing his grip on the door and trying to sound cheerful, he smiled down at her. Since he’d had several glimpses of her backside, he was painfully aware of the dried remnants of their rather salacious encounter on her rump and inner thigh. How or why she wasn’t bothered by the mess, he couldn’t say; all he knew was that he wasn’t about to have a crusty bug ass dirtying one of the two chairs at his kitchen table.

Without skipping a beat, maintaining eye contact with him, Chrysalis flung the fridge open and peered inside. Appraising the interior for a moment, her lip curled in disdain. “Is this all you have?!” she nagged, noting the lack of culinary choices. “Do you expect me to eat cold spaghetti or - ugh - chicken eggs?”

The complaint about his provisions, coupled with her rebellious intrusion into his refrigerator, was the final straw. Knitting his brow, he leaned over, scooped her up, and held her to his chest. “You are going to take a shower - if you do, I’ll go pick up some groceries,” he grunted, holding the obstinate shapeshifter to himself.

“Unhand me you brute!” she bleated, attempting to wriggle out of his grasp.

“No way in hell, Queenie,” he murmured. Trudging through his apartment, weathering the storm of hooves and buzzing wings, he stomped into his bathroom.

It was odd - while she wasn’t that much smaller than himself, the shapeshifter was remarkably light and none too strong. If he had to guess, changeling evolution had left the species as masters of subterfuge and flight, although their physical strength and overall mass wasn’t terribly impressive. Kicking the restroom door closed behind himself, he gingerly plopped his unruly cargo to the floor.

“There,” he insisted, pointing to the tub, “shower.”

“And if I refuse?” she petulantly huffed, standing tall and defiantly stamping a hoof.

“Don’t tempt me, I’m not above washing you,” Anon rebuked.

Crossing his arms over his chest, attempting to look as imposing as possible, a notion struck him - she hadn’t attempted to transform or use her magic. Even if he was stronger and slightly larger than her, there was nothing stopping her from metamorphosing into something far more imposing or possibly blasted him with her sorcery. Bending over, bringing himself to her eye level, he squinted over at her.

“You’re fucking with me, aren’t you?” he sighed.

Though it was subtle, her pupils dilated slightly and the corners of her lips turned up ever so faintly. Turning away, flipping her tail into his face, she stepped towards the tub. “Minion, I require pancakes. I hope to find you in the kitchen, by the time I’m finished with my shower.”

“Only if you change the bed sheets once you’re done,” he said, straightening up.

“You would reduce me to some paltry maid?!” Chrysalis barked, scowling back at him.

Weighing his options, Anon steeled his resolve. She may have been royalty, but she was in his damn house - as such, he wasn’t about to bend a knee to her every request. “Yeah, them’s the breaks. I’ll go get stuff for flapjacks and start making us something to eat. I won’t be gone for long, so don’t go fucking up my apartment,” he sighed.

Seeing himself out and pulling the door closed before she could object, he moved into his living room and grabbed his wallet. While he wasn’t exactly comfortable with leaving her alone, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Though he had the day off work, there were a few things he needed to pick up from the store and he didn’t really have a choice about going out - sure, he could have insisted on dragging her along, although that may have ended disastrously.

Seeing himself out, after donning a pair of sandals, he walked through town. Truth be told, the bits he’d gotten from Twilight were a massive windfall. He made enough working at the bowling alley to get by, but the additional funding meant he could get some choice snacks and restock his larder. Pleased that he’d be able to make a batch of chocolate chip pancakes, coincidentally a favorite of his, he strolled through the cool morning air.

His trip to the shop was uneventful and took him less than half an hour. With grocery bags hanging from both arms, he plodded back home. His donation from the Princess left him with more than enough to get supplies, yet he’d rather save the remainder. He wasn’t sure what sort of appetite unreformed changelings had, so being a bit frugal wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Fortunately, upon reentering his apartment, he found the place was untouched. Interestingly enough, there was no sign of his guest. “I’m home. If you’re done, I’ll be in the kitchen,” he shouted.

Without hearing a response, he moved through his apartment and to his fridge. On the slim chance that Chrysalis had fled, she ultimately wasn’t his problem. If Twilight thought it was a good idea to throw a lustful ne'er-do-well into his life, she could figure out how to deal with any escape attempts. All he’d been told was that he was a potential way to rehabilitate the villain - whatever the hell that was supposed to mean.

Stowing his goods, he set himself to task. Whipping up a quick batter, while his largest skillet heated on the range, a series of clip-clopping hooffalls approached from behind him. Without looking back, he sidled over and snipped open the bag of chocolate chips.

Hyu-man, why do you have so many clothes? The wide assortment of conservative garments in your room confuses and infuriates me,” Chrysalis chided, as she repositioned a chair.

“Two reasons. First of all, we don’t have particularly thick skin or warm hide, so we’ve got to protect ourselves from the elements - secondly, our society is typically more modest,” he explained, ladling two large dollops of batter into the pan.

“This won’t do at all. I won’t have my concubine traipsing around my person while concealed behind such abhorrent attire,” she clucked. “Strip…”

Wheeling around to face her, Anon affixed the aloof bug-horse with a grimace. “You seriously expect me to cook breakfast naked?”

Fine,” Chrysalis whined, rolling her head to the side, “you can wear an apron, but that’s it.”

A number of questions assaulted Anon and he wasn’t sure which took precedence. Even if he didn’t acquiesce, her request had him curious. “Do you think I’m hot or something?”

“You’re attractive enough,” she flippantly responded. “Large, relatively imposing, decent build - yes, certainly superior than those feeble pony stallions.”

Anon’s cheeks darkened, as he processed the pseudo-complement. Metamorphic malefactor or not, it was the first bit of flattery he’d ever gotten from one of Equestria’s denizens and left him speechless. While he didn’t consider himself an exhibitionist, the fact that she wanted to see him naked sent a certain thrill through him. Reaching up, he pulled his t-shirt up and over his head.

Good,” she purred, watching him set the article on the counter. “Now the pants. Please don’t rush, I wish to whet my appetite with your show.”

Having never put on a strip tease for anyone, Anon tried his best to entertain her. With a faltering smile plastered on his face, he leaned forward, hooked his thumbs over the waistband of his shorts, and hauled the garment down his legs. As the article fell to the floor, he stood and placed his hands on his bare hips.

“Adequate, but you lack technique. Now then, continue with my meal; I’d hate for you to burn my breakfast,” she remarked, waving a hoof at him.

Turning back to face the stove, he sprinkled a handful of the chocolate chips into each pancake before flipping them. As strange as it sounded, being nude was oddly liberating; it wasn’t uncommon for him to wear next to nothing around the house, while home alone, but having
somebody casually watching him was yet another first. Stepping over to the fridge, he retrieved a bottle of orange juice and a can of whipped cream.

“You like this, don’t you?” Chrysalis tittered, flashing a toothy grin at him.

Moving back to plate the flapjacks, Anon shrugged. “I mean, it’s not like most creatures in Equestria don’t go around in the buff. It’s not that weird, if you frame it right, I guess.”

Mmmmm...Quite right. Though, to be fair, it’s not like stallions typically walk around with their equipment proudly on display,” she noted.

It was only then that he noticed what held her attention. Her eyes were glued squarely on his semi-flaccid manhood, while a bead of saliva crept from the corner of her mouth. Despite having made her the breakfast she’d asked for, he was painfully aware that she may consider him as part of the menu. Setting the plate of pancakes before her, he attempted to lighten the mood.

“And I didn’t even burn our breakfast,” he stated.

Glancing over at the steaming short stack, Chrysalis incredulously raised a brow. “So it would seem, although that’s not your breakfast.”

“How not? I made enough for…” Anon fell silent, as the Queen leaned back in her chair, parted her hind legs, and exposed her absolutely drenched marehood.

Reaching between her thighs, the changeling affectionately caressed her meaty, slavering mound. “Nice and juicy, just what a growing hyu-man needs,” she crooned. Lifting her forelegs and draping them over the low backrest, she slid her rump forward and to the very edge of the seat. “Come now, little minion, I’d hate for it to get cold…”

The sight of seeing a pony seated in such an unnatural looking position was eclipsed entirely by the profoundly depraved nonchalance of it all. Not only was the view extraordinarily arousing, but the shapeshifter’s indifferent, domineering attitude made the entire situation one of the hottest things he’d ever experienced. She hadn’t asked him to get down and eat her out - no, she’d told him to do so.

His momentary hesitation didn’t go unnoticed, prompting her to heavily sigh. “If you’re a good hyu-man, I’ll allow you to pick your dessert.”

“Dessert?” he repeated, looking to her face in confusion.

“Yes, dessert. Would you prefer to glaze me like a freshly baked pastry or would you rather fill me with that delectable cream of yours?” she cooed. Beneath her heavily lidded eyes, each glimmering with mischief and sinful desire, her snake-like tongue passed over her lips.

Anon wasn’t sure which exact element of the circumstances caused him to cave, but cave he did. Sinking to his knees, he rested his hands on her thighs and shuffled forward. The entire thing was like something out of a porno shoot and he felt like the star - well, no, not the star, but definitely the co-star. Leaning forward, bringing his face to her loins, the hot, ambrosial scent of her sex greeted him.

Licking his chops, he set upon her nethers like a starved mongrel. She didn’t moan in ecstasy, nor did she cry out in bliss; she simply hummed contentedly and stroked his hair. Lapping at her snatch, occasionally plunging his tongue into her depths, she winked against his lips. The thought of bringing pleasure to such a sensual female was enough to spur him onward, further fueling his amorous desires.

Yes,” she approvingly hissed, tugging at his head and burying his face in her groin, “right there.”

The cloying, tart flavor of her marehood, her musk, the sensation of her soft, lower lips pressed against his - they were too much to bear. Wrapping one arm around her lower back, while he slowly reached for his crotch, he pulled her to himself. He’d thought she’d appreciate his enthusiasm, although he was quickly proven wrong. Placing her hooves on his shoulders, he found himself being gently pushed away.

“Now, now - let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” she tutted, drawing his attention upward. “It would be a waste for these pancakes you made to get cold. Unless…”

“Unless what?” he asked, with the tang of her sex dancing over his taste buds.

“Unless you had something else in mind. You’re so much bigger and more powerful than I! How could a defenseless, little changeling like myself ever hope to stop a sexual titan of your caliber? Why, if you chose to pin me against a wall and rut me like your personal broodmare, there’d be nothing I could do…” she whispered, dropping her gaze.

It was an act - it had to be an act. Not five minutes ago, she’d been coming on to him like a horney teenager - now, at the drop of a hat, she was some dainty, vulnerable creature. Torn between the thoroughly stoked flames of his lust and his better judgement not to fall into a trap, he was stricken by inspiration. Be it from a stroke of genius, keen instincts, or sheer dumb luck, her mention of broodmare gave him an idea.

“Well then,” he began, steadily standing and lifting his face to hers, “if my little love bug wants to eat her breakfast in peace, who am I to stop her.” With that, he sweetly clutched her head and gave her a dainty kiss on the lips. If she thought she was the only one who could play the seduction game, she was dead wrong.

With a spontaneous shiver, her eyes widened in surprise. “Well...I - uh - I mean…”

“Yes, dear?” he lovingly inquired, standing to his full height and leaving his waist at nearly her eye level.

Chrysalis’ stunned expression was downright priceless. With her mouth agape, her eyes flitted between his turgid manhood and his smug face. Though Anon had only known her for less than a day, it was clear that his actions had caught her off guard. Turning away and abandoning her at the table, the man stepped over to the counter and spun around to face her.

“Unlike the pancakes,” he chortled, slowly stroking himself with one hand, “this meal is self-serve.”

Staring over at him, Chrysalis’ lip curled in contempt. “You would dare attempt to turn the tables on me - ME?!? I am Queen Chrysalis, ruler of the changelings! What makes you think some mere hyu-man could entice me?!?”

Shaking his head and playing it cool, he lowered his gaze. “Didn’t hear you complaining last night - you know, when I fucked you into a coma. If I didn’t know better, I’d - Hmmph?!”

Before he could even finish his impromptu taunting, Chrysalis flung herself across the kitchen and crashed against him. The assault was so sudden and jarring that it sent him slamming back against the counter - only barely leaving him standing. Her upper limbs held him firmly, clasping around his neck and chest, while her lower legs wrapped around his waist.

“Shut up!” she barked, pulling him into a deep kiss. Jamming her long, sinuous tongue into his mouth, groaning deeply, she almost instantly pulled away.

“You shut up!” Anon interrupted. Holding her tightly, he pressed his lips to hers.

In all Anon’s years, he couldn’t say he’d ever seen someone instantly flip from being sensually provocative to irately horny. He’d heard tales about crazy chicks before, but be damned if he thought he’d ever wind up shacking up with one - and a four legged, shapeshifting one at that! Cradling her rump, while his tongue warred with hers, he slapped one shapely cheek.

Whether or not Chrysalis considered the playful slap a prompt or a tease, Anon wasn’t sure; all he knew was that she contorted her body and brought her entrance to the tip of his length. It was especially disconcerting because there was no way a pony could have pulled off the maneuver. With preternatural aim and pliability, she sheathed his cock in the hot confines of her drooling marehood.

The taut, slick depths of her sex were astounding, clenching around his shaft. Not to be outdone, he bucked his hips and drove into her. Her eyelids fluttered and she trembled in his grasp, fueling his passion to sate her. If she wanted to feast on his love - by Celestia, he’d give her a meal she wouldn’t soon forget.

As he found his footing and started thrusting into her, the Queen reciprocated; greedily kissing him, she rocked her waist forward and back to meet his plunges. As the pair moved with increasing speed and force, each seeking to match the other’s ferocity, Anon reached back and pushed himself away from the counter. Screwing while standing was hot to watch, but he’d had no way of knowing it would be as tricky as it was.

Cracking one eye open, he peeked past her cerulean mane and towards the living room. Mercifully, his lover’s positioning allowed him some freedom of movement. One foot slid forward, followed by the other, before he was hobbling into his den. If he could make it to the sofa, he felt relatively sure they would both be a little more comfortable.

“You won’t get away that easily,” she growled, retracting her head and nibbling his jaw.

Glancing to the table, Anon staved off the temptation to plow her in the kitchen - not just because it would make one hell of a mess, but because he’d more than likely break his plates and ruin the pancakes. Continuing on his short exodus, periodically ramming his dick into his parasitic partner, he soldiered on. Apparently happy to pick up the slack, she gyrated and pistoned herself on his tool.

It was only when he reached the edge of the sofa did Anon realize he had a decision to make; he could lay Chrysalis down and rail her out or he could roll the dice and see how much initiative she really had. Turning his head and barely concealing his smirk, he twisted in place and fell back onto the couch. With his mate effectively straddling him, while he reclined lengthwise on the piece of furniture, he brushed the hair from her face.

“Giddy-up,” he grunted, issuing a second spank to her supple backside.

Releasing his back and neck, pressing her hooves to either side of his head, she began to eagerly buck her hips. Licking her way up his neck and to his side of his head, her tongue flicked into his ear. Clamping down around the base of his shaft, she paused and triumphantly wiggled her tush.

Mmmmmm...Your passion is sumptuous,” she breathed.

Not knowing how to follow up the compliment, Anon did the first thing that came to mind. Looking up at her, while his hands wandered up to her waist, he pecked her nose and started thrusting. As his balls slapped against her behind, he peered into her brilliant eyes. Wickedly narcissistic, perverse, and forward though she may be, there was something something distinctly captivating about her. Strangely enough, under his gaze, she blushed.

Looking away, her motions slowed. “What?”

He smiled, grinding to a halt and reaching for her face. “Nothing - you’re just pretty.”

Though it lasted no longer than the blink of an eye, something crossed her face - some odd combination of excitement and what he could only assume was embarrassment, but it was gone in a flash. A conceited grin split her muzzle, as she steadily pushed herself up and into a seated position. Arching her back, she placed her forehooves on his knees and unfurled her wings.

“I know, although I’m sure you’ll appreciate this view far more,” she arrogantly mused. Without another word, she languidly proceeded to bounce on his lap.

His eyes drifted from her face, down her chest, across her belly, and to her groin. The vivid green of her interior, contrasted against her nearly black hide and his pale flesh, was astonishing. Though he’d never managed to bed a pony, he couldn’t imagine it being more exotic than screwing an unreformed changeling Matriarch. Slipping one hand to her crotch, his thumb played over her clit.

“Quite the - Mmmph - pleaser, aren’t you?” Chrysalis softly gasped.

Nodding, Anon massaged the delicate bud. “No harm in us both getting off, right?”

Hammering her ass atop him, she affixed him with a predatory smile. “Indeed…”

Remaining mute, save for the occasional throaty groan or heavy breath, the two moved in concert. As Anon played with her clit and hammered into her, she rode him like a seasoned cowgirl. Harder and harder, faster and faster, they gradually increased their pace. With the changeling feeding on his energy and relishing his sublime treatment, he reveled in the carnal delights she had to offer.

Every impact of their bodies sent ripples through her thighs and exquisitely cushioned rear, though that wasn’t all. The tip of his manhood rhythmically prodded her inner gate, tapping and nudging at her womb. Constricting around his length, virtually jackhammering herself upon him, she took a shuddering breath.

“D...don’t stop,” she wheezed, rolling her head back.

Though he had no intention of turning down her request, given how close he was to his limit, it did give him an idea. Lurching forward and extending an arm, he grabbed her shoulder. Craning her neck towards him, she found herself pulled forward. Wide-eyed and thrown off by the sudden shift, her lips graced his. With his impulsive kiss, as his glans pressed against her cervix, a profound and undeniable wave of rapture surged through her.

Any momentum she had was lost, when she was wracked by a cataclysmic orgasm. Quaking from hoof to head, gushing climactic nectar from her convulsing depths, she moaned into his mouth. The additional pressure of her violently constricting marehood pushed Anon past the brink and sent spunk coursing through his shaft.

Bathing her interior with his essence, his grip around her tightened. Though his hips only fitfully bucked, his passion soared. Beyond the sex, there was something irrefutably enchanting about making out while being tipped over the edge - doubly so, since she was cumming along side him. Caught in their embrace, sharing the fleshly moment, neither noticed the doorknob turning until it was too late.

“Anon, I hope everything is…” Twilight’s greeting fell flat, walking in on the pair.

“Twilight Sparkle,” Chrysalis rasped, pulling away and leaving a strand of saliva dangling between her and the man’s lips, “come to see how a real mare bags a mate?”

Backing for the door, stealing fleeting glances at the couple, the Princess’ face went flush. “I...I can c...come back late -”

“No need,” the changeling huffed, clumsily dismounting the man and turning in place, “I’m sure you could take some notes on how to find a companion!”

With the thoroughly creampied marehood hovering above his head, the various questions and concerns Anon had were instantaneously silenced. Looking between the alicorn and the shapeshifter, wondering if he’d misheard his guest, Anon’s face was quickly entombed between the Queen’s thighs. Though he couldn’t see a damn thing, besides the twin onyx black globes of Chrysalis’ ass, he could hear decently enough.

“Are you saying that -” Twilight was cut off, as the changeling began to menacingly chuckle.

“I am saying that, yes! Between his breeding last night and my breakfast, I’m sure that my little stud has fertilized at least a small clutch. Isn’t that right?” Chrysalis inquired, momentarily squirming on his countenance. “Feel free not to answer, it is rude to talk while one’s mouth is full…”

Effectively blind, Anon felt her shift above him. What could only be a pair of forelegs crossed over his thighs, while something sinuous and moist danced up and down his semi-rigid tool. With the changeling lying on him, he twisted his head to the side - that was, until her thighs clamped down against either side of his face.

“He really is a fascinating creature, if not a bit uncouth. Don’t worry, Twilight, I’ll have him broken in and properly trained before too long,” the changeling mused, nonchalantly licking his equipment clean.

“So you’ll stay with him?” the Alicorn bleated.

“Of course I’ll stay! He has sired the clutch in my belly and I will not allow you to steal him from me. Go find your own incubus, because this one is mine!” Chrysalis menacingly hissed.

“I - um - a...alright. Just l...let me know if there’s anything I can do for you two,” Twilight sputtered, before the door slammed shut.

With his mind racing, Anon reached up and anxiously tapped on his guest’s backside. He had many, many questions which needed to be addressed. As the shapeshifter steadily righted herself and stood, aided by the man’s somewhat frantic shoving, she leapt from the couch and turned to face him. Bolting into a seated position, he wiped the various juices from his face and glowered at her.

“Can I actually get you pregnant?” he blurted.

“On dear, sweet, simple Anon, we changeling can breed with virtually any creature,” she snickered, walking over and bringing her face to within a hair’s breadth from his. “With you willingly gave yourself to me, and I highly doubt that all those virile little swimmers you so graciously deposited in me aren’t questing for the dozen or so eggs I have waiting for them.”

“I...I…” Anon stammered, shakily looking to the floor. “I didn’t know I was going to be a dad! What the hell am I going to do? We can’t raise a family in this apartment!”

“Family?” Chrysalis repeated, sounding more than a little confused.

Locking eyes with her, he tilted his head. “Yeah, family! You know, it’s kind of what happens when you and someone have a kid or kids! How many did you say you -”

“Anon, I don’t believe you understand how this works,” she sighed. Patting his leg with a hoof, she lazily spun and trotted over to the window. “Once the time grows near, I’ll fly off and construct a rudimentary hive. If I’m lucky, I’ll find a small cave or a hollowed tree. It won’t be much, but it’ll be sufficient for me to -”

“Bull fucking shit! I’m not gonna let you raise our kids in the damn woods!” Anon blared, jumping to his feet. “I didn’t ask for this to happen and I sure as hell didn’t plan for this to happen, but I won’t let you run off to Celestia-knows-where by yourself!”

Before he’d finished speaking, her head whipped around towards him. Nonplussed, she stared at him for a moment, possibly to gauge if he was serious or not, before she spoke. “You’re joking…”

“What? No! No I’m not joking!” he rebuked, taken aback by her reaction. Walking to her side, he knelt down and hung his head. “I don’t know how changelings do things, I’ll freely admit that, but I don’t want them to grow up without a dad,” he breathed, his voice fainter than a whisper, “that would be awful.”

Chrysalis stood silent for a moment, before lowering her head and looking into his eyes. “And you have no qualms about having me as the mother of your offspring?”

Anon shrugged and wearily smiled over at her. “You don’t seem that bad. Honestly, the last two days have been pretty interesting. I mean, yeah, it’s been pretty wild, but not a bad kind of wild.”

“You are a rather impressive male,” she grumbled, breaking eye contact. “Without my swarm, I could use you to help guard our impending young.”

“Good,” he huffed, leaning in and wrapping her in a hug.

Maybe it was the post-fuck-fest euphoria, or perhaps it was the fact that he he may become a father, but he was compelled to hold her. Regardless of the motivation, it simply felt right to show her some affection. Despite having known her for less than a day, he meant what he said; he’d had a blast with her and his brief time with the villain had led to some of the most exciting moments he’d had in Equestria to date.

“You’re...different, aren’t you,” she mumbled, resignedly pulling away.

“I don’t know; I’m just a guy, that’s all,” he sheepishly beamed, gingerly taking her forehoof and holding it in his hands, “I promise, I’ll do whatever I can for you and our kids - that is, if I actually knocked you up.”

“If you keep dumping foal-batter into my clutch-cavern, I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later,” she giggled. Bringing her snout to his face, a grin worked across her muzzle. “Then gain, something tells me you’d like that…”

Even though he’d never mentioned it to her or any of the denizens of pony land, he did harbor a bit of a MILF fetish. A year ago, back when he’d been on Earth, he could have never fathomed the kink would extend to quadrupedal equines, yet it was still an alluring concept. Attempting to play it cool, he shrugged a second time.

“Well then, now that that’s settled, let us not waste those delicious looking pancakes,” she hummed.

“Nope, not yet,” he grouched, standing and heaving her from the floor. Holding her to his chest, in an approximation of a princess carry, he lumbered to his bathroom. “You’re not about to leak cum all over my carpet and chair.”

Scrunching her snout, Chrysalis flicked her head to the side. “Then maybe you should have been a good hyu-man and licked it out of me!”

“Maybe next time,” he muttered, feeling his manhood involuntarily twitch.

Even if he hadn’t inseminated his guest, there he’d have plenty to keep him busy for the remainder of the day. His apartment needed cleaning, the laundry needed washing, and it would be rude not to go pick up some additional toiletries for his newfound roommate - that being said, he wasn’t about to let her be a total sponge.

Stepping into the restroom and setting her down, he reached for a dry towel. “After we have our breakfast, our real breakfast, you can help me tidy up a little.”

“But I already changed the bed sheets!” she griped.

“Thank you for that, but chipping in would be appreciated - after all, I am letting you crash here,” he stated, moving into the tub and ushering her to follow. “Come on, I’ll wash your mane.”

“If you get shampoo in my eyes, I will not be pleased.” stepping in front of him in the basin.

“Then just keep them closed and trust me. Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be the weirdest thing we’ve done,” he mused.

Much to his shock, she sank down to her haunches and did as asked. He wouldn’t have thought that bathing a evildoer would be a perfect way to conclude his morning, but he found it exceptionally relaxing. As his fingers drifted through her hair and down her neck, he smiled. Little did he know, his life was going to get far more interesting...

Chapter 3 (SFW)

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The first two weeks of having Chrysalis around were, for the most part, refreshingly pleasant. While she was nearly as amorous and forward as ever, she seemed to calm down slightly after a few days. Despite Anon’s initial surprise and concern with having a nefarious and staggeringly lustful roommate, he found himself growing acclimated with the arrangement - that was, until he came home from work one afternoon and discovered that she’d been doing some renovations.

Seeing himself into his apartment, intent to shower off after a long shift at the bowling alley, Anon had stumbled into his bathroom and found his guest clinging to the ceiling. A dark, viscous substance dribbled from her maw, while she affixed resinous gunk onto the ceiling’s corner. Neither budged for a moment, before the man’s shoulders slumped.

“No,” he growled, pinching the bridge of his nose, “absolutely not!”

Unflinching, the Matriarch leered down at him. “Then you tell me where I should construct the nest! Given the claustrophobic and shabby state of your hovel, it’s not like there are many options.”

“How much room do you need? I mean, a clutch of eggs can’t be that large, can it?” he groaned, peering up at the horrific mass she’d been depositing onto his restroom ceiling.

“You underestimate how utterly prolific a changeling Queen is. My last clutch numbered no fewer than a dozen,” she smugly chuckled. Twisting her head to the side, at a wholly unnatural angle, she grinned down at him. “So unless you have a better place for our impending offspring, this is where our nursery shall be.”

Screwing his eyes shut, Anon held up a hand. “I thought you said we had some time to prepare before - you know...”

Hopping from the ceiling and landing on her hooves, Chrysalis trotted to her mate. “Roughly two months, depending on a few factors. So long as I’m able to rest and you keep me well fed, I may just deliver within a shorter period of time.”

Anon was solely to blame for his ignorance. Upon hearing that he’d fertilized the changeling, a fact which she was mysteriously and adamantly aware of, he hadn’t pressed the subject. Knocked up roommate or not, he still had to worry about his job and tending to chores around his house. With so little time to prepare for an impending brood, he found himself between a rock and a hard place.

His monthly stipend from Twilight, for helping reform the slatternly evildoer, may be enough to get larger accommodations, yet that was a long shot. Supporting himself had always been a trial and, unfortunately, he’d soon have several other mouths to feed. Considering that Chrysalis had no job, no real friends, and was as good-natured as a horny, maniacal velociraptor, he doubted she’d be able to help much with getting new living arrangements - still, seeing her construction project did give him an idea.

“I’m going to ask Twilight if we can rent the next apartment over,” he murmured, trudging back into the living room to put his shoes back on.

Why would you ask that harpy for anything? If you want to expand your domain, simply seize the residence from your neighbor,” Chrysalis hissed, promptly following along behind him.

“Only a few problems with that. First of all, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal - secondly, I’d rather not go pissing off a Princess and making a bad name for myself,” he replied. Getting to his feet and reaching for the doorknob, a hoof shot forth and held the door closed.

“You’re going to report me to that insipid Princess!?” the changeling growled, stepping between him and the exit.

Shaking his head, Anon let his arms fall to his sides. “No, I promise, I’m just going to ask her if we can get some more space.”

“And what’s wrong with making a bad name for yourself?” she continued, heedless or uncaring of his last response. “Are you ashamed of being my faithful servant and personal stud?”

Sinking to one knee and taking a deep breath to calm himself, he closed his eyes. So far as he knew, she’d only left the apartment once, since she’d arrived, and that had been because she insisted on having marshmallows in her hot chocolate - even then, she’d disguised herself for the perilously short excursion. Unwarranted and rampant paranoia or not, he’d have to find some way to help her get comfortable in Ponyville.

“Then come with me,” he began, reaching out and sweetly stroking her cheek.

Recoiling slightly, her lip curled. “Why should I? Are you afraid I’ll flee this little rat-hole and leave you for good?”

“I just wanted to show you off, that’s all,” he sighed. Hanging his head, he peered at the carpet.

Though he’d only known her for a short time, he’d come to learn several interesting things about his guest. Besides being irrationally suspicious and bawdy, she was vainglorious to a fault - as such, appealing to her pride and narcissism could and would be his best chance of circumventing her concerns. Leaning towards her, with his hand gliding down her neck, he smiled.

Chrysalis’ mouth flapped noiselessly for a moment, apparently thrown off by the affectionate gesture, yet she quickly knit her brow. “Fine - but only so I can assure you’re not doing anything insidious behind my back…”

Snickering to himself, Anon gave her a little peck on the snout. “Unless mounting you counts, I don’t think you have much to worry about.”

For the second time in less than a minute, the Queen was caught unprepared. A redness crept into her obsidian cheeks, before she relented and averted her gaze. Trotting past the kneeling man, she flung the door open and stepped outside. “I shall accompany you, but only if you buy me a sundae on our return trip,” she darkly muttered.

“On one condition,” he noted, steadily getting to his feet. “No tricks or transformations - I want you to walk with me to the Castle of Friendship.”

“Why in Equestria would I do that?” she scoffed.

“Because I want everyone to know you’re my little broodmare,” he chuckled. Without another word, he slapped her ass and walked passed her into the open air. Though it had been fleeting, he could swear he felt her tremble under his palm.

Cursing quietly to herself, she followed her host out and pulled the door closed behind herself. He considered her company a win, since she had willingly decided to accompany him on his excursion. Truthfully, he’d half expected her to lock him out and extort ice cream out of him - nevertheless, he was happy that he’d successfully baited her to go outdoors whilst in her original form.

One drawback of his rather slapdash scheme was that the residents of Ponyville were ignorant of the villain in their midst - that was, until she paraded out beside the man. Sticking close to his side, scowling at anything that moved, the Queen looked none too pleased about being out and about - then again, she seemed to have two natural settings: horny and/or vexed.

Walking at a brisk pace, Anon smiled and waved at the few townsfolk he happened to see; the creatures that returned his friendly greeting quickly fled, as soon as they saw his traveling companion. Looking over and glowering at the changeling Matriarch, he disapprovingly shook his head.

“Would it kill you to act friendly?” he whispered, keeping his voice low.

“Yes,” she spat, before loudly hissing at a young colt peeking his head through a window. “Really, these ponies are pathetic - cowering away in their homes whilst a Queen blesses them with her presence.”

“To be fair, they all remember you from terrorizing them, attempting to enslave their species, and nearly upending their society,” Anon grunted, watching a mare bolt at the sight of them.

Hmmhmmhmm...Good,” Chrysalis clucked. Altering her course slightly, she rubbed her shoulder against his hip. “These lesser creatures are beneath me, and they should be relieved that I’m not currently seeking their subjugation.”

“Then just play nice,” he seethed, biting back his frustration.

“Why?” she demanded. Stopping in her tracks and causing him to slow, she waved a hoof towards the surrounding homes and businesses. “It’s no secret that I am superior to these miserable plebeians.”

“Because, if you don’t, I’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight! No ice cream, no more hoof rubs, no more morning cuddles!” Anon blared, ominously leveling a finger at her. “Got it?”

His outburst caused her to flinch, yet she didn’t back away. Squinting up at him, attempting to judge if he was serious or not, her eyes locked with his. Almost reluctantly, after a protracted pause, she began slowly trotting towards their destination. Watching her move past, Anon nodded to himself and quickly caught up.

He didn’t like raising his voice, but he’d had few options. Chrysalis was, without a doubt, one of the most obstinate creatures he’d ever met. If he needed to take a stand and put his foot down, for the good of them both, then so be it. As he glanced over at his guest, she pettishly flipped her mane and looked away.

“I’ll have you know, hyu-man, I don’t take kindly to being scolded. The only reason I haven’t blown you to smithereens is because any bits you are carrying would be vaporized in the blast,” she chided.

“Tell you what,” he hummed, cautiously reaching over and patting her neck, “if you’re on your best behavior, I’ll take us out to dinner tomorrow.”

Scrunching her snout, she peeked over at him. “Tonight,” she amended, looking down the road ahead, “and I’ll be requiring a hoof massage as well.”

Having reached a somewhat tenuous accord, the two continued towards their destination. While Chrysalis was by no means cheerful, she somehow managed to refrain from glaring or snarling at any of Ponyville’s denizens for the remainder of their walk. Realizing their trip may take some time, robbing him from what little relaxation his afternoon had to offer him, Anon was content with picking up some food for them - after they spoke with Twilight, of course.

Finding themselves on the threshold of the crystalline castle, the man loudly knocked on the door. There was no guarantee that the Princess would be home, although chances were good that somebody would answer the door. Sure enough, after a minute or so of loitering on the stoop, the pitter-patter of feet could be heard from within.

“Who is it?” Spike called out.

“Spike, hey, it’s me,” Anon instinctually replied. It’d been a few days since he’d seen the little guy, though he still wasn’t terribly thrilled with being deceived. He couldn’t say whether or not the small dragon was aware of Twilight’s scheme, yet he hoped his friend was an innocent bystander in the plot.

“Anon, my man! How’s it goin’ bud…” Spike immediately hesitated, as he opened the door and spotted the slender changeling.

The two stood there and eyed one another for a moment, before Anon intervened. “I know you guys have met before, but I’m not sure if you’ve been formally introduced. Spike, this is Queen Chrysalis. Chrysalis, this is-”

“Spike the Dragon, savior of the Crystal Empire,” Chrysalis intoned, cutting the man off and staring down at the runtish reptile.

“Y...y...yup, that’s me. A...and I protected Thorax too,” Spike stammered. Visibly shaking, but holding his ground, he extended a clawed hand towards her. “No hard feelings?”

The Queen’s eyes narrowed for a moment, before she gave an almost imperceptible dip of her head. “Where is Twilight Sparkle?”

Looking between his two unexpected guests, Spike hitched a thumb over his shoulder. “She’s - uh - in the map room. I can -”

“Lead the way,” Chrysalis grunted, nodding in the direction he’d indicated. Swallowing hard, the dragon did an about face and started jogging down a corridor.

Anon wasn’t sure what to make from the odd exchange. When dealing with Spike, Chrysalis’ tone and demeanor had become almost muted. She still seemed generally displeased, yet there was a subtle shift that he couldn’t explain. Making a mental note to ask her about it, if or when he found an appropriate time, he walked along beside the shapeshifter and into the bowels of the castle.

“Twilight!” Spike announced, heaving one of the double-doors of the map room open. “Anon and Chrysalis are -”

Twilight Sparkle!” Chrysalis blared, magically casting the doors open and sending the pint-sized dragon reeling. “Your foolish machinations have failed spectacularly. Anon has planted the seed which will spell the doom of Equestria and see me ascend to the rightful Empress of this cursed land!”

Waking in front of the changeling, with his face pressed into his palms, Anon shook his head. “Twi, we need a bigger place. She says she’s pregnant and I can’t raise a family in that little apartment.”

Jamming a hoof to her chest, completely ignoring the man, Chrysalis continued her theatrical diatribe. “We require - no, demand a larger residence! Perhaps, if your sycophancy is adequate, I will allow you to be our court jester.”

Uh...huh…,” Twilight slowly responded. Levitating a clipboard and pen to herself, she trotted around the map table and towards the pair. “Any specific requirements?”

“Somewhere cool and dark - preferably spacious enough to house a small army of our children,” the Queen tutted, watching the Princess scribble down notes. “It must have all the amenities, of course, and an extra-large, master bathroom.”

Nodding to herself, Twilight looked up to Anon. “Any requests from you?”

Taken aback by just how casually the alicorn was handling the situation, Anon rubbed his chin. “Maybe a Queen size bed?”

“Perish the thought!” Chrysalis scoffed, thrusting a hoof at the Princess. “We deserve a king sized bed!”

Unable to resist, Anon leaned over and slipped an arm around the changeling’s neck. “Is that because you want your King to be comfortable?”

Twilight snorted and screwed her eyes closed, doing her damnedest not to openly laugh. Blushing, thrown off guard by his quick wits, Chrysalis’ jaw hung slack, if only for a moment. Composing herself, apparently unable to offer a decent rebuttal, the shapeshifter reached out and nudged the hovering notepad with a hoof.

“Are there any unoccupied ruins about? If not, a network of caverns would be adequate,” the Queen remarked.

Hmmmm,” Twilight hummed, tapping her pen against the clipboard’s rim. “Well there is the cave that used to hold the mirror pool. I was able to nullify the duplicative properties of the pond, after Pinkie’s incident, so I don’t see why that wouldn’t suffice.”

“That’s not too far of a walk from town, is it?” Anon asked, knowing that the grotto was somewhere within the Everfree forest.

Shaking her head, the Princess guided her notes onto the table. “Don’t worry, it’s right on the edge of the woods. Once a path is cleared, it would only be a few minutes’ walk from the village.”

“Good. I’d hate for him to be inconvenienced because of your ineptitude,” Chrysalis muttered. Seemingly pleased with the arrangements, she turned away and trotted towards the door. “I expect a moving crew to be over in the morning. Since my dear hyu-man will more than likely have to work, I’ll oversee the eventual move.”

Watching the haughty changeling saunter to and through the open doorway, Anon shifted his focus to the Princess. “Sorry about her, she tends to be…grumpy,” he lamented, keeping his voice low. “You’re really willing to let us have a cave?”

“Yes, I’d anticipated the possibility of you two looking for somewhere larger to live. To be frank, I’m just pleased as punch that you two seem to be getting along!” Twilight exclaimed, as cheerful as ever. “I’ll start making the arrangements tonight. If you two could start boxing things up, that would save everypony heaps of time tomorrow. I’m not sure if all the amenities can be installed that quickly, but it should be livable.”

Despite knowing he’d likely be up late packing, he smiled. “I’ll try.”

He’d had no way of knowing that the Princess would agree to their wishes in such a swift and decisive fashion, leaving him remarkably grateful - sure, he may not end up getting much sleep tonight, but a bigger place would definitely be worth the temporary annoyance of having to pack shit into the wee hours of the morning. He didn’t quite feel bad for barging in on Twilight, since she’d kicked off the entire fiasco, yet he’d be remiss for not thanking her.

“Just let me know if there’s anything I can do to pay you back. Really, you don’t know how much of a help this is,” he sheepishly whispered, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Well, since you offered, maybe we could scratch each other’s backs eventually,” Twilight chirped. “Since nopony has ever gotten the chance to study unreformed changeling youth, I’d like you to bring your progeny to Ponyville for checkups. All the costs will be covered, of course, but the data would be invaluable.”

He’d had every intention of bringing his offspring to get regular checkups, so he saw no harm in the proposal - hell, given that Chrysalis was seemingly sure she’d have a clutch, the complimentary doctor’s visits would end up saving him scads of money. Still slightly overwhelmed by the breakneck pace his life had been taking, he gave the Princess a brief hug.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to,” he uttered, releasing her and wheeling around.

It wasn’t like he was in a hurry to leave, considering everything Twilight had been doing for him, but he was reluctant to let Chrysalis wander around the palace unsupervised. He doubted she’d get up to much trouble, although he wouldn’t put it past her to do something petty to the gracious alicorn. Waving goodbye to the Princess, he saw himself out of the chamber and into the corridor.

Turning to his left, towards the stairwell leading to the exit, he found the Queen loitering just outside. Standing by the doorway, she impassively looked up at him. “Grumpy - eh?”

Anon rolled his eyes and shrugged. It wasn’t terribly surprising that she’d been eavesdropping on him and he wasn’t terribly concerned about the revelation - after all, he hadn’t said or done anything out of turn. Strolling past her, he softly patted her neck and motioned for her to follow.

“You can be, at times, so don’t try to deny it. Anyways, what do you want for dinner?” he asked, making his way to the exit.

“Takeout pizza,” she responded, “since there’s work to be done.”

Something about her choice struck Anon as off. He had presumed she’d ask for some fancy meal at a sit-in restaurant, given her imperious demeanor, so the relatively simple selection of a takeout pie seemed unusual. Glancing over at her, intending to lighten the air with a joke, he playfully elbowed her shoulder.

“You’re just doing that because you don’t want your hyu-man to be up too late packing,” he snickered.

Shaking her head, the changeling’s pace didn’t slow. “If Twilight is too much of an imbecile to arrange the packing and moving of your belongings, we’ll have to do it ourselves.”

The statement, while somewhat silly, caught Anon off guard. If only in a roundabout and nonsensical fashion, Chrysalis had shown a bit of compassion towards him - sure, it was only a shred, but it left him grinning from ear to ear. Drifting closer to her, as they moved out of the lobby and into the cool evening air, he rested a hand on her back.

As his fingers gently stroked her hide, she peeked up at him. “Is this paltry show of affection supposed to be an appetizer?”

“No,” he breathed, swiftly leaning over and kissing her cheek, “but that one is.”

“Kissing a villain on the Princess’ doorstep - how gauche,” she tittered, leaning into him and setting him off balance.

“Tease,” he taunted. Reaching back, he gave her rump a subtle squeeze.

“Flirt,” she countered, shooting him a wink.

The remainder of their evening was a blur of activity, though there was nothing particularly noteworthy about it. After retrieving a pair of pizzas, as well as some empty boxes from the back of the bowling alley, the two returned to Anon’s humble apartment and put themselves to work. It wasn’t like there was all that much to pack, although there was enough to keep them occupied until past midnight.

To Anon’s amazement, Chrysalis steadfastly sorted and stowed things from the bathroom with a minimal amount of complaining. By the time they were finished up for the night, nearly everything was stored in a number of boxes or bags; the only things they hadn’t packed up were the bed linens, a pair of towels, and a change of clothes for his shift the following day.

Too tired to do much else, the two showered and collapsed in bed. While there was a bit of affectionate spooning and passive groping, they passed out before things got too raunchy. With Chrysalis’ chest pressed to Anon’s back, and her forelegs softly holding him, they slept like bricks until the sun peeked through the window.

The bowling alley didn’t open until lunch time, throughout the business week, though their hours were different on weekends. Saturdays were one of the few days he dreaded working, since the place was usually jammed with families and loud, excited foals. Getting up early was the least of his worries, because he knew he’d have a busy day ahead. As his alarm began to blare, he instinctively reached out and silenced the device.

Gently crawling out of bed and getting to his feet, he wistfully looked over at the snoozing bug-horse. He wasn’t too concerned about her helping coordinate the laborers for the move, but he couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious. Leaning over and giving her a gentle peck on the cheek, he stealthily fled the bedroom, got dressed, and made his way to work.

He did have concerns about his to-be living arrangements, yet there was little that he could do about them. The Princess had promised that the place would be livable, which gave him some consolation, although he wasn’t sure what her definition of the word was. Needless to say, he’d be pretty upset if he’d have to use an unheated outhouse.

As expected, his shift was hectic as all get-out. Were it not for three different birthday parties, a colt getting his head stuck in the ball-return, and a cantankerous old mare insisting she’d seen humans in Equestria before, he may have had time to worry about things outside of work. It was only during his final hour on the clock did he get any news whatsoever.

“Long day?” Twilight asked, causing him to look up from wiping off a table.

“Yeah, just a bit. Is - uh - everything alright? She hasn’t tried to bite anyone’s head off, has she?” Anon sighed. Slumping into a chair, he figured that a visit from a Princess was worthy of a small break.

Shaking her head, Twilight seated herself opposite of the man. “No, she’s been relatively well behaved - well, no, somewhat well behaved. Outside of yelling at the construction crew and threatening to cocoon them to the ceiling, she wasn’t too bad.”

“Wait,” Anon started, straightening up, “construction crew?”

Mmmhmm,” Twilight hummed. “I dispatched some engineers, carpenters, and masons to the cave last night, after you two left. I mean, it was just a cave.”

Askance, he stared over at the Princess. “What exactly did you do?”

“I’d rather show you, if it’s all the same to you,” she giggled. Hopping from her chair and trotting to the main register, she conversed with the manager for a moment, nodded, then waved over at the man. “I got you off early, you owe me a milkshake!”

Casting his head from side to side, amused with the alicorn’s flagrant abuse of power, Anon unseated himself and strolled over to her. Walking along beside her, the two left the establishment and headed towards the edge of town. It wasn’t long before the pair found themselves passing a small procession of ponies and carts bearing lumber and various pieces of equipment in and out of the treeline.

Over there, you buffoon! Don’t you dare scratch that credenza!!!” the shrill, unmistakable voice of an exceptionally incensed changeling Matriarch blared.

“She sounds like she’s having a great time,” Anon grumbled, hiking up a small hill and to the grotto’s opening.

To his amazement, an exterior wall had been constructed over the cave mouth; replete with a doorway and small window, the barrier would protect his new home from the elements, pests, and unwanted visitors. Seeing himself inside, he stopped and marveled at what had to have been a herculean undertaking. A banister rested along the steep walkway leading down into the cavern, while a skylight had been installed on the opening above.

The entire den was a sight to behold. Most of the grotto had been sectioned off into rooms, though none held a ceiling. He was a bit confused as to why none of the chambers had been capped off, until he considered who was to reside there. Having the ability to fly, his mate and their young would be able to traverse the area with ease - that being said, there were still traditional doorways for those incapable of flight.

“In case you’re wondering,” Twilight proudly exclaimed, pointing to a sealed doorway at the far end of the subterranean home, “your room does have a door. Don’t want your little ones barging in on you and their mother.”

“T...thanks,” he sputtered, shuddering at the thought of an impromptu and ill-timed intrusion by their offspring. Surveying the area, it only took him a second to spot the tall, dark figure of a lone changeling. “Hey, Chryssy!”

Who dares call me…” she fell silent, as she wheeled around and peered up at him. “Ah, yes, my stud. Figures as much,” she rather loudly crooned. Turning and trotting over to greet him, she sullenly shook her head. “I apologize that things aren’t done. If I’d had a team of drones at my disposal, the job would have been finished at least an hour ago.”

Dismissing her complaint, Anon knelt down beside the Princess and extended a hand. “Thanks, Twilight,” he uttered, waiting a second before glaring up at the shapeshifter. “Thanks Twilight.”

Ugh - Fine! Twilight Sparkle, your negligible incompetence is forgiven - if only because of the short notice and the resources you lent us,” Chrysalis churlishly groaned.

“It’s no problem whatsoever! Now then, since everything looks nearly done, I guess we’ll leave you two to settle in,” Twilight beamed, looking to the few remaining laborers. “Alright, everypony, let’s wrap up for the day! These two little lovebirds probably want to relax for a bit.”

“I’m a lovebug, and I bite,” Chrysalis glowered, flitting deeper into their abode.

Anon stayed put, giving thanks to the workers as they saw themselves out. Once he’d given Twilight a small hug and escorted her to the exit, he closed the door and rested his back against the slab of wood. Though he was immeasurably appreciative, he felt drained. Left to adjust to his new home, after a full day’s work and lack of sleep, he wanted little more than to relax.

Tromping down the incline, towards his abode, he sought to get a better look at the place. Though his vantage near the front door allowed him to get a decent picture of the cleverly crafted dwelling, he wasn’t sure of the exact layout or any furnishings therein. Roughly circular, following the natural walls of the cavern, the structure looked to be roughly quadruple the size of his old apartment.

Peeking into the leading room, he found a small vestibule which led into a parlor. Besides the lack of ceilings, it really did feel comfy. As he pressed deeper, his lanky mate appeared from a nearby archway. Before he could take off his shoes, she lifted a hoof and gestured for him to follow.

“Come, I shall give you a tour,” she smugly proclaimed.

As she marched him through his home - their home, Anon marveled at the design of the place. Comprising three rings, with the outermost and innermost rooms separated by a small corridor, the configuration was highly atypical - that being said, it maximized the living space within the grotto. All of the exterior chambers, save for the den by the front door, were all bedrooms, while the innermost rooms consisted of a kitchen, an office, a pantry, a tiny gym, and a small sitting area which overlooked the inert pool.

He couldn’t say what sort of engineers Twilight had drafted, but the entire building was a work of genius. Chrysalis explained that there were several small, nearly imperceptible crevices along the cave ceiling which allowed for adequate ventilation and fresh air. Insulated by the bedrock and hundreds of tons of earth, the temperature would stay relatively temperate all year ‘round.

One of the best things about the arrangement was that it was, as far as he could tell, fully furnished. What little furniture he did have had been augmented by brand new chattels and appliances - hell, someone had even thrown a large pool float into the lagoon. They’d have everything they needed for themselves and their unborn youngsters

Probably the most fascinating feature of the place was the lighting; bioluminescent moss and plant-life lay within planters affixed to the walls and embedded in the ceiling. Apparently the flora were native to the underground environment and required next to no tending. The entire dwelling was basked in a subtle bluish-green glow, giving the home a mysterious, oddly soothing glow.

All told, the place felt like a palace - a strange, crypt-like, otherworldly palace. He could have never dreamt of living in, let alone owning such a home - then again, he never thought he’d end up in a world of talking, magical horses. Following along behind his mate, he chuckled to himself.

“Stop that, you haven’t even seen the best part,” Chrysalis tutted, peeking back at him.

Proceeding towards the back of the cavern, she led him to an ornate, onyx doorway. Turning sidelong, as she swung the heavy portal open, her smile broadened. Stepping in, Anon drew to a halt and inspected their quarters. Double the size of his old room, a dull pink light emanated from several glowing flowers along the relatively low ceiling.

To the side, an open bathroom rested behind an open curtain. Compelled, he walked over to give himself a better look and discovered a marvel beyond compare. Not only was the lavatory extraordinarily specious, but it held a massive tub. Hewn from the surrounding geology, the basin could easily fit two or even three people comfortably.

“In case you were wondering,” Chrysalis began, moving in next to him, “it’s heated by geothermal. The tap leads to a hot spring several hundred meters below, while the drain has everything pumped up to a valley outside. For a group of ponies, it’s a rather clever concept.”

Huh,” he grunted. Peering upwards, he noticed a small horizontal slit cut in the rock-face. “Is that what I think it is?”

“A waterfall shower, yes. I couldn’t help myself from requesting it,” she affirmed. Flicking the faucet with her magic, water began to cascade from the slim opening.

Anon wasn’t sure what to say. The bathroom was resplendent and possibly the most lavishly unconventional one he’d ever seen. Wheeling around and facing the bedroom, he leaned against the doorway and tenderly rested a hand on Chrysalis’ back. To be sure, they’d definitely have more than enough room for a family.

As his eyes swept over the chamber, taking in the various fittings, they settled on the largest piece in the room. Their bed, for whatever reason, was oversized and shaped like a heart; it was a cute touch, if not a bit cliche, and left him wondering who’s idea it was. The thing had to have been constructed within the room, since there was no way it could have fit through the doorway in one piece.

“Let me guess,” he hummed, pointing at the uniquely shaped piece of furniture, “Twilight?”

Chrysalis balked and held a hoof to her chest, as if wounded. “As if that simpleton would ever think of something so fetching. No, that little beauty was my idea. Considering my avarice for your abundance of affection, I thought it was only fitting. ”

“And I’m sure that having the carpenters bust their butts didn’t bother you in the slightest,” he snickered. Be damned if he could explain how a group of ponies could have built something so large in such a short span of time, but it had to have been a daunting endeavor.

“As amusing as their lamentations were, they were only a byproduct of my design - no, I wanted a fitting place for us to be comfortable with one another’s company,” she bashfully admitted, her tone lowering to a near-whisper.

Walking over to the bed, he kicked off his shoes and crawled onto the mattress. Rolling onto his back, as he reached the oddly shaped headboard, he threw his arms wide. It felt exquisite - not too firm, nor too soft. Wriggling contentedly, he glanced down his chest and waved Chrysalis to himself. “Come on, I still owe you a massage.”

“It hasn’t been ten minutes and you’re already trying to bed me,” she tittered, trotting over and climbing next to him.

“Not like it’d be that hard,” he replied. As he shuffled over to make room for her, she eased herself down beside him. “After all, it’s not like I didn’t bag the biggest, baddest, most beautiful bedbug in Equestria.”

“Flatterer,” she halfheartedly protested, batting a hoof at him. “You don’t have to put on the charm. I assure you, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”

“You better not be going anywhere anytime at all,” he groused. Slipping an arm under her, he snuggled up beside her.

“You jest,” she sighed.

Furrowing his brow, his smile disappeared. “No, I’m serious, I’d really rather you hang around. You’re fun, snarky, and very easy on the eyes. Besides, if you ran off, I’d have to go chasing after you and I am not in good enough shape to keep up.”

“I…” she trailed off, looking to his face.

“Sorry, babe, looks like you’re stuck with me,” he lovingly admitted. Resting his head on her neck, he sensed her shiver. “As long as you’ll have me, that is.”

With a slowness almost belying hesitation, she rolled over to face him. “If this is some ruse to lull me into a false sense of security, they’ll never find your body…”

“Not even a little,” he murmured. Shooting forward, he delivered a little kiss to her snout. “Just don’t go running off after some bucking bronco when I’m at work.”

Please,” she huffed, “as if some measly stallion could ever match your enthusiasm. I’m more worried about you chasing after some young strumpet, since you are an incubus.”

“And lose all this?” he purred, reaching around and squeezing her tush. “As if.”

The Queen tittered, before pulling herself to him. “What am I going to do with you?”

Returning her hug, he sighed. “I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be opposed to something naughty - in any case, I’m just happy to have you around.”

“The feeling is mutual, even if you’re a bit overly-friendly with that no-good Princess,” she cooed.

“Don’t worry about Twilight. She’s not a bad mare, but you don’t have anything to worry about. What good is a Princess when I have a Queen.”

Holding one another, while they lay on their bed, the two relaxed and helped themselves to a well deserved nap. They could deal with unpacking later; for the time being, some rest was more than due. Cuddled up together, just before she dozed off, Anon could swear Chrysalis muttered something about her King; even if he’d imagined hearing it, the thought was enough to bring a smile to his face.

What the remainder of their day would hold was a mystery, yet that was a trivial point. As unlikely and bizarre as it was, something told him that everything was going to work out. He’d gotten a new pad, his mate seemed pleased with his efforts, and everything was right with the world - well, no, as right as recent events would allow. Feeling her breathing against him, sharing her warmth, he closed his eyes.

In a funny way, everything just felt right. Even back on Earth, before he’d ever arrived in Equestria, he’d never felt so at peace. He was sure they’d properly break in their new bed eventually, but that could wait. As he nodded off, safe and comfortable in his lover’s hooves, he was left to speculate on what wonders his future held...

Chapter 4 (NSFW)

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It was just another afternoon at the Ponyville bowling alley - actually, no, it was a particularly stressful, arduous, and messy afternoon at the Ponyville bowling alley. Between a pin machine nearly catching fire, a senior pony taking a tumble, and a colt’s birthday party, the entire day had been one ordeal after another. Short staffed as they were, Anon found himself staying well past the end of his shift.

Truth be told, he’d completely lost track of time - that was, until he heard a ruckus from somewhere near the entrance. Brushing off the noise as a hopefully small mishap, he continued to sweep pizza and cake crumbs up from the floor. An overly excited filly had made a grand mess of things and, as always, he’d been left to tackle the aftermath.

“Get out of my way, you common tart! What have you done with my hyu-man?!?” a voice angrily rang out, sending a shiver up his spine.

The contemptuous vitriol and timber were unmistakable, immediately telling him whom was causing the scene. Dropping his broom and bolting towards the disturbance, he grit his teeth. Though he didn’t think anyone was in any immediate danger, he needed to intervene before things escalated out of control.

Rounding a corner and skidding to a halt, Anon stumbled upon a rather disconcerting sight. His manager, a rather trim mare named Seven-Ten, was sorcerously pinned to the ceiling by a vibrant green aura. The poor pony’s eyes were as big as dinner plates, while she fruitlessly struggled against her arcane bonds.

“I ain’t done nothing with him! Are you crazy or something?” she squawked, staring down at her transgressor.

Standing beneath the equine was a monstrous creature. Covered in jet black hide, with a dark cerulean mane and tail, it stood nearly twice as tall as the average pony, yet those features were only part of what made it imposing. A pair of harlequin, cat-like eyes rested above its fanged muzzle, squinting menacingly up at its captive.

“Am I crazy?” it chuckled, hovering Seven-Ten down to eye level. “Or am I crazy for figuring out that you’ve SEDUCED MY HYU-MAN AND THAT YOU ARE HOLDING HIM AGAINST HIS WILL?!?

The beast’s roar reverberated through the building, sending several ponies ducking for cover or fleeing towards the fire escapes. There were only a scant few creatures which could and would openly display such hostilities in Equestria, and this one was one of the worst. Ordinarily, the Elements of Friendship or a Princess would be called to deal with a problem of this caliber, yet there were two small problems; for starters, the fiend was heavily pregnant, with a prolifically swollen abdomen hanging beneath her - secondly, and most troublingly, it was hunting for its mate.

“Chryssy, could you please put her down?” Anon groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Anon!” she bleated, thoroughly dropping the mare and rushing to the man. Bowling him over, completely heedless to her gravid state, she tackled the man to the floor and pressed her chest to his face. “If you are hurt, so help me, I will raze this establishment to the ground.”

“I’m fine!” Anon huffed. Pushing her away, he locked eyes with her and forced himself to scowl. It was only the second time she’d left their home without him, as far as he knew. Since she likely had been expecting him to return over an hour ago, he couldn’t fault her for hunting him down - still, he wasn’t about to condone roughing up strangers. “I just got stuck working a little late, it’s no big deal.”

“To you!” Chrysalis countered, unsteadily stepping back and allowing him to stand. “What if something had happened to you? Without your rugged strength and this charm, I’m sure these ponies would hunt me down without a second thought!”

Shaking his head, Anon looked to her belly. Unlike with humans, or apparently mammalian ponies, the Queen’s pregnancy had progressed at an unprecedented rate. In the span of just over a month, since they’d started cohabitating and regularly fornicating, she’d nearly doubled in mass. Her abdomen, rounded and hanging beneath her, held approximately a dozen eggs and would hail the beginning of their rather unconventional family.

“They’re not going to do anything to you, even if I wasn’t around, I promise,” he whispered, pushing himself up. Stepping over to her, he leaned over and pecked her snout. “You worry too much.”

“I...I...You worry too much!” she hissed, churlishly turning away and trotting to the door.

Walking along after her, Anon nodded to the manager. Thankfully, being a rather robust earth pony, the mare rolled her eyes and waved for him to leave. He was already overdue to leave and after suffering the covetous wrath of his changeling lover, Seven-Ten likely wanted both of them to leave as quickly as possible. Jogging to the Queen’s side, he tenderly stroked the mare’s back.

“After you feed me dinner, you will bathe me and then massage my hooves. To have me come out and liberate you from that insufferable den of clattering pins and contemptible mirth, you should be ashamed of yourself,” she grumbled, drifting closer to him despite her harsh tone.

“I…” Anon faltered, catching himself from teasing her.

The two ran smack on a regular basis, although it was almost always endearing and playful. They’d poke and tease and taunt and flirt from sun up to sun down, schedule permitting, and they rarely had any actual disagreements - sure, there was some bickering between them, but it always amounted to nothing. Whether or not they fully realized it, their relationship had continually strengthened over time.

“I what?” Chrysalis groused, stopping and glaring up at him. “I’m sorry I’m a big, boorish hyu-man who neglects my mate? I apologize for not bringing you breakfast every morning? I’m going to serve as your hoof stool for the evening?” she mocked, turning to face him and prodding his chest.

“I wanted to ask you something,” he softly said, kneeling down to face her. “You’re not going to run off once our eggs have hatched, are you?”

Rearing back, she sneered. “Why in Equestria would I do something as foolish as that? Yes, of course, let me abandon one of the most robust, loving creatures I’ve ever laid eyes upon! Because that makes sense!”

Anon hadn’t really known what to expect, so her vehement reaction caught him unawares. Though she’d often tormented him with threats of fleeing and starting a hive somewhere, he’d had nagging doubts about where her intentions truly lie. Even though she could be a headache at times, he’d grown fond of her snarky attitude and pithy wit - and that wasn’t even taking into consideration how good she was in the sack!

“Why do you ask? Have I finally broken you so badly that you wish for me to - Oof!” her ridicule was cut short, as the man shot forward and wrapped her in a hug.

Holding her, rubbing his face against her neck, his grip tightened. The last year had been one hell of a wild ride, with Chrysalis’ inclusion being the most recent and jarring chapter. Over the past few months, he’d breached the interspecies barrier with her; they shared a lovely cavernous cottage, she was delightful company, and they were on the cusp of starting a family. If she actually did leave, he wasn’t sure what he’d end up doing with himself.

With the slightest shiver, she reluctantly pushed him away. “While I’ll accept this affection as an appetizer, you still owe me a meal,” she quietly admonished, her tone softening.

“Have anything specific in mind?” he inquired, getting to his feet.

“Dessert Spoon,” she smoothly replied, turning and sauntering in the direction of their abode. The sex position had become a recent favorite of hers, since she’s been steadily growing larger.

Catching up to her, Anon grinned. Regardless of the fact that she was growing steadily closer to delivering a clutch of eggs, her lecherous appetite hadn’t died in the slightest - in fact, if anything, she’d become even more ravenous in the bedroom. She’d been exceptionally candid about how his licentious energy served as both sustenance and a remarkable source of entertainment - as such, she’d become voracious throughout her pregnancy.

Anon didn’t mind servicing her, telling himself it was for the good of their to-be offspring, but the truth of the matter was that she was by far the best lay he’d ever had. She was a sexual goddess capable of unimaginable heights of depravity, and he’d only just scratched the surface of her prowess. Having only spent a relatively small amount of time with her, she’d never once failed to rouse him to action.

“So did I miss much while I was at work?” he hummed.

“I completed the grubs’ den, took a swim, and lazed about for most of the afternoon,” she responded, glancing over at him. “There is still some baked lasagna in the fridge, although we could stop somewhere to pick up some takeout - that is, if you’re so inclined.”

With his smile widening, Anon reached over and stroked her mane. “Nah, I’m good, but thanks for asking.”

Metamorphic capabilities and lusty demeanor aside, one of the most noteworthy things about Chrysalis was how much she’d changed in the past few weeks. Where she’d once been callous and cynical towards him, she’d ever so subtly warmed to his presence. She no longer treated him like a walking marital aid, he was berated less and less frequently, and she’d even begun helping around the house unprompted. There was still room for improvement, yet the same could be said for anyone.

The rest of their short journey out of town was spent in relative silence, and the pair soon found themselves home. Opening the door and ushering his mate inside, Anon saw himself in and locked up behind himself. Even if he hadn’t promised to spend some quality time with his lover, the bedroom was always his first stop after a long day’s work.

“I was wondering,” he began, steadily unbuttoning his shirt, “how many kids have you had?”

Crawling onto the bed, Chrysalis eased herself down onto her side. “Eight hundred and forty-two, if memory serves. Why? Are you hoping to claim the coveted position as my most generous stud?”

“Nah - I mean, maybe? It’s not really a competition,” he chuckled, slipping out of his pants.

“Well if this brood shares half of your virility and strength, don’t be shocked if I demand another donation from you,” she tittered. Splaying her legs and revealing her moistening loins, she pawed at her prolific belly. “But enough of your silly musings. Come and give Mama some lovin’...”

Stepping to the bed and peered down at her matronly form, Anon was stricken by how attractive she was. It’s not like he was into pregnant chicks - well, he hadn’t thought he’d been into pregnant chicks - but there was definitely something profoundly alluring about seeing her with a large, swollen belly. As his eyes played over her body, a peculiar notion struck him.

“I know changelings feed off love, but it’s odd seeing a female without teats,” he commented, realizing all too quickly she may consider it a slight. “That’s not a complaint, I promise!”

“Ponies and their gross inefficiencies, I swear,” she snorted. “They can only produce one or possibly two foals at a time and they rely on breastfeeding. Their hanging, udder-like bosoms swaying beneath them, ripe with milk for their young, I can’t see how anyone…” she grew silent, sniffing the air.

Kicking off his shoes, Anon hastily removed his socks and began fiddling with his belt. He’d learned that she had an almost preternatural skill for sensing depraved thoughts and, as such, he’d often find himself sensually provoked until she got what she wanted; it was absurdly hot and it had led to them screwing on nearly every conceivable surface in their house.

“Anon,” she purred, drawing his attention. “Might you be interested in something like this?”

Affixed to her crotch, just above her slavering marehood, rested a pair of ripe, succulent bosoms. Each breast was roughly as large as a melon and adorned with a jade colored nipple. She would be somewhere around a C or possibly D cup, by human standards, yet compared to a pony her rack looked positively pornographic.

As if stimulated by his gaze, a bead of milk formed at her teat. He gulped, surprised by how enticing the addition of mammaries were. Despite the strange direction the afternoon had taken, she wasn’t done toying with him yet. Shrouding her newfound jugs with her aura, she invitingly wobbled the obscene mounds of flesh back and forth.

“Anon, my dear hyu-man, you look parched. Please, let Mama quench your thirst,” she purred.

With his excitement mounting and more than a little curious about her offer, Anon stepped out of his boxers and clambered onto the bed. As he brought himself between her parted thighs, the aroma of her sex wafted to him. Over his time with her, he’d steadily learned how to tell when she was truly worked up. Since she could will her nethers to moisten or wink, the actual clues were a bit more subtle.

Her tone and body language were one indicator, although taste and smell were harder for her to hide. Once sufficiently aroused, her scent would take on a very delicate floral note, while her loins developed a singular, almost spicy tang. The only reason he’d come to notice the differences were because they fucked like rabbits and it wasn’t uncommon for her to seduce him out of boredom.

Lowering himself, he kissed his way up her inner thigh, over her sex, and to her breasts. Soft and supple, he tenderly rubbed his face against the pair of mounds. Like icing on a cake, the pair of knockers somehow accentuated her already impressive sexuality, causing his mouth to water. Wrapping his lips around one of the leaking buds, he felt something ethereal softly constrict his hardening manhood.

“Get comfortable and let me warm you up, Darling,” Chrysalis murmured, sorcerously stroking his length.

Whether her motherly act was a ruse or not mattered little and only served to quicken Anon’s pulse. As he nursed upon her, her milk washed over his tongue and coated his taste buds. Warm, rich, and with a curious fruity note, the creamy fluid had a startlingly pleasant flavor. Easing himself onto the bed, he reached up and massaged her nethers.

She reached down and affectionately stroked his hair, while he rubbed her clit with his thumb and suckled upon her teat. “Such a big, strong boy.”

Mmmhmm,” he hummed, nodding slightly.

His mind wandered to the various Mommy themed smut of his home-world, stoking the fires of his lust. Though he was physically a bit larger than her, the experience of being treated in such a caring, depraved fashion was a first for him. Bucking his hips, growing harder with each passing second, he embraced the dynamic.

“You know, once I’ve birthed our eggs, I could maintain this aesthetic for you,” she sighed. As he slipped two fingers into her, she clenched around his digits. “Imagine coming home to your personal broodmare, heavy with offspring, while adorned in a sundress. Would you like that?” she continued, drawing a hoof over his cheek and causing him to look upwards. “I’d bet you’d love to keep me barehoof and pregnant?”

The notion was certainly an appealing one and something he hadn’t really considered. Even if she wasn’t thoroughly knocked up, there was nothing keeping her from appearing as such. Shifting lower, abandoning her dribbling bosoms, he sank his face into her groin. As he pressed his lips to her sopping wet and vividly colored entrance, his tongue delved into her depths.

Moving his hands from her groin to her bust, he leisurely played with a stiffened nipple. She groaned above him, apparently pleased with his efforts, while she continued to mystically jack him off. With the taste of her arousal overtaking the sweetness of her milk, he lapped at her entrance with increasing zeal.

One of the most enchanting things about bedding her was the gratification of knowing he brought her pleasure. Though there was an all too real chance that others had done the same in the past, her sounds of delight and the sensation of her excited shivers were downright awe inspiring. Shifting focus to her clit, feeling her tremble and wink against his chin, he peeked up at her rounded belly.

“Fuck it,” he grunted, pulling away and pushing himself up. She’d sufficiently roused him and, so help her, she was about to get a banquet.

“Yes, my Love,” she sensuously intoned, lifting one leg to better allow him access, “feed us.”

Shuffling forward on his knees, he inched closer to his lover. Straddling one of her hind legs, while resting the other on his shoulder, he prodded her marehood with his turgid length. While the position would have been possible with a human, the changeling’s form made the endeavor all too easy. Slowly, taking his time to relish the sensation, he sank into her depths.

Given her additional heft, she’d been slightly less physically domineering with their escapades as of late - that being said, he didn’t mind in the slightest. Being in control of a creature as arrogant as Chrysalis had a certain charm to it and he’d grown to enjoy being the one in charge. Bucking his hips, steadily sheathing himself within her velvety confines, he only stopped once he’d fully hilted her.

Waggling her hips invitingly, causing her bosoms to wobble about on her abdomen, she licked her chops. The warmth and snugness of her snatch was, as always, unparalleled. Besides having complete control over her anatomy, she was graced with the skill and experience to wield her body like a carnal champion. As he began steadily thrusting into her, she hungrily milked his shaft.

Holding her leg, using it for additional leverage, Anon peered down upon her. The view was, in a word, sublime. Curvaceous and expecting, impending motherhood suited the changeling exceptionally well. There was something primally beautiful about such a fertile female and he’d grown increasingly fond of the look - hell, if he could find the spare bits, he’d even considered commissioning someone to paint a provocative portrait of her.

Silent, save for the occasional pleased grunt or whimper, the man and Matriarch savored the experience. Seconds passed, turning to minutes, while they steadily moved faster. Even though Chrysalis wasn’t quite as mobile as her paramour, she gripped his pistoning length with every plunge.

R...right there,” she croaked, as he shifted slightly.

Anon’s licentious time with her, while entertaining, had given him keen insight on several of her sensual preferences. Besides determining her various erogenous zones and what types of dirty talk got her worked up, he’d learned to spot the telltale signs of bliss which were difficult or impossible to fake. Angling his thrusts towards her g-spot, his hand ran down her leg, over her thigh, and to her entrance.

Tauntingly, hoping to provoke a reaction, his thumb caressed the area just to the side of her winking, engorged clit. It was a dirty tactic, and one which rarely failed to evoke her ire, yet he couldn’t help himself. There was something magical about having her genuinely beg for his affection and it always managed to get him worked up that much more.

Quivering and feebly humping towards his hand, Chrysalis’ composure fractured. “Please,” she sighed, affixing him with a heavily lidded gaze.

The quiet plea was simply perfect. At times, his teasing would spur her to alarmingly demand him to perform or, at worst, had caused her to flip the tables and subjugate him, but this was different. Warranted or not, her weakened and needy state compelled him to act. Unleashing his full potential, he plowed her with barely restrained fury.

Where once the room had been relatively silent, a shrill howl of ecstasy quickly cut through the air. Between the sounds, sensations, the lingering flavor of her loins on his tongue, and the sight of the magnificent, erotic beast beneath him, Anon was pushed to his limit. Tightening his grasp on her leg and clenching his jaw, his attempts to delay the inevitable came to an abrupt and cataclysmic end, as something twisted his nipple.

Magically adding a twinge of pain to his rapture, she uttered a single, ruinous word. “Cum…”

And Anon came. Snorting, fucking her like a beast possessed, he was pushed past his limit. His manhood violently throbbed and pulsed within her, disgorging his virile load and coating her interior with his seed. Like so many times before, she’d claimed his essence and bested him.

Panting, shuddering to a full stop, he dully peeked down at her. Smugly smiling up at him, proud that she’d driven him to finish, she affectionately clamped herself around his cock. “That’s one more for me.”

“That - Cough - that’s playing dirty,” he protested.

“All’s fair in love and war,” she glibly retorted, batting an eye at him.

Knowing full well that winning with her was an elusive affair, Anon snickered to himself. She really was special, even if she’d tried to overthrow a world government, kidnap ponies, and nearly derailed a royal wedding in the past. Cautiously moving back and unsheathing his softening length, he shakily dismounted.

“Come on,” he whispered, softly patting her fetlock, “after we take a shower, I’ll throw the sheets in the washer - again.”

“It’s not my fault that someone enjoys breeding their concubine so much,” Chrysalis tittered. Laboriously getting to her hooves, she shakily stepped off the bed. “Once the linens are in the wash, you must eat. I can’t have my stud going without,” she imperiously added, unsteadily trotting towards the bathroom.

Watching her retreat, Anon was left with two options - he could either follow after her and join her for a shower or toss the bed sheets and blanket into the laundry. As the obvious choice glanced back at him and issued a sultry wink, he scampered after her. Since he was already buck naked, slathered in juices, and in dire need of a shower, the laundry could wait just a little while longer.

“Already pining for a second round?” Chrysalis mused, lifting a hoof and moving into the already running shower.

“Or…” he murmured, stepping in and slapping her backside, “maybe I just want to help wash my Queen.”

Tittering like a schoolfilly, she batted a hoof. “I suppose I could let you venerate me - after all, you did just ingloriously lose to my clearly superior intimate prowess.”

Sinking his fingers into her tush, his hand wandered to the cleft of her ass. “Like when I lost the other night and had you squirting like a horny teen on prom night?”

“That hardly counted, you know - Mmmm…” she trailed off, feeling his fingers graze her cum-slick nethers.

As he nonchalantly fingered her with one hand, he reached over and grabbed the shampoo. “Here,” he began, offering her the bottle, “I’ll get your back-half.”

Turning her head and watching him take a knee, Chrysalis immediately rocked back. Jamming his face in her tush, she snickered to herself. “Be sure to get me nice and clean…”

With his nose pressed against her taut, fleshy pucker, Anon drug his tongue over her snatch. Besides the first non-human he’d ended up banging, she was also the first creature he’d eaten out after creampieing. His initial experience with the exceptionally messy oral had taken him completely by surprise, after she’d unceremoniously seated herself on his head following a rather spontaneous rutting.

Grabbing ahold of her thighs, he dug in and dined on her nethers. Stroking her clit with his chin, his tongue plunged deep into her canal. With most of his load trapped deep within her, her piquant nectar dribbled over his lips. Without having to look, he could already tell his refractory period had ended. Sensing a shudder run through her, he knew it was time to give her what she really wanted.

Straightening himself, he aligned his stubborn erection with her snatch and plunged in. Catching her off guard was only the first part of his hastily laid plan; he wasn’t about to suffer a second loss, and he had a pretty good idea of how to tip the odds in his favor. Grabbing the dock of her tail and giving it a firm tug, he slammed his waist against her.

Her legs visibly shook at the first thrust, as she peered longingly back and up at him. “Don’t too rough, think of our foals - Mmmph!”

Pounding into her, heedless of her pitiable protest, he spanked her rear. He knew good and damned well that she liked it rough, regardless of how large she’d grown, and he wasn’t about to fall prey to her pity card. Reaching out and wrapping her dampened hair around his free hand, he pulled her head back.

A guttural, absolutely depraved groan escaped her, as she seized around his jackhammering length. Even with their roles reversed, she wasn’t completely helpless. Broadening her stance, she braced her forelegs and rammed herself back upon him.

Relenting, if ever so slightly, Anon fell into a steady rhythm of railing her from behind. Warm water splashed and pattered over their colliding bodies, adding a refreshing element to the somewhat impromptu encounter. Inspired by taking the lead, feeling power course through him, he leaned forward and hauled on her mane.

Acquiescing, Chrysalis craned her neck and locked lips with the man. No sooner had their faces met than their tongues went to war. Though she may not be able to lick him clean, an act he’d grown rather fond of, he could still share their residual flavor. With his nuts wetly slapping against her clit, they made wild, passionate love.

Unlike in the bedroom, Anon showed little restraint with his regal mate. Pulling her hair and squeezing her soft flesh, he fervently made out with her. Having gone without release, her limits were pushed to the brink. Firmly holding the upper hand, realizing he had her wrapped around his finger, he pulled back and nibbled her lower lip.

The Queen’s moans gradually raised an octave, her legs quaked, and she rocked back with an unsteady, almost feverish rhythm. His trick had worked and, sure enough, she’d been pushed to the edge. Momentarily considering how best to finish her off, while he continued to savagely hump away, inspiration hit him.

Kissing his way across her cheek and down her neck, he drew a breath and steadied himself. “You’re my Queen,” he growled, sinking his teeth into her shoulder.

Though he didn’t really bite her that hard, his tactic had a profound effect. Wailing incoherently and lewdly squirting her feminine juices over his lap and upper thighs, her body was wracked with a monumental climax. His hopes of screwing her throughout came to a swift and rather jarring end, as her legs buckled and collapsed. Driven back by her chaotic movements, while his manhood was entombed within her convulsing marehood, he lost his footing. Almost on instinct, as he fell backwards, he grabbed her haunches and hauled her along with himself.

With a meaty Thud, the man found himself rather disgracefully sat upon by his lover. Pushing himself with one arm, he pawed at her side. Although he hadn’t meant to send her off balance, she’d ended up taking a tumble. It would have been bad enough were it just the two of them, but the fact that she was harboring their young filled him with concern.

“Are you ok?” he blurted, anxiously rubbing her back.

“I...I’m - Huff - I’m quite alright,” she panted, casually rolling back onto him.

Cursing himself, with his lust stamped out completely, he hugged her to himself. “Damn it, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

Before he could continue, she shifted atop him. Rolling her head back, being mindful not to poke him with her horn, she awkwardly met his eyes. “If you did mean to, do you think you’d still be in one piece spooning with me?”

Anon opened his mouth to speak, but words failed him. She had a point - she could easily have mystically righted herself, additional girth or not, and that was only one of the tamer options for her. Had she wanted to, he had little doubt that her sorcery could mop the floor with him. Mercifully, her admission and relaxed demeanor told him he wasn’t in trouble.

Choosing to stay silent, he lay with her in the basin for some time. Their affection eventually came to a reluctant end, after Anon glibly joked about her being a water bug, leading them to wash one another and rinse off. Once cleaned and dried, they shambled into the living room to relax and wind down for the evening.

Even after having consumed a two course serving of Anon’s energy, Chrysalis joined him in finishing off the remainder of their leftover lasagna and a small salad. Without a television, they’d often read, chat, or simply relax and listen to the radio in their quieter hours - that was, if they weren’t harassing one another in some form or fashion. Though it was simple, just lounging around with one another was immensely relaxing.

“When are you betting they’ll be ready?” he asked through a forkful of lasagna, giving her belly a small prod.

Chrysalis shrugged, running her tongue over the plate she’d just cleaned. “Could be days, could be minutes - honestly, there’s no way to pin it down.”

“I’m guessing…” Anon murmured, thoughtfully tapping his chin, “Sunday morning, right after I make us breakfast burritos.”

“Nonsense,” she rebutted, incredulously raising an eyebrow, “it wouldn’t be until after I’ve had something sweet to feast upon.”

“I gotcha - so you’d rather have french toast, waffles, pancakes,” he counted off, slowly slumping to his side and onto her flank, “or me.”

A testy look crossed her face, but it was drowned out by a barely restrained smirk as she looked away. It was a magical moment, one where Anon could tell she’d been about to mock him for being silly or droll, yet she either wouldn’t or couldn’t bring herself to do it. Resting against her haunch, he set his empty plate onto the coffee table.

“You got any plans for tomorrow?” he asked, squirming and flipping onto his back.

“No. After storming the bowling alley and that divine session in the shower, my hooves are killing me,” she grumbled.

Reaching up, Anon scratched her chin. “You know, I could bring you around in a wheelbarrow.”

“And have the peasants see a Queen trundled about like a bale of hay?” she spat, leering down at him. “I’ll pass, thanks.”

Before long, Anon found himself starting to nod off. Having worked an extra long shift and being sapped by his paramour had quite literally left him drained. He couldn’t say what it was like for ponies to have their energy sapped by a changeling, but it wasn’t that bad - at worst, it made him feel relaxed and slightly sleepy. Wearily pushing himself up and onto his feet, he motioned for her hoof.

“Let’s get you and those babies to bed,” he whispered, helping her off the couch.

Nodding with her hoof in his hand, she strolled beside him to their chamber. In short order, the pair had crawled into bed under a freshly laundered set of linens. Chrysalis wriggled up to and against his back, pressing herself against him to leech off his warmth, as she got comfortable. Dimly lit by the glowing flora above, the two drifted off to sleep.

Ripping Anon from his slumber, a scream resonated throughout the cavern. Bolting upright in confusion and alarm, he frantically looked around the bedroom. Dulled by having been jarred awake, it took him a moment to realize something was dreadfully amiss. Chrysalis was no longer in bed beside him.

“Babe?!” he shouted, clumsily rolling off the mattress.

Glancing into the bathroom, if only to ensure she wasn’t there, he ran into the yawning expanse of their grotto-made-home. Silence greeted him, but not for long. A second, yowl soon cut through the expanse, causing him to turn. Though he couldn’t be completely certain, it sounded as though it had come from the center of the cave - at or near the pool.

Bolting through the rooms, bumping into doorways and furniture as he went, rushed to her. There was no mistaking it, the noise had definitely come from his lover. Rushing through the living room and nailing his toe on a leg of the coffee table, he never slowed. If someone or something had hurt her and their unborn kids, so help him, he’d put a stop to it.

Babe?!?” he yelled again, panic straining his voice. Rounding a corner and coming into view of the small pond, he froze - there, partially submerged in the cool, clear water, was Chrysalis.

Standing in the pond, with only her head and shoulders above the surface of the pool, she winced and ground her teeth. Dashing to her, from the opposite side of the tiny lagoon, he crashed into the water and waded over to her. There was no one or nothing else present, though his concern was only left slightly diminished.

“Can’t a - Gah - mare have some privacy?!” she grunted. Clamping her eyes shut, with her nostrils flaring, her entire body tensed.

Before Anon could ask what she’d meant, realization hit him like a freight train. Acting on instinct alone, fueled by adrenaline and worry, he leapt into action. With as much speed as he could muster, he splashed over and seated himself beside her. Some part of him recognized that she’d mentioned something about privacy, but that wasn’t his concern - no, the only thing he cared about was being there for her.

“Are you - Nnnngh - deaf?!” she barked, weakly pushing him away. “I’m - Buck me - trying to spawn here!”

Wrapping an arm around her shoulder, he stroked her sweat-streaked face. “I was part of this and I’m going to see it through,” he uttered, his voice shaking.

Be damned what had compelled him to say those words, but they seemed to mollify her to a degree. Truthfully, he’d been surprised he could say anything at all, given how badly his mind was racing. There he was, sat in a pool with his mate, about to watch her birth a clutch of eggs. He wasn’t sure what he could do to help her, yet he refused to leave her side.

Petting her, hugging her, and offering comfort in any way he could, he was lambasted by a chaotic mixture of curses and praise. To say the whole experience was peculiar would be an understatement, although she didn’t seem to suffer throughout the ordeal - hell, if anything, she appeared to be getting some sort of pleasure from the event. The changeling would spontaneously flip from begging him to kiss her to slapping him and telling him to leave her be, but he didn’t budge. Finally, after what felt like a small eternity, a single sea green egg floated to the water’s surface.

Acting on impulse, Anon released Chrysalis, moved deeper into the pond, and retrieved the bobbing ovum. Roughly the size of a tangerine, albeit of an oval shape, he cradled the little spheroid in his hands. Unlike most eggs he’d ever come across, its surface was somewhat soft and pliable - almost leathery. By the time he’d finished marveling at the object, a second bobbed up next to him.

“Shit,” he absentmindedly cursed to himself, scooping the egg from the water.

One after another, his encapsulated progeny appeared. After the fourth egg emerged from the braying Matriarch, Anon darted into the living room and retrieved a small blanket from the sofa. Gingerly placing each ovum into the soft linen, he’d periodically reassure Chrysalis and pepper her with kisses. It wasn’t until she’d completed her tenth birthing did she finally fall completely silent.

The room stood still, with the water rippling gently around the man and mare, as they looked to one another. “I...Is that it,” Anon asked, genuinely unsure of her response.

“Yes,” Chrysalis croaked, falteringly taking a step from the water.

Before she could fully emerge from the pool, her legs crumpled. Were it not for the man standing nearby, she would have crashed to the stone floor - luckily, that wasn’t the case. Pivoting and diving over to her, Anon cushioned her fall with his body. While he was no expert, it was painfully obvious that the delivery had taken a heavy toll on her.

As carefully as he could, he squirmed around and pushed himself up. A curious strength and sense of peace welled up within him, allowing him to effortlessly haul her up and into his arms. Holding her to his chest, in a close approximation of a bridle carry, he stepped over, retrieved the bundle of eggs, and trudged back towards their private chamber.

“Just put them in the den I made,” Chrysalis exhaustedly whispered, apparently having noticed him grab their unhatched young.

“No, it’s cold and they can sleep with us tonight,” he firmly stated, overcome with some unknown paternal urge - that was, until a sudden concern hit him. “They won’t get squished in bed with us, will they?”

“Grubs and hatchlings often use eggs as makeshift balls, so I’m sure they’ll be fine,” she muttered, nodding in and out of consciousness.

Satisfied with her flippant answer, Anon brought his Queen and their brood back to the bedroom and did what he could to make everyone comfortable. The instant Chrysalis’ head hit the pillow, she blacked out and started snoring softly. Considering this was her umpteen-hundredth birth, he wasn’t too worried about her - still, he covered her in the blanket and issued her a goodnight kiss.

As for the eggs - well - those were an entirely new issue to deal with. Swaddling them in their makeshift bindle, he warily slid the precious bundle under the sheets. Crawling in after them, sandwiching the sack of unhatched young between him and their mother, he rested on his side. Laying one arm atop the eggs, he stared over at his mate.

A dizzying array of thoughts assailed him - some good, some bad. He’d actually made life with this magnificent creature, yet that felt like a double edged sword. Pride, ambition, and hopes waged a pitched battle against his fears, self-doubt, and reluctance. It was all grand and terrifying, but there was nothing he could do. Like it or not, he was now technically a father.

Whether it was because of exhaustion, the emotional roller-coaster of the evening, both, or some unknown element, he passed out in no time. The last thing to pass though his mind was the mental image of some far-flung future. He, Chrysalis, and their litter of children living all happily together, well adjusted and content, as one big family. The vision was a sweet fantasy, seeing him fastly off to sleep...

Chapter 5 (SFW)

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“How many times must I tell you, they can’t hear you. For buck’s sake, you may as well be talking to a rock!” Chrysalis griped, watching the man lovingly pat and caress the decade of eggs.

“First of all,” the man began, glaring over his shoulder at the petulant Matriarch, “I think they can hear me; it’s been pretty well documented that babies respond to stimuli in the womb, so I’m pretty sure it’s the same with these little guys. Secondly, it’s not like talking to them is going to hurt anything.”

Giving a small shrug, the changeling looked back to her daily issue of the Ponyville Chronicle. “Fine - do as you please.”

The week subsequent the birthing had been surprisingly relaxed and routine, with the exception of a single paternity day Anon had taken from work immediately after the monumental occasion. Following the delivery, with both he and his mate deprived from sleep and left drained, the pair had lounged around the house and made plans - in that, the man ran around like an overly worried mother hen. Unlike the shapeshifting mare, he had no experience with tending to a clutch of eggs.

To Chrysalis’ credit, she’d been as comforting as an irate, deposed Queen could be. Besides repeatedly and rather sternly telling him that he had nothing to be concerned about, she mocked him ceaselessly. According to her, the shells would harden within a day, giving each of the ovum additional protection, and they’d hatch after roughly two weeks. Regardless of her reassurances, Anon took to his newfound fatherhood very seriously.

Every morning, before he went to work, and several times every afternoon, he’d gingerly reposition the eggs. It wasn’t uncommon for him to give them turns in his lap, warming them with his body, while telling them stories from his youth or homeland. Even if it was a fruitless venture, it just felt like the right thing to do.

In regards to his paramour, nothing had really changed. She mostly kept to their cavernous home and only rarely ventured into town with him. Once she’d been freed of her clutch, her sex drive had pretty much returned to normal - meaning she yearned for daily feedings to supplement her dietary needs. Even if the man was relishing his new paternal role, he was more than happy to service his lover.

“Will I have to make us dinner again?” Chrysalis groaned, leering over her paper at him. “I detest mucking about in the kitchen and it’s been ages since you made that - what did you call it - quiche?”

Anon scowled and turned to face her. “Not the most appropriate dish to ask for, given the circumstances.”

“What? You’re not cooking our eggs for it!” she balked, holding a hoof to her chest. “Unless you want me to produce a few unfertilized ovum for you to test your culinary skill with…”

“I…” he paused, completely at a loss. It was one of the exceedingly few times when he wasn’t sure if she was just fucking with him - that was, until she snickered. Shaking his head, he slowly pushed himself up and stood. “You know, I don’t…” he trailed off, as a faint sound caught his ear.

Glancing back, spying one of the eggs twitch, his eyes widened in shock. It hadn’t been nearly long enough for them to hatch - had it? Kneeling back down and reaching for the suspect ovum, he rested his hand on the lukewarm shell. Sure enough, after waiting another second or so, it gently shifted.

“What are you...No,” Chrysalis blurted, leaping from couch and cantering over to his makeshift nursery. “It’s far too soon! What on Equestria did you do?!”

“I...I didn’t do anything!” Anon sputtered, feeling the egg quake in his palm.

Staring down at the little wobbling spheroid, the man and mare watched with silent trepidation. Growing increasingly energetic, rocking back and forth, a small crack formed on the shell. Apparently not to be outdone, or simply due to some grand cosmic alignment, the other nine unhatched young joined their wobbling sibling.

As a chip of shell fell away from the first, revealing something small and black writhing within, the man’s heart skipped a beat. “W...w...what do we do?”

“Have you considered letting them hatch?” Chrysalis flatly mused, keeping her eyes glued on the egg.

With trembling hands, Anon carefully picked at the fragile casing. Bit by bit, piece by piece, he aided his progeny emerge, until a tiny black grub was revealed. Covered in mottled white hide, with black spots over its worm-like body, the bab peered up at him with a pair of cerulean eyes. Without skipping a beat, the newborn flicked its serpentine tongue and dragged itself free.

The moment was singular and beyond words. There he was, holding a life which he had helped create. Smiling, feeling his eyes beginning to water, he brought a finger to his child’s chin. “Hey,” he whispered, causing the tyke to peer up at his face, “I...I’m your dad.”

“Let me see,” Chrysalis muttered, levitating the grub to her face. Squinting at the writhing little creature, inspecting it from top to bottom, she knit her brow. “Seems fine, although I can’t recall a clutch ever hatching that quickly before.”

Tactfully plucking the larva from her sorcerous grasp, Anon sheltered the child in his hands. “That’s because I gave them lots of tender love and care,” he pouted, stroking the tyke’s head and staring into its beady eyes, “didn’t I?”

“You’ll spoil him,” Chrysalis groused, inspecting the little one.

“Him?” he repeated, looking over at her in confusion.

“That one is a colt, yes,” she confirmed, pointing a hoof at the grub in his hand. Noticing her leg shift, he realized all too late that he’d already neglected his parental duties. “And those two are fillies,” she continued, singling out more of the liberated young.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck,” Anon babbled, scooping up each of the wriggling larva.

What had started as a moving, emotional scene quickly devolved into the most precarious juggling act of his life. Trying and failing to manage all of the baby changelings, he found himself almost immediately overwhelmed. Startlingly mobile, despite their size and having only two limbs, they crawled over his arms and under his shirt - needless to say, the situation got quite literally out of hand.

Uh,” he anxiously croaked, slowly moving to extricate the grubs from his back and shoulders, “little help?”

“This is too rich. You got yourself into this situation, you’ll be fine,” the Queen tittered, watching the unfolding show. “If you allow them to feed off you, they most assuredly will. If you wish to be free of them, just administer a bit of that love you’re so fond of and I’m sure they’ll be tuckered out in no time flat.”

Askance, the man reared away from her in disgust.

“Not that kind of love! That’s for Mommy,” she scoffed, wheeling around and trotting away. “Anyways, since you’re busy with the brood, I suppose I’ll go prepare us something to eat.”

“Bean burritos again?” he asked, managing to cautiously dislodge one of the tykes from between his shoulder blades.

The Queen was many things - an unparalleled lover, powerful, cocky, and remarkably intelligent - yet a chef she was not. She had, upon having learned how to make the legume and cheese stuffed rolls of flatbread, become rather keen on making the dish and it became a regular staple of her designated cooking nights. It wasn’t like he was complaining about her lack of culinary skill, although he often suffered the gastronomic repercussions of the entree the day following.

Prancing away, snickering to herself, she fled the room. “Feel free to join me, if you can wrangle them all.”

Seeing her flee, Anon turned his attention to the trove of squirming, tiny bodies about his frame. Besides taking care not to inadvertently squeeze or lose any of the babs, a disconcerting thought struck him. So far as he could tell, they were all identical - at least, they sure as shit looked identical. How his mate had been able to determine their sex was another conundrum, since they didn’t seem to have any sexual dimorphism whatsoever. Peeking over at a grub appearing from under his sleeve, seeing the little fanged snout, he was hit with an idea.

“Babe,” he called, warily getting to his feet and meticulously ensuring each bab remained clinging to him or his clothing, “do we have any markers?”

“I believe there are some in the odds and ends drawer - why?” she replied, retrieving several tortillas and some cheese from the refrigerator.

Staying silent, focusing on the multifaceted task at hand, Anon simultaneously managed his ten offspring and moved across the kitchen. Reaching the counter, with his many passengers tenaciously hanging from or scampering about his person, he opened the drawer and rummaged around. It only took him a moment to find his quarry - a box of multi-colored, felt-tip pens.

“Alright then - c’mere you,” he muttered, fishing a grub from beneath his shirt.

Uncapping a marker with his mouth, he moved the instrument to the youngster’s head and painted a vivid purple dot just beneath the tiny nub of a horn. The little guy - or maybe it was a girl - didn’t seem to mind, only half heartedly swatting at his hand. After anointing the offspring, he studiously made his way through the rest of his brood.

It was a crude and simple method, but it allowed him to temporarily distinguish each of the larvae. After he’d run out of colored markers, dabbing the first seven with blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, and white respectively, he left one unanointed and drew a rhombus and delta on the final two. With his young now distinguishable from one another, supremely pleased with his stroke of uncomplicated genius, a chuckle caught his ear.

Bemusedly shaking her head, Chrysalis hovered two burrito festooned plates to the table. “As amusing as that is, you do know it’ll wash off after they bathe.”

Anon scrunched his nose and raised a finger to protest, but she had a point. “I’ll think of something,” he remarked, slowly moving to the table and easing himself into his seat. Reaching for his food, more than ready to enjoy his meal, a quiet hissing and small commotion from beneath his shirt stayed his hand. Pulling at his collar and spotting two of his brood pawing at one another, he lightly patted their heads. “Hey, no fighting!”

“Let them quarrel,” Chrysalis glibly stated, sorcerously lifting her log of bean and cheese, “it’s perfectly natural.”

“You let them fight?” he inquired, separating the bickering pair.

“Of course I do. Normally, back when I had my swarm,” she growled, incidentally squeezing her burrito and causing it to hemorrhage, “I’d allow them to assert dominance. The victors were chosen and reared to be my praetorian or elite scouts; as for the losers - well - they were relegated to menial tasks within the hive.”

The casual and almost indifferent nature of her statement took Anon aback. Peering over at his shoulder, as a grub nestled up against his neck, he grimaced. “But why didn’t you care for them all equally? It just seems kind of - I don’t know - callous…”

“I did what I did because I had to!” she darkly murmured, leering over at the man. “We were - are predators. Though the strongest thrived, I ensured even the weakest survived - if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have waged war against the ponies.”

Between her cold tone and piercing gaze, Anon realized he’d unintentionally touched a nerve. “Well, for what it’s worth, you won’t have to worry about that now. I’ll do everything I can to make sure these little guys and girls grow up big and strong,” he hummed, rubbing his chin against a second youngster who was trying to climb his jaw.

Chrysalis simply stared at him for a moment, before abruptly unseating herself and trotting towards the door. “I’m going for a walk. Tend to the little ones while I’m away.”

The curt and all too sudden turn struck Anon as off. Had she been anyone else, he would have been absolutely shocked with her departure - then again, she’d been around for countless hatchings in the past and she apparently felt comfortable leaving him with their young. All in all, the chain of events left him bewildered.

“You’ll be back soon, right?” he called out, as his apprehension won out.

“Of course I’ll be back!” she bellowed, from off in the direction of the entryway.

Hearing the door slam, he breathed a small sigh of relief. She’d always been somewhat temperamental and impulsive, yet this felt different. He really wasn’t sure what had gotten into her, since she’d thrown a lot of mixed signals over the last half hour. On one hand, she trusted him with their offspring and had made them dinner - on the other, something had upset her enough to have her take her leave. Though he wasn’t that worried about her, he couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that he’d done something wrong.

Grabbing up his burrito and quietly munching away, he stewed on the recent events. What with all of the arrangements they’d made, they had plenty of supplies for the little ones on the ready. The grubs’ room was prepared with toys and fresh linens, he’d bring them for a brief checkup in the morning, and they all seemed relatively content - well, as content as little bug-horses could be at least. Consuming his meal, taking periodic breaks to pet or reposition his young, he cleared his plate without further incident.

Once he’d finished cleaning the dishes and putting his mate’s abandoned burrito in the fridge, he moved back to the living room to wait for his Queen’s return. Carefully reclining lengthwise on the couch, having moved all the babs to his chest and stomach, he rested on his back and stared down at the ten little ones on his torso. Though one or two seemed to have some inquisitive energy left, the overwhelming majority appeared to be pretty tuckered out.

Coiling in on themselves, nearly rolling into tiny balls, their eyes drifted closed. It was strangely adorable and it warmed the cockles of his heart. Slowly, making sure as to not disturb them, he reached up and pulled the throw blanket on the sofa’s back over them and himself. Not but an hour ago, he’d been full of energy - now, since things had calmed down a bit, he was beyond fatigued.

Whether his lethargy was due to the chaotic and emotional afternoon, the meal he’d eaten, concern that he’d crossed his lover, or perhaps some combination of the three, he couldn’t say - in any case, he was bushed. Stifling a yawn, he readjusted the pillow under his head and got comfortable. Whilst it was an odd time to nap, he saw no harm in getting in some shuteye before Chrysalis got back. Before he knew it, the warm embrace of sleep took him.

Be damned if he could tell exactly how long he was under, but several interesting things happened. For starters, all the grubs were with him in a dream; the tykes were crawling around, playing with him and one another in a sunlit field. It wasn’t terribly exciting or bombastic, yet it filled him with a profound contentment. The entire thing was astonishingly realistic and lucid; had it not been for him awakening, he could have sworn it was real.

Sadly, as he relaxed with his kids, he was roused from his slumber. Shaking his head, hearing the soft mewlings of his young, he spotted Chrysalis deftly lifting the larvae from his torso. “They can stay,” he grumbled, sheltering the remaining six under his arms.

“No they can’t,” she austerely intoned, moving his arms aside to extricate the other hatchlings. “When they’re this young, they’re positively gluttonous and don’t know restraint. Tell me, how do you feel right now?”

Thinking for a moment, processing what she’d said, it dawned on Anon that he didn’t feel rested in the slightest - if anything, he felt more tired than he had before taking the siesta. Pinching the bridge of his nose and pushing himself up, he attempted to shake off his fatigue. It was an unsettling development, to say the least, and part of him was thankful that his paramour had intervened.

“And you dealt with this for all of your foals - er - grubs?” he groaned.

“Each and every one, yes,” she faintly replied, smiling wistfully to the hovering young. “Maybe now you understand why I did what I did. If I hadn’t rationed myself to them, they wouldn’t have had a mother to protect and look after them…”

The revelation was extraordinarily grim and left the man frozen in place. To think the Matriarch had willingly given herself to her offspring, allowing them to feed on her energy by her lonesome, filled him with a righteous determination. Heaving himself from the couch, staving off the lingering dizziness and exhaustion, he stepped over and held her tightly to his bosom.

“What are you…” she fell silent, as he tightened his embrace.

“You don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’m not gonna let any of you go hungry,” he whispered.

Drained though he was - quite literally, in fact - he meant what he said. He wasn’t sure how taxing tending to a family of the parasitic creatures would be, but he’d be damned if he wouldn’t find a way to make it work; through sheer determination or other means, he’d have to - after all, they were the most impactful things that had happened to him since arriving in Equestria. Stroking her side, giving her what little energy he had left, his knees buckled.

“Enough,” she faintly declared, pushing him away. “Foolish hyu-man, you’ll cause yourself to faint.”

“You’re worth it,” he insisted, reaching for the floating group of little ones, “they’re worth it…”

Unfortunately for Anon, his resolve and perseverance weren’t enough to save him. His vision tunneled, the sound of his mate’s voice grew muffled, and an immense heaviness settled upon his limbs. Blinking rapidly, fighting to remain conscious, he blacked out.

All but dead to the world, the closest thing he could describe the experience to would be falling into a coma. Deep and almost preternatural, he dozed in a dreamless state of pure enervation. By the time he finally woke up, within his bed beside his softly snoozing lover, nearly fourteen hours had passed.

Pulling up the blanket and peeking towards the foot of the bed, he noticed their decade of offspring curled up around or beside their bodies. It was a pleasant sight, even if he wasn’t sure how she’d managed to wrangle and mollify them all. Turning his gaze back to the sleeping Queen, he extended an arm and brushed the mane from her tranquil face.

Unlike the afternoon before, when he’d been sapped of his energy, he felt refreshed and well rested. As the Matriarch cracked open one of her brilliant, harlequin eyes and looked over at him, he couldn’t help but smile. Somehow she’d managed to get him and their young into bed, before joining him for the night.

“Morning, Gorgeous,” he hummed, shuffling closer and kissing her snout.

Mmmmm,” she shivered. Lifting a foreleg and draping it over his side, she drew him nearer. “How are we feeling?”

“In bed with you, I feel just perfect,” he purred, rubbing noses with her.

“For the life of me, I can’t fathom how you do it,” she quietly remarked, returning his affection.

Piquing a brow, he drew back slightly. “Do what?”

“All of this. You’d likely be out for a day or more, were you any other creature on the face of Equestria, yet here you are - just as spry and lively as ever,” she cooed. Hitching a hind leg onto his hip and sweeping away the three grubs between them, she pressed her body against his.

“Guess it’s because I found the perfect mate,” he chuckled. Locking lips with her, trying to ignore one of the larvae on his calf, he drew out the romantic moment as long as he could - at least he did until something nibbled his toe. “Remind me to put them in the nursery before we get in bed.”

“Says the hyu-man who seemed determined to stay by their side,” Chrysalis smoothly responded. “Come now, we must get up. I’d hate for you to tarnish your doubtlessly flawless attendance record at work.”

“Shit,” he cursed, glancing over at the clock. “You gonna be alright with them for the day?”

“Considering how well you fed them yesterday afternoon, I’m sure we’ll be fine,” she sighed.

Nodding, realizing how little time he had to work with, Anon crawled out of bed and scampered into the bathroom. Stripping down and hopping into the shower, he thought of everything he’d need to get done that day. Given the unforeseen hatching of their brood, he’d have to run by the doctor’s office after his shift to schedule a checkup for their babies, even if Chrysalis would probably say it wasn’t unnecessary.

Besides his shift at the bowling alley and a brief visit to the clinic, he should probably write Twilight about the unexpectedly early arrival of their grubs. Shortly after he’d begun cohabitating with the changeling, she’d asked that he keep in contact with her regarding any developments - especially after they’d discovered Chrysalis was knocked up. It was the least he could do and it was a small price to pay for everything she’d done for them.

That being said, part of him did wonder about the Princess’ motivations and end-game goal of introducing the two. She’d freed Chrysalis and, through somewhat duplicitous means, been the catalyst in their rather unorthodox relationship. Besides setting the two up, she’d also been gracious enough to supplement his wages with a stipend from the royal coffers and provide their new home.

All told, Twilight had been an invaluable asset for him and his growing family - still, he was curious about her real motives. She’d never really explained why she’d brought the two together, although he suspected she was either hoping to reform Chrysalis or perhaps have detailed information about the breeding and rearing of pre-reformed changelings - in any case, he didn’t mind obliging her relatively humble request. As he dried himself off and made a mental note to send her a scroll, he strolled back into his room to get dressed.

“Here,” Chrysalis huffed, tossing him a clean outfit to wear. “Just try not to be late and, yes, I fully expect you to be cooking for us tonight.”

Swiftly dressing himself and tossing his towel to where the hamper had been, he frowned. The wicker basket had been moved to the center of the room and upended to create a makeshift cell for their larvae. While it was kind of cute to see them wriggling over and around one another, he couldn’t avoid thinking of them as being imprisoned. Above them loomed their mother, grinning down at the writhing mass of young.

Try not to keep them in there for too long,” he huffed. Buttoning his shirt and straightening his tie, he walked over and pecked his lover’s cheek.

“It promotes bonding or something,” she countered, shooing at him. “They’ll be fine, I promise you.”

Leaning in, Anon’s fingers drifted through her gossamer mane. “Of course they will, they’ve got the best mom in the world.”

She shuddered at the remark, giggling like a school filly, before shoving him away. “Go on, you’ll be late.”

“Alright. Be back soon,” he assured her, giving her one final kiss goodbye.

As he saw his way through the home and out the front door, his spirits were higher than ever. Now he had both an unsurpassed lover and several bundles of squirming joy awaiting him after he got home from work. Only a scant few minutes of his trek into Ponyville, while he moved along his well-beaten path, a blinding flash and Pop of displaced air appeared before him.

“Hello, Anon! I hope you’re doing well today!” Twilight merrily greeted, trotting up to face him.

Squinting over at the approaching alicorn, Anon didn’t break his stride. “Either your ears were burning or someone has been spying on me.”

The Princess slowed, if only just, as her smile wavered. “W...what? Me, spying? No! I...I would never do something like that!”

Uh-huh,” he sarcastically grunted, glancing sidelong at her. The Princess was far from a bad pony, but he wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if she’d somehow had him and his budding family under surveillance - nevertheless, since he’d already planned on messaging her, her appearance was a fortuitous one. As a serendipitous thought took hold, he grinned. “Last night, the kids damn near drained me dry. I’ll tell ya, those little grubs can get hungry!”

“Did they?!” Twilight exclaimed, beaming up at him. “I’d always theorized that pre-reformed changelings were unable to control their appetite, but I couldn’t...Hey!”

Stopping, turning to fully face her, Anon gently poked her snout. “I knew you’d been snooping!” he laughed.

“I - uh - well, you see…” she sputtered, attempting to concoct a plausible excuse.

“Lemme guess,” he continued, squatting down before her, “the mirrors are one way and you’ve got viewing portals? Hidden cameras? No! You’ve got the place bugged.”

“B...but Chrysalis is a bug,” Twilight pouted, missing the joke entirely.

Relenting, Anon clapped her shoulder and shook his head. “Seriously though, however you figured it out, I’m not mad - Pinkie promise,” he sighed. “Just tell me how you figured it out.”

“Fine,” she lamented, hanging her head in shame. “I implanted a few listening devices around your house. It’s not like I eavesdrop and meticulously document everything you two do, but I thought it would be the least intrusive way to study the coupling of an alien and possibly the last changeling Matriarch in Equestria.”

“I can’t say I’m too thrilled about being spied on,” he admitted, motioning for her to accompany him into town, “but you’ve earned it. Just please don’t do anything weird with the noises of our more intimate times together.”

Walking along, looking over and seeing a blush creep into the Princess’ cheeks, he silently prayed his request hadn’t come too late. Twilight had an almost fetishistic proclivity for scientific research and knowledge, so he wouldn’t be terribly surprised if she kept the recordings of their raucous lovemaking. Left to wonder what, if anything, she’d done while listening to the sound of a man and bug-horse making loud, passionate love, he set his sights on the bowling alley ahead.

“Hey, Twi, can you do me a favor?” he asked, hoping to steer the conversation in a less awkward direction. “Can you make an appointment for the kids to see Doctor Greymare? Even if Chrysalis will probably say they don’t need it, I’d like them to get a checkup.”

“Absolutely! I’ve already made plans for several physicians to give them a once over, including a medical student from Thorax’s hive. All I ask is that Chrysalis and yourself get an exam during the visit. Although it may sound silly, I’d like to see how both of you are doing,” she chirped, prancing along beside him.

Raising an eyebrow, with his suspicions roused, Anon peered over at her. “What kind of exam?”

“Just a few routine measurements and a short interview session, nothing too intrusive,” she explained. “If it makes you more comfortable, you can accompany one another throughout the duration. I’d hate to make for either of you to be uncomfortable.”

“If that’s all, sure. Probably a good idea that I stay along with Chrysalis anyways, since I’m not sure how well she’ll take to having one of her reformed kids around. Just let me know when the appointment will be, so I can schedule it with work,” he replied.

“Wonderful! Alright, I’ll make the arrangements and get back with you this afternoon!” Twilight cheerfully declared. Stopping in her tracks and igniting her horn, she waved a hoof to get his attention. “I do have one more thing I’d like to ask.”

Slowing, the man turned to face her. “Shoot.”

“Do you mind if I see them this afternoon? I’m just really excited about all this and I’m dying to get a look at the cute little things.”

Heh - they are pretty cute. Screw it, sure, why not. Just show up at the house around seven. That’ll give me time to let the Queen know we’ll be expecting company,” he chuckled.

“Sounds great, see you then!” she excitedly whooped, before disappearing in a flicker of light.

Left to his lonesome, Anon continued off the path and onto one of the small roads leading into Ponyville. While the news that the happenings in his home had been listened in on was somewhat disquieting, he was willing to overlook the minor transgression. After a month or two, once his young had developed a tad, he’d ask Twilight to remove whatever devices or spellwork she’d tapped his abode with. Approaching the bowling alley, waving to a senior couple who came every Tuesday morning, he headed towards the front door.

His seven hour shift was, by and large, standard and without incident. Working the early shift on a weekday tended to be boring and relatively slow, yet he still had plenty to do. Between polishing the alleys, rearranging the house bowling balls by weight, and generally tidying up, he tended to customers or the odd mishap. Keeping himself busy, while musing on what Chrysalis and the kids were up to, the day practically flew by.

Before he knew it, he was punching out and taking his leave. Seeing as how he’d planned on making several excursions which were no longer necessary, he did decide to make a small pit stop before heading back to the home. Popping in at Sugarcube Corner, he purchased a dozen buttercream frosted cupcakes for his little family.

Though it was a day late and pretty silly, since he doubted the grubs could even eat the baked confection, the thought of getting something to celebrate their hatching warmed his heart. With the box of freshly baked goods in hand, it wasn’t until he was well on his way back to the cavern that he was stricken with a question - do changelings celebrate birthday on the day the eggs are laid, or when the grubs emerge? Shrugging it off and making yet another mental note to ask his mate about the subject, he pressed into the treeline and onto the well-beaten route he’d taken untold dozens of times.

After a few minutes of strolling through the cool air, he walked through his front door. “Babe! I’m home,” he called, shifting the box of pastries behind his back.

Strutting out from the subterranean structure and up the winding ramp to the exit, Chrysalis pressed a forehoof to her lips. Without saying a word, she flitted up to greet him. “The little ones are napping, keep your voice down.”

“Damn it,” he hissed, feigning frustration.

Glowering, the Queen tilted her head at an odd angle. It was rare that he’d lose his temper with much of anything, so seeing him in a sour mood seemed to throw her off guard. “Is something the matter? Don’t tell me that shrew Seven-Ten wants you to work this weekend!”

“No, it’s worse than that,” he muttered, slowly moving his hands ‘round to reveal the sweets he’d purchased. “I wanted to surprise you and the kids with these.”

“I…” Chrysalis faltered, looking from the box to his face.

Balancing the desserts in one hand, he wrapped his arm around her neck and pulled her into a hug. “Figured it would be a nice little late birthday gift for the grubs and the beautiful mare who brought them into this world.”

“Anon,” she breathed, sorcerously snatching the box from his hands and guiding it to the floor. As she lifted a foreleg and wrapped it around his waist, she rested her head on his shoulder. “If this is some charade to get me worked up,” she added, flicking her tongue into his ear, “it’s working.”

Feeling his pulse quicken, his palm glided along her flank. “Maybe tonight after we put the brood to bed?”

“Maybe now,” she teased, pecking her way up across his collar.

He’d hadn’t foreseen being ambushed in such a provocative way, yet he sure as hell wasn’t going to turn down some spontaneous lovin’ from his mate. They’d done it more times than he could count, in more positions than he thought were possible with a quadruped, but be damned if she didn’t know how to push his buttons. Closing his eyes, pressing his lips to hers, they made out by the door.

Either she was exceedingly happy to have him home or she was genuinely moved by the cupcakes - either way, she was exceptionally enthusiastic that afternoon. Forcefully shoving him backward, pressing his back against the wall, she breathed hotly against his face. Slipping his tongue into her muzzle, the man’s enthusiasm roared to live.

“You’re so fucking hot when you’re pushy,” he grunted, his fingers weaving through her mane.

I know,” she haughtily admitted. Lowering her head and sending power through her gnarled horn, she undid the buttons on his shirt and began kissing her way down his steadily unveiled chest.

Braced against the wall, he watched her slowly move down his body. Their lustful encounters were, in a word, interesting. They’d usually vie for dominance while or shortly before the main event, oftentimes after rather protracted bouts of taunting or seduction. Sometimes, their intimate time together was love-making, slow and ardent - others, they’d fuck like wild beasts, biting and almost angrily screwing one another until they were sore and satiated.

Though the wheres and precise hows of their passion were nearly random, he knew one thing for certain - the sex with her never got old. Thus far, in his relatively short time of enjoying her company, she’d only altered herself in minor ways - loosening or tightening her marehood, adorning herself with teats, modifying her height to accommodate various furniture, etc - yet there’d been nothing stopping her from assuming the form of wholly different creatures. He had little doubt that they would eventually fool around with substantial transformations, but he was in no rush to break that mysterious ground.

The sound of her inhaling sharply through her nose shook him from his thoughts and caused him to peer down at her. Having unbuttoned his pants and opened his fly, her snout was practically buried in his crotch. “You know, if you like the smell, maybe I should start hitting the gym before I come home,” he clucked, winking down at her.

“Unless you want to father a legion of children, I wouldn’t,” she growled, wantonly huffing his unwashed loins.

Gently pushing her away, he knelt down and brought himself to her eye level. “I live to serve, my Queen.”

The comment, though lighthearted and a bit silly, was the straw which broke the camel’s back. Thrusting herself upon him, sandwiching him between the wall and herself, she enthusiastically locked lips with her bipedal paramour. Wrenching his legs out from underneath him, leaving him beneath herself, she squatted down and ground her crotch on his lap.

Groaning into his mouth, she gyrated on his rapidly hardening manhood. While he hadn’t intended to go to pound-down right after getting home, he wasn’t opposed to the idea in the slightest. His hands ran over her body, squeezing her soft hide, before coming to rest on her rump. Giving her a firm smack on the rear, he pulled back and broke their kiss.

Mmmmmmm,” she hummed, rearing back to flash him a toothy grin. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say my King would like -”

Knock Knock Knock-Knock Knock

The two froze and turned towards the door in unison. Glancing up at his mate, remembering that Twilight was supposed to be coming by that afternoon, Anon watched the changeling’s lip curl. Reaching up to caress her muzzle and hopefully quell her anger, his attempt came a split second too late.

Go away!” Chrysalis barked.

“No, fuck, it’s Twilight!” Anon chided, attempting to wriggle free.

Definitely go away!” the Matriarch repeated, even more vehemently.

“Chryssy, please, she just wants to see the kids,” he hastily explained. Thinking fast, appealing to her vainglorious nature, he said the first thing that came to mind. “Don’t you want to show off the first members of your new hive.”

Shifting her attention to the man, harboring an annoyed glint in her eyes, she stared daggers down at him. “And what purpose would that serve?”

“ she could see how much grander they are than their colorful half-brothers and sisters?” he questioningly replied, doing his level best to concoct something - anything to mollify her.

Chrysalis didn’t budge, seemingly studying him for what felt like a small eternity, until she finally pushed herself up and dismounted. “You owe me for this,” she rasped, keeping her voice low.

Scrambling to his feet wheeling around, Anon undid the lock and flung the door open. Between the excitement of his amorous lover and his fear of upsetting the Princess, he completely forgot about the disheveled and unpresentable state he was in - that was, until he saw Twilight’s cheeks darken. Fumbling for his shirt and pants, successfully dealing with neither, a condescending laugh sent a chill through his veins.

“Twilight Sparkle, how nice of you to visit. Forgive my hyu-man, he was just about to tend to his duties of feeding me a hot, thick meal; but I digress. Please, come in,” Chrysalis conceitedly intoned, paying the alicorn to enter.

“I...I can come back,” Twilight stammered.

“And miss us making the beast with two backs?” the changeling laughed. “I’m sure my lover wouldn’t mind receiving some voyeuristic attention - would you?” she purred, rearing onto her hind legs and resting her forehooves on his shoulders.

“Twilight, I’m so sorry,” Anon wheezed, caught totally off guard by his mate’s shameless and utterly brazen display.

“Well look at the time! I guess I’ll just come by tomorrow for a visit,” Twilight loudly announced, holding her pained smile. Whisking herself away, disappearing as quickly as she’d arrived, the evening air rolled through the open doorway.

“Pity,” Chrysalis tittered, hopping off her paramour and turning away, “and I thought she’d get off on watching us.”

Raising a finger to protest, Anon thought better of it and kept quiet. Her assertion, be it true or not, reminded him that the Princess had been listening in on them for some time. With a heavy sigh, he shut the door and walked to the Queen’s side. “You know, you don’t have to be so grumpy with her. She did basically hook us up and give us this house…”

“And I haven’t assaulted her or arranged a hostile overthrow of the Empire since I was freed; I’d say that makes us even,” she groused, retrieving the cupcakes from the floor. “Now then, unless we’re expecting any additional guests, I’m expecting lasagna and some private time with my mate.”

Shaking his head, Anon couldn’t help but stifle a chuckle. Cheeky and uncouth as she was, her supercilious nature almost always made him smile; it was stupid, especially since he couldn’t tell if she was being serious most of the time, yet that was part of her charm. Looking back at her, as he approached the main structure of their home, he smirked.

“You get the kids, I’ll start on dinner,” he instructed, veering towards the kitchen.

“Fine, but don’t wear yourself out or eat too heavily. I’ll be expecting a nice, rough rutting this evening,” she nonchalantly rebutted, walking by and slapping his ass.

Eyeing her succulent rear, watching her strut towards the nursery, his loins stirred. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Pamper me like the Queen I am,” she scoffed, rounding a corner and going out of sight...

Chapter 6 (NSFW)

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Following the hatching of his wriggling brood, Anon quickly adjusted to a new daily routine. On the days he had work, he’d get up, dote on his lover and young, grind through his shift, then return home to spend time with his family. His days off weren’t any less busy, seeing as how he’d ensconce himself with his offspring and mate. So far as he could tell, each of the little ones were as happy and healthy as shapeshifting grubs could be, although he was still hoping to get some peace of mind from their visit to the doctor.

Even with their offsprings’ rather unique pedigree, it took some time to summon the lone medical student from Thorax’s hive. Nearly two weeks had passed before the babs were able to go in for their checkup. After scheduling the day off at the bowling alley, Anon, Chrysalis, and their young saw their towards town and the clinic therein. For all intents and purposes, it should have been a painless endeavor; sadly, the Matriarch was less than pleased with the entire affair.

Must we have them be seen by some simple pony and one of my treacherous brood?” Chrysalis grumbled, ignoring the four grubs latched to her back and neck.

Ferrying the six remaining babs atop or within his shirt, Anon rolled his eyes. “Yes. You said yourself that they hatched quicker than a usual bunch. Having them get a once-over won’t hurt anything.”

“It will if they get indoctrinated by those simpering, kindhearted abominations I used to call kin,” she seethed. “I’m their mother; If I say they’re fine, they’re fine.”

“And I’m their father!” the man asserted, defiantly slapping a hand to his chest and inadvertently drawing a squeak from one of the grubs. Immediately fishing out the squirming and sniffling hatchling, he apologized, kissed the little thing’s cheek, and perched it on his head. “Anyway, like I was saying, I’m their father and I say they’re gonna get a checkup.”

Quickening her pace and cutting him off, Chrysalis leered over at him. “Obstinate hyu-man, you should defer to my better judgement on the matter.”

“If you don’t want to go, hand ‘em over. I’ll do it myself,” he sighed. He would really rather she be there with him and their kids, although he wasn’t about to force her into going. If she wanted to stay home and sulk by herself, she’d be free to do just that - still, knowing she’d likely be recalcitrant about the matter, he’d issued a small bribe before things took a turn. “Just remember, if you go back to the house, you’re not gonna get ice cream.”

Though her menacing squint could have frozen even the bravest of hearts, the man didn’t budge an inch. It was only after a few tense few seconds passed did she finally relent. “The sundae will have brownie bits and salted caramel…And don’t forget the sprinkles!” she hissed, trotting back to his side.

Fighting to contain his smile, Anon nodded. It was a small and relatively inconsequential victory, yet he hoped it would be the first of many that day. He had little doubt that his lover’s rancor would be on full display, having to deal with a member of her former hive and the Princess of Friendship, although he hoped she’d restrain her animus urges. He’d do what he could to keep her calm and relatively placid, although something told him things wouldn’t go smoothly.

Parading through the woods and into the outskirts of Ponyville, the little family made their way to the clinic. He’d made sure to schedule their appointment as early as possible, in the hopes of avoiding any undue attention from the townsfolk, but there were still a few ponies up and about. Fortunately, the most they got were a few halfhearted waves of greeting and a couple odd stares.

It didn’t take them long to reach their destination and, thankfully, their journey went without further outburst from the cantankerous changeling. Walking up to the counter and speaking with the nurse, Anon and his company were quickly whisked into a large exam room towards the back of the clinic. As the man eased himself to the carpeted floor, fully content to busy himself by playing with his young, Chrysalis conspiratorially inspected every nook and cranny of the area.

“You don’t have to be this worked up,” Anon murmured. Patting the carpet beside himself, he smiled up at her. “Come and sit, I’m sure they want to play with their mom.”

“They play with me nearly every day. I’m sure they’d understand that I’m trying to ensure nopony seeks to do them harm,” she distractedly replied, buzzing up to and opening a set of cabinets.

Brushing aside her concerns, he attempted to steer the conversation into a more pleasant and markedly less paranoid direction. “Speaking of playing with them, what’s your secret? Most afternoons they seem pretty tuckered out and it’s almost like they fight for your attention.”

“That’s because they do fight for my attention - well, fight as much as hatchlings can,” she snickered, peering down at the man. Her smug grin wilted almost instantaneously, seeing the look of shock on his face. “Please, there’s nothing to be concerned about. They simply wrestle and the winner gets mommy time.”

“T...that’s awful!” Anon bleated, genuinely dismayed with the revelation. Had he known she’d been hosting miniature pit-fighting competitions between his precious babs, he would have put a stop to it long ago!

“It’s not awful, it promotes strength and cunning among them - plus it’s good exercise or something,” she flippantly stated, stooping low and peeking beneath the exam table. “At the end of the day, they are all fed and well tended to. There’s nothing to -” she fell silent, as he was abruptly stood up and wheeled around.

“No more of it,” the man insisted, gripping her shoulders and scowling over at her. “Even if some might end up being taller, or smarter, or stronger, or faster, we should treat them the same. They’re our kids! We shouldn’t have them playing gladiator for attention!”

Though the notion was absurd, he could see a sliver of reasoning in the practice. Before, back when Chrysalis had been forced to tend to her hive without aid, survival of the fittest would have been viable and quite possibly necessary means of survival - now, free from persecution and the burden of having to steal love, the principal no longer applied. As far as he was concerned, he wanted their young to be cared for mentally and physically - which meant abstaining from favoritism and splitting their affection as evenly as possible.

“You would have me simply abandon one of my tried and true tenants of raising a hive? To forgo what has kept me and my kind alive for generations?” she muttered, her tone darkening.

“You don’t have to do this - at least, not now. I swear, I’ll do everything I can to care for you and them,” he whispered, waving at the hatchlings shuffling around on the floor.

She studied him for a moment, scanning his face for any signs of weakness or deception, before locking eyes with him. “And if I refuse to stop?”

“Then…” Anon trailed off, having begun before he knew what he was going to say. He’d meant what he said, he’d do virtually anything for her and their offspring, but proving that was another matter entirely. Plucking the three remaining grubs from his person and placing them on the floor, he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around his mate. “Then you’ll have to live with the fact that you’re hurting me and them…”

The mare started and went rigid in the man’s grasp. Though he’d been with her for some time, Anon couldn’t help but feel anxious about his rare confrontations with her. He was fully aware of the things she’d done and what she was capable of, being a master of subterfuge and a former villain of renown, so there wasn’t much he could realistically do to stop her. Tightening his grip, he caressed her cheek with his own.

Regardless of her haughty and bullheaded nature, he’d grown increasingly attached to her and he wanted nothing more than to make her and their kids happy - that being said, he didn’t want their young to develop a mean-streak or grow up jaded and bitter. If he had anything to say on the matter, the tykes would eventually have plenty of friends and be well adjusted - hopefully.

Seconds dragged by without the Queen saying a word, causing Anon’s anxiety to spike. There was a chance that she hadn’t taken him seriously, or dismissed his concerns outright, leaving him with one final gambit. There was a damn good chance that what he was about to pull off would do more harm than good, but it was the only thing he could think of. Pulling away, he stared into her eyes and put on a brave smile.

“I want them to have a chance for something you didn’t. Chryssy, please, just trust me on this…” he breathed.

Her pupils dilated, gooseflesh formed on her neck, and she stepped back. Glancing to one of the open cabins, with her horn going alight, she evoked her fearsome power. Levitating the decade of their hatchlings, including two which were steadily advancing up the man’s pant legs, she gingerly hovered the gaggle of grubs into the cupboard, closed the door, and slowly spat a gobbet of resin on the hinge.

Before Anon could ask what she was doing or why she was doing it, she was upon him. Without the slightest bit of warning, she toppled him onto his back and stepped over his supine form. Peering up at her, feeling a knot form in his stomach, his heart started to race. There was only one occasion when she’d been this forceful with him before and it had resulted in a rutting session that had lasted for hours.

As he went to push himself up, she placed a hoof on his chest and pressed him back to the floor. Her snout twisted in a conceited grin, as she leaned in and brought her muzzle to his ear. “I love when you’re like this…”

“ what?” he sputtered, feeling her tongue tease his ear.

“So assured, so adamant that you’ll be a good father to our offspring. If I’d had a King like you a century ago, we would have ruled all Equestria,” she purred, breathing hotly upon him.

Anon shivered, his pants promptly tented, and his mouth went dry. He’d been right - somehow, despite trying to just be a supportive and good parent, he’d tickled her amorous interest. Craning his head and looking at the clock, he knit his brow. If the doctors’ offices in horse-land were anything like those on earth, they’d likely be waiting a while before being seen - as such, maybe a quickie was in order.

While he couldn’t have fathomed that he’d be considering dicking his mate at the clinic, his experience with the changeling left him with few options. She was absolutely insatiable once she’d been sufficiently worked up, intentionally or not, so denying her would sour her already precarious mood. Given that she’d been particularly venomous about their visit to the physician, turning her down would likely do more harm than good.

As she bit down on his nipple, shaking him from his stupor, he knew what he had to do. His hands sailed to his groin, deftly unbuttoning his pants and undoing his fly, as he made himself ready. If nothing else, maybe a hasty lay, as well as the subsequent serotonin and dopamine boost, would allow them to soldier on throughout their kids’ checkup a little easier - that and he’d be able to check off ‘Screwing in a Doctor’s Office’ from his bucket list.

“If you’re - Smooch - wrong, I get to - Smooch - call the shots with - Smooch - our next batch,” she cooed, kissing her way up his chest.

With his manhood freed from its constricting confines, he reached up and tenderly caressed her neck. The sheer abruptness of it all, paired with how hellbent she seemed on getting some action, did nothing to deter his interest. The decision had been made and there was no going back, yet one small problem remained - where they were going to do the deed. Going at one another on the floor wouldn’t be the worst choice, although there was a perfectly good…

“Get on the table,” he instructed.

Bolting upright and looking behind herself, a devilish grin split Chrysalis’ features. Turning away, she flipped the mane from her face and sashayed over to the sturdy piece of furniture. “Oh doctor,” she began, crawling onto the exam table, “you simply must help this old mare out…”

As Anon got to his feet, he was suddenly enveloped by a brilliant green aura that swiftly hauled him upwards. Levitated just above the floor, guided by his lustful mate’s magic, his body sailed across the relatively cramped room. Virtually helpless, he watched the Matriarch shifting in place.

Please,” she whined, rolling to her back and sorcerously extending the table’s stirrups, “I need a thorough exam.”

As cliché as the performance was, his excitement mounted. Though they’d roleplayed on a number of occasions, the setup and execution was almost too perfect. As his feet touched down, the magical aura around him dimmed and his freedom was restored - well, almost. His unfastened pants and boxers were wrenched downward, just as the Matriarch lifted her hind legs and placed them onto the metal rests.

Lying supine, coyly covering her chest and snout with her forehooves, she batted her eyes at him. Even though Anon knew good and well it was an act, he couldn’t help himself any longer. Stepping out of his trousers and kicking them to the side, his eyes wandered over her form. Her soft underbelly, deliciously supple thighs, and demure expression belied the ravenous carnal beast that she was, but he couldn’t care less. Stepping forward, he delicately caressed her hind leg.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am, it appears as though you’ll be needing an invasive procedure,” he chuckled, cheesily playing his part.

Looking to his face, with her eyes going wide, she stifled a gasp. “It’s n...not going to be unpleasant, is it?”

“It may be a bit intense,” he sighed, stepping between her legs. Grabbing his manhood and drawing his glans over her winking, juicy entrance, he smirked. “Thankfully, I have just the right tool for the job.”

“Please, doctor, be gentle,” she whispered, as a bead of drool escaped her barely contained smile.

“Trust me,” he purred, “I’m a professional.” With that, he shuffled forward and unhurriedly sank his length into her inviting depths. Just as luscious, hot, and snug as ever, her velvety interior embraced his steadily plunging tool. Bit by bit, inch by inch, he drove himself into her, until he’d sheathed the entirety of himself within her.

“Oh doctor,” she moaned, gyrating her hips and clenching around him, “it’s just so big! I...I don’t know if I can handle it!”

Bending at the waist, leaning over her, he gradually moved his face to hers. “Just lay back and try to relax…”

The moment he finished speaking, he started moving. Rocking his hips back, withdrawing a bit of his length from her vice-like marehood, he thrust back into his lover. A throaty groan escaped her, as she closed her eyes and rolled her head to the side. Though it was likely an act, her impish visage fanned the flames of his passion. Reaching out and turning her muzzle to face him, he sweetly kissed her on the lips.

The affection, though tame in comparison to his bucking hips, seemed to set her off. Her forelegs snapped up and around his chest, drawing him to her while pulling him into a deeper kiss. More than happy to oblige, Anon heatedly made out with his the Queen - his Queen. As their tongues entwined, he slipped one hand around the back of her head.

Her gossamer mane drifted through his fingers, her canal rhythmically seized around his pistoning cock, and her juices dribbled down his groin and to his inner thigh. After months of countless beddings, in more positions he’d thought possible for a man and a mare, they’d learned just how to work with one another. Though one might think that the regularity and frequency of their lovemaking may dull the experience, they’d be dead wrong.

The more Anon and Chrysalis learned about one another, the more they honed their carnal skills. In a sense, their libidinous escapades could almost be likened to a form of combat - an exceptionally messy, loud, and rewarding combat, but a combat nonetheless. They’d discovered where to caress or nibble, how to thrust or flex, and when best to employ their sensual skills upon their mate. It was like a very sensual game of cat and mouse, with each trying to best the other on a regular basis.

Harder, Doctor, I need it!” the changeling howled, pulling away and throwing her head back.

Straightening himself and peering down his chest, Anon watched his shaft disappear into a reappear from the lurid and excruciatingly sinful entrance of his lover. Her lower lips were pulled out with each backstroke, with only a fleeting second before his tool hammered back into her. There was no way in hell he was going to last too terribly long, what with the thrill of fucking her inside a clinic, so he knew he’d have to make his final moments worth it. As he adjusted the angle of his thrusts, aiming for the g-spot buried in her depths, his hand shot to her groin.

The instant he executed his two-fold attack, her whorish moaning raised several octaves. Playing with her clit and accosting the sweet spot within her was almost always a winning combo, even if it wasn’t the easiest thing to pull off with a quadruped. Writhing gently beneath him, winking and squeezing his manhood, she cracked an eye and peeked up at him. As he noticed the faintest smirk on her lips, just before her horn started to glow, he knew he’d fucked up.

Her sorcery played over his body, sending tingles through his limbs and to his core, pushing him further towards his limit. Grinning down at her, realizing they were both in their final moments, he pulled out his trump card. Closer and closer his release came, until he could bear it no longer. Drawing a breath through gritted teeth, he held on until the very final second before unleashing his ultimate weapon.

I love you so fucking much!” he grunted. Hilting himself with one final thrust, allowing her womb to kiss his glans, he unloaded into her.

Either due to the influx of scalding foal-batter, his passionate admission, or possibly both, Chrysalis brayed and thrashed on the table. Her hind legs kicked out and clenched around his waist, trapping him in place and ensuring every virile drop of his seed was deposited as deeply as possible. In the blink of an eye, her horn flared to life and hauled him downward, bringing their faces together. Hotly making out, climaxing in tandem, the pair rode out their ecstasy.

Between the noises of their fervent and spontaneous rutting, and the fact that they were solely focused on feeding one another’s lust, both were completely heedless to the excited whispers and jostling from outside the door. It was only after the trio of voices had a rather brief and heated argument that someone issued a knock. Anon’s head whipped around, realizing that they were about to get walked in on, yet something was wrong - the legs securely holding him did not slacken, holding him securely in place.

Looking to the Matriarch’s face, he gulped. He’d been around her long enough to know that the shit-eating grin she wore was an ominous portent for something depraved and, in all likelihood, painfully embarrassing. Shaking his head and pressing a finger to his lips, pleading that she wouldn’t, his prayers fell on deaf ears, as she drew a breath, chuckled to herself, and opened her fanged maw.

“Come in!” the Queen merrily announced.

It was all Anon could do to twist his head and apologize to the physician or nurse who’d just gotten an eyeful, but it was so, so much worse than that. Two creatures stood in doctor’s coats, a reformed changeling and a rather lanky earth stallion, while a mulberry figure stood with her head pressed to the door-frame - yes, her. There was only one mare so shameless as to listen in on him while he was getting his dick wet, and it was none other than…

“Twilight Sparkle...I see your voyeuristic proclivities are as strong and healthy as ever,” Chrysalis haughtily intoned, twisting her head at an unusual angle. “And you’ve brought friends! Doctor Greymare and…” she fell silent, squinting at the drone. “Don’t tell me...Arista?”

The aqua colored changeling beamed and nodded enthusiastically, before tensing somewhat. There was the barest glimpse of his smile faltering, he covered his muzzle with a hoof. “That’s me,” he responded, his tone flat and free of cheer.

“Well well! I’m happy to see that your treasured Princess of peeping saw fit to have you interrupt our hot, impassioned mating session,” Chrysalis tittered, obscenely screwing herself on the man’s semi-rigid shaft.

“It wasn’t my idea to barge in!” Twilight squawked, petulantly stomping a hoof. “I would have been happy enough to listen and -”

“Can we please get some privacy for a second?!” Anon bellowed, glaring at all parties involved. Though he would reluctantly discuss his and Chrysalis’ sexual habits with a legitimate medical professional, he was not about to have a casual conversation while balls-deep in a bug-horse. “Just give us a minute or two and we’ll-”

“Where are the grubs?” the good doctor interrupted, concernedly looking about the room.

“They’re in the cupboard,” Chrysalis groaned, dismissively waving to the aforementioned cabinet.

The Princess knit her brow and trotted around the table, eyeing the adhered doors of the hatchlings’ improvised confines. “You just jammed them in there?!”

Please, they’ll be fine. It’s not my fault that this absolute stud saw fit to rut me! I mean, for goodness sake, who am I to turn down his advances,” the Queen giggled, constricting around his tool.

Anon glanced down at the brazenly salacious Matriarch, before wincing over at the alicorn. “Twilight, I swear, I didn’t-”

“See how he insists on knocking up his poor, helpless broodmare,” Chrysalis mused, flexing her legs and causing him to thrust into her. “He’s an absolute beast.”

“H...he is an impressive s...specimen,” Arista stammered, stepping over to affectionately paw at the man’s leg.

“Not for you!” Chrysalis hissed, ineffectually kicking out at the drone. “He’s mine! Go find your own hyu-man to sate yourself with!”

“For Celestia’s sake!” Greymare shouted, putting an immediate end to the wholly inappropriate and unprofessional scene. Grabbing the drone by the tail and scowling at the Princess, he turned and stomped from the room. “You have ten minutes to have yourselves presentable and have your offspring ready for their exam.”

As the trio departed, with Twilight taking up the rear, Anon noticed two things; for starters, while slipping glances at the fornicating couple, the alicorn was moving much slower than her medical companions - secondly, and more alarmingly, he spied a single bead of nectar rolling down her inner thigh. Though it came as no surprise that she’d been turned on by listening to and subsequently barging in on them, seeing a tangible note of her arousal was slightly disquieting. As the door was closed, finally giving the duo some modicum of privacy, he wriggled from his lover’s grasp and prized her legs apart.

“Remind me never to take you anywhere in public,” he grumbled. Stepping to the side, fully intent on retrieving his pants, a hoof shot forward and caught his arm.

“Before we present ourselves, perhaps we should clean up a bit,” she mused, hungrily licking her lips.

Scanning the room, finding it wholly lacking in any ways to get washed up, he rolled his eyes. “And just how are we supposed to - Oh fuck!” he hissed, her lips wrapped around his softening length.

Gazing up at him, while she slurped the cocktail of her juices and his spunk from his shaft, she contentedly hummed. Truly, in all the lands of all the worlds he could ever imagine, there couldn’t exist a more wanton beast. Allowing her to suck him clean, swearing to himself that it was simply out of convenience, he watched her lips swab his manhood.

Finishing the job with startling speed, she swallowed the dregs of their shag and hopped from the table. “Fresh seed every day keeps the doctors at bay,” she laughed. Magically wresting the cabinet door from its hinges, she hovered their squirming brood to the gently used and only slightly damp exam bed.

“I don’t think that’s how the saying goes,” he groused, finally free to get dressed. Once he’d slipped back into his discarded trousers and underwear, he straightened his shirt and walked to his mate’s side. “Ok, we’re ready now,” he announced.

“You shouldn’t be so concerned about others seeing us conjugating,” Chrysalis arrogantly whispered. “It’s completely natural and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d like to observe copulation between a hyu-man and the one and only true changeling Queen left in Equestria.”

“I am not going to plow you in front of a bunch of doctors,” he hissed, spotting the door gradually swinging open.

“Spoiled sport,” she huffed, watching the physicians enter with the Princess. “Tell me, what exactly will the exam of my progeny entail?” she demanded, stepping between the group and her offspring.

“We’d just like to document a few measurements from the little ones and ask you two a few questions; it’s standard procedure, you have nothing to worry about,” Greymare responded, wheeling a small scale into the room.

Wielding a clipboard and pen, Twilight approached the couple. “Let’s start with the basics, was there anything abnormal about the conception or pregnancy?”

“No,” Chrysalis sighed, clearly disinterested with the question. “Once I discovered how utterly prolific his love was, I induced an ovulation cycle and he thoroughly inseminated me. The gestation and birthing were run-of-the-mill - having said that, I’m absolutely certain my sire’s presence and doting behavior were immeasurably beneficial with the - Don’t touch them!” she blared, seeing the drone reach for one of the hatchlings.

“It’s fine, he just wants to get their weight - right?” Anon interjected, smiling at the reformed changeling.

Arista flinched and shrank away from the irate Matriarch. Peering up to the man, he nodded to the pile of squirming young. “Could you help? I just need you to place them each on the scale for me.”

Anon nodded, scooped up one of his progeny and sat it on the scale. “Sorry, she’s so vocal.”

“Oh I know,” the drone weakly chuckled. “The only time she isn’t loud is when she’s bragging over somepony she’s defeated or when she’s sleeping.”

“I am not!” Chrysalis petulantly shot back, turning her nose up at the borderline rude yet glaringly accurate statement.

“And what is this little guy’s name?” Greymare inquired, waving at the grub being weighed.

“I - uh - I think that’s Blue,” Anon remarked. “Honestly, I’m not sure; they all look nearly identical.”

“The simpleton took to marking them with colors and shapes,” the Queen griped, strutting over to the scale. “Considering the brands he so studiously applies regularly get wiped off throughout the day, he has a hard time telling them apart like we can. Just mark them down as one through ten - that will suffice for now.”

The comment about Anon not being able to differentiate his own kids stung a bit, though he tried not to let it get to him. He felt sure that, given enough time, he’d be able to pick them apart and come up with proper names for them - for the time being, he was doing the best he could with what he had. It wasn’t his fault that they were all roughly the same size and color - still, it did remind him of a question he kept forgetting to ask about.

“How do you know which one is which?” he asked, quirking a brow and looking over to his mate.

Chrysalis pursed her lips and thought for a moment. “We just know. They’re as different to me as the colors of a rainbow.”

“Really?” the man quipped, glancing at the drone for confirmation.

“She’s right. It’s hard to explain, but each changeling has a distinctive feeling to them. I’m pretty sure it’s so we can identify one another if we’re disguised or not,” Arista explained, squinting at the scale’s dial. “Huh…”

Anon’s interest in the subject shifted to one of concern, noting the changeling physician’s peculiar reaction. “What ‘Huh’? Is something wrong?”

The drone shook his head, before nodding to Twilight. “This one’s weight is above average,” he noted. Levitating a length of cloth measuring tape from the open cabinet, he glanced between Chrysalis and Anon. “May I measure him?”

Looking to his mate for confirmation, Anon shrugged. “I don’t see why not.”

Carefully checking the grub’s length, Arista knit his brow. “Definitely on the hefty side. And you’re positive about the hatching date?”

“Of course I’m sure! I watched them emerge myself!” Chrysalis barked. “They’re simply well nourished and cared for, why are you acting so surprised?”

Although Anon wasn’t entirely sure what all the fuss was about, something definitely had the doctors’ and Twilight’s interest. “But they’re healthy, right?”

“They certainly appear energetic. Responsive to stimulation, clear eyes, no sniffles or anything out of the ordinary,” Greymare noted, systematically pressing his stethoscope to the hatchlings and checking their limbs.

Furiously scribbling on her clipboard, Twilight cleared her throat. “I’d like your family to come back in three months, if that’s alright. As I’m sure you know, this is the first recorded case of a human reproducing with an Equestrian creature, let alone the fact that we have next to no documentation on pre-reformed changeling development.”

Anon really didn’t mind the small inconvenience - after all, the Princess was covering the bill and she continued to help with their finances. “That’s fine. Just let us know -”

“No,” Chrysalis interrupted, impudently stomping a hoof. “I’ll only allow it if Anon is given an extra week of vacation. His labors at that accursed bowling alley are taxing and I require a small bit of leave time for him.”

Without looking up from her notes, the Princess nodded. “That shouldn’t be a problem, although I’d need a predetermined date. If you can tell me when he’ll be needing the time off, I’ll be sure to get it approved.”

“Don’t I get a say in this?” the man grumbled. He felt bad enough for being caught quite literally with his pants down, as well as subtly demeaned by not having proper names for his kids, so being used as a bartering chip did little to help his mood.

Locking eyes with him, the Queen’s lips curled in a grin. “You’ll thank me,” she sternly stated, before leering over at the alicorn. “I’ll be sure you get the details - once we have our plans in place.”

As the three negotiated the future visit to the clinic, the pair of doctors finished examining the decade of younglings. With all ten deposited on the table, the grubs blissfully pawed at one another or explored the cushioned surface. It wasn’t until Doctor Greymare trotted from the room, wheeling the scale out, did Anon realize they’d already completed their checkup.

“Outside of being unusually large for their age, they’re all as healthy as can be,” Arista hummed, reading over the chart. “Even though you won’t be scheduled to come back for a while, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit if something comes up. I may not be a resident here, but I’ll come flying if you need me,” he continued, smiling over at the Queen.

“Barring anything calamitous, I doubt we’ll have need of your services,” Chrysalis groaned. Setting four of the hatchlings on her back, while carefully placing the remaining six about the man’s torso and shoulders, she only eventually looked to the drone. “What? Why are you staring at me?”

“C...can I - um - get a hug?” the drone meekly inquired, bashfully rubbing his neck.

“Why?” the Matriarch spat, heedless or uncaring of his trepidation. Glancing up to Anon’s face, noting his pained expression, she rolled her eyes. “Fine. I’ll allow you to have a hug.”

No sooner had she reluctantly given her blessing than Arista rushed over and wrapped his forelegs around her neck. “I really am glad to see you and I’m happy that you’re free. You probably won’t believe me, but the hive was buzzing when we got news that you’d been pardoned! If you’d ever like to come and visit, we’ll be sure to roll out the red carpet for you, Anon, and your hatchlings.”

“I…” Chrysalis cut herself off, apparently taken off guard by the assertion. “I’ll consider it. Now get off me. My mate has promised me an ice cream sundae for tolerating this wholly unnecessary trip, and I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

“Funny,” the drone began, stepping back and thoughtfully rubbing his chin. “What with all the love I smelled in here, I thought you wouldn’t be hungry for another -”

Bah!” the Queen protested, storming out of the room and into the hallway. “Come, Anon, don’t bother yourself with this rabble.”

Giving himself a moment, listening to the sound of his lover’s retreating footfalls, the man slowly turned to Twilight and Arista. “Sorry about that, she gets kind of testy at times. I really do appreciate everything you all have done for us and, for what it’s worth, I wouldn’t mind visiting Thorax’s hive.”

“We’d be happy to have you!” Arista bleated, grinning from ear to ear. “There are still a few drones who suspect she may be up to something, but Twilight said she’s been doing much better since she started staying with you!”

“I...really?” Anon blurted.

“Believe it or not, Chrysalis has made tremendous strides,” the Princess chimed in. “She hasn’t tried to overthrow the government or seek revenge, her mental state appears to have improved tremendously, and she genuinely seems to relish your company! All in all, I’m exceedingly pleased with how well -”

“Is somepony conspiring against me?” Chrysalis hissed, poking her head through the door. “If you have been plotting my downfall, I swear, I’ll hear about it from Anon. Believe me, I have ways of loosening his tongue.”

“We’re not conspiring, I was just thanking them for looking after us,” the man groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Even if that is true, don’t act terribly surprised if I thoroughly interrogate you later,” the Queen darkly snickered, trotting up behind him to squeeze his rump.

Anyways...Thanks again. We’ll be in touch,” he sighed, turning and guiding his mate towards the exit.

Though the day could have smoother, he took solace in the fact that it could have easily been much, much worse - still, it was a bit disconcerting to see her being borderline hostile with one of her reformed offspring. From what he’d heard, Chrysalis’ former hive had attempted to extend the olive branch at least once, shortly after their mass metamorphosis. If there was even a slight chance that she could make amends with them, he’d happily take it - after all, he would like their kids to have some shapeshifting friends.

“So…” he murmured, walking along beside her, “it’s nice to see that Arista still has warm feelings for you.”

Hmmph,” Chrysalis snorted, furrowing her brow. “Why would he not? He and his ilk are pale shadows of their former glory.”

“You know, maybe they could use a strong, smart, and remarkably cunning Queen to help them out - I mean, to be fair, you did see to their survival for ages,” he thought aloud, hoping she’d take the bait.

Stopping dead in her tracks, the Matriarch scowled over at him. “Do not attempt to persuade me with appeals to my vanity. They abandoned me and I’ve washed my hooves with them - that’s that.”

“But what if our kids become pals with some of the new changelings? Twilight’s School of Friendship has at least one from Thorax’s hive there and she seems pretty nice,” he muttered. “And I’m not appealing to your vanity, I just want everyone to get along.”

“Even without those traitors’ help, I’m sure our brood will be just fine,” she groused, affectionately patting and repositioning a hatchling on her shoulder. “If they’re half as - ugh - amiable as you, they’ll likely be making plenty of companions around town.”

Hearing the remark, Anon did a double-take. “So you’d be ok with them having friends?”

An odd array of emotions crossed the Queen’s face, before she turned her head. “Only so long as their acquaintances fully appreciate the splendor of a superior changeling. Regardless, this venture has been taxing and you owe me and the little ones a reward for our cooperation.”

While he wasn’t sure how to take her reaction, he didn’t want to press the issue. Though it may have seemed like a small victory, the fact that she hadn’t balked at the notion of their kids socializing was an immense relief. Smiling to himself, he rested a hand on the small of her back. “Brownie bits and salted caramel, right?”

“And sprinkles,” she corrected, moving through the lobby and to the exit. “All this talk of friendship is going to cost you extra.”

“Oh yeah, before I forget, what was that bit about a vacation? I’m not complaining or anything, but I am curious to hear what you’re planning,” he remarked.

“And you can stay curious,” she grumbled. “Outside of teaching you how to differentiate our brood, my lips are sealed.”

Keeping pace with her, he leaned in and nuzzled his cheek against her muzzle. “As long as I get to spend my time off with you, I’ll be pleased as punch.”

The barest hint of a blush crept into her face, yet she kept her eyes facing dead ahead. “Unless you’re trying to provoke me into having my way with you in front of half of Ponyville, I’d suggest you stop.”

As entertaining as the idea was, one exhibitionistic act was enough for the day. “Still, thanks,” he whispered.

Pecking her snout and withdrawing, she pressed her body against him. He had little doubt that she’d be asking for another heaping helping of his love later that evening, but he didn’t mind. Despite her being belligerent, ornery, and more lecherous than anyone or anything he’d ever encountered, he was truly happy to have her. Though she was a handful at times, the pros far outweigh the cons and, as such, he’d do what he could to keep her happy - so long as it was within reason, that is.

As Sugarcube Corner came into view, with the sun blazing overhead, his spirits lifted. His offspring were healthy, his lover seemed content, and his hopes for the future were high. Something told him that their kids would turn out just fine, though he couldn’t rightly explain why. Lovingly stroking his mate’s side, he was left to wonder what the future held for himself and his little family...

Chapter 7 (SFW)

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“And this one?” Chrysalis asked, lifting one of the softly cooing foals.

Anon sat mute, studying the small changeling for a moment, as he thoughtfully rubbed his chin. “Sapphire?”

“How can it be this difficult for you?” she sighed, closing her eyes in frustration. “That one is Sapphire,” she continued, pointing to one of the miniature shapeshifters off to the side, “this one is Carmine!”

The man squinted, looking between the two little ones for a moment, before his shoulders wilted. For the past three months, he’d been trying and failing to learn how to correctly identify each of his kids - all ten of them. Since he’d begun, the hatchings had morphed into their tottering, quadrupedal forms and they’d all been given names.

In no particular order, they were: Carmine, Sapphire, Xanthous, Amber, Mauve, Jade, Frost, Ebon, Rhombus, and Delta. Admittedly, naming all ten of the little buggers, pun intended, had been a monumental trial, but he and his mate had managed to get it done. Ultimately he’d resorted to anointing them based on his simplistic color-based identification method. He simply did the best he could with what he had; they all looked and effectively acted the same, at their young age, save for the occasional budding moment of unique personality.

Keeping to her word, Chrysalis had done her best to teach him how to tell the offspring apart using conventional means. Though he still didn’t fully understand it, she had some innate ability to distinguish each of them with the slightest glance - he, however, wasn’t quite as lucky. Left to recognize them based on their oh-so-subtle anatomical differences or the pitch of their noises, the task was next to impossible.

Reaching out, he took Carmine in his hands. “Sorry, little guy.”

Affectionately rubbing the foal’s head, before giving him a peck on the cheek and setting him free, he sighed. He really did feel bad that he couldn’t tell his own kids apart, despite Chrysalis assuring him that they would eventually develop unique traits - still, knowing that did little to bolster his mood. For the time being, he was left to make educated guesses.

“Really, you worry yourself too much. At this point, it’s not like they know better or care what you’re calling them - so long as you continue to dote on them, I’m sure they’ll be big, strong, and easily discernible in no time flat,” she murmured.

Getting to her hooves and stepping passed him, she affectionately patted his shoulder. To her credit, she had been remarkably patient with trying to teach him about developing drones. Though she had routinely berated and teased him about his ignorance of their offspring, she’d eventually relented in her jibes, after seeing that he was genuinely bothered by the matter.

Besides his frustration with picking out one foal from another, things had been going relatively smoothly. His work at the bowling alley had continued, all his offspring were healthy, and his mate was just as pithy and sharp-witted as ever. The only things which had changed were the hatchlings, with how quickly they were growing, and Chrysalis herself.

Being around her brood seemed to have mellowed her to a degree. She was still relatively quick to anger and arrogant to a fault, yet a subtle undercurrent of contentment had crept into her life. When she wasn’t looking after their young, tending to their needs and ensuring they didn’t get into too much trouble, she was spending time with him. As silly as it may have sounded, his quaint little home life was oddly relaxing and a day didn’t go by when he didn’t look forward to seeing his family.

“Yeah,” he groaned, pushing himself up, “you’re probably right.”

“I know I’m right. It’s not like I haven’t raised hundreds of them before - sure, this particular crop may be maturing at an alarming rate, but that’s the only peculiarity about them. Come now, we should get them ready for bed,” she intoned, magically gathering retrieving a handful of the little ones from beneath their bed.

Anon grunted, scooping up the two nearest drones. If they continued to flourish the way they had been, and he had no reason to assume they wouldn’t, he’d only be able to handle one at a time before too long. When standing, each of the foals reached his shins. It wasn’t like he was saddened by their size, but some part of him already missed having multiple little grubs clinging to his back, shoulders, and limbs.

Precariously holding a foal in each arm, he stooped over to fetch a third. They were still just small enough to perch on his head, an activity both he and they particularly enjoyed, so he saw no reason the lucky little hatchling couldn’t have the prized seat. Lifting his child upward, peering into the tyke’s turquoise eyes, he smiled.

The drone beamed up at him, opened its fanged maw, and took a breath. “D…”

Holding the drone before himself, Anon went stiff. It wasn’t uncommon for them to make all sorts of noises, babbling and hissing nonsensically to one another, him, or their mother, yet the specific syllable drew his immediate interest. He’d been regularly trying to teach them that he was their dad and that Chrysalis was their mom, even though the Queen thought it was a pointless endeavor.

“Come on,” he encouraged, adjusting his arms to accommodate the pair of foals he was carrying. “Dad! Daaaaaaaaaad.”

“What are you blathering about?” Chrysalis asked, craning her neck to look back at him.

Turning in place, while carrying the trio of young, he peeked over at her. “I think he’s trying to say dad.”

She - that’s Ebon,” the Queen corrected, stepping closer to the man. “And you’re likely mistaken. They don’t begin speaking until-”

“D...da…” the bab cooed, waving a hoof at Anon’s face.

The couple stood mute, fixating on the tiny drone. “Come on,” he whispered, leaning in and rubbing noses with the bab. “Daaaaaaaaaaad!”

Scrunching her snout and twisting her head to the side, Ebon’s tongue flicked past her lips. “...Da da.”

In the blink of an eye, Anon’s face split in the biggest and broadest smile he may have ever had. Though it may well have been a fluke, an odd collection of two different noises, his pride welled. “One more time!”

Mirroring his joy, the foal’s eyes went alight. “Dadadadadadadadadadada…”

“Chryssy!” he exclaimed, triumphantly raising the foal above his head.

Though the action would have dislodged the pair in his arms, they’d already escaped his grasp; one of the babs had draped itself over the back of his neck, while the second hung from the side of his waistband. Whether through sheer coincidence or some odd mental group-think, the ennead of other hatchlings all began mimicking their sister. Out of sync and of varying tones, the small hoard gleefully flocked to their father and chanted in near unison.

“H...holy shit! Chryssy! Is this…” he trailed off, seeing the concerned look on her face.

Looking to each of the young drones, she knit her brow. “No, this most certainly is not normal…”

“Maybe they’re - Crap,” he muttered, as he was quite literally swarmed by their young. Holding his pants up, while he was scaled by the munchkin hoard, he scrunched his nose. “Maybe they’re just smarter than usual. We have been playing those books on record that Twilight gave us for them!”

“Minions!” Chrysalis announced, loudly stomping her hoof and drawing the brood’s attention. “Though I am your Queen, you may refer to me as - Ugh - Mommy.”

Nonplussed, tilting their heads from side to side, the mass of drones peered up at her in confusion. If they understood her or what she was offhandedly asking for, they paid it little mind. Each slowly turned their focus back to Anon, bleating an unending stream of “Dadadadadadadada…” Chrysalis’ disapproval was nearly palpable, as she watched the throng continue moving onto and up the man’s frame.

“Ok ok ok,” he huffed, spinning Ebon around to face their Mom. “Mama...Maaaamaaaa,” he coached. He really didn’t want her mood to sour, especially after the awe-inspiring moment of being christened as the “Dada”.

The filly in his grip squinted at the Matriarch, pursed her little lips together, and blew the tiniest, most adorable raspberry he’d ever heard. Doing his level best not to laugh at the hilarious development, the other foals followed suit. Their intonations altered, one after the other, until the room was filled with the sound of a decade’s worth of “Pfffffffffffffffffffffts”

Ingrates,” Chrysalis growled. Sorcerously plucking Ebon from Anon’s grasp, she leered at the filly. “Mommy! It’s not that hard…”

Upon finding herself wrenched from her father’s hands, the tiny drone hissed and wriggled about petulantly. The Queen’s disdain was painfully evident, as she hastily lowered the hatchling, turned away, and stormed towards the door. Acting as quickly as he was able, hoping to avert an impending tirade, Anon grabbed up a random child and gave chase. Be damned if he wasn’t at least going to try and salvage the afternoon.

With the indiscriminately purloined bab under his arm, Anon scampered after his lover. Though he wasn’t sure exactly whom he was holding, or if there was even the slightest chance that they’d be able to say ‘Mama’, he issued a silent prayer. If she got peeved, he’d have to wrangle the kids by himself - if he had to wrangle the kids by himself, there was no telling when he’d be able to get any rest. For his own sake, he needed to un-fuck the situation.

“Wait, darn it!” he shouted, sprinting from the room.

Spying the Queen’s obsidian behind disappearing around a corner leading to the living room, he cursed beneath his breath. If the blasted drone couldn’t or wouldn’t say ‘Mama’, he wasn’t completely out of luck. Not too long into their relationship, he’d learned the often-times brooding bug-horse had a profound weakness for tiramisu - as such, he kept the ingredients on-hand for just such an emergency. If nothing else, he could salve her tattered nerves with a calorically induced coma.

Sadly, just as he crossed the threshold into the den, his plans fell apart. Chrysalis carried on, heedless or uncaring of his pursuit, as a series of loud, particularly forceful knocks rang out from the front door. Not only was he left to deal with an irate mate and their unattended young, but they had an unexpected visitor as well. As he altered his course and moved towards the entrance to their subterranean home, he glanced towards the living room.

“Babe, can you keep an eye on the foals for a second? I’ve gotta get the door,” he shouted.

“Do it yourself! I’m sure they’d love to have their precious Dada minding them,” the Queen spat, her voice dripping with vitriol.

As tempted as Anon was to ignore whoever was outside, the knocking continued unabated. Trudging towards the door, instinctively cradling the filly in his arms, he scowled. Whoever the hell was there to bother them had chosen a piss-poor time to show up and, unless they had some damn good news, he had every intention of shooing them away. Up the winding pathway he marched, until he reached the exit.

“Yeah, what do you - Twilight?” he coughed, spying the elated alicorn on his doorstep. Beside her stood Spike, holding a clipboard and looking none too thrilled to be there. “What the hell are you…” he fell silent, only then remembering what she’d said about having their house bugged - that is, in the eavesdropping sense.

“Was it a colt or a filly?” the Princess excitedly asked, practically prancing in place.

“Twilight, as much as I appreciate the visit, this really isn’t the best time,” Anon groaned. On any other occasion, he wouldn’t have minded the company, but not then - not when he was trying to subvert a disaster.

“Was it her? I bet it was her?” Twilight pressed, stepping closer and waving a hoof at the drone in his arms. “Hey there cutie! Are you the one who said your first word.”

Growing increasingly overwhelmed with every passing second, Anon glanced between the alicorn and her pint-sized draconic companion. While the Princess was busy fawning over one of his daughter’s, Spike mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry’; though it was an appreciated gesture of sympathy, it did little to address the unfortunate circumstances - no, there was only one person who could deal with Twilight and that was him.

Clearing his throat, causing the Princess to look to his face, he steeled himself. “Twilight, come back tomorrow. I have work in the morning, Chryssy isn’t in a good mood, and I’ve gotta put the foals to bed. If you could - Oh for fuck’s sake!” he shouted, as a pair of tiny drones buzzed by him and out the door.

“I’m on it,” Spike asserted, dropping the clipboard and taking off after the duo - still, that wouldn’t be enough. As the dragon chased after the first two, another three sought their freedom.

“Chryssy,” Anon yelled, his voice tinged with desperation, “help!” Extending Ebon towards the Princess, while snatching a hatchling from the air, he did his level best to keep things from spiraling out of control. “Hold her for a second.”

“She most certainly will not hold my daughter,” Chrysalis announced, causing him to look over his shoulder. Strutting up the path, while their offspring flew and scampered by her, she didn’t seem to care that their young were escaping the home. Wholly ignoring the foals and trotting to the man’s side, she levitated Ebon from his grasp. “I will not be getting assistance from a Princess.”

“Funny,” Twilight began, barely suppressing a giggle, “I thought a house and monthly bits would be considered assistance.”

Curling her lip and stroking the floating filly like a cat, the Matriarch’s baleful gaze settled upon the alicorn. “Quiet,” the Queen hissed. “The only reason I allow your help is because my mate would be constantly working himself to the bone if you didn’t. I’ll not have my young tainted by that disease you call friendship.”

Askance, watching the exchange in total disbelief, Anon’s patience reached a breaking point. Though he and Spike had managed to apprehend two of the little drones, four had flown the coop and were having a grand time evading capture. Gritting his teeth, he attempted to reign in his growing frustrations.

“How about you two mares stop squabbling and start helping?” he seethed, forcing a smile.

Though Chrysalis didn’t budge, the fainted grin graced her muzzle. The small smile turned into a twisted smirk, before she burst into laughter. As his mate cackled over at him, Anon’s temper flared. What had been a wonderful, heartwarming, and relaxing afternoon had somehow flown off the rails and gone to shit at the drop of a hat.

“You mind explaining what’s so damn funny?” he spat, glaring at the guffawing Matriarch.

“’re not serious, are you?” she wheezed, failing to contain her mirth. Briefly locking eyes with his, undoubtedly seeing that he wasn’t screwing around, she groaned and rolled her eyes. “Your concern, while positively adorable, is wholly unnecessary.”

“So you’re ok with the kids just running into the woods or taking off to who knows where?” Anon countered.

“Do exactly as I tell you and observe,” Chrysalis tutted. Stepping outside and into the grass, she lazily turned to face the man. “Cast your arms wide and call to them. Tell them you love them and that you wish for them to return.”

“You’re shitting me, right?” he laughed, unable to keep the sarcasm from his voice.

While he was far from an expert on changelings, or any creatures from Equestria, the idea that kids of any species would simply do as asked was ludicrous. He couldn’t count how many times he’d run amok when he was younger, so he was left to presume the fruit of his loins would be much the same. His incredulous look must have been obvious, because his lover disapprovingly shook her head.

“If you’re skeptical, simply try it,” she huffed. “But know that when my suggestion works, and it will work, I expect to be positively lavished with praise…”

Seeing no reason not to give her tactic a show, Anon took a deep breath, spread his arms, and steadied himself. “Come to Daddy!” he blared.

Two or three of the rogue drones looked in his direction, though none of them seemed to pay him much mind. As he feared, all but one continued unabated - running around and playing with each other, chasing the odd moth, or simply wandering about. It was yet another disheartening development for the evening and did little to raise his mood.

“You didn’t say the love bit,” Chrysalis chastised. “You do love them, don’t you?”

His head whipped around, affixing her with a petulant stare. “Of course I do!”

“Then tell them that!” she insisted, waving a hoof towards the steadily disbanding hoard of baby shapeshifters.

Dwelling on the thought of his young, with his concern steadily mounting, he closed his eyes. “Daddy loves you! Please come back!”

A light breeze washed over him, followed by the soft sounds of the night wildlife becoming active. He couldn’t bring himself to see if the ploy had worked, so he stood and quietly waited. There was no real danger for his family, not with their mother and a Princess nearby, but that wasn’t the point. He wanted his foals to trust and rely on him, to know that he’d do anything for them, so the experience was lent added weight.

As his hopes began to wither, something brushed against his leg, followed by a weight affixing to his arm. Multiple small, warm bodies fastened themselves to him, causing his heart to swell. Despite himself, his lip began to quiver. He knew without looking that they’d come, that his little ones had returned to him, and the feeling was beyond profound. Though he was their father, it was the first time he ever truly felt like their dad.

“I told you they’d listen,” his mate haughtily intoned.

Cracking an eye, he cautiously shuffled around to face her. With nine of his young clinging to him, and the tenth on its way, his happiness was almost complete - almost. “I’m still missing one…”

“Are you daft? They’re all right there!” Chrysalis insisted, looking between the decade of contented young. The man gradually knelt, taking care not to inadvertently bludgeon or dislodge any of the tykes, as he tearily smiled over at her.

“Can’t be a family without the Mama…” he whispered, doing his damnedest not to have his voice crack.

From the very depths of his heart, he’d meant what he said. Regardless of Chrysalis’ short temper, ravenous carnal hunger, or arrogance, he wouldn’t have changed a thing about her. Without her, he sincerely wasn’t sure he would have ever started a family, especially in Equestria. She was the creature he saw before going to bed at night, the first creature to greet him in the morning, and she meant the world to him.

Their eyes met, his silly grin broadened, and a blush crept into her cheeks. Though she remained silent, she took a step towards him, followed by a second, until she was moving at a steady trot. As she reached him, looking him dead in the face, she paused. It almost looked like she wanted to say something, yet she didn’t speak; she simply draped her head over her shoulder, pressed her chest to his, and deeply sighed.

“You really are hopeless - I hope you know that…” she whispered, gently necking with him.

“I can not believe what I’m seeing!” Twilight blithely exclaimed, catching the man’s ear.

Honestly, given the chaotic events of the past hour, he’d nearly forgotten the Princess was even there. Peering over, seeing the alicorn furiously scribbling something out on her clipboard, he bit his tongue. He couldn’t be that upset, even if she was partially to blame for the foals getting loose and scurrying into the yard, though his lover didn’t seem to mirror that sentiment. The Queen’s grimace gradually shifted into a twisted smirk. Whatever the conniving shapeshifter was up to, it likely wasn’t good.

“Minions,” she sweetly cooed, stepping back and fondly petting two of the hatchlings, “how about you go introduce yourselves to Twilight…”

“Oh my goodness!” Twilight bleated, all but dropping her notes. “A...are you serious? You don’t mind if I -”

“Be my guest,” Chrysalis purred, magically lifting three of the little changelings towards the elated Princess. “All that I ask is that you indulge with each of them equally - after all, it wouldn’t be very fair to pick favorites.”

The Princess trotted forward, straight towards the hoard of tiny bug-horses, practically skipping at the opportunity to interact with the tiny colts and fillies. As she lowered herself to the ground, bringing herself closer to their level, she unfurled her wings and waved them to herself. “I’m Aunty Twilight! Come on, I’d love to get to know each and every one of you.”

Each of the foals lazily turned, as if only then noticing the Princess, before moving in Twilight’s direction. As the seconds passed, with the hoard growing nearer and nearer to the alicorn, Anon glanced over at his lover. Something wasn’t right, but he couldn’t say what it was. Every other time Twilight had asked to hold or inspect one of the kids, Chrysalis had practically pitched a fit - now she was encouraging their young to interact with her former nemesis.

“Gosh, you sure are - Ooops! Careful there, I don’t want to - Uh…” Twilight’s delight at all the attention wavered slightly, as she was quite literally swarmed by the affectionate tykes. Climbing her legs and landing on her back, they clung to her like the little parasites they were.

Then it dawned on Anon, they were parasites. Unwittingly or not, the Princess was making herself a walking buffet for the hoard. With all ten of their kids doubtlessly feasting on the alicorn’s energy, there was no telling how long Twilight would be able to last. Alicorn or not, the cumulative leaching effect would likely take a heavy toll rather quickly.

As he went to get to his feet, Chrysalis’ grip on him tightened. “Not quite yet,” she whispered in his ear. “If she’s intent to interrupt us at such an hour, let her furnish their dinner…”

Looking into her eyes, the corner of his mouth turned up. “You’re evil…”

“And you wouldn’t have it any other way,” she hissed. Before he could reply, she shot forward and locked lips with him.

Though he felt a little bad for Twilight, he had to admit, it was a damn poetic scene. He’d step in before she was left too weary from being drained, so there wouldn’t be any actual harm, but that would wait for a moment. As keenly fascinated as the Princess had been about documenting the baby drones, she may not have even minded being used as a snack - after all, it was a wholly natural part of what they are.

Um…” Spike began, reminding everyone he was still present. “Twilight, you are-”

“Doing a fantastic job,” Chrysalis interrupted, taking a momentary pause from making out with her man.

“That’s not very nice, Chrysalis,” the dragon huffed, waddling over and gently lifting one of the foals off Twilight’s side. Setting the drone down and patting its head, he removed another of the babs from his friend. “Is she always like this?” he grunted.

“No,” the Queen hummed, “I’m usually much worse.” Giving her lover one final peck on the cheek, she took a step back. “Twilight, henceforth, I’ll allow you to come and play with our brood once a week, on one condition…”

“Condit - Woah,” Twilight gasped, suddenly listing heavily to the side. Fortunately, Spike was close enough and savvy enough to lend her a claw and keep her upright. Over the span of just a few minutes, she’d been nearly incapacitated by the young. “I...I’m ok. What condition?”

“Good - now then,” Chrysalis continued, “you may come and interact with our foals for an hour a week, at a time Anon and I agree upon - in exchange, each of our brood will be given a full scholarship to that sham of an institution you opened in Ponyville.”

“But it’s -” Spike’s intervention was cut short, as the man held out a hand and shook his head.

Both the Queen and the Princess were being colossal idiots, though that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. So far as he knew, the School of Friendship didn’t have tuition fees and actively sought members from exotic and less common creatures - meaning their kids would be shoe-ins and it wouldn’t cost them a dime. If letting Chrysalis think she was getting some grand favor, so much the better.

That being said, he wasn’t sure exactly what had gotten into Twilight. She’d freely let a group of ravenous changeling babs feed on her and she’d seemed damn happy to do it! Whether the questionable decision had been due to a lapse of judgement, a perverse interest in learning, outright masochism, or some combination of the three, he couldn’t rightly say - regardless, the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Besides the odd manic fit or bout of compulsive behavior, Twilight really was a good horse. She’d easily be one of the most influential friends their offspring could ever make, she’d successfully taught a handful of prospective heroes at her academy, and she’d even reformed several villains. Even if she was a bit quirky, he trusted her implicitly around his offspring.

“Twi,” he began, causing the Princess to turn towards him, “how about it.”

“O...of course! I’d be honored to have them at the school - once they’re older, of course,” Twilight whooped. Unsteadily prancing in place, before nearly losing her balance for a second time, she smiled sheepishly.

“Then we have an accord,” Chrysalis grunted, extending a foreleg.

The mares tersely shook hooves, before stepping away from one another; it was possibly the first time that the two had come to an agreement on anything, irrespective of how nonsensical it was. Though it was an outwardly nonchalant exchange, Anon couldn’t help but wonder if it would lead to the two growing more amiable towards each other. Regrettably, his speculation came to a swift, horrifying, and somewhat comedic end, as his mate leveled a hoof at the Princess.

“Go get her,” the Matriarch clucked, urging the hatchlings to attack.

“Ok, I think that’s enough excitement for the day,” Spike grunted, physically inserting himself between the two. Having thwarted the adorable onslaught of the youngsters, he gazed up at the Queen. “Do you mind if I - um - can I come visit them too?”

Gazing upon the pudgy little dragon, Chrysalis nodded. “Twilight, when my progeny begin attending the school, Spike will serve as their chaperone. Considering Anon and I won’t be available to attend them throughout their studies, he will act in our stead.”

“Really?” Spike and Anon blurted, shocked by the uncompromising nature of her demand.

“Yes,” she replied, glancing at the two of them. “He trusted that traitor and put his neck on the line. Unlike the ponies, he has earned some modicum of respect from me,” she continued, lowering her head and bringing her snout to the dragon’s face. “Do not disappoint me.”

“I - Gulp - I...I won’t,” the tubby reptile sputtered, practically shivering.

“As long as he’s alright with it, I see no reason he couldn’t,” Twilight thought aloud, rubbing her chin.

The briefest glare from the tall, imposing shapeshifter set his head nodding. “ for me.”

“Good, because it wasn’t a request,” Chrysalis snickered, flashing a toothy grin down at him. “Now then, if you two have had your fill of badgering my hyu-man and I, I believe we’ll retire for the evening.”

“It is getting kind of late and I do have work in the morning,” Anon admitted. The sun was already on its way to setting, he’d worked first shift, and he was ready to throw some dinner together and relax.

“I am sorry for interrupting, but I couldn’t help myself. It’s just that when I heard - Err…” Twilight caught herself, having almost let-slip that she’d been listening in on their household activities.

“Heard one of them speak? Just like how you surely heard my lover and I in the throes of ecstacy the night before?” the Queen demurely asked, raising a brow. The Princess went rigid and her cheeks darkened considerably, having been put on the spot, yet that only seemed to egg Chrysalis on. “There’s no need to be embarrassed, dear Twilight. To this day, I’m amazed you practically handed him to me on a silver platter, considering he is an absolutely savage paramour. Isn’t that right?” she sweetly inquired, crossing to the man and drawing a hoof up his inner thigh.

“Ooooooook, yeah, time to head back inside,” he hastily remarked, scooping up a pair of foals and strolling to the door. He’d been caught fucking his mate on a number of occasions already - to the point where he could sense when she was getting worked up at the potential of giving someone a show.

Smelling blood in the water, between the man’s retreat and the glimmer in Twilight’s eyes, Chrysalis continued undeterred. “Feel free to listen all you want; just know that getting yourself off will never compare to feeling his hot, thick -”

“I...I think I have enough information to go over myself, so I’ll check in with you guys later,” Twilight stammered. Without so much as another word, in a flash of light, she teleported herself away.

“Figures,” Spike huffed, having been abandoned by the Princess. “You two have a good night. Thanks for putting up with the visit,” he added. Grumbling something to himself and waving his goodbyes, he took to the air.

“Sorry!” Anon shouted, waving at the runtish dragon.

Spike really was a damn good dude, one of the few in Equestria he considered a good friend, and he genuinely felt bad that the little guy was treated more like a tag-along than a true part of the Elements of Harmony - hell, even Chrysalis seemed to realize his worth! Watching the dragon soar into the distance, he waited for his mate and their offspring to join him.

“Soooooo,” he hummed, peeking over at the mother of his kids, “how long have you known that Twilight was eavesdropping?”

“Since we moved in the cave,” Chrysalis smoothly answered. “Honestly, she has all the guile of a yak. It may not have helped that I was suspicious of her motives, which I still am, so finding her little trinkets was a paltry affair.”

Anon cocked his head and slowed, reaching the door. “And you’re ok with it?”

“If tolerating her prying ears meant we’d be furnished with our home, yes. Make no mistake, I’ll tire of it eventually, but I’ve done far more insidious things myself,” she snickered, corralling in the herd of pint-sized drones.

Unsure if he wanted to know what she’d meant, he let the matter lie. As he strolled alongside her, with their band of young following them, his curiosity wandered to the second of their uninvited guests. “And you actually want Spike looking after them?”

“Why would I not? He’s not a pony, his kind has nearly indomitable willpower, and he’s proven himself to be either brave or ignorant enough to trust my kind. Whilst it is true that Thorax stuck a knife in my back, it wasn’t Spike’s fault that that perfidious pest betrayed me and the hive. Much like yourself, Twilight underestimates his potential and full capabilities,” she grouched. “Why? Would you not select him as a caretaker?”

“I would, I’m just surprised that you suggested it,” he corrected. Steering the conversation away from the touchy subject of her deposition, there was one other mystery which piqued his interest. “And the school?”

“What of the school? You’d mentioned wanting our young to have friends, so it’s a logical course of action. Had I not taken the initiative and struck a bargain with the voyeuristic Princess, we may have had to spend a small fortune for their eventual admittance,” she proudly asserted, smugly smiling over at him.

Though he was more than happy to discuss the revelation that she knew about their house being bugged, metaphorically speaking, he wasn’t about to upend her erroneous standing on the matter of the School; instead of correcting her, he simply walked over and stroked her mane. If letting her think she’d won one over on Twilight placated her, so be it.

“You want to help me in the kitchen?” he inquired, moving through the living room. “I was gonna make something special for you, but there’s no sense in it being a surprise.”

“Is it the tiramisu?” she asked, piquing a brow over at him.

Shaking his head defeatedly, he groaned to himself. “Figured that out too, huh?”

“Really? You expected me to see the required ingredients and not realize what you were up to?” she clucked. “I’ve been patiently waiting for nearly a week for you to prepare it.”

“Alright. You heat up those leftovers and make a salad, I’ll get cracking on the dessert,” he instructed.

As the two moved into the kitchen, with the bulk of their young trailing in their wake, they set themselves to task. When they weren’t asleep, it wasn’t uncommon for the swarm of little drones to follow them around the house as a pack. Anon wasn’t sure if it was some species-centric behavior or if the kids just felt comfortable around him and their mom - either way, they usually didn’t get in the way too often. The only affairs their offspring would routinely attempt intrude upon were when they got frisky - which had prompted them to install additional locks on their bedroom door.

As Chrysalis and Anon busied themselves with making their dinner, as well as a heaping fruit salad for the little ones, the babs took to terrorizing and/or playing with one another. From an outsider’s perspective, it was hard to tell if they were getting along or roughhousing - in any event, none of them seemed to mind the wrestling matches which regularly broke out, since there were seldom any instances of crying.

The pair worked in concert, deftly dodging the diminutive drones as they prepared supper. With their combined effort, the bulk of their meal was ready in short order. The Queen arranged the table, setting places for herself and her man, while Anon sat the dessert in the freezer to chill. Their hoard of kids were fed on the floor, with each getting a heaping helping of fresh fruit to supplement their energy siphoning rations.

Realistically, feeding all their young at a table wasn’t a practical or viable option. At the rate they were sprouting, they’d quickly outgrow any foal-sized furniture available and, so far as Anon could tell, none of them minded huddling under the table to feast. Though it had taken him a while to get used to, he’d gradually warmed to the idea of having them happily munch away around his legs.

Their meal was, for the most part, spent in silence. Given the relatively late hour and the tumultuous mixed-bag of events leading up to their dinner, not to mention the full day beforehand, the pair were fully content to quietly eat and enjoy the utter lack of bedlam. After polishing off their garden salad and the remains of their tofu kebabs from the night before, Anon retrieved their final course.

“It’ll probably be better tomorrow, after it’s had a full night to rest,” he noted, carving his mate a sizable chunk of the confection.

Waving away his concerns, Chrysalis hovered her portion over to herself. “You won’t hear any complaints from me. If I...What?” she grunted, rearing back and looking beneath the table.

Stepping back to see what had distracted her, Anon noticed one of their young arduously climbing their mother’s leg. The behavior was odd, since the youngling’s abandoned bowl hadn’t been cleaned, which led him to wonder what the tyke was up to. There was an off chance that the kid had seen or smelled the dessert, yet most of them appeared to prefer fruit over sweet treats.

“Maybe he just wants attention?” he thought aloud.

She,” Chrysalis corrected, leering over at the man. Evoking her power and magically lifting the suspect drone, she set her menacing gaze on the bab. “What do you want, Jade?”

The filly pawed at her face, wholly disinterested in the dessert on the table, which made the situation even more perplexing. For one of them to want attention during a conventional meal was almost unheard of. Reaching for her mother’s snout, the foal’s snout wrinkled in consternation.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Jade hummed.

Mmmmm - what? Mmmmmmmmmmmust you bother your mother when she’s clearly trying to eat?” the Matriarch softly chastised. “If you want some of my dessert, you can ask your father to -”

“Ma,” the filly peeped, causing her freeze.

Chrysalis and Anon stared in wide-eyed wonder at the foal, wondering if the noise had been a fluke or a prelude for something all the more moving. Looking between her parents, possibly wondering why she suddenly held their undivided attention, whatever mysterious conviction she had wavered - that was, until she was given a bit of encouragement from an unlikely source. Bringing her bab closer, the Queen gazed into her daughter’s eyes.

Mmmmma,” she breathed.

Jade peered at her mother, seemingly processing the noise, before opening her little fanged maw. “MmmmmammmmmaPfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.”

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, the magic was lost - replaced by the soft sound of ten small voices joining in a chorus of raspberries. Though Anon did what he could to fight back his laughter, he failed miserably. Chrysalis, for her credit, merely glared at the hovering ringleader of the display.

“Don’t worry,” Anon snickered, doing his level best to regain his composure, “I’m sure they’ll all be saying Mama soon enough.”

Hmmph,” the Queen snorted, returning Jade to her siblings on the floor. “If they don’t, have no doubt that I’ll be hounding you for more of these treats,” she added, digging into her tiramisu and glowering over at her mate...

Chapter 8 (NSFW)

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Kneeling on the bathroom floor, with his face buried between Chrysalis’ succulent thighs, Anon stole the fleeting glance up at his lover. He hadn’t intended for his shower to take an abrupt and exceedingly lewd turn, but it had done so nonetheless. The well-timed appearance of, and a series of sinful compliments from his lover had caught his ear and caused him to retaliate. One thing led to another and, before he knew it, he was feasting on her marehood like a randy teenager.

Tart and sweet, her nectar flowed over his lapping tongue and down his throat. The weight of her legs on his shoulders, feeling her shiver when he teased her winking clit, hearing her contented groans and sighs of delight - truly, she was as delightfully wonderful as she ever had been - doubly so, since quiet moments of privacy had become less and less frequent.

Peering down at him, meeting his eye, a wolfish grin split her features. “Enough dawdling. As pleasant as it is, I yearn to feel you inside of me…”

Pushing himself up, Anon loomed over the seated changeling. Though he had every intention of obliging her, he couldn’t help himself from teasing her just a bit. Pointing to his groin, where his manhood stood rigid and proud, he uttered two words.

Suck it…

Just like that, she was upon him like a striking adder. Her luscious lips and sinuous tongue wrapped around his length, drawing them into her toothy maw. Skillfully bobbing her head, she peeked up at him. The moment she noticed him smiling down at her, she steadily torqued her head to the right.

As the slow turn continued, a series of rather loud pops filled the cramped room. While it wasn’t the first time she’d twisted her head all the way around, Anon couldn’t help himself from being disquieted by the sight. Like some perverse and particularly bawdy owl, her throat curled into view. As bizarre as it may have sounded, the spectacle of watching his dick swab her esophagus was astoundingly captivating.

Savoring her warmth, with his fingers gliding through her mane, he softly grasped the back of her skull. They both knew what was coming and, judging from the glint he’d seen in her harlequin eyes, and both needed it. Cradling her head in his hands, he gently bucked into her snout. As a pleased sigh escaped him, her forked tongue crept past her lips and to his softly swaying nuts.

With the kids off at the park with Spike, who had promised to walk them home after school, it was one of the few times they’d be able to fool around unharried. Though it was possible for them to get nasty when their hoard of offspring was home, it was less than ideal; the little buggers had some preternatural sense for when the two were becoming intimate and, as such, they’d taken to trying to peep in on the action; Chrysalis swore it had something to do with the ambient love energy they generated when going to pound-town, though that did little to make it any less awkward. Nothing quite ruined the mood like a decade of drones doing their damnedest to break into your bedroom while you were balls deep in your mate.

Moving one hand to her throat, he lightly squeezed. The additional pressure around his tool, while pleasant, wasn’t nearly as gratifying as gradually ramping up the intensity for her. Given that she was prone to the odd bout of sadomasochism, he wasn’t opposed to provoking her - if only slightly. Pushing her head forward, burying her nose in his balls, she groaned around him.

“Alright, that’s enough,” he grunted, patting her jaw. He’d been more than happy with the surprise oral, he wasn’t about to waste the opportunity to get some real action. “Come on, stand up.”

Unhurriedly withdrawing and reorienting her head, she hungrily licked her chops. “My my - someone’s rather eager.”

“For you, of course I am,” he purred. Drawing one finger under her chin, he tilted her face upwards, leaned in, and locked lips with her. He’d long overcome his aversion to the taste of his pre-cum, allowing him to fervently make out with her.

As she wrapped her forelegs around his neck, needily clinging to him, she closed her eyes. She wanted him just as badly as he wanted her - possibly more, since she gained strength from their carnal bouts - and he’d be glad to oblige them both. Only after their tongues had entwined, vying for dominance, did he reluctantly pull away.

Without being asked a second time, Chrysalis got to her hooves and stepped into the basin. Sorcerously setting the shower to run, adding a pleasant sprinkling of warm water to the impending deed, she braced her hind legs and flagged her tail. It was a tempting sight, one he’d indulged in countless times, although he had something else in mind.

Moving up behind her, he stooped low and grabbed ahold of one of her hind legs. The maneuver wouldn’t be the easiest to pull off - at least, not initially - but it would definitely be worth the effort. Wrapping one arm around her chest, ensuring she wouldn’t unceremoniously lose her balance, he pulled her towards himself.

Glancing back at him, she piqued a brow. “Not satisfied to rut me like a common mare?”

As she shifted in his grasp, allowing him to hoist her lower half into the air, she fully turned to face him. Cradling her back in one hand, while supporting her rump in the other, she quickly got the hint and joined in. Like a spring-loaded trap, her hind legs snapped around his waist. With his dick pressed hotly against her lower lips, he pulled her torso to himself.

“I’d much rather see my Queen’s beautiful face,” he chuckled, bucking his hips and taunting her sex.

Raising her waist and wrapping her forelegs around his broad shoulders, she effortlessly aligned herself with his shaft. “Haven’t I told you that flattery will get you everywhere,” she sighed, impaling herself upon him.

The upstanding citizen was one of the less frequent positions they used to consummate their affection; though they both enjoyed it tremendously, the strength and endurance to pull off such a feat wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. Thankfully, the bathtub one one of the places to enact the amorous arrangement. Stepping forward, as she clamped her legs around him, he pressed her back to the wall.

As he placed his heels against the side of the basin, his fingers sank into her ass. Face to face, with only a breath between her muzzle and his nose, he moved in and deeply kissed her. It was the perfect accoutrement to feeling her marehood needily clenching around his shaft and it spurred him onward. Adjusting his positioning, if only to ensure her comfort, he started to move.

Fiercely gripping his pistoning manhood, while making out with him, Chrysalis was certainly no slouch in the matter. The soft frogs of her hooves danced over his back and shoulders, sweetly caressing him as they made love. Besides the sound of water cascading over their bodies and pattering to the basin below, the air was filled with stifled moans and hums of satisfaction.

Given the remarkable amount of time he’d spent with her, Anon had gleaned a number of his lover’s weaknesses. Relinquishing his hold of her tush, he supported her lower back and altered the angle of his thrusts. The change, though subtle, caused her to tremble. He’d learned fairly early on just how to hammer her g-spot and he relished the knowledge that he could rather easily hit her buttons.

Pulling away and breaking their kiss, she rested her head on his shoulder. “Right - Mmmph - there,” she hummed, stroking her cheek against him.

Flexing her legs in tune with his thrusts, ensuring she was hilted with every plunge, she rhythmically drew him deeper into herself. It was not unlike a dance, with the pair working in tandem to heighten the experience. Despite having been robbed of most of her mobility, the Matriarch fiercely fought to match her paramour’s zeal.

On and on they went, growing more fervid by the minute, until the man was madly pounding into her sopping wet and excruciatingly inviting sex. Hot, velvety, and astoundingly snug, her depths contorted around him and offered him bliss like he’d never known. Even if he could go back to bedding human women, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to - not after learning the joys a Queen could offer him.

Try as he might to deny the inevitable, it was like fighting the tide. Between her marish wiles, how drop-dead gorgeous she was, and the sublime sensations her body afforded, his endurance was found wanting. He didn’t have to tell her how close he was, since she was likely already aware of the fact, so he saw no need to announce himself. He simply craned his head towards her, brought his mouth to her snout, and kissed her yet again.

Even if she hadn’t been on the cusp of release, his climaxes tended to push her over the edge - something about the influx of energy overclocking her senses and stimulating her in some seemingly supernatural way. Jackhammering into her, as they fiercely made out, he drove every inch of himself into her and hilted.

His triumphant grunts of conquest were met by her whorish groans of delight, as they came nearly in tandem. Orgasmic juices dribbled and lewdly squirted from her convulsing marehood, trailing down his legs and mingling with the water below, while his seed flooded into her. Locked together, they rode out their ecstasy and drew out the moment as long as possible.

Slowly, feeling his throbbing dick beginning to soften, he kissed his way across her cheek and down her neck. Even though their little escapade was done, they had every intention of savoring the afterglow with one another. With at least an hour to spend without their brood present, they’d have the house all to themselves.

“You know, if you keep treating me like this, I may just surprise you with another clutch,” she tittered, as his essence dripped from her winking snatch.

“And risk being overrun by more foals?” he laughed. Cautiously lowering her, allowing her to get her hooves under herself, he stepped back. “Please, we’ve barely got room enough for the ten that we have now!”

“It’s not my fault they’ve been growing so prolifically - not that I’m complaining,” she teased, moving in reverse and pinning him against the opposite wall. Grinding her ass on his groin, drawing his semi-rigid tool over her marehood and taut pucker, she smirked back at him. “If you had sired my old hive, we would have toppled the Princesses and reigned over the Empire ages ago.”

“Yeah yeah yeah - and then we could rule over Equestria with a tide of our offspring,” he mused, rolling his eyes. “Thank goodness I came up with a better plan.”

The comment caught Chrysalis’ ear and caused her to cock her head. “Did you now? And what pray tell was this glorious plan of yours?”

“To start a happy family with my little love bug,” he whispered. Leaning in and pressing his chest to her back, he hugged her barrel. “If we had an army to look after, I wouldn’t be able to spend as much time doting over you - now would I?”

Her cheeks darkened and he felt the goosebumps raise on her hide, yet she kept her lips pursed. Moments like those, when he had her cornered, were some of his favorite. Even after all the time they’d spent together, having produced a clutch and gotten a home, there were still singular moments where his love for her would cause her to lock up. Besides being positively adorable, it reminded him that she really did care about him.

“You’re just saying that because that loathsome Twilight Sparkle won you over years ago,” she countered, gathering her resolve and casting off his fond sentiment.

Even if there was a kernel of truth in her accusation, he’d meant what he said. Pressing the attack, sidling along her side and to her front, he knelt before her. “You know as well as I do that I wouldn’t let her or anypony come between us.”

“Even if they opposed me?” the Queen rebuked, casting a doubtful gaze upon him.

Especially if they oppose you,” he murmured, raising and pecking her right forehoof.

Affirmation and the little kiss were the straws that broke the camel’s back. Though she was clearly trying to fight it, she broke into a silly grin. “I’ll remember that, once you’ve been arrested for sedition. Don’t worry though, I’ll be sure to visit you once a fortnight.”

Shooting to his feet and catching her off guard, he pulled her into a tight hug. “In that case, it better be a conjugal visit,” he snickered.

The chances of her attempting another overthrow of the ponies was remarkably thin, especially if he or their foals had anything to say about it, so that had been a hollow threat. Barring some major shit hitting some cosmic fan, he wouldn’t have anything to worry about - that being said, he’d been completely honest. As far as he was concerned, he wouldn’t let anyone or anything come between them.

Basking in his warmth, she rubbed her face against his chest. “As if I’d let them ever take you from me.”

Her admission, though unexpected, warmed the cockles of his heart. There were times when he questioned if she was using him, and others when he feared that she may tire of him, but those had become fewer and fewer. She awaited his return from work, she enjoyed cuddling with him in bed, and they both cherished time with their young - sure, they’d have the odd disagreement here or there, but they’d grown inseparable.

Reaching over her, he grabbed a bottle of lavender body wash and squirted it over her back. As much as he’d like to lounge in the shower with her all afternoon, their time was still finite. Soon enough, the kids would be home and clamoring to spend time with their mommy and daddy.

In the past eight months, since the first utterance of the word ‘daddy’, the bustling brood had become quite the little group of chatterboxes. Once again defying Chrysalis’ expertise, their offspring had begun talking at an exceptionally early age. Flying in the face of normal changeling development, they were maturing in size and intelligence at an alarming rate - for fuck’s sake, they were already double the size of other foals their age and attending school much earlier than usual!

Though the conundrum stymied everypony and everypony, the consensus was that their staggeringly advanced maturation and mental capabilities were due to two unique factors - Anon and Chrysalis. Between the ancient Matriarch’s genetic stock and the human’s wellspring of affection, as well as his amiable demeanor, the brood had basically won the changeling jackpot. All the little ones were exceptionally well fed and cared for, giving them something their reformed half-siblings had struggled to get.

While Anon was pleased with their progenies’ remarkable health, mental acuity, and apparent brilliance, he couldn’t help but worry that they’d be ostracized for their differences - sure, it may have been a silly concern, considering the various creatures of Equestria were all very accepting, but it troubled him nonetheless. He knew it was probably just fatherly anxiety, but he’d had his fair number of those already. Thus far, he’d managed how to differentiate the kids, raised them from grubs, and he’d even started helping them with their homework; if or when they started having social issues, he’d tackle that issue as well.

Their mother, as always, dismissed his fears and assured him that their little ones would be fine. According to Ms. Cheerilee, their foals were already making friends and getting along swimmingly with their classmates, despite some initial trepidation and curiosity about their size and appearance. Though they’d yet to invite any of their companions over for a play date, something told the man that would happen before too long.

“Any plans for tonight?” he inquired, casually lathering his lover’s flank and side.

Chrysalis shrugged, scouring his chest with a soapy loofah. “The children have expressed an interest in seeing Trixie’s show at the School of Friendship. If you’re not opposed to lackluster slight-of-hoof tricks and terribly pedestrian illusions, we could indulge their request.”

“Shit, that’s tonight?” he responded. “I didn’t think it was until next week.”

“You’re mistaken, it’s this evening. Should you wish to stay at home, I’m sure we could keep them entertained with one of the many games you’ve thought up for them - that is, if you’ve got the energy,” she remarked.

He shrugged, pleased enough with either option. “We can ask them when they get back. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind going out for some air.”

It was funny. When the kids had been a bit younger, spending any large sum of time in their immediate proximity tended to leave him slightly weary; it made sense, given their parasitic feeding methods, yet something had eventually changed. Instead of protracted playtime with the foals causing him to tire, the opposite had been happening more and more frequently; after lavishing them with attention and praise, he found himself energized. He still wasn’t sure what was behind it, or if the phenomenon was psychosomatic, but it was a pleasant development.

“As you wish, though I refuse to have you cook for us this afternoon. If we are to go on an outing, we can indulge ourselves at the grease-trap known as the Hay Burger,” she tutted.

“Like you don’t enjoy their sweet potato fries,” he snickered, playfully slapping her backside.

It may have been his imagination, but she seemed to be more able bodied than ever. Over the course of their relationship, she’d become increasingly active and was less prone to whiling away her days on the bed or couch. Between his regular helpings of love and the meals he regularly prepared for her, she was as or more powerful than she’d ever been. It would have been an alarming development, had she been as vengeful and malicious as she once was, though she’d become increasingly tolerant of Ponyville’s residents and civilization at large.

“They put something in them, I swear! So help me, if I have to surreptitiously infiltrate that establishment to discover their culinary secrets, I will,” she hissed.

The man laughed and patted her back, as he straightened up and rinsed himself off. “If you’re not worried about being found out and banned from there, go for it. I’m not gonna risk losing their sweet potato pie.”

“On the extraordinarily slim chance that I was discovered and we were both banned, I’m sure I could offer you something particularly juicy to sate yourself with,” she hummed.

Stepping out of the tub, dripping water to the tiled floor, she calmly lifted a hind leg, rested her hoof on the vanity, and flipped her tail. The picturesque view of her marehood, winking obscenely back at him, was one hell of a tease and it nearly lured him into a second spontaneous fuck-fest - nevertheless, their children would soon be home and their privacy would be forfeit. Sighing to himself, he turned off the shower and followed after her.

Her coy grin belied her lascivious intent, as she longingly eyed his loins. “Don’t want to ruin your dinner with some dessert?”

Strolling up behind her and calmly palming her sex, he deftly stroked her bulging clit. “You know I’d rather treat myself before bed, so long as you don’t wake the kids…”

“If that’s the case, you may need to gag me,” she taunted, rocking back into his hand.

With the prospect of super-sneaky screwing practically searing itself into his brain, Anon grabbed a towel and started drying her off. There was something magical about covert coitus, and he’d become increasingly appreciative of the activity as of late - hell, in the dozens of times they’d discreetly done it, they’d only been caught by the foals twice! While he mused on exactly how they could best keep each other quiet, while in the throes of passion, she began wiping him off.

Having slaked their carnal thirst, pleased to simply be with one another, the pair finished drying and moved into the bedroom. Anon made himself presentable for their brood’s return, slipping into a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, while Chrysalis peacefully watched him from the bed. It only took them a few minutes to finish up and stroll into the living room.

Reclining on the sofa, content to wile away their scant bit of privacy, the Queen rested her head on her lover’s lap. Their radio softly filled their cave-like home with the soft, haunting reverberations of jazz - giving the air an odd, almost mysterious atmosphere. It was a tranquil scene, one which both found quite relaxing, yet it was perilously short lived. Before long, a clatter from the front door drew their attention towards the exit.

Even though Spike was more than welcome to see himself in, given the fact that he’d been tending to their foals, it was unusual for him not to knock and announce himself. The lovers stood, with the Queen taking to the air, as they both peered over at the entryway. Not only had the little dragon barged into their home, but there was no trace of their offspring and he appeared to be running as fast as his stumpy legs could carry him - needless to say, it was a disquieting sight.

Both Anon and Chrysalis took off, with the former by foot and the latter by wing, as they raced to see what was the matter. There was no exchange of words, no deliberation on what to do or how to act - no, they acted on raw instinct. If there was even a slight chance that something had gone wrong involving their offspring, they needed to address it as quickly as possible.

Though the man moved with surprising speed, there was no way for him to keep up with the Matriarch. Rocketing towards their pint-sized guest, while her paramour trailed slightly behind, she landed squarely in the little dragon’s path and cut him off. “Where are they?”

“T...they’re - Oh jeez,” Spike wheezed, breathing heavily and holding up a clawed finger. “They’re right outside.”

The scowl of disapproval she shot the reptile was better treatment than she would have given many. Despite his assurance that their young weren’t missing, she apparently saw fit to see for herself. Shifting her focus to the door, she flexed her legs prepared to launch herself to the exit - that was, until Spike jumped into her way with his arms held over his head.

“Wait! You can’t go out there - I mean, not yet! Listen, I need to talk to you and Anon first,” he pleaded, glancing over at the nearing man.

“What’s going on?” Anon asked, slowing as he approached.

Stepping back and lowering her head, staring daggers down at the dragon, Chrysalis’ lip curled. “I’d suggest you begin making some sense. Talk…”

“Ok ok ok,” Spike began, shaking his head. “First of all, the foals are just fine. I met them at the schoolhouse, after their classes, and we went to the playground - heck, I even picked them up some taffy from Sugarcube Corner!”

“I told you not to give them sugar before bringing them home! You do realize that they’ll literally be climbing the walls for hours,” Chrysalis groused, her brow furrowing.

“I mean, come on, I am the best uncle in Ponyville,” the dragon boldly asserted, smiling despite himself.

Anon tried not to smirk at the exchange, but it was a daunting task. Regardless of the occasional breaches of protocol, Spike had become an increasingly large part of the kids’ lives. He came over and played games, took them on outings, and even volunteered to escort them to or from school. His title of best uncle, though self-proclaimed, was quickly becoming an all too real fact, especially because it helped alleviate the strain of raising ten drones.

“Unless you want me to use my progenies’ best uncle as a Pinata, you may want to cut to the chase…” she hissed. Igniting her horn and causing her eyes to ominously glow, she ratcheted up the pressure on their guest.

Itching between the two, Anon intervened. He doubted she’d actually do anything to hurt the cold-blooded chaperone, but there was no sense in making senseless threats. “So what’s going on then?”

Spike closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled, attempting to calm himself. “It’ll make more sense for me to show you, b...but I want you to promise me something,” he flatly stated. Squaring his shoulder and pointing up at the matriarch, he set his brow. “You have to promise not to be mad - not at me and especially not at them,” he huffed.

Locking eyes with their guest, Chrysalis’ patience waned. “No,” she grunted, leaping to the sky and sailing towards the exit.

“Did they get into trouble at school or - Hey!” Anon blurted, as the dragon turned tail and ran after the Queen. Chasing his friend, it only took him a second to catch up. “What the hell, Spike? Whatever is going on, it can’t be that bad!”

Something was definitely amiss, yet Anon was unsure what was wrong. Spike was almost always in a good humor and typically got to the point with matters, unless they involved his crush Rarity. The little guy really seemed to enjoy spending time with their foals, even if he did occasionally sneak them treats or keep them out late, so it couldn’t be anything terribly egregious. Wondering what in the hell was going on, he watched Chrysalis land by the open door and freeze.

Leaving Spike in the dust, he sprinted the last thirty yards to the exit and his awaiting mate. The first sign that something was definitely wrong was his mate’s expression. Staring through the doorway, into the yard, a look of abject shock lay plastered on her features. Catching up to her, seeing what had her so nonplussed, he went rigid.

Their decade of kids were all out in the yard, running around and playing with one another, though two of the little ones stood apart. Xanthous and Carmine stuck out like a pair of sore thumbs - not because they were behaving oddly, but because of how they looked. The two siblings were colored precisely like their namesake, a dark crimson and deep yellow perspective, unlike their midnight black brothers and sisters.

The sound of clattering claws and panting coming up behind him broke the spell, causing Chrysalis and himself to turn towards the winded dragon. Stopping behind the pair to catch his breath, a bright emerald energy enveloped him and slammed him into the nearby wall. As startling as the turn of events was, it didn’t hold a candle to the barely restrained contempt and rage on his lover’s face.

“…” she seethed, openly baring her teeth and the stunned reptile.

It only took Anon a second to put the pieces together, figuring out what had evoked the Queen’s ire. He couldn’t be one hundred percent sure, but it sure as shit looked like two of the kids had possibly reformed. Post-parasitic changelings were almost always vividly colored, having gone through a form of evolution, though something wasn’t lining up. The newest members of Thorax’s hive had hatched with pastel hues, as far as he knew, which only deepened the mystery.

Tell me,” Chrysalis growled, shaking her draconic victim.

Turning to face his irate paramour, Anon cupped her chin. “Just wait a minute, we don’t know exactly what happened and it doesn’t do anyone any good to jump to conclusions. Maybe they’ve just changed colors or it’s some part of a game.”

Leering over at him, dropping Spike to the ground, she sneered. “It’s not an act. You may be painfully naive about such matters, but I can tell that something has corrupted them.”

Thinking quickly, he waved a hand at the gaggle of drones. “They’re hardly acting like they’ve been corrupted. Just look at them, they’re all getting along like usual.”

Though she looked over her shoulder and watched them, her disdain didn’t waver - if anything, she appeared more displeased than ever. “If Spike is unwilling or unable to explain what happened to them, I’ll go and pry my answers from Twilight herself…”

Before Anon could ask what she’d meant, she broke into a gallop and shot through the door. Her words left little room for doubt - she was about to go after the Princess. With no possible way for him to keep up with her, or to send word to Twilight about the situation, he did the first thing that came to mind. Bounding after her, he grabbed her hind leg and hauled her from the sky.

“Wait, god damn it! You can’t just go barging into the castle and starting shit with Twilight!” he pleaded, digging his heels into the earth.

Scowling back at him, eldritch power crackled around her horn. “Release me or else,” she coldly whispered. “That shrew took everything from me once - I will not let it happen a second time.”

“If you do this, it will make everything worse!” Anon blared, desperately trying to keep his grip. “Please, we can talk about this!”

Talk is what is what they use to entice the weak willed - it’s how the ponies ensnared the other races and brought them all to heel! I refuse to lose my family to their guileful ways!” she raged, shaking her leg and attempting to dislodge the man.

Screwing his eyes shut and clenching his jaw, it took everything Anon had to keep ahold of her. In the blink of an eye, their peaceful afternoon had gone to hell in a hand basket - not only that, but things were about to get much worse. If Chrysalis went and confronted Twilight, without him or the kids around, there was no telling what she’d do. For the good of his family and quite possibly all of Equestria, he couldn’t let go.

Please!” he begged, feeling his fingers slip.

Peeking out, hoping to find something - anything which may tip the odds in his favor, his heart sank. Their foals, all normally cheerful and happy little souls, stood about watching the dispute with a mixture of dread and dismay. Each and every one of the tiny changelings stood in mute shock, and several clung to one another for comfort, as their parents fought over something they couldn’t possibly comprehend.

“Is this what you want?” he cried out, looking up to his mate.

Gazing upon their frightened young, only then realizing the distress she’d inadvertently caused, Chrysalis’ scorn seemed to waver. “They don’t understand. What I do, I do for them - for us…”

“If that’s true, ask them - ask them if this is what they want,” Anon murmured, lowering his tone.

The Queen’s wild buzzing ground to a halt. It was plain to see that his words and the upset looks on their offspring's faces was having an impact on her, yet to what degree was left to be seen. Steadily hovering to the ground, allowing the man to get the earth back below his feet, her menacing gaze caused Carmine to hide behind one of his sisters.

“Hey, Carmine and Xanthous, come here,” the man loudly requested, forcing a smile and shifting to face the bunch of mute, diminutive drones.

Taking a timid step forward, Xanthous’ glanced between her parents. “A...are you mad?”

“What? Pffft - no! Mommy and Daddy just have a few questions for you two,” he explained. Settling into a deep squat, hoping to dispel their worry, he waved them over. “You know how Mommy gets cranky if she doesn’t get a nap!”

The carefully executed ploy worked, eliciting a few giggles from the colts and fillies. Appearing slightly more at ease, the colorful filly and colt trotted over to him. As they came within reach, Anon extended his arms, gave them each a hug, and smiled down at them.

“Ok, so, I want to hear all about what happened!” he declared, beaming at the vibrant youths.

“W...well...Uncle Spike surprised us with a bunch of candy after school and then we went and played some hide-and-seek at the park,” Xanthous recounted, seating herself before her father. Carmine nodded in agreement, plopping down behind his sister while slipping glances up at his mother.

“Sounds like a really nice afternoon, even if you know you’re not supposed to have candy before dinner,” Anon noted. Crossing his arms over his chest, failing miserably to look authoritative, he looked between the two of them. “So you got some sweets and went to the park. How did you two end up like this?” he pressed, patting them softly on the heads.

“Carm ended up getting all the banana taffies and he gave them to me. It’s ok though, I traded some strawberry ones and gave him a hug to make up for it!” the filly bleated, her wings excitedly flicking on her back. “And then we just kinda POOF,” she exclaimed, jumping to her hooves and toppling her brother backwards, “it was like magic! There was a big flash of light! A...and then we were like this!”

“That is impressive,” the man remarked, taking care to act even more amazed than he was. Though he still had his concerns about the unforeseen development, showing too much concern would needlessly stress the foals out - as such, he did his best to remain positive. “So how do you two feel? All that color didn’t make you go mad with power did it?” he inquired, tickling his daughter’s sides.

“Nu-uh! I feel just fine!” Xanthous responded, leaping forward and wrapping her forelegs around her dad’s neck.

“And what about…” Anon trailed off, noticing the staring match between Carmine and Chrysalis.

“D...did I do something wrong?” the colt murmured, gazing up at his mother.

The Queen stoically stood and squinted down at the young drone, before dipping her head and bringing her snout towards his face. Their son immediately backed away, his eyes widening in alarm. Chrysalis paused, allowing him to put some space between them, yet her expression remained hard to read.

“Come here, big guy,” Anon grunted, awkwardly leaning in and hauling the colt over to himself. “You didn’t do anything wrong! I’m sure your mom is just super jealous about how good you look now!”

Though he did his best not to show it, he felt like he was walking a tightrope. It was no secret to anyone that losing her hive and having her offspring metamorphose into an entirely new subspecies of kind and amicable shapeshifters was an extremely sore subject for her. After their brood had hatched as the natural, pitch black drones of old, he’d hoped he wouldn’t have to deal with the potential cataclysm of reformed kids, though that hope had been for naught.

He truthfully couldn’t say what was going through her head, and that absolutely terrified him. He hadn’t dared broach the subject of their kids going pastel, since she got angry whenever she even saw one of her erstwhile kin, so he was in uncharted waters. Wrapping his arms around the pair of foals, he closed his eyes and quietly prayed for a miracle.

Wriggling out of his grasp, Carmine fretfully inched closer to Chrysalis. “Mama, is that true?” he softly asked, peeking up at her. Towering over him, as her eyes wandered to his face, she pursed her lips. “If you want, I could try to share some with you,” he continued, boldly crossing the gap between them. As small as he was, compared to her, he was only able to manage hugging one of her slender forelegs. “I love you, Mama, I don’t want you to be sad…”

“Me neither!” Xanthous piped in. Flitting from her father’s arms, she galloped over and embraced her mother.

One after the other, each of the fillies and colts joined their siblings. Whatever trepidation they had from before was sundered outright, as they merrily giggled and jockeyed for positions on and around their mom. The Matriarch’s legs were covered, three of the foals clung to her back, and two intrepid souls had plastered themselves to her neck and chest. As precious as the sight was, it wasn’t until Anon looked to his lover’s face that he fully grasped the magnitude of what was happening.

Chrysalis was smiling - not some half-assed grin of smug condescension, nor a twisted smirk of ridicule, she looked genuinely happy. She glanced down at them all, each and every one, with the corners of her lips turned up in a barely contained grin. It may not have seemed like much, from an outsider’s perspective, but he immediately knew that everything was going to be ok; be damned if he could explain exactly how he could tell that the crisis had been averted - he just did.

As heartwarming as the spectacle was, it came to an all too abrupt end. Bounding into the sky, shaking her legs and dislodging their young, Chrysalis glowered down at the gaggle. “Oh I will be upset with you, all of you, if you don’t get your homework done in time for Trixie’s show tonight!” she sternly tutted, shaking her head in disapproval.

The announcement had an immediate and profound effect, spurring the pint-sized drones to scatter. Each of the foals to gather up their book-bags, which had been scattered throughout the yard, and rush towards the front door. While there were plenty of enthusiastic and animated remarks about the promise of a magic show, it was clear that they intended to complete their assignments as quickly as possible.

Left to their lonesome, the lovers only eventually looked to one another. Though there was plenty to say and discuss, Anon wasn’t sure where to start or if he should even start at all. On one hand, it may not be a bad idea to let the issue lie, giving her some time to process everything and come to terms with the development - on the other, he really, really wanted to praise her for not making a scene or blowing a gasket.

“You know,” a voice announced, “I may have had my doubts, but you’re a darn good mom.” The pair turned, watching Spike totter towards them.

“Your position of best uncle is now temporarily forfeit,” Chrysalis barked. “Until you procure a camera to document any particularly memorable moments with them, you will be relegated to the rank of worst uncle.”

Spike’s jaw hung open, stricken by the demotion, though he was quick to recuperate. “H...hey! But they don’t even have another -”

“My order is non-negotiable. Perhaps if you join us at the School of Friendship this afternoon and take a few photos of us, I may re-institute your title,” she clucked, sauntering away.

Edging closer to the dragon, keeping his voice low, Anon leaned over to his friend. “I’ll get your ticket and dinner, just please find a camera.”

Issuing the man a conspiratorial wink, Spike stretched his wings and took to the air. “Well I guess I’ll see you guys in a few hours. Oh yeah, before I forget, Amber might need help with her math homework.”

Pushing himself up and brushing himself off, Anon waved goodbye to the departing dragon. While he still had some pent-up tension and emotional whiplash from the whirlwind of unforeseen events, he was definitely less stressed than he’d been mere minutes beforehand. Sauntering over to his mate, as she drifted to the ground, he rested a hand on her shoulder.

“Spike is right,” he sighed, lovingly caressing her, “you really are a great mother.”

Scrunching her snout and knitting her brow, she set off towards their home. “You’re going to need to help Amber with her homework. I’ll see to it that the others accomplish their tasks.”

Content to let the subject be, he walked along beside her. There’d more than likely be an adjustment period for the newfound circumstances with their foals, especially if more of them went full candy-colored, but that was a problem for later - for the time being, he was happy to have a pleasant evening with the love of his life and the little souls they’d brought into the world...

Chapter 9 (SFW)

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Standing at the head of the classroom, Chrysalis surveyed the assembled students. “Yes, I am the Queen Chrysalis.”

Anon stood by the door, silently watching the impending exchange and readying himself to intervene should things go off the rails. He’d damn near done a spit-take when the Matriarch had agreed with their clamoring hoard of young to visit the schoolhouse for parents day and, as such, he’d been on high-alert since that morning. Since her patience with grown ponies almost always seemed precariously strained, he could only assume her tolerance for dealing with colts and fillies was even more tenuous.

Um…” a colt began, timidly raising his hoof, “is it true that you’re still a villain?”

The Queen’s harlequin eyes honed in on the inquisitive youth and a toothy grin played across her muzzle. “Why, yes, I am still a villain. Soon enough -”

HmmHMMM,” Anon loudly cleared his throat, drawing her attention and affixing her with a small scowl.

He’d made her promise to be on her best behavior and to refrain from any nefarious theatrics on their visit - hell, he’d gone so far as to promise her a reward if she didn’t make a scene and/or terrify the class. Considering she’d made it less than a minute into her introduction before going into full bad guy mode, he was left to presume his morning was going to be a major headache. Slowly, glowering over at him, the petulant bug-horse turned back towards the class.

“I’m contractually obligated to say that I’m still technically a villain, since I’ve yet to sign a peace treaty with Princess Twilight Sparkle,” she spat, as if the name itself tasted bitter. “I can say that I’m setting a new personal record for not attempting to topple an empire or committing acts of kidnapping. Are there any other questions?”

“Mauve told me that all her brothers and sisters have the same birthday, is that true?” a particularly intrepid filly inquired.

Indeed,” Chrysalis hummed, smirking as her eyes swept over the young ponies. “My hyu-man and I produced all ten of our wonderful children in one fell swoop. The day of their birth was glorious. The depths of our cavern resonated with my howls of unabashed -”

Ooooo-kay! Yeah, all of them have the same birthday!” Anon hastily intervened, jumping in before his lover’s story took a bawdy turn. Stepping to her side and affectionately placing his hand on her shoulder, he forced a smile. “As you can probably guess, I’m Anon. Chrysalis and I are the terrific ten’s parents!”

Dad!” Frost groused, rolling his eyes and burying his face in his hooves. “You said you wouldn’t be lame!”

“Your father is hardly lame,” Chrysalis shot back. “While the terrific ten isn’t nearly as imposing as the terrible ten, he insisted that we not refer to you as such,” she continued, scrunching her snout at their son’s outburst. Cowed into submission, even more embarrassed than before, the colt pursed his lips and rested his head on the desk. “Continue, Dearest…”

“Sooooooo, yeah, I work at the bowling alley and Chrysalis here guards our hive. If you all have any questions, I’ve got some spare time on my hands,” the man quipped, drawing a pained groan from their offspring. As silly as it may have sounded, he’d grown increasingly fond of using bad jokes and terrible puns around the kids, if only as an endearing way to torment them.

“Mr. Anon,” a little kirin called, waving his hoof, “how did a human have foals with a changeling?”

Out of all the shit he’d hoped he wouldn’t be asked, that was probably at the top of the list. Not only did the query court biological processes he did not want to touch, but he didn’t fully understand it himself. Rubbing the back of his head, trying to think of a kid-friendly response, he knit his brow.

“You see, when a mare and a stallio-MPH!” whatever Chrysalis had been about to say was cut off, as he jammed his hand over her snout.

Though there was a very, very slim chance that she wouldn’t have gone into the visceral details of copulation, Anon didn’t want to hedge his bets. “Listen, I really don’t know. When two creatures love each other very much, sometimes they have kids. It’s just magic,” he replied. Praying the tyke wouldn’t pry further, and hoping to mollify the mother of his children, he leaned over and kissed the irate changeling’s cheek. “I love Chrysalis with all my heart.”

Gee - with ten foals, you don’t say,” a girlish voice muttered, drawing a few giggles from the class.

“Child,” Chrysalis purred, shaking free from the man’s grasp and strutting over to a hippogriff filly in the second row, “you would consider yourself fortunate to find a mate half as stalwart and paternal as Anonymous.”

Anon couldn’t really say whether or not the kid was actually the perpetrator of the snide comment, since he hadn’t seen who had spoken, but he prayed his paramour wasn’t accosting the filly for nothing. All things considered, he’d still rather she run a temper than start waxing poetic about their carnal affairs.

“Any other questions,” the Queen growled, reluctantly drawing her baleful gaze from the stricken hippogriff.

Waiving a hoof in her direction, a cerise unicorn with streaked, honey colored hair fought to get the former ne'er-do-well’s attention. “So is Mr. Anonymous a villain too?”

Upon hearing the foal, Chrysalis burst into laughter. “Heavens no. Anon is far too softhearted to be evil. For crying out loud, I don’t think he has an evil bone in his body!”

The small pony tilted her head in confusion. “If he’s not bad, how did you two meet?”

“Twilight set us up on a date,” Anon blurted.

“That’s one way of putting it,” Chrysalis snickered, casting a hungry look in his direction. “But yes, the Princess of Friendship introduced us. Though we’ve never gotten an explicit explanation for it, we presume she did so with the expectation that it would help me - Ugh - reform. She clearly failed, as you can all see, which proves once and for all that I am beyond her schemes.”

“Then why are your fillies and colts all reformed?” a quiet voice called out, drawing thoughtful hums and hushed whispers through the room.

“I blame that on their father. If he wasn’t always coddling and spoiling them, they may have matured to be as beauteous as yours truly,” the Matriarch mused, pressing a porous hoof to her chest.

“We love you too, Mom!” Amber whooped.

Scrunching her snout, Ebon rolled her eyes. “I’m almost the same color as you, Mom.”

“Stop showing off, Mom! You’re worse than Dad!” Frost chimed in, draping a book over his face for further cover.

“Well then, if there aren’t any more questions for these two, would everycreature give them a round of applause?” Mrs. Cheerilee announced, putting an end to the interrogation before it spiraled even further out of control. The class immediately fell silent and clapped their hooves together, although a few of the pupils still eyed the odd couple with curiosity.

“If any of you ever want to ask us anything, feel free to pop on by! I promise,” Anon chuckled, walking over and wrapping an arm around Chrysalis’ neck. “she probably won’t eat you!”

Playing the part flawlessly, he hoped, the Matriarch’s horn flared with eldritch light. “I wouldn’t worry too much - that is, unless you’re a bad little filly or colt…”

A few foals snickered, others gulped and shifted uncomfortably, but each and every one of their children fought back laughter. Anon still wasn’t sure if their kids had inherited some sadistic sense of humor from their mother, though they all relished whenever she’d lightheartedly threaten or berate others. While it was a slightly alarming development, he’d be sure it didn’t progress to anything beyond playful teasing.

“Thanks for having us! I hope none of the other parents strike out!” Anon hollered. The students groaned and he stifled a laugh, as he turned and strolled towards the exit. He didn’t have to look to tell his mate was close behind, judging from the sound of her hooffalls, as he moved out of the classroom and into the open air.

Moving up beside the man, as he slowed and waited for her, Chrysalis flipped the mane from her face. “You didn’t have to cut me off twice,” she huffed, trotting past him.

“We’ve been over this. How can the kids have their friends over if their classmates are terrified of you? Also, for the record, I’d really rather you didn’t regale foals with tales of our intimacy,” he groaned.

“Why should I not? Though they may not understand it now, I’m sure they will all eventually learn to appreciate a capable lover,” she shot back, eyeing him from over her shoulder.

Catching up with her and matching her stride, the man eyed her with suspicion. “And you mentioned that you were always candid with your foals about - uh - adult affairs?”

Chrysalis nodded and peered down the dusty road ahead. “Of course. Fillies and colts will eventually learn about sex and reproduction, regardless of what their parents think. Would it not make more sense to have them properly educated on the matter?”

“I…Ok, fair point,” Anon conceded.

While he was torn on the matter of openly discussing adult-oriented material with their foals, there was no denying his mate’s logic - that being said, it wasn’t something he felt all that comfortable talking about with their kids. “So when do you think we should…?” he trailed off, letting the question hang.

“I’ve already given our young a concise rundown of procreation. Since you’re clearly squeamish on the matter, I thought it best to take matters into my own hooves,” the Queen smoothly responded.

With a pit forming in his stomach, Anon froze in his tracks. “You already had the sex talk with them?”

“A rather brief and selective one, yes,” Chrysalis replied, slowing and turning to face him. Noting the aghast expression on his face, she rolled her eyes. “I abstained from going into exorbitant detail, but they got the gist of it. Stallion and mare, love, eggs, blah blah blah,” she blithely recited, waving a forehoof before herself. “When they get a bit older, should Mrs. Cheerilee fail to adequately explain the process, I’ll teach them myself.”

His paramour’s cool and matter-of-fact approach to the topic wasn’t all that surprising, but he found himself immeasurably thankful for it. Given her experience and success with rearing foals, he’d be happy enough to leave the matter of awkward talks to her capable hooves. It wasn’t like he couldn’t handle it himself, but if she was willing and able…

“Thanks,” he muttered. Stepping to her, he leaned in and kissed her snout. “You really are an amazing mother and the kids are lucky to have you.”

“The same could be said for yourself,” she countered. Angling her head up and locking lips with him, she sorcerously squeezed his ass. “You pamper and nourish them with your love, I’ll mold them into the ultimate weapons to dominate Equestria - honestly, it’s a win-win,” she snickered, flicking her tongue out to tickle his nose.

Megalomaniacal threat aside, Anon grinned. “Yes, of course, the goofy little foals we’ve made are world-ending weapons of mass destruction.”

“They could be,” Chrysalis rebuked, stepping in and draping her head over his shoulder. “Although we may need to breed some additional reinforcements for them.”

His hand wandered over her back and down her flank, before he issued a playful smack. “I’m sure Twilight would like to be present for that.”

Rearing back and locking eyes with her mate, the Queen licked her lips. “Only if she’s bound to a chair with a negation ring on her horn. I’d hate for the Princess of friendship to enjoy herself too much for a purely academic affair.”

“Oh that’s just mean,” Anon whispered, his smile broadening.

Wheeling around and trotting away, taking care to flag her tail and expose herself, the majestic changeling put her wetted marehood on full display. “Your erection doesn’t seem to think it’s that cruel,” she clucked, without looking back at him.

Peering down his chest in disbelief, Anon hadn’t even realized he’d popped wood. It was hardly the first and it definitely wasn’t the last time she’d flawlessly gotten him worked up so smoothly, yet it never lost its magic. She just had a magical combination of sass, cunning, and pride that somehow commanded his attention and never failed to get his motor running. Jogging up to her side, he clapped her ass and resumed his pace.

“If you don’t watch it, I think we’ll both end up educating Ponyville on changeling reproduction,” she teased.

Keeping her eyes forward, moving steadily through the town, the faintest glow surrounded her horn. Trying and failing to figure out what she was up to, something softly began rubbing against his crotch. Even through his pants and underwear, her magical touch gently stroked his hardening manhood. He grimaced, knowing there was no way for him to clandestinely reciprocate.

“You know that’s not fair,” he grumbled, attempting to ignore the teasing.

“Is it?” she quipped. Stopping in her tracks, redoubling the force on his loins, she thoughtfully cocked her head. “If you wanted, there’s nothing stopping you from dragging me into an alley and ravishing me like some common whore,” she purred. “What would somepony think of such a depraved sight?”

Staring into her eyes, virtually tasting the lust around her, Anon stiffened in several ways. Having walked their kids to the school house, which laid on the opposite side of town from their home, they’d have to go right through Ponyville on their return trip. They’d already had breakfast that morning, so neither were hungry, and he still had several hours until his shift at work began. With little else to do, there was nothing stopping them from…

“Nope,” he groused, definitely crossing his arms over his chest. As fun as the notion was, getting locked up for public indecency wasn’t on his itinerary. “Being walked in on is one thing, but doing it out in the open is courting disaster.”

“As if you wouldn’t like being caught,” she hummed, continuing to rub at his bulge. “The thought of being watched, of someone seeing you breed me, drives you wild; don’t act like it doesn’t.”

“B..but…” he gulped, as his resolve started to wither, “if we get caught -”

Her pupils contracted and a single bead of drool crept past her lips, although her magical torment didn’t slow in the slightest. “Then we’ll have an audience who will envy us,” she hissed.

The moment he took a single step towards her, with his composure on the brink of collapse, she turned away and halted her cruel treatment. Her all too sudden departure wasn’t surprising in the slightest, since it wasn’t uncommon for her to harass him throughout the day, although that wasn’t what piqued his interest. Instead of continuing down the road and towards their home, she made a hard left and cantered towards a small backstreet.

It didn’t take a genius to tell the trap she was trying to lay for him. Fortunately, after having been subjected to such temptation more times than he could fathom, Anon knew straight away what she was up to. Slowing to a halt, tracking her with his eyes, he patiently waited for her to look in his direction. The moment she turned her head and peeked back at him, he waved her back.

“Wanting to do it in the middle of the street like a pair of wild animals, are we?” she giggled, sauntering over to him.

“Can you make yourself lighter?” he asked, keeping his expression and tone as unreadable as he could.

Quirking a brow, the Queen literally started to luminesce with a chartreuse light. “Like this?”

Ha ha ha,” he dully laughed. “You know what I meant…”

With an impish smirk and a brilliant flash, the changeling metamorphosed to roughly half her natural size. “Would this suffice?”

“Only one way to find out,” he sternly noted, rolling up his sleeves. Stepping over and resting one hand on her diminished rump, he squatted down and hauled her off her hooves. She wasn’t all that heavy normally, though her reduced mass made the affair far easier to pull off. As he cradled her to his chest and secured his grip, he smiled down at her. “Comfy?”

If the blush in her cheeks and awestruck sparkle in her eyes hadn’t been telling enough, she slowly nodded up at him. He’d never really been one to request she change her form, barring the rare practical exception, but this was the first time he’d asked her to do so in public. Shifting her a bit and finding his balance, he strode onward.

It took the shrunken Matriarch a minute to find her voice, though she eventually snuggled against him and hummed contentedly. “May I ask why you’re trundling me about like some lame peasant?”

“Because I wanted to,” he responded, keeping his eyes ahead. “And because I want everyone to know that my Queen has the best ride in town.”

Stroking her face on his chest, being careful not to stab him with her horn, Chrysalis tittered in his grip. “Just mind where you’re holding. If you keep up the flattery, I may just start leaking.”

Even if she did end up dampening his shirt and/or arm, he wouldn’t be terribly bothered. The pair’s rather scandalous and rowdy erotic affairs were one of the worst kept secrets in all of Ponyville. There weren’t many who hadn’t heard the gossip about their shenanigans at the clinic or whispered about the strange howls which emanate from their cavernous domicile - regardless, what little shame he had about bedding the shapeshifting scoundrel had died ages ago.

Had she pressed him, he really would have snuck away into an alley or behind a hedge for some borderline exhibitionistic hankey pankey, but her little performance had reminded him of something more pressing. Though they’d only been together for just over a year, he’d done things with her he would have never imagined. She’d punched his interspecies v-card, they’d gotten a house together, and they’d started a family. There wasn’t much they hadn’t done, although there was one thing he’d become increasingly hellbent on doing with her.

As he strolled through the quiet little village, lovingly caressing her mane and nodding good morning to the townsfolk he passed, he remained quiet and focused. If Chrysalis took note of his unnaturally stoic disposition, she gave no sign - no, if anything, she appeared happy enough to enjoy the return trip in his arms. Minutes ticked by, the passing buildings thinned into the overgrowth and treeline of the forest, as they approached their home.

Turning her head and spying the entryway of their subterranean lair, the ferried Queen evoked her power and opened the front door for them. “I believe I’ll go and fetch the young this afternoon, if only to further impress my greatness against the more common parents the class will have met today.”

“Just so long as you aren’t too menacing around the other foals. The students don’t know how amazing you are and I’d hate for them to end up disliking you,” Anon murmured, walking his way down the twisting path into the cavern. Though he’d fully anticipated some chiding or smarmy comeback, she remained silent. Glancing downwards, seeing a melancholic look on her face, he slowed. “You ok?”

“I’m not sure if it’s funny or sad - years ago, before I’d ever met you, I would have laughed at such a notion. The great and terrible Queen Chrysalis, reduced to being a well behaved mother and lover,” she solemnly mused, gazing up at the ceiling. “How the mighty have fallen…”

Choosing his words carefully, only continuing his walk into their home, he took a metered breath. “Are you any weaker than you used to be?”

Twisting her head and peering up at him, she frowned. “Of course I’m not - if anything, I’m more powerful now than I ever was before. With you and my children by my side, I could crush even Celestia.”

“If that’s the case, how would that imply you’ve fallen?” he pressed, steadily weaving through the living room and towards the back of the grotto.

“Because I used to have ambitions - goals! I was going to be the ruler of Equestria!” she softly snarled, curling her lip in disdain.

“So you’d rather have a life of constant conquest than this? I’m sure you would have eventually toppled all the Princesses, with enough time, but that doesn’t mean there’d ever be an end to the strife. Creatures would always oppose you, and you’d have to keep your guard up constantly. I’m not sure about what your thoughts are about that, but it sounds pretty awful to me,” Anon remarked.

It was true, he had little doubt that she could have overthrown the Princesses and toppled pony society eventually. Out of all the threats Equestria had faced, she was one of the few who was tenacious and cunning enough to keep coming back. Even after she’d lost her hive and been reduced to a vagabond, she’d never given up on plotting her revenge - hell, she’d even gone so far as to ally herself with Tirek and Cozy Glow in a near apocalyptic league of evil.

“Is there a point to this diatribe?” she groused.

Anon nodded and pressed onward, spying the door to their chamber. “There is, but I have one more question to tie it all together. Can you get the door.”

Glaring at the door and flinging it open, Chrysalis sourly did as asked. The carefree expression on her face had grown taut, the muscles in her back were tight, and her brow was set. He’d known that the discussion wasn’t going to leave her pleased with him, but he was almost happy it had come up. There was something he’d been pensively sitting on for months, unsure of when or how to present it, so the situation was as good of a time as any.

Carrying her to the bed and gingerly setting her on the mattress, he leaned in and pecked her cheek. “Ok, I’m going to ask you to do three things.”

“Spread my legs, begin ovulating, and be ready to launder our very sullied sheets,” she flatly stated, flopping onto her back and splaying her hind legs. “Already done.”

Doing his level best not to smile too widely, or to get another erection, Anon pinched the bridge of his nose. “We can do that after, I Pinkie promise. Just turn back to normal, get comfortable, and close your eyes - that’s all.”

Shifting back to her natural state, in the blink of an eye, she rolled onto her side and eyed him with suspicion. “What or whom does this surprise involve?”

“It doesn’t involve anyone but you. Now are you going to close your eyes or not?” he huffed, impatiently placing his hands on his hips.

Fine,” she groaned, rolling and closing her eyes. “I won’t peek either - that being said, if you’re planning on surprising me with that magnificent manhood of yours, your Queen would request the chance to wrap her lips around it before we begin in earnest.”

As tempting as the offer was, his machinations eclipsed any sort of debauchery he could imagine. Leaning forward and waving his hands before her face, ensuring she wasn’t trying to pull a fast one on him, he grinned. Straightening back up, his eyes drifted over to his dresser.

Walking over to the piece of furniture, as quietly as he was able, he opened his underwear drawer and rooted around for a moment. As his fingers brushed a small, wooden box, he closed his eyes and took a breath to steady himself. He’d had the item for several weeks, having spent a small fortune of his savings on the blasted thing, yet it caused him as much dread as it did happiness. There really was no point in drawing out the moment any further, since they had the house to themselves, so it was as good a time as any to drop the hammer.

“They still closed?” he inquired, peering over his shoulder at her.

“If you want me to blindly fumble around for you, I will. Just don’t blame me if I unintentionally impale you with my horn,” she halfheartedly griped, with her ears swiveled in his direction.

Withdrawing the item and hiding it behind his back, he turned and stepped back over to the bedside. Slowly, carefully, he knelt to the floor and brought his face to hers. Though her eyes remained shut, she blindly angled her muzzle towards him. He couldn’t say if she’d ever trusted anyone as much as him, but he found himself immeasurably fortunate to have earned her confidence.

“You can open your eyes now,” he breathed. Affixed by her harlequin gaze, his heart skipped a beat. It was time to do or die, there was no going back. “Now then, back to my other question. Are you happy?”

“Given the circumstances, I suppose I’m as happy as I can possibly be. I have a peerless mate, our brood are extraordinarily healthy and bright, and we’ve procured what will be the foundation for a new hive - why do you ask?” she inquired, leering down at him.

Hanging his head and screwing his eyes closed, he brought his hand before himself. He really wasn’t sure of what to say or how to say it, so he let the presentation speak for itself. Feeling the box shift in his palm, likely manipulated by her sorcery, his anxiety soared to unimaginable heights. With the situation out of his hands, he silently awaited her acknowledgement.

“What...What is this?” she softly asked.

Gathering every ounce of courage he could, Anon peeked up at her. A ring, a simple gold band with an inset emerald, levitated between them. While the piece of jewelry was easily the most expensive thing he’d ever purchased in Equestria, the true meaning behind it was beyond priceless. As their eyes met, his breath hitched in his throat.

“I...I wanted to make it official,” he sighed, averting his gaze. “Chrysalis, I really do love you with all my heart and I never want to leave you. Meeting you was the best thing that has ever happened to me and, if I had a choice of losing my home world, I would gladly give it all up to be with you…”

His voice quavered, his hands began to tremble, and his thoughts ran rampant. Despite all the time they’d spent together, bonding and growing closer with every passing day, the dread of rejection sank its teeth into his soul. Though some part of him knew it was illogical and that at worst she may politely decline his offer, he’d never been more fearful in his entire life.

As the box was pressed back into his palm, with the faint sound of the wooden lid closing, ice ran through his veins. He turned his head and peered up at her, wondering exactly what had happened, and froze. Her jaw was set and her face was turned to the side, refusing to look at him.

“Foolish, foolish man, you know not what you ask,” she uttered. Pushing herself up and hopping from the bed, she trotted towards the door.

Panic, terror, sorrow, and anger exploded within him, leaving him more vulnerable than he’d ever been and compromising his better judgement. Shooting to his feet, with the ring box in his white-knuckled grip, he wheeled around to face her. All of his worry of rejection leading up to that moment was but a single drop in the endless sea of despair.

“Why?” he quietly demanded, railing against the urge to let his emotions take over. “Just tell me why...Please…”

Pausing by the doorway, she somberly looked out upon their home. “Because I couldn’t bear to lose you afterwards…”

Anon’s thoughts raced, trying desperately to determine what she meant. Marriage wasn’t an ending - if anything, it would cement them as a couple for the rest of their days. Taking a step forward, unsure of what to do, he reached for her. “I...I don’t understand.”

Chrysalis languidly turned her head to face him, bereft of the slightest bit of anger or contempt. The look upon her face was one of melancholic loss and regret, and it magnified his concern beyond comprehension. As she wistfully gazed down at the floor, a shuddering breath escaped her.

“I’ve lost so much already - my home, my hive, my pride - knowing that I would be without you some day is hard enough as it is, but losing a husband would break me…” she somberly murmured.

Then the cold realization hit him. Chrysalis was one of the oldest living creatures in all of Equestria, rivaling the Princesses in age, and she was still in her prime. She would outlive him, of that there was no doubt, though he’d never given much thought about the fact until that moment. Her rebuff struck deeper than the implications of his mortality, causing him to sink to the floor.

“I just wanted to make you happy, to give you hope for a future you deserve,” he whimpered, feeling something hot roll down his cheek.

“You have,” she softly responded, steadily moving towards him. “Hope and happiness are the cruelest weapons mortals have to wield; they can fulfill you like nothing else, yet crush your very soul,” she continued, drawing a hoof under his chin. “Anon, I care for you like none other, you are my bane and my boon, and I’d likely be imprisoned for eternity without you…”

“Then stay with me,” he pleaded, reaching up to cup her cheek. “I swear on everything I hold dear, I’ll be by your side until my dying breath. You’re my reason for being and I can’t imagine living without you. I...” he gulped, shaking his head and fending off his inhibitions, “I need you.”

Her doleful eyes never wavered from his face, as the tears began to form. “And I you…”

“Then let's be together. Even if I go before you, know that I’d wait an eternity for you on the other side,” he breathed, his composure fracturing.

Wrapping one foreleg around his neck, pulling him to her bosom, she sighed. “When that day does come to pass, I fear you wouldn’t have to wait for long.”

Wordlessly embracing her, sharing his warmth, he shook his head. “Don’t say that.”

“Then don’t say you’ll be there for me,” she tenderly intoned, pushing him away to look into his eyes, “because I already know.”

A hush fell upon them, as they shared a tender kiss and hugged one another. In a sense, it was cathartic and reflected their lives until that point. The highest highs, the lowest lows, loss and joy, all culminated with that fateful juncture. They’d given each other something special, something neither realized their lives were lacking, and they were both more complete because of it.

Their lips parted and Chrysalis retracted her head, lovingly stroking his cheek. “I’m sure you’ll insist on Twilight being there, but I demand she be relegated to one of the back rows,” she huffed, falteringly smiling down at him.

As he wiped a tear from her face, it took Anon a second to comprehend what she’d said. “Wait. So…”

“Even if I was doing to deny your request, you don’t strike me as the type who’d accept no for an answer,” she hummed.

In that fleeting moment, it was like the sun itself shone on upon him. His passion soared and the emotional dam broke, as he leapt forward and nearly tackled her to the floor. All of his doubts and worries evaporated in an instant, knowing she would have him.

Stumbling back and getting her footing, she patted his head. “And here I thought the mare was supposed to lose her cool on - sniff - such occasions,” she weakly joked, attempting to mask just how overcome she really was.

“What can I say,” Anon laughed, rocking back to his haunches, “I just really, really wanted to see you in a wedding dress.”

“I swear by all the stars in the sky, if this is some elaborate joke, they’ll never find your body,” she chuckled. Prizing the small box from his grasp and levitating it over to herself, she gave the ring a closer inspection. “By the way, from whom did you procure this?”

Getting to his feet and brushing himself off, he stepped over and plucked the band from the air. “I ordered it from a jeweler in Canterlot. If I had gotten it from anywhere in town, I’m sure folks would already be talking about it.”

Clever,” she noted, eyeing the bauble, “but does it fit?”

Giving a small shrug, he steadily extended his arm. “Only one way to find out,” he noted, creeping closer. Slipping the ring over her gnarled horn, he gingerly seated the golden loop around the base of the bony protrusion.

“Before we go any further, I need you to know that I am not entirely pleased with this incident,” she grumbled, prodding his chest. “This entire ordeal is going to be such a headache. The dress, planning the event itself, finding a ring for you. With my royal coffers having been stolen from me years ago, I have perilously few resources to draw from.”

Anon couldn’t help but beam, seeing her return to her naturally surly self. “As far as I’m concerned, none of that matters. All I care about is that you show up, I’ll figure out the rest.”

“And leave the details to you? Perish the thought!” she scoffed. “Your tastes have always been lacking and would surely result in an event unbefitting of a Queen. So help me, it will make Shining and Cadance’s ceremony look utterly pedestrian.”

Hmmmm,” he thoughtfully hummed, shrewdly rubbing his chin. “Maybe we should invite them - you know, so they can see how it’s really done.”

Snickering to herself, with a devilish glint in her eye, Chrysalis mirrored his playful sentiment. “Indeed. I don’t believe Cadance, being the Princess of love, could deny the request to bless the couple at such a momentous occasion - that and I’m sure Shining would appreciate a reminder of what he could have had.”

“I’m thinking lots of black and green to go with it, and I bet Pinkie would be happy as hell to make the cake for us,” Anon added, ruminating aloud.

“So long as it’s not - ugh - cheesecake or harboring an artillery piece, I’ll permit her to be the royal baker,” she groaned. “I have no doubt the children will be thrilled with the news, though minding them throughout the nuptials will be a trial.”

Nah, they’ll be fine. We’ve got plenty of time to get them ready for it,” he dismissively stated, waving a hand to dispel her concern. “But really though, you have no idea how stressed I was over this. It took me weeks to work up the courage to ask you.”

Shaking her head, she softly tsking to herself. “I can’t quite blame you, it’s not everyday that a commoner ask a royal for her hoof in marriage.”

“Hey - I’m the least common commoner this world has,” he laughed. “Speaking of which, would this make me a King or something?”

“Given that I hold no kingdom, I doubt it - that being said, it’s not important anyways,” she noted. Walking over and placing her forehooves on his shoulders, she brought her muzzle to his face. “The only thing that matters is that you’re my King.”

“And you’re my Queen,” he breathed. Leaning in, brushing a strand of mane from her face, he locked lips with his lover.

All joking aside, there would be plenty of time to organize the event. Between invitations, settling on a theme, getting a suit for himself, finding a dress for her, and figuring out how many creatures and ponies they’d have to be catering for, there was plenty of work ahead of him - still, it could wait. He’d cleared the biggest hurdle in his life, having his paramour accept his proposal, and he couldn’t be happier. Regardless of how and when they’d be wed, she’d made him the happiest man or stallion in Equestria and, despite her pithy comebacks and glib joking, something told him she felt the same way as him...

Chapter 10 (NSFW)

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“You have to realize how unorthodox this is,” Anon groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose and shaking his head.

“Excuse me, my apologies, I’d forgotten how it’s unorthodox for a literal alien to accompany his betrothed to the tailor,” Chrysalis quipped. Glowering over at him, as they moved through town, she grinned.

“Is it seriously no big deal? I thought seeing one another in our wedding getups was supposed to be a surprise on the big day,” he lamented. Walking along beside her, he nodded, waved, or smiled at the townsponies they passed.

“It’s a foolish pony tradition that’s just as nonsensical as most of their customs!” the Queen griped, practically snarling in frustration. “What does it matter if my husband-to-be joins me in the planning phase of acquiring my gown? Your opinion on the matter is more important than anyone else’s because you are the whole reason I’m getting the blasted thing!”

Her aggression, while outwardly off putting and unsettling, warmed the depths of Anon’s heart. The fact that she actually valued his input on the matter was a testament to her feelings for him and, as such, he’d be damned if he was going to disappoint her - still, it felt a bit funny to be going along with her to the couturier for a consultation. Honestly, given his utter and complete lack of style and fashion sense, she would have likely been better off on her own.

“Just try not to be too snippy with Rarity,” he moaned. “It was nice enough that she offered to make my suit and your dress, so please don’t make a scene.”

“I’ll make a scene if I want. It’s my wedding and I will settle for nothing less than the perfect gown,” she tutted, obstinately flicking the mane from her face.

Despite himself, Anon grinned. Ever since he’d proposed to her, she’d taken on a bit of a split personality. On one hand, she acted like every little facet of the event was a tremendous chore and complained incessantly about the details - on the other, she’d worked meticulously to plan each and every element of the momentous event. She may have acted like she hated it, but her devotion and hard work spoke to the contrary.

“Moreover,” the testy Queen grumbled, wincing as the morning sun washed over her face, “why is our appointment so early? You would think Rarity would realize a bride needs her beauty sleep!”

Because it just works best for everybody,” the man shot back, reaching out and scratching behind her ear. “The kids are at school, her shop doesn’t technically open for another two hours, and I’m pretty sure you would rather not have to put up with other customers,” he explained. “Besides, I’m sure planning the dress for a Queen should be done without distraction.”

Slowing just a tad, Chrysalis twisted her head and leered at her lover. “I presume that was your idea?”

“Nope,” he chuckled, leaning in and kissing her nose, “but I would have suggested it if she hadn’t.”

Her eyes widened ever so slightly, blood crept into her cheeks, and her gate faltered, before she flippantly turned away from him. Hanging a left, bringing the Carousel Boutique into view, she snorted in disdain. “Regardless, I hope this doesn’t take too long. I have yet to start on the painfully short guest list and invitations.”

Ignoring the petty gripe, knowing she was just floundering to complain about something, his hand wandered down her back and towards her flank. “I’ll make us some breakfast, once we get home, and then we can both get to work on it.”

Hmmmph,” she huffed.

Looking up, content to let his lover halfheartedly pout, Anon spotted a figure standing at the boutique’s door. Sorcerously sweeping off the porch and entryway, doubtlessly trying to tidy up for her impending royal visitor, she didn’t notice them until they were roughly a dozen yards away. As the little unicorn set her broom aside, stifling a yawn and trotting out to greet them, he noticed something was amiss.

Ordinarily, Rarity was a paragon of beauty and grace. Her mane was always immaculately styled, her makeup was flawless, and she always made a conscious effort to present herself as perfectly as possible - that being said, for whatever reason, she looked rough. Not only did she seem somewhat unsteady on her hooves, but the bags under her eyes smacked of a lack of sleep. Though something was definitely wrong, she smiled at her guests nonetheless.

“Morning, Daaaaaaah,” she yawned, demurely covering her muzzle with a forehoof. “My apologies, I’m a bit tired. I trust you two are doing well this morning?” she inquired, wearily looking between the two.

“Rarity, yes, the Element of Kindness,” Chrysalis clucked, looming over the markedly smaller mare.

Holding a hoof to her chest and softly shaking her head, the unicorn corrected the shapeshifter. “Actually, that would be Fluttershy. I’m the Element of Generosity.”

Giving an apathetic shrug, the Queen pressed herself to the man’s side. “Whatever. Why are you so haggard?”

“Chryssy!” Anon croaked, lightly slapping the changeling’s lower back. It was one thing to be haughty and aloof, but being rude and outright uncaring was stepping over a line - especially since the unicorn was doing them a tremendous favor. “Sorry about her, she’s not usually up and about this early.”

“It’s alright, Darling,” Rarity noted, batting a hoof. “After spending the night here to finish your suit and gown, I’m a bit - Eeep!” she bleated, magically hauled to the Matriarch’s face.

“You did what?” Chrysalis seethed, baring her fangs at the terrified, levitating mare.

While Anon wasn’t nearly as upset as his paramour, the news that Rarity had already made them their attire did come as a bit of a shock. The wedding wasn’t for another four months - as such, he’d hoped to have time to ensure their garments were properly fitted and, with any luck, matching. Giving his lover a somewhat harder smack on the rear, prompting her to release the seamstress, he frowned.

Squatting down to face the dressmaker, he knit his brow. “You already made our outfits?”

“I simply couldn’t help myself! After I heard that you two were going to tie the knot, my imagination went positively wild. Queen Chrysalis, villain of renown, and Anon the human, getting hitched? Getting to make a wedding gown for a Queen would be thrilling enough, but making a unique ensemble for her alien lover made it just too exciting to pass up,” Rarity animatedly explained. Turning away, apparently with her passion overshadowing the fact that she’d just been accosted, she trotted towards the entrance of her shop.

Flanking and keeping pace with the unicorn, Chrysalis scowled at the seamstress. “You do realize that if we’re not pleased with your impertinent creations, you will be making us new ones…” Chrysalis hissed. “And before you ask, no, we will not compensate you for any wasted effort.”

“It’s not that big of a deal, but I really do wish you’d at least asked us first,” Anon lamented, mirroring his mate.

Though she was clearly fatigued, Rarity shrugged off the doubt and vitriol with ease. “If you don’t like the garments, I’ll be sure to adjust them to suit your tastes. Just do yourselves a favor and withhold your doubt until after you’ve had a look at my creations.”

The man and shapeshifter glanced to one another, shared a look, and kept their mouths shut. Rarity was a fashionista of renown, easily one of the best designers and tailors in all of Equestria, so chances were high that she’d made something that reflected her self-confidence - no, better than high. If the stories Anon had heard were correct, her work had gotten worse with input from her friends or clients.

“You’ll have to forgive the mess,” the unicorn grunted, proceeding through the storefront and into the back of the shop. “I just received a shipment of fabric the other morning.”

Slowing, Anon studied the backroom he found himself in. Unlike the business end of the shop, the rear of the building was heaped with materials, unused mannequins, various machines, and more than a few empty cups of coffee. Sat to one side of the area, beneath a window, rested a drafting table. As fascinating as it was to get a sneak peek of the dressmaker’s lair, his attention was quickly drawn by the sound of a throat clearing.

“Here you are,” Rarity intoned, levitating a decently sized box towards his chest. “There’s a restroom just behind those empty racks,” she continued, pointing over her shoulder. “If you’d like to try it on and come back out, I’ll have Chrysalis slip into hers.”

Have Chrysalis…” the Queen scoffed, strutting over and menacingly towering over the pony. “Have you forgotten to whom you are addressing?”

“Darling, please, I’ve been up all night working my hooves to the bone on these. I would like you both to change and reconvene here,” the unicorn sighed.

The explanation did little to assuage the brooding Matriarch. Uncaring, without flinching a muscle, she piqued a brow. “Can we not change right here? Why must we -”

Because I want to see your reactions! There! Is that too much to ask?!” Rarity snapped, somehow staring down the taller mare. Breathing heavily, she screwed her eyes closed, took a deep breath, and exhaled. “So if you’d both please go try your outfits on, that would be just lovely…” she softly added, regaining some modicum of her normally genteel nature.

To Anon’s amazement, Chrysalis actually buckled. Snatching up her garment, which was apparently in a box hovering by the exhausted and irritable seamstress, she sauntered back to the storefront and towards one of the fitting rooms located there. “You could have said that from the start.”

“And you could have - Grrrr,” Rarity growled, watching the lanky bug-horse disappear behind the curtain leading out of the backroom. “Is she always this difficult?”

Nodding, Anon squatted down beside the mare. “Pretty much, yeah, but don’t let it fool you,” he noted, keeping his tone barely louder than a whisper. “Just trust me, she’s not actually that mad.”

Peering to the man’s face, searching for and failing to find any sign of sarcasm, the unicorn recoiled. “And you put up with that every day?”

The man hung his head, taking a heavy breath and wondering if he could find an adequate way to explain their relationship. “Ok, so, have you ever met anyone who acts tougher than they are - you know, someone whose bark is worse than their bite?”

Rarity’s head slowly bobbed, though she looked far from convinced. “A few, yes.”

“And you know how, if you spend enough time around people like that, you start noticing little details about them? Their tone, the way they hold themselves, how quickly they respond to a question or request, how they react to situations - stuff like that,” he continued.

“I believe so, yes, but I can hardly say I’ve met anyone as…” Rarity paused and pursed her lips, possibly choosing a delicate way to finish her statement. “As apoplectic as Chrysalis before.”

“Just take my word for it, she’s not really angry,” Anon softly chuckled. Leaning in, he brought his mouth to just beside the mare’s ear. “Between you and me, I think she’s actually flattered that you made her something.”

“I’ll withhold my exhilaration until after I get both of your thoughts,” the unicorn murmured. Stepping back and waving her hoof towards the nearby washroom, she waved him away. “You should be able to get dressed quicker than her, but do hurry.”

Pushing himself up, the man shot the seamstress a smile and a wink. “I’m on it.”

He really didn’t have much time to spare, since he did not want to leave Chrysalis and Rarity together unsupervised. While he truly did believe what he’d said about his lover, regarding her being mostly talk, that didn’t mean she was opposed to applying a bit of physical force - for fuck’s sake, she’d literally shaken down Seven-Ten at least a dozen times in the last six months! Scampering past the empty racks and heaped crates of supplies, he saw himself into the restroom and closed the door behind himself.

Only after he’d closed the door did he open and peer into the box he’d been given. The first things to catch his eye were the colors: black, white, and several shades of green. Carefully extracting piece after piece, draping them over the sink and towel rack, he gave himself a good look at the outfit. So far as he could tell, it was a perfectly crafted tuxedo - replete with trousers, jacket, dress shirt, vest, and even a pair of shoes. It was a damn impressive getup, and it looked pretty snappy, but that would mean nothing if the clothes didn’t fit.

Arranging the various components of his suit around himself, Anon began to undress. Since there wasn’t too much room to work with, being inside the relatively cramped lavatory, it took him a few minutes to get stripped down to his underwear. Actually getting dressed was a fair bit trickier than he’d originally thought, since he’d never donned a tuxedo before, but he was able to manage it easily enough.

Much to his amazement, the garments fit him perfectly. The shirt, vest, and jacket had just enough room to let him move around easily. The only part which gave him any trouble was his bow tie which, unfortunately, he failed with spectacularly. Draping the length of silk over his shoulder, after brushing himself off, he gave himself a look in the mirror. Though it was the first time seeing himself in such a getup, he had to say, he looked fan-fucking-tastic.

The vest, jacket, and slacks were pitch black, as were the shoes, while the dress shirt was snow white, but those weren’t what defined the outfit. Be damned if he could name all the various shades of green which highlighted his ensemble, but the suit was heavily accented with the stuff. The buttons, trim, hemming, lining, the bow tie - hell, even the shoelaces on his footwear were all some hue of green!

It was no secret that he knew next to nothing about fashion, but he thought garb was damn clever. Even if Chrysalis’ dress was relatively plain, which he doubted it would be, his attire would compliment her aesthetic remarkably well. Smiling, turning and doing his best to look at himself from different angles, he started wondering what his wife-to-be’s dress looked like.

“Rarity!” he shouted, turning and barging out of the small chamber, “help me with this bow tie!”

If he was lucky, he’d have the seamstress finish him up before Chrysalis got changed. Sadly, as he wandered past the supplies and bolts of fabric, he discovered he was too late. Raising his head, holding the length of silk in his hand, he froze. There, standing beside the alabaster unicorn, stood his betrothed. In a single word, the slender changeling was positively gorgeous.

If there was ever an outfit which perfectly fit the Queen, it had to be the gown she was wearing. Sharing a similar color palate to his tuxedo, the garment was a villainous parody of the traditional pure white wedding dress. Lace embellished fabric clung tightly to her chest, continuing over her back and flowing over her hind quarters to the ground below. While it wasn’t overtly sexual, the article did accentuate her curves and somehow magnify her already startling appeal.

The couple blankly stared at one another, their eyes playing over their newly acquired garb, as a deafening silence fell over the room. It was a first for them both; Chrysalis had never seen the man in anything more complicated than a polo shirt, while Anon had only ever seen his mate in the nude or, on rare occasions, scandalous negligee. Were it not for the sound of a barely restrained squeal of delight, there was no telling how long they would have gawked at each other.

“I presume you both approve?” Rarity asked, practically gnawing her lower lip in excitement.

Stepping forward, turning his attention back to his lover, Anon numbly nodded. A simple yes would have been an inadequate response. The Queen - his Queen was absolutely resplendent in her natural state, yet somehow the couturier had magnified her natural beauty several times over. Needless to say, his uncertainty about Rarity’s decision to make such an outfit on a whim was demolished outright.

Hmmm,” Chrysalis hummed, lazily sashaying over to and around the man. Eyeing him up and down, drinking in every minute detail of his wardrobe, she curtly nodded to herself and gave one of the highest compliments she’s likely ever uttered. “Adequate...”

“You think so?” Anon asked, beyond pleased that she approved of his getup. He thought the tuxedo was dapper as hell, but hearing it from someone else, especially his betrothed, was supremely satisfying. As she came to a halt just before him, he noticed several twinkling dots about her gown. Squinting, he leaned in and gave himself a closer look. “A...are those gems?”

“Of course, Darling!” the svelte unicorn stated, walking over to the shapeshifter and casually caressing the dress. “Peridot, tourmaline, diopside, and jade have been woven into the piece which, by the way, includes silk harvested from malachite spiders.”

Innovative,” Chrysalis remarked. Craning her neck and twisting her head, she inspected her rear. “I suppose the piece is satisfactory, although the lack of accompanying negligee will need to be addressed.”

Tsk tsk tsk - Chrysalis, you wound me,” Rarity mourned, holding a hoof to her head as if stricken. “You assume a fashionista of my caliber would neglect such a detail? Now then, if you’d be so kind, close your eyes and do not peek - both of you.”

As the Matriarch cast him an incredulous look, Anon nodded and did as he was asked. The quality and precision with which Rarity had crafted their garments had more than earned some small and, judging from the course of the conversation, somewhat raunchy surprise. Hoping his paramour was keeping her eyes shut, hearing the unmistakable sound of magic, a dull Thump to his left drew his attention.

“Alright, turn slightly to your left and open your eyes on three. One...Two...Th-Blast it!” the unicorn groused.

Hmm hmm hmm...Rarity, my dear pony, this is exquisite,” Chrysalis snickered.

With the countdown derailed, Anon peeked out and gazed upon what had to be the most extravagant set of lingerie he’d ever seen. Traceries of satin and lace lay tightly draped around a mannequin of Queenly proportions. Panties, a garter belt, leggings, a bodice - they were all there. The ensemble was deliciously depraved and, if he had to guess, had taken as much time, thought, and effort as the dress itself had.

“I should mention, I have a slice of humble pie at the ready to accompany the outfit,” the seamstress quipped, conceitedly grinning at the shapeshifter.

Gently prodding a hoof to the unicorn’s chest, Chrysalis wolfishly smirked. “Don’t push it - that being said, I will upgrade my appraisal from sufficient to satisfactory.

“Well I’m glad you approve,” Rarity noted.

As the fashionista extended a foreleg to her regal guest, the most remarkable thing happened. Not only did the Queen shake the pony’s hoof, but they both shared a giggle - not an ominous ‘you will rue the day’ sort of giggle, but a giggle of genuine amusement. Anon was floored by the interaction, even after the reveal of their attire.

“I really can’t thank you enough for this,” he solemnly whispered, delighted with the pleasantly surprising turn of events, “but I’m not sure how we’re going to afford all this; everything must have cost a fortune in materials alone, and I’m sure the work you put into outfits had to take quite some time.”

“Darling, please, as if I’d charge you a single bit for these!” Rarity tutted, dismissively batting a hoof at the man.

“Let me guess - you’re happy to generously gift us these garments out of the kindness of your heart,” Chrysalis mused, cocking her head to the side.

Nodding once, the unicorn beamed. “Quite right.”

“And it has nothing to do with the fact that every publication on the continent will mention how the Miss Rarity was the brilliant designer who crafted the gown and tuxedo featured for Queen Chrysalis’ wedding,” the Matriarch pressed, her smile twisting into a predatory smirk.

“I..I...Well…” Rarity gulped, suddenly finding herself put on the spot. “I suppose a few outlets may mention my name - after the wedding occurs, of course.”

No no! Rarity, you misunderstand me,” Chrysalis tutted. Nonchalantly moving to the mare’s side and wrapping a foreleg over her shoulder, she pulled the suddenly tense pony to herself. “It’s absolutely cunning. And here I thought ponies weren’t capable of such guile - well, besides Cozy Glow.”

“P...Please, you’re too kind,” the unicorn bashfully tittered, looking somehow embarrassed and prideful.

“Do you know what would look stunning with this dress?” the Matriarch inquired, holding the seamstress close. “A green rose…”

Quirking a brow, Rarity timidly eyed the towering changeling. “I...I’m not sure if Roseluck would -”

“Pity,” Chrysalis interrupted, suddenly sullen. “If this Roseluck did have flowers which would compliment the positively splendid gown you’ve made for me, I’d have no choice but to wholeheartedly endorse your boutique.”

Upon hearing the statement, the pony’s ears perked up and she wriggled free from the ne'er-do-well’s grasp. “I’ll be right back,” she chirped, hastily moving towards the exit.

Despite the predatory grin plastered on her fanged face, Chrysalis fondly waved goodbye to the fleeing seamstress. “Take as much time as you need! Anon and I shall eagerly await your return.”

Anon smiled to himself and waved a hand, watching the unicorn disappear into the storefront. The morning had turned out much better than he could have ever dreamed. Their outfits, while unexpected, were of exceptional quality, fit perfectly, and they hadn’t cost a dime - hell, they’d even scored a deliciously naughty set of lingerie on the house. As if the gratis garments hadn’t been nice enough, he was stunned that Chrysalis and Rarity had actually seemed to hit it off!

So far as he could remember, the Queen and seamstress had rarely interacted much - sure, it was no secret that Chrysalis despised all the elements of Friendship, but her vitriol for some far surpassed her rancor for others. As bizarre as it had been to see the pair playfully goad one another, he was thrilled that their meeting hadn’t turned into a bitching session or metaphorical dick measuring contest.

“Turn around, face the wall, and strip naked,” Chrysalis matter-of-factly instructed, igniting her horn and carefully extricating herself from her dress.

Robbed of his cheerful moment, sure that he’d misheard his lover, Anon dug a finger into his ear. “What?”

Without batting an eye, continuing to cautiously disrobe, the Queen sighed. “Strip. If I’m right, we’ll have about twenty minutes before -”

“We are not going to do it in the back of Rarity’s shop!” he cut her off, glowering over at her.

Stopping dead, Chrysalis locked eyes with him. “Why not? It’s not like we haven’t surreptitiously done it in or around several other locations in Ponyville.”

Lifting a hand, Anon started counting off on his fingers. “First of all, it would probably tick off Rarity, and I would really rather not risk getting stuck with a bill that would more than likely take years to pay off,” he darkly grumbled. Seeing his initial point had little effect, with his mate glaring back at him, he was hit with an idea. “And I wouldn’t want to risk her getting rid of our clothes out of spite…”

Studying him for a moment, the Matriarch’s defiant expression finally broke. “Fine,” she groaned, rolling her eyes. “We’ll play it your way, even if you’re being a chicken about this. Go get changed and meet me back here.”

Nodding to himself, Anon turned and strolled back to the restroom. “Alright, just give me a sec.”

He would have changed right there in the backroom, had it not been for the fact that his clothes were still heaped in the bathroom. Seeing himself inside, only partially closing the door behind himself, he started carefully unbuttoning and removing the components of his tuxedo. It was rare that he denied a request from his domineering lover, and rarer still that he turned down the opportunity for a scandalous quickie, but even he had his limits.

Merrily humming to himself, with the vest, jacket, shirt, and slacks folded and draped over his arm, he moved back into the seamstress’ workshop. “Ok, after we finish up here, what would you say to…” his voice died in his throat, leaving the room eerily quiet, as he gazed over at his betrothed.

The gown was gone, resting on the drafting table behind her, but that wasn’t what left him speechless - no, that was due to what she’d replaced the dress with. The lingerie Rarity had shown them looked raunchy on a mannequin, but it wasn’t nearly as enticing and provocative as it was on Chrysalis herself. The green traceries of lace and satin elevated the changeling’s already substantial carnal appeal to unimaginable heights, sending blood rushing to the man’s loins and causing his imagination to run wild, but the shapeshifter was far from finished with the depravity.

“Rarity will need to make one small adjustment,” she purred, glancing back at her gown.

Huh?” Anon dumbly grunted, unable to take his eyes off the alluring creature. It was odd; though he was used to her strutting around in the buff, seeing her in the overtly erotic undergarments immediately got his motor running.

“The dress is beautiful, but it will never fit me in four months,” she coolly intoned, slowly circling him.

Twisting his head, watching her lazily move around him, he pursed his lips. “Why? It seemed to fit you perfectly.”

Coming around to his front, facing away with him, she leisurely moved to the drafting table. “Because,” she breathed, resting her forehooves on the wooden surface, “I’m going to be extraordinarily pregnant.”

Before Anon could say a word, the changeling pressed her chest to the desk, splayed her hind legs, and flipped her tail to the side. He wasn’t sure how he hadn’t noticed it before, but the pair of panties she was wearing were crotchless. Longingly gazing at her sopping wet and engorged marehood, feeling his erection struggling within his pants, he gulped. As tempting as the offer was, some sliver of self-control kept him locked in place - that was, until she peered back at him.

“Imagine it -” she cooed, invitingly swaying her hips from side to side, “you standing at the altar, patiently waiting for your soon to be wife, when I begin walking down the aisle. Just think of the scandal! Everyone would know you’re the father, that you ravaged and pumped a clutch into my fertile womb out of wedlock. I’d stand at your side, heavy with foal and with ripe, leaking teats, while we say our vows; it would be glorious.”

Her winking sex, openly drooling to the hardwood flooring, left little room for doubt - she wasn’t just talking a good game, she was as or more excited about the prospect than he was. Even if she was partially bluffing, feigning an ovulation cycle, his reluctance waned. In the face of such a perfectly presented and delightfully debased notion, he licked his lips.

“’d need a bra,” he stammered.

“Only if you insisted,” she countered, shooting him a wink. “For all I care, I’d marry you wearing this very outfit - after all, I am your broodmare.”

With that last word, the final nail went in Anon’s coffin. Fumbling for his pants, he swiftly undid the buckle of his belt. There were times in life when temptation became too much to bear - for him, it was seeing his to-be-wife presenting herself and asking for another litter of children. As his pants fell to the floor, being quickly kicked to the side, he stepped forward and caressed her rear.

Rocking back, grinding her slickened nethers against his painfully turgid manhood, she contentedly chuckled to herself. “Such a dutiful husband…”

Without another word, Anon draped himself over her back and locked lips with her. Her fangs played over his tongue, while she breathed hotly into his mouth. If there was a more perfect mate in this or any other world, he couldn’t imagine it. In spite of their differences, or perhaps because of them, they simply meshed perfectly together.

The sultry, arrogant villain and her humble human lover; as strange as it was, they’d found something with one another - something neither had truly experienced before. Like two halves of a peculiar whole, both of their lives had improved dramatically since the fateful day they met. While he could have never guessed he’d find himself utterly smitten with the shapeshifting seductress, it had happened all the same. Deepening his kiss, closing his eyes, he sank his length into her silken confines.

Although the pair were unquestionably worked up, they moved with the slow, tender motions of true lovers. Taking their time, their bodies worked in concert. Chrysalis affectionately squeezed his shaft, while he unhurriedly delved her depths. Thrust after thrust, his tool sank deeper into her confines until the tip kissed her womb.

She was the lock and he was the key; together he’d accomplished more than he’d ever dreamt of. They’d started a family, owned a home, and were on the cusp of being wed. Grabbing her hip, he broadened his stance and began rutting her in earnest. At a certain point, they crossed the point of no return, well past stopping themselves from taking it any further, and they’d be damned if anything was going to stop them from the impulsive breeding session spurred by outfits Rarity had fashioned for them.

Yes,” she hissed, rearing back shivering in his grasp, “right there.”

The comment was completely unnecessary, though it did inspire him to plow her slightly harder than before. Steadying himself on her sturdy frame, he extended an arm and lifted her right hind leg. Braced as she was, with his added support, he made damn sure she wouldn’t lose her balance. He wasn’t opposed to screwing her from behind in a more traditional sense, though he couldn’t help from really elevating the experience for them both.

With her leg supported in his elbow, his hand crept to her groin. His fingers played over her winking, swollen clit, tenderly kneading the sensitive bud of flesh, while his hips impacted her backside. The moan which escaped her lips was like the sweetest symphony, inspiring him to peek out at her. Breathing heavily, rocking slightly with his thrusts, she cast her heavily lidded eyes upon him.

With his head resting over her shoulder, she arched her back, twisted her neck, and jammed her serpent-like tongue into his mouth. Dirty talk was all well and good, but an impassioned makeout session was something they both thoroughly enjoyed. As the minutes slowly dragged on, their bodies continued to move in perfect harmony.

Every grind, gyration, clench, or particularly forceful plunge was more than enough to keep them both on their toes/hooves, goading them both to up the ante. More than sex alone, for the sake of one’s self, they viewed their lovemaking akin to a competition - not exactly as a rivalry, but to each sought to push the other towards the finish line. They took gratification from knowing they brought pleasure to one another, rarely leaving either of them dissatisfied.

Balancing on her unheld hind leg, Chrysalis slammed herself back to meet his thrusts. Hotly kissing him, groaning into his mouth, there was no need to ask him to increase his pace - he simply knew. Tightening his grip on her hip, while furiously rubbing her clit, his hips slammed against her rear. With each withdrawal, she constricted around him - with every plunge, she relaxed her canal.

Screwing his eyes closed, fixating on the wondrous sensations she afforded, Anon basked in the glory that was his mate. Even if he had the chance to return home, to regain everything he’d lost on Earth, he knew he couldn’t leave her. Although she had her flaws, he’d gladly trade anything to be with her for the rest of his days. Holding her, making love with her, was ambrosia and he honestly couldn’t say if he could live without her.

The sensation of her trembling in his clutches, hearing her whimper around his tongue, told him she was close. Though he was loathe to break their kiss, he couldn’t help himself. Rearing back, releasing her waist, his fingers danced through her mane. “I love you…”

The amorous admission, like so many times before, was Chrysalis’ death knell. Her eyes rolled back, her body tensed, and a deluge of feminine nectar gushed from her quivering marehood. He smiled, seeing her face contorted in pure rapture, and continued on. Though she’d met her climactic fate, he’d be remiss for not coating her interior with his essence.

Between the spontaneous sex, the taboo of doing it in the backroom of Rarity’s shop, and seeing her in the negligee, he found himself at the tipping point. It wouldn’t have been out of turn for her to talk dirty to him, or perhaps seize the reins, yet something miraculous happened. Sweating slightly, with strands of her cerulean mane plastered to her face, her harlequin eyes met his.

I love you too,” she confessed, her voice so faint that it may have been his imagination.

The avowal was beyond moving and wholly unexpected, sealing Anon’s fate and pushing him past the brink. Hilting himself, at a loss for words, he pressed his lips to hers and came. Hot seed surged through his wildly throbbing shaft, erupting into her depths and claiming her as his own. They’d screwed more times than he could count, in more positions and places than he could remember, but this felt different.

Quietly making out, riding out the euphoria of their passion, they relished the moment in silence. Soon enough, their love for one another would take the next step. They were to be wed, cementing them as a couple and vowing to cherish one another for their lives. The ceremony would be the crown jewel of everything they’d accomplished and the feelings they shared, marking them as a couple for the masses.

“Enjoy the show?” Chrysalis purred, twisting her head to the side at an unnatural angle.

Cocking his head, wondering what his paramour was talking about, Anon went rigid. Standing by the doorway, just inside the room, lounged Rarity. Though the unicorn didn’t appear upset or put off by the carnal display, simply knowing they’d been happened upon again sent a cold chill through him. Quite literally balls deep in his betrothed, he hung his head in shame.

“Sorry,” he muttered, hoping the pony would give them some privacy before he dismounted.

“Darling, there’s no need to apologize! I’m just happy you didn’t sully the gown itself!” Rarity chortled. Apparently content to stand there and continue to watch, she only eventually realized his discomfort. “Would you like a moment?”

Nodding, Anon winced. “If it’s not too much to - Oof!” he wheezed, set off balance as the Queen pushed him back.

“After gifting us the garments, had you asked, I would have allowed you a much more intimate view,” Chrysalis scoffed. Unabashedly trotting over to the seamstress, leaving a trail of seed and orgasmic juices in her wake, she came to rest before the pony.

Waving a hoof and blushing heavily, Rarity smiled. “That’s quite alright. I’m just moved that you enjoyed my creations that much.”

Indeed,” the Matriarch crooned. “I’ll have the negligee laundered myself, though you may want to see to the mess we made before it dries.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t allow you to do that…” Rarity quietly huffed, stepping over and blocking the doorway.

Askance, Chrysalis squinted down at the suddenly defiant seamstress. “Excuse me?”

Knitting her brow, boldly staring up at the shapeshifter, the unicorn held her ground. “I’m not concerned about the - Ahem - results of your exchange, but I simply must insist that the lingerie stay with me until your wedding day.”

Snatching up his clothing and doing his level best to get dressed as fast as he could, Anon swallowed hard. It was like watching a mexican standoff, except the two participants were a snow white horse and a monstrously insectoid equine nearly double the size of her opponent. By the grace of some higher power, or maybe just dumb luck, the Matriarch chuckled.

“Bold...Very bold,” Chrysalis darkly mused. “I will allow you to keep the article and ensure Anon cleans up after us, so long as you recommend a photographer for the ceremony.”

Mutely locking eyes with the changeling, Rarity extended a foreleg to her guest. “Agreed.”

Shaking the mare’s hoof, Chrysalis shot a glance back at her paramour. “After I change, I’ll be browsing this pony’s wares. Try not to take too long.”

And just like that, the Queen disappeared into the storefront and out of view. Anon shook his head, embarrassed that they’d caused yet another scene and because he was left to mop up after them; to make matters worse, he couldn’t be completely sure he’d heard Chrysalis correctly. If she had said what he thought she said, it would have been the first time she’d ever actually dropped the L word towards him. Looking around for any sort of cleaning supplies, replaying the unplanned and exhibitionistic coitus he’d just had, he attempted to avoid the unicorn behind him.

“She really is quite the catch,” Rarity tranquilly remarked, strolling over to the man’s side.

Begrudgingly looking over at the mare, Anon noticed her levitating a mop and bucket of water over to him. “Yeah, she really is.”

“I believe I’ll go keep her occupied, if it’s all the same to you,” she hummed. Spinning around and proceeding towards the exit, she paused by the doorway. “One more thing, before I forget…”

Glancing over at her, the man quirked a brow. “Yeah?”

Smiling to herself, Rarity dipped her head. “Thank you…”

As the mare left, possibly to make sure his wife-to-be wouldn’t pinch anything from the shop, Anon was left to ponder on her words. All things considered, their morning could have been far, far worse, although he wouldn’t have minded not being caught plowing his lover or having to clean up the resultant jizz. If nothing else, at least their attire for the wedding had been dealt with and, as such, he had one less thing to worry about...

Chapter 11 (SFW)

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“Big day, huh?” Spike inquired, straightening his bow tie and glancing up at the man.

“Yup,” Anon tersely responded. Looking himself over for the umpteenth time, ensuring his suit was free from errant wrinkles or any lint, he brushed himself off.

The little dragon tottered over and comfortingly patted his calf, smiling up at his bipedal friend. “Bet you’re nervous.”

Shaking his head, the man keenly stared at his reflection. “Nope.”

Despite his cool demeanor and relaxed response, the reality was that he was anything but nervous. He’d assumed that the months of careful planning and preparation for the occasion would steel him, leavening the event itself as a pleasant and relatively casual affair, though that wasn’t the case. Shortly after arriving at the remote locale for the wedding, his anxiety had started acting up.

Seeing as how Chrysalis wasn’t exactly comfortable using one of the Princesses’ castles for their ceremony, they’d settled on using the ruins of the Sister’s old stronghold. The keep, though a bit worse for wear, still had a solid foundation and walls, not to mention the former throne room was still relatively intact - well, besides the lack of ceiling. While it was an unorthodox location, the ancient citadel had a unique, strangely relaxing aesthetic to it.

Getting the place cleaned up and ensuring the stability of the structure had been the easy part; actually decorating everything had been the real challenge. Supposedly in a dark parody of Cadance’s wedding, his betrothed had insisted on having black and green themes extend beyond her gown - needless to say, sourcing all the material had been a bitch and a half.

Procuring greenery wasn’t difficult at all, since they’d decided on using copious amounts of spanish moss to adorn the throne room, but finding the blacks had been a challenge. In the end, they’d settled on using tapestries with emerald embroidery to hang from the walls, a few ebony vines from the Everfree Forest, and a raven colored aisle runner leading to the hewn onyx altar. Thankfully, after a bit of convincing, he’d compelled his wife to-be’s to include a few traditional red and white roses.

“No turning back now,” Spike remarked, dragging the groom back to the present.

“Yes,” Anon huffed, leering down at his pint-sized companion, “I know.”

Considering the somewhat dilapidated and rundown state of the old castle, several tents had been erected outside the vestiges of the once regal fortress. Most of the temporary structures were for the guests, although a few had more specialized roles - one was for the caterers, several of whom were cooking on site, while two were relegated for the bride and groom.

As if the day wouldn’t have been hectic enough by itself, there were several noteworthy creatures present. Shortly before the event, Chrysalis had demanded the release of both Tirek and Cozy Glow. The Matriarch claimed she required the delinquent duo’s presence to assure her safety at their wedding. The request wasn’t all that shocking, given the Queen’s hallmark paranoia and because they were the only two creatures she’d ever willingly worked alongside, but it did kick off a rather unsettling chain of events.

Much to Anon’s surprise, Twilight had agreed to liberate the centaur and megalomaniacle filly. He couldn’t say what the other Princesses thought of the decision, though their inclusion did not go unnoticed. Not only had Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and a retinue of royal guards arrived for the event, but Thorax and Ember had both shown up with a host of changelings and dragons. All told, there had to be over a hundred creatures in present.

Honestly speaking, he hadn’t expected more than maybe a dozen curious souls to come to the wedding, so having such a large and varied crowd did little to calm his frazzled nerves. Between making sure that the final details were in order, uneasily keeping an eye on the guests, and trying not to have a minor panic attack, he felt exhausted before things had even truly begun.

Stomping over to the wall of his tent, peeking out at the myriad of colorful creatures chatting beneath the main pavilion, he swallowed hard. He had no real reason to be nervous - that was, unless Chrysalis was intending to enact some form of coup, though he doubted she was. She may have been conniving and manipulative to a fault, but there was no possible way she could win against a quartet of alicorns, the Elements of Harmony, and a squadron of what he assumed were elite royal guards.

“What time is it?” he blithely asked, scanning the assembly for the Princesses.

“It’s - uh,” Spike grumbled. “I think it’s almost time? It’s not like I carry a watch or anything.”

With a heavy sigh, Anon pinched his eyes closed. “I’m just ready for this to -”

“What do you mean I can’t see him?!” an unmistakable voice blared, sending a shiver up his spine. “He’s my husband.”

“He’s not your husband yet,” a mare curtly responded.

“Agreed,” a third noted. “It’s bad luck to see your betrothed before the ceremony.”

“To Tartarus with your bizarre pony superstitions. I woke up to him this morning, so don’t you tell me I can’t see my husband!” the Queen barked.

Golly,” a filly-like voice gasped, “it’s not very nice to force lovers to be separated! I never would have thought the Princesses would be so mean!”

“Just let her see this - what was he called again?” a gravely tone inquired.

“A hyu-man - my hyu-man!” Chrysalis responded.

Scrambling outside, hoping to avert a possible crisis of cataclysmic proportions, Anon abandoned his relative solitude. Given the circumstances, the last thing he needed was for some petty squabble among the royals to devolve into an outright conflict. From the sound of it, things hadn’t gotten too bad - at least, for the time being - and he intended to keep it that way. As the quarrelsome group came into view, his heart leapt into his throat.

Chrysalis stood flanked by her former allies, squared against a trio of Princesses - Celestia, Luna, and Cadance. If things did get out of hand, it would undoubtedly be very messy, destructive, and ruin what was to be one of the most important days of his life. The moment the septet turned towards his sprinting form, a flash of light appeared before him.

“And here’s the man of the hour!” Discord announced, nonchalantly scooping him off his feet and giving him a noogie. “It wouldn’t be a deliciously chaotic party without the sole human involved!”

“Not - Nnngh - now, Discord!” Anon bleated, wriggling from the draconequus’ grasp.

Having the nigh omnipotent chimeric deity appear was just the icing on the cake. He should’ve figured the Lord of Chaos would rear his snaggle-toothed head at some point or another, though he’d had no way of knowing when or under what conditions. Dropping to the ground, totally ignoring the frankensteinian creature, he rushed to his lover’s side.

“Ok,” he gasped, glancing around to all parties involved, “what’s the problem.”

“These ruffians and their infernal guards refuse to give my guests and I any peace!” Chrysalis growled, frowned over at the midnight blue alicorn. “Especially that one!”

“Can you blame us for being cautious?!” Luna snapped. “These three nearly toppled the empire, and yet my sister acquiesced to her request.”

Scowling over at the younger of the two siblings, the Queen bared her fangs. “Please forgive me, it’s not my fault that my two guests may have had a troubled past and questionable reputation!”

“Can we all please calm down,” Anon lamented, stepping between the two groups. Looking to the Princesses, he waved to the delinquent trio. “It’s not like they can really do much right now. They don’t have any McGuffin artifacts, everyone knows they’re evil - no offense,” he apologized, shooting the three an pinched look. “And they’re completely outnumbered and outgunned. Even if they did try any funny business, it’s not like you couldn’t stop them in their tracks.”

“Yeah!” Cozy bleated trotting over and hugging Luna’s foreleg. “It’s not like we’d ruin our friend’s wedding or anything! That would be just awful!”

Balking at the sickeningly sweet show, Luna’s grimace deepened. “Don’t you try that on me, you little-”

“Anon is right, which is precisely why I was willing to oblige Chrysalis. I’m sure they’ll be on their best behavior,” Celestia frustratedly interjected.

“I’m just happy not to be a resting spot for pigeons,” Tirek remarked. Stretching his brawny arms, he filled his lungs and deeply exhaled. “Do you know what it feels like being locked in a cowering position for years?”

“It is nice being out,” the diminutive pegasus added, releasing the Princess and fluttering back to the centaur’s side.

Sauntering over to Celestia, Discord snickered to himself. “And I know you’ll have no problem imprisoning them once the lovely ceremony is concluded. What better way to conclude a wedding than to permanently sentence two ne’er-do-wells to an eternity as unmoving statues.”

“Just who’s side are you on?” Cadance groused. “It’s not like they didn’t step on you once they had the bell.”

“My dear,” the chimera laughed, instantly appearing with his arm around the love Princess’ shoulder, “I’m on the same side I’ve always been on - chaos.”

“Alright,” Anon grunted, “let’s all just chill the hell out for a second. Tirek, Cozy, maybe go get something to eat and mingle a little; it couldn’t hurt for you to show everyone you’re not about to kick off an apocalypse or anything. Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Twilight,” he continued, shifting his focus to the group of alicorns, “thanks again for letting them come. I know you didn’t have to, but I’m sure they appreciate a chance to stretch their legs and see their friend again.”

“It’s no problem whatsoever!” Twilight chirped, having seen herself over to join her regal companions. “I have no doubt they’ll be on their best behavior.”

Relatively content that he’d disrupted the standoff, the man beckoned to his mate. “Can I have a word with you, Honey?”

“Of course, Darling,” the Queen purred, strutting over to her lover. Buck naked, like nearly all of the quadrupeds present, she was apparently waiting for just the right moment to get dressed. Slowing as she approached the man, she turned her head and nodded to her compatriots. “Go and busy yourselves with...something. I shouldn’t be too long.”

With the taboo of seeing the bride before the ceremony well and thoroughly breached, Anon led the Matriarch back to his tent. It wasn’t like chatting with her out in the open was a problem, though a bit of privacy with her would be a welcome departure from the hustle and bustle of the morning. Seeing himself inside his refuge, holding the fabric open for her, he glanced over to Spike.

“Can you give us a sec?” Anon asked. Though he was somewhat surprised that the little dragon hadn’t followed him to see what all the hubbub was about, he couldn’t blame the little guy for steering clear of the commotion.

“Sure, I’ll just go get a snack. You two want anything?” Spike responded, moving towards the exit.

“No, but you could do me a favor. Go and introduce Tirek and Cozy to our little ones. I’m sure they’d appreciate meeting two of their mother’s few f-,” Chrysalis faltered, her lip instinctively curling for a fleeting second, “fond associates.”

Shooting the couple a pair of clawed finger guns, the tiny reptile trotted to the exit. “Don’t have to tell me twice. I figure Ms. Cheerilee and the Cakes could probably use a hand with keeping an eye on all of them anyways.”

Anon smiled and waved, as the runtish dragon made his leave, before turning to face his lover. “So what was so pressing that you needed to make a scene?”

“Those blasted guards won’t give my guests or I any peace! It’s bad enough to have a tetrad of Princesses, the Dragon Lord, and the traitor here to conspire against me, but being trailed by a veritable platoon of armored centurions is a bit too much. A bride shouldn’t have to feel like a closely guarded convict on her blasted wedding day!” she snarled.

Though he sympathized with her displeasure at the precautionary attention, Anon really couldn’t blame the Princesses. In addition to freeing Cozy and Tirek for their former partner’s wedding, Celestia had imbued the centaur with the slightest trace of her magic; while it was only a microscopic fraction of her power, the horned villain had regained his brawny, non-shriveled aesthetic. Though the wizened villain wasn’t powerful enough to take on an alicorn, let alone the mass of other heroes at the event, he was still a potential threat.

“Babe,” he murmured, wrapping his arms around her neck, “try not to let it get to you. You three were the biggest threat the world had ever known, remember?”

“That shouldn’t matter!” she hissed, the vitriol only slightly tapering from her voice. “We had the element of surprise, our powers were greatly augmented, and we had a tool of unfathomable might on our side - besides, my guests should be allowed to enjoy themselves as much as anybody else.”

Piquing a brow, Anon reared back and stroked her face. “Can I ask you something?”

“Why would you ask for permission?” she softly rebuked, shying away.

Giving himself a moment to gather his courage, he looked her in the eye. Though she’d said several times that she simply wanted her old teammates there as her guests, he’d been unable to shake the suspicion that there was some ulterior motive behind her request. She rarely did anything without a purpose, even if he wasn’t always sure what the exact purpose was, so he was almost positive that simply having two familiarly sinister faces present wasn’t the sole justification for inviting them.

“Did you really just want to have Tirek and Cozy here as a precaution?” he softly inquired, keeping his tone as low and non-judgemental as possible.

Taking a second step back, she squinted over at him. “Yes, I already explained this to you. Why is this so important now?”

“Because I love you and I need to know - ok? I just want to make this day as special as it can be, for both of us, and I want to make sure nothing goes wrong,” he admitted, his shoulders wilting. Fully aware that he was taking a calculated risk broaching the subject, getting a real answer out of her would help to put his mind at ease.

Rolling her eyes, she lowered her head and waved him over. Only once his face was a hare’s breadth from hers, did she make a sound. “Because I wanted to give the Princesses a hard time, alright?”

Scanning her face for any signs of trickery or deceit, he pursed his lips. “It can’t be that simple.”

“Oh but it is,” she snickered, grinning to herself. “With their - our nefarious deeds a relatively distant memory, I feel sure that those simpering ponies will be a bit reluctant to petrify them after the ceremony - especially if they behave themselves today. Though they may not pose the same threat they once did, I feel like they’ve paid for their transgressions.”

Anon could scarcely believe his ears. She may not have directly said it, but it sure as hell sounded like she felt some sympathy towards them. The pair had probably been the closest thing to friends she’d ever had, so he couldn’t really blame her for pitying them - still, he wanted to test his theory. Biting back a smile, he did his damnedest to maintain a stoic expression.

“So it’s not because you felt bad for your friends and wanted them freed?” he inquired.

Her head shot back, her eyes widened, and her cheeks darkened faintly. “Of course not! Only a fool would ask for something so childish!”

Seeing her response, the corners of his lips turned up. “To be fair, since you were released, you seem to have been enjoying yourself. I don’t see why Tirek and Cozy don’t deserve a second chance.”

Precisely,” she whispered. “Regardless of whether or not they find love, they should have their freedom. They may lack my charm, wit, and stunning looks, but that hardly warrants them being statues for eternity.”

Huh,” he grunted, shrewdly rubbing his chin, “that almost sounds like something a friend would say…”

Though Chrysalis angrily glared over at him, her blush deepened. “They are not my friends.”

Unable to help himself, he pressed his philosophical attack. “That really depends on how you define it. What is a friend?”

Friends are a disease,” she spat, stamping a hoof. “They weaken you and leave you vulnerable.”

“They can, sure, but that’s not all they are. For me, friends are like strands of a rope; the more there are, the stronger they get,” he explained. “Think about it; if you had singled out each of the Elements of Harmony individually, you would have beaten them without much trouble. The only reason you lost is because they work as friends - as a team.”

“Is there a point to this meaningless diatribe?” she scoffed.

“Only that friends aren’t necessarily a weakness. When working together, friends can accomplish more than they ever could by themselves,” he remarked. “Besides, you do have one friend.”

“Nonsense,” she scoffed, looking over to him in disbelief.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m getting married to my best friend today,” he hummed, leaning in and kissing her snout.

Chrysalis stiffened, tensing in place, before abruptly wheeling around and stomping towards the exit. “I’ll not have any more of this foolishness today. If you insist on continuing this wholly absurd and baseless discussion, we can do so well after the ceremony.”

As she made her leave, disappearing out the front of his tent, he quietly snickered to himself. He’d bet his bottom bit that she considered Tirek and Cozy as friends, even if she refused to call it what it actually was. While he hadn’t met the centaur or little pegasus prior to that morning, he couldn’t see why they’d have to spend countless millennia as cold, unfeeling stone. If Chrysalis could be rehabilitated - or as close to rehabilitated as she currently was - maybe there was some hope for her former allies.

He’d make a point to ask Twilight what fate awaited Tirek and Cozy before too long, but that could wait - for the time being, he needed to focus. There was less than an hour left until the ceremony itself and he couldn’t afford to spend his time stewing on things he had little control over. Though he was nervous as hell and only knew a few of their guests in passing, he forced himself to go out and socialize a bit before the ceremony.

The remainder of his morning went by in a relative blur. He wandered through the grounds, chatted with a few of the attendees, and helped himself to some finger food. Truth be told, he wasn’t even aware that it was time for the ceremony until he noticed everyone steadily making their way towards the ancient throne room. Digging into his pocket, letting his fingers grace the small wooden box stashed therein, he set off to take his place.

As he scampered down the side of the great hall, past the throngs of ponies and various creatures arranging themselves into rows, his anxiety came roaring back to the fore. He knew they had a large number of guests, but actually seeing them all arranging themselves for the event was as awe inspiring as it was terrifying. Slipping to the front of the crowd, he slowed to a casual pace and approached the dais.

“Took you long enough,” Spike grumbled, stepping to the man’s side.

“Sorry, I got caught up,” Anon muttered.

Coming to rest between the Celestia and his best man/dragon, he made a concerted effort to square his shoulders, stand proud, and not look like he was about to faint. His eyes scanned the sea of colorful quadrupeds and a handful of bipeds, pausing briefly to smile and wave at his offspring in the front row, before the first notes of a haunting tune cut through the air. Standing at the side of the great chamber, atop a small platform, sang a lone kirin.

He’d had his doubts about hiring the songstress, but her haunting melody erased any question of her skill. Unearthly and melodic, accompanied by an organ played by Granny Smith, her song was without any discernible words. Somewhat akin to an opera singer, she held everyone’s rapt attention.

It was at that moment, seeing and hearing everyone fall silent, that the reality of it all really sank in. There he was, in an honest to goodness tuxedo, in front of roughly a hundred magical, talking creatures, on another world entirely, about to get married to a shapeshifting bug-horse who’d nearly toppled an empire thrice. His palms grew sweaty, his vision tunneled, and his heart pounded wildly in his chest - that was, until he saw her.

Emerging proudly from a side entrance at the back of the chamber, a tall, dark, slender figure sauntered into view. Bedecked in greens and blacks, standing head and shoulders over most of the congregation, her size alone wasn’t what stood her apart from the rest - no, the raw confidence and grace she exuded elevated her to another level entirely. Every ounce of her beauty, power, and magnificence was on display, and she knew it.

Cooley walking down the aisle, sorcerously holding a bouquet of bat orchids, and with every pair of eyes present trained on her, Chrysalis bore the slightest of grins. While he honestly didn’t know if she’d had a more genteel moment in her exceptionally long-lived life, he could say he’d never seen her more spectacularly radiant. The noise of the world grew dim, his pulse calmed, and all the stresses and internal turmoil within him bled away.

She meant everything to him - no, more than everything. The Queen - his Queen, as absurd as it may have sounded, was the love of his life. Whether or not their meeting had been due to serendipity or blind luck, he’d never know, but there wasn’t a day that passed when he didn’t thank the cosmos for bringing them together. Regardless of what force had ultimately led to them meeting, his gratitude transcended mortal words.

As trotting past him, slowing in the slightest degree, she looked up and down, smirked, then shot him a wink. Even on such a sacred day, she couldn’t help herself from giving him one final little flirt. Turning in place, with her gown flowing around her hooves, she came to rest opposite of her lover. Like himself, with Spike by his right, Tirek and Cozy Glow lingered next to and slightly behind her.

“Mares and gentlecolts, family and friends, creatures of every kind,” Celestia began, her royal Canterlot voice carrying her words through the vast, ceilingless hall, “we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Queen Chrysalis and Anonymous in marriage. They will embark on a journey of love, one which will see them through into the future. May we all bear witness to their matrimony and bless them with good tidings and our well wishes. May I ask for silence, while these two lovers read their vows.”

At the mention of vows, Anon’s heart dropped into his stomach. He’d spent weeks writing vows for this moment, rehearsing them almost religiously in the days leading up to the ceremony, yet his mind went completely and utterly blank. Small tatters and vestiges of the grand, emotional promise to his mate remained, although the whole was lost to him. With few other options, praying he wouldn’t fuck it up, he turned to his Queen and extended his hand.

“Chrysalis, I would say that I love you and that I’ll never leave your side, but words don’t do justice for how I feel about you. I never asked to come to this world - hell, I didn’t even know this world existed a few years ago,” he chuckled, evoking a hushed laughter from the crowd, “but I will say this. I would forsake everything I have for you. You may have been a villain to a great many here, but you saved me and breathed new life into my heart.”

A hush fell over the chamber, with only the faint sounds of a few creatures sniffing or reaching for kerchiefs disturbing the air. Even Tirek and Cozy Glow, two evildoers of renown, seemed moved by the partially improvised speech. As for his betrothed, she held his gaze, peered deeply into his eyes, and smiled ever so slightly the more.

“Anon,” Chrysalis announced, her eyes never wavering from his face, “you are a frustrating, strange, and occasionally boorish creature with perilously few redeeming qualities. You snore, you insist on ensuring our children won’t become evil, and you never put enough cheese in the lasagna - still, even with all these faults, I will give myself to you. Why? Because you have never once given up on me. You knew who and what I am before I had even heard of you, yet you stayed by my side. You are, in a very real sense, my salvation.”

She fell silent and drew a quavering breath. The quiet was deafening, even with so many creatures gathered, which made the moment even more surreal. Had it not been for Cadance blowing her nose and wiping a tear, utterly shattering the magic and drawing the Queen’s baleful gaze things would have been perfect.

And,” the Matriarch continued, affixing the Princess of Love with a piercing stare, “because I’d simply die if a lesser mare tried to run off with you.” With her diatribe concluded, only eventually dragging her eyes off the emotionally moved alicorn, her wolfish grin returned.

Clearing her throat, Celestia glanced from the bride to the groom. “As unorthodox as that was, I must admit, it was quite moving. Now then, the rings?”

“Right,” Anon said to himself, retrieving the little wooden box from his right pocket.

Flipping the lid, revealing a platinum ring inset with ten asscher cut emeralds, he reached for the band. As his shaking fingers plucked the exquisite piece of jewelry free, he fumbled it. Thankfully, the blasted thing landed on the carpet and didn’t roll, although his embarrassment skyrocketed all the same.

“This ring symbolizes my ever-lasting love for you,” he noted, threading the ring over her gnarled horn, “and I’ll be paying for it for at least a few years, so don’t run off before then.”

His joke, a byproduct of his nervousness, eased his tension and elicited a soft chuckle from their onlookers. Strangely enough, Chrysalis didn’t say a word; she simply dipped her head, allowed him to seat the ring on the base of her horn, then straightened up and smiled back at him. Tirek stepped forward, presenting her with a small, ebony box on his massive palm.

“This represents everything I have lost,” she intoned, magically plucking a simple band of obsidian from the tiny chest. “A shard from my old throne and my old life, this ring is a fragment of the greatness that I once held dear,” she whispered, slipping the cold band over his ring finger. “While my throne and former life may never be regained, it will serve as a reminder that you make me complete.”

As the ring settled over his digit, hearing what was possibly the sweetest, most profound thing his lover had ever said about him, Anon’s composure was dealt a crippling blow. Even if the speech was scripted, it left him with butterflies in his stomach. Blinking back tears, smiling like an idiot, it was all he could do not to leap over and kiss her.

“Do you take this mare, to have, hold, and love unconditionally for the rest of your days?” Celestia asked, turning her head to face the man.

“,” Anon sputtered, nodding and wiping his face on his sleeve.

Dipping her head, the Princess swung towards the Queen. “And do you take this sta - er - man to have, hold, and love uncon…” she fell silent, watching Chrysalis coolly step across the aisle to her lover. As the couple’s lips met, leading to a very passionate and tear streaked kiss, she flung her wings wide. “I do pronounce you husband and wife!”

In spite of the couple having jumped the gun a bit, none of the onlookers seemed to mind the hasty conclusion. Cheers of adulation and clapping hooves rang through the ancient castle, as the newlyweds blissfully made out on the altar. Though the chamber was a cacophony of noise, the couple scarcely seemed to notice. Embracing, growing more intense by the moment, their only concern was one another.

Ahem!” Spike coughed, gently elbowing the man’s calf.

Pulling away, understanding that heatedly frenching his bride wasn’t exactly acceptable, Anon pecked her snout and wrapped his arms around her neck. They’d tied the knot and made it official, although their day was far from finished. With the cake, mingling, and opening of gifts, the rest of their day was still fully booked.

“You gonna throw it?” he asked, nodding to the flowers.

Chrysalis apathetically shrugged and tossed the bouquet into the crowd. “I don’t need it, I already found my husband.”

Flinging the flowers into the throng, heedless of whom they struck or where they landed, she extended a foreleg and returned her lover’s hug. This was their time, their moment, and neither was going to put it to an end until they were good and ready - that was, unless someone hadn’t interrupted them. Noticing a movement in the aisle, the couple turned.

“Smile for ze camera!” a funny little mare called, training a tripod-mounted camera at them.

As Anon straightened up and tugged his bride to his side, turning towards the photographer, he smiled broadly and held his wife close - at least that was his intention, until he found himself inexplicably tumbling backwards. Wildly flailing his arms, as the world went topsy-turvy, he found himself pulled into a second passionate kiss. It took him a second to figure out what in the hell was going on and why he wasn’t on the ground, but the steady hum of magic and a porous foreleg around the small of his back left little room for doubt; they’d have a rather nontraditional picture to commemorate their equally odd pairing.

While he was tipped back and held by his bride, several crisp Snaps and flashes let him know the job was done. As Chrysalis righted him, grinning wickedly and more than a little amused with her little stunt, he shook his head and snickered to himself. He couldn’t be mad at her for the playful upset - if anything, he was cheesed that he hadn’t though of such a novel trick himself.

“Can we get one or two standard ones?” he asked.

“If you insist, although I’ll be framing the original one for the living room,” the Queen smugly purred.

As they faced the camera, with his arm around her shoulder, Anon was granted his wish. Not only did he get a few photos of them standing side by side, but the camera mare had assured him that she’d taken several pictures of their impassioned kiss after saying their vows. Thanking her profusely, while she trotted off with her equipment, he questioningly glanced over at his lover.

“Shall we go and cut the cake? Given how the little ones were eyeing the colossal pastry, I’m sure they’re more than ready to sate their sweet-teeth,” she remarked, leading the way to the main party tent.

Keeping pace at her side, Anon slowly shook his head. “Right. It has nothing to do with the fact that you don’t want to get your fangs into it.”

Chrysalis slowed slightly and craned her neck towards him. “And we have a veritable treasure trove of gifts to dig through.”

“Yeah,” he sighed, waving to several customers he regularly saw at the bowling alley, “it’s going to be a busy afternoon.”

Indeed,” she hummed. “Though at least you’ll be able to go home and sleep beside your wife once we’re through.”

While the comment was commonsensical, it made Anon’s smile broaden all the same. As they pressed into the throng, greeting and idly chatting with various ponies and creatures, they steadily moved towards the dining area and the monumental cake that Pinkie had baked for them. It was a slow and hectic scene, especially due to Chrysalis’ catty temperament, but they somehow managed to avoid overtly offending or angering any of their guests.

The entire afternoon felt like a war of attrition. Between eating, ceaseless chatting, dancing, and getting more requests for photos than he could count, both he and his bride were well and thoroughly worn out by sunset. It was only after all the company started filing out, heading home for the evening, did he realize how exhausted he was.

“Dear,” Chrysalis huffed, causing him to lift his head, “I believe you may be needed.”

Anon grunted in confusion and looked around, ultimately noticing the pair of alicorns lingering to his left. Between the massive influx of carbs, two flutes of champagne, and all the excitement from earlier, he’d nodded off at one of the many dining tables. “Sorry,” he croaked, pushing himself up. “Thank you both for coming and giving your blessing. I know it probably doesn’t sound like much, but we both appreciate it,” he wearily noted, stifling a yawn.

“It was our honor. Thank you for inviting us,” Celestia demurely hummed, dipping her head in gratitude. “If there’s anything we can do for you, feel free to -”

“As a matter of fact,” Chrysalis casually interrupted, “there is something you can do for us - all of us.”

“And what, pray tell, would that be?” Luna countered, incredulously raising a brow.

“Allow my husband and I to, shall we say, acclimate Tirek and Cozy back into society,” the Queen flatly stated. A look of pinched concern crossed the Princesses’ faces, though the shapeshifter held up a hoof to silence any potential protest. “Considering Spike will be even busier than he already is, once Twilight takes the crown, we will be needing a sitter.”

“You want us to leave two of the most dangerous and cunning creatures in Equestria free, just so you can have a foal sitter?” Luna scoffed.

Though Celestia wasn’t as vocal about opposing, she steadily shook her head. “That does sound a bit…” she trailed off, choosing her words carefully, “unnecessary. Leaving them without constant guard would be a massive liability.”

“And if I were to place the accountability for them on myself and my husband?” Chrysalis responded.

“Wait, what?” Anon blurted, shooting to his feet. “I don’t know if this is-”

Trust me,” his mate hissed, locking eyes with him. “Cozy Glow is a peerless tactician and I have no doubt that she would hone our children’s minds to a razor’s edge. Tirek, though a bit uncultured, is one of the oldest living creatures on the planet, and he would keep our young’s bodies well trained. Between the two of them, we’d have the best teachers in Equestria on our hooves and hands.”

“And I presume you’d be offering them room and board?” Luna pressed.

“Goodness no,” Chrysalis laughed. “They would need part time employment in Ponyville. Given the town’s reputation for accepting all sorts of questionable rabble, I’m sure they could find work doing something. Hobbled as they are, with anyone and everyone knowing what they’re capable of, I highly doubt they’d have any success with villainy anytime soon,” she mused. “That is, unless you would rather them suffer an eternity of maddening, unfeeling silence instead.”

“I will consult with my fellow Princesses on the matter,” Celestia murmured. “I told Tirek and Cozy they would be granted a week’s leave for the occasion, so there is some time to spare.”

Indeed,” Chrysalis darkly chuckled. “Give them a lovely reminder of all the pleasantries they’ve missed while imprisoned. The warm sun on their kin, the taste of a fine meal, the sensation of laying down at night to -”

“That is quite enough!” Luna barked, cutting off the guilt trip. “I can’t say what my sister’s thoughts are on this matter, but I do not approve,” she growled. Stepping forward and jamming a hoof to the Matriarch’s chest, she locked eyes with the former villain. “On the remarkably slim chance that your little scheme comes to fruition, I will hold you-,” she paused, swinging her gaze to the human, ”both of you responsible for any damage they may inflict.”

The Queen sternly nodded, before glancing over at a commotion to her side. “Speak of the devils. Tirek, Cozy, I trust our little ones haven’t been giving you too much trouble?”

As Anon turned, a quartet of relatively small bodies tackled him. “You kids have fun?”

“Heck yeah, even if Tirek wouldn’t let us roughhouse,” Delta bleated, hugging his father’s leg.

“And Cozy said she wants to teach us chess and - um - what was the other one?” Mauve softly asked, looking over to the diminutive pegasus.

“It’s called go and it’s way better than chess - at least, I think it is,” Cozy proudly exclaimed.

“Well I do hope you enjoy their company while you can. Princess Luna and Princess Celestia will be returning them to their petrified state before long,” Chrysalis lamented. Reaching down, affectionately patting two of the youngsters’ heads, a heartbroken expression crossed her face. “It’s that just awful?”

At the drop of a hat, all ten little faces turned to the pair of Princesses. Dirty pool or not, the added emotional baggage of dispiriting a decade of foals was a dastardly effective tactic and one which even two ancient alicorn’s weren’t immune to. As the elder sister lowered herself, crouching down to the ground, she smiled at the small hoard of changelings.

“I may not. If Tirek and Cozy are on their best behavior and don’t go starting trouble, I might just let them stay around,” she affectionately corrected.

“If that’s all, we could help!” Jade chirped, eliciting a series of nods and agreeing remarks from her siblings. “Since you let Mom free, she’s only terrorized a few ponies!”

Quite,” Luna grumbled, wrinkling her snout. “Well then, before we get subjected to any more emotional blackmail, I believe we’ll take our leave. Farewell, for now…”

With that, the young diarch disappeared in a flash of light. After getting to her hooves and waving goodbye to the mass of young shapeshifters, Celestia followed suit. Left to their relative lonesome, with their young and Chrysalis’ guests gathered around them, the newlyweds turned their attention to the centaur and pegasus.

“You guys got somewhere to crash tonight?” Anon asked.

“Our chaperones have us in the Ponyville motel, unfortunately, but it’s better than nothing,” Tirek groused.

Xanthous trotted over and tugged her father’s pant leg, causing him to look down. “Can they have breakfast with us tomorrow?”

“I mean, I don’t see why not,” the man responded, giving a noncommittal shrug. He wouldn’t mind having some company in the morning, although he currently wanted nothing more than to shower and curl up in the peace and relative solitude of his home.

“Sounds great! I’d love to have apple fritters!” Cozy exclaimed, hungrily licking her lips.

Though the thought of making the labor-intensive dish pained him, Anon held his weary smile. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“Now now, let’s all head home and let your dear father get some rest. He’s had quite the big day,” Chrysalis softly tutted. Waving for the foals to gather around her, while she turned away from the table, she glanced over at her husband. “Coming?”

“Alright, I guess I’ll see you two in the morning,” the man announced, dipping his head at the duo of ne'er-do-wells. “If the guards want to come, they’re gonna have to bring their own breakfast,” he hastily added. Cooking for two guests would be a pain, but cooking for a squadron of sentries was not on his to-do list.

As the happy not-so-little family made their leave, allowing the cleaning crew to come in and dismantle the tents, Anon rubbed his eyes. His feet were sore, he was indebted for all the service and rentals they’d obtained, and tired didn’t even begin to describe how exhausted he felt, yet it had all been worth it. Tonight was the first night he’d be able to curl up with his wife, and he felt certain that everything would only get better from that moment forward...

Chapter 12 (SFW)

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Must you?” Chrysalis groaned, peering at the man from over her sunglasses.

Holding a camera aloft, looming over his supine wife, Anon did his best to take a photo of the two of them. He smiled, depressing the tiny button and causing the shutter to snap. “Yes I must. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to Hippogriffia, so don’t blame me for wanting to take pictures - besides, I’m sure the kids will like to see them.”

“Yes, and I’m sure you’ll regale our children with tales of the hot, passionate lovemaking of our honeymoon as well,” she sighed. Reaching out and adjusting the oversized parasol beside herself, she reclined. “Come and relax, it’s only our first day and you’ve had us running around like mad all morning.”

Turning towards her, he lowered himself and set the camera in their basket of supplies. “Yeah, but that’s not my fault. Now that we have everything out of the way, we can finally kick back and enjoy ourselves,” he softly noted, retrieving a bottle of sunscreen.

Admittedly, their day had been off to a busy start. Between the nightlong airship ride, checking into the hotel, unpacking, and getting some breakfast, neither of them were left with much energy to spare - still, they couldn’t arrive at the picturesque island and not make visiting the beach a priority. Realistically, they would have been more than justified for taking a nap, but that could wait. They had the next two weeks to themselves, without any obligations or responsibilities whatsoever, so there’d be plenty of time to recuperate from their journey.

Slathering lotion over his bare chest, shoulders, and arms, Anon gazed out at the gently rolling waves. The temperature was perfect, hot but not oppressively so, with the sun warmly glowing overhead. He’d heard the Hippogriff homeland was beautiful, but the pictures and stories he’d heard hadn’t done it justice. Smiling to himself, his eyes wandered to the only thing present that was more captivating than the glimmering sea.

“What?” Chrysalis huffed.

“Nothing,” he hummed, enjoying the view.

Though she rarely if ever wore anything, his bride had procured a two-piece bikini for their vacation. Shortly before heading off to the beach, once they’d deposited their luggage at the hotel, she’d donned the article and slightly enhanced her features. It wasn’t until she’d strutted out of the restroom, wearing her bathing suit, that he realized why she’d bought the darn thing.

Aligning with her typical preference of hues, the bikini was a lime green shade. It wasn’t the color which surprised him, nor the fact that she’d purchased the article, but the size had seemed a bit odd - that was, until he saw how she’d filled it out. Besides the delicate thong wrapped around her waist and nestled between her buns, the fabric above her groin was positively stuffed with breast meat.

He knew good and god damned well that her accoutrements were a ploy to tempt him, a lure which he’d be hard pressed to ignore, yet knowing that warmed his heart. She’d altered herself for him and him alone, nobody else, and he loved her all the more for it. Shortly before the birth of their brood, she’d discovered his weakness for bosoms; while it was relatively rare for her to indulge that specific interest, since he was more than happy with her in her natural state, having a pair of tits to ogle and play with was fun from time to time.

Mmmmm, yes, I can see you’re quite taken with the beach,” she snickered, snapping him from his reverie. Coolly extending a foreleg, tugging at her bra, she gave a peek of one dark teat.

His loins stirred, spotting the teasing glimpse of her nipple. Despite having been with her for ages, the depths of her depravity were as unfathomable as they were astonishing. She’d had no need to give herself a pair of knockers shortly after arriving, yet she had; it was a touchingly lewd beginning of their vacation and, if he had to hazard a guess, an auspicious portent for what was in store for him.

Easing himself down beside her, atop the beach towel they’d laid out for themselves, he casually looked around. Given the mid-day hour, and the fact that it was a week day, there were perilously few creatures at the seaside. Besides a pair of senior ponies lazily trotting by the surf, presumably combing for shells or small treasures, they basically had the place to themselves.

Noticing the sun creeping lower, he squirted a bit more lotion onto his hands. If his mate wanted to kick things off on a lustful note, he’d be more than happy to oblige. Twisting towards her, he reached for her abdomen and gently slathered her belly with sunscreen. Though he truthfully wasn’t sure if she could even get sunburnt, there was no harm in being cautious.

Chrysalis lifted her head and affixed him with an incredulous look, while his hands ran over her belly. “That’s cute, really, but you don’t have to act like you’re not warming up my ovaries.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not how that works,” he replied, piquing a brow. “Besides, it’s not like we don’t have our hands and hooves full with the kids.”

“I’m sure we could pawn them off on their dear Aunt Cozy and Uncle Tirek - after all, they seem quite taken with the two,” she snickered.

Anon nodded to himself, immediately wondering how their little ones were doing. One of the trickiest parts about arranging their honeymoon had been finding sitters for their young - not because there weren’t a number of options available, but because Chrysalis had two very specific creatures in mind. After a lengthy discussion with the quartet of pony Princess, a slew of promises, and a number of waivers assuring they’d take liability for any damages and/or attempted acts of sedition, they’d managed to snag Cozy Glow and Tirek for the job. One provision was that Spike attend the provisionally paroled villains, as a fail-safe and because he was in good standing with the growing changelings.

Frankly, he still wasn’t sure how to feel about the recent development; realistically speaking, though, he didn’t have much to worry about. Between raising his kids to do good, them having a growing host of friends, and receiving guidance from some of the best ponies in Equestria, they were shaping up to be tiny, upstanding citizens - that being said, they weren’t above practical jokes or throwing their considerable size and intellect around. If anything, he should be more concerned for the runtish pegasus and centaur than he should have for his brood.

One of the most fascinating things he’d noticed was just how Cozy and Tirek interacted with the foals. Though their personalities and supervisory skills differed greatly, the two actually seemed to be fond of the little changelings. Tirek took a laissez faire approach to watching the brood, more often than not, although he’d reinforced the importance for the siblings to work together and to look out for one another, while Cozy, somewhat unnervingly, had been honing their problem solving skills.

It would have sent most parents into a panic, knowing that a duo of ne'er-do-wells were tending to their offspring, although there was a particular element which had reassured Anon more than anything. Instead of the ex-villains influencing his children, his children were influencing the ex-villains. In a magically unintentional way, the kids had been almost nefariously coaxing the pair towards the light. He’d caught them correcting the centaur and manipulative pegasus a number of times, innocently explaining the joys of camaraderie and how helping others was a good thing. It would have been unbelievable, had it not been for the fact that Cozy and Tirek genuinely seemed to enjoy their time together.

In the grand scheme of things, he wasn’t overly anxious about the little ones or their chaperones. Between Chrysalis’ former teammates, Spike, and almost undoubtedly Twilight keeping an eye on things, everything would be fine. He just had to place his faith in his sitters and the denizens of Ponyville to oversee things while he was on his vacation - especially since it was the first appreciable break he’d had from his family and work in ages.

Feeling his mate shift, Anon lifted his head. Following her gaze, seeing her watching the elderly couple he’d spotted moving closer, he pursed his lips. Considering they were quite a ways from home, and two of the more unmistakable creatures in all of Equestria, he shouldn’t have been surprised that they’d draw some attention. Offering a genial smile, he waved at the two ponies.

“We hate to bother you two, but are you Queen Chrysalis and Anonymous?” the mare asked.

“Who’s asking?” Chrysalis grumbled, frowning up at the two.

“I’m Dulce,” the ancient pony replied, before waving to the somewhat shriveled stallion next to her, “and this is my husband, Marshal. We saw photos of your wedding in the papers a few months back! I have to say, it looked like an absolutely gorgeous ceremony.”

“And let me guess,” the matriarch grouched, clearly displeased with their unexpected company, “you wanted to come and level some sort of reprimand at me for one of my many past misdeeds?”

Rolling his eyes, Anon gently placed a palm to her flank. “Be nice, please...”

In spite of her rather dubious history, it was exceedingly unusual for anyone to openly give his wife grief for the trouble she had caused. More often than not, the worst she’d get is a glower or angry look from someone who disapproved of her liberation. On the one occasion he could remember when someone had directly confronted her, she’d cowed them down with a string of colorful expletives and subtly veiled threats. Hoping the situation would deescalate, a soft chuckle caught his ear.

“Heavens no,” Marshal laughed, wiping his eye. “Why would we want to do that? We just wanted to come over and congratulate you.”

Chrysalis’ eyes narrowed, staring daggers at the stallion. “Congratulate me for what?”

“You just looked so happy in the article,” Dulce noted. “Never would have thought that we’d run into you here of all places, but we couldn’t help ourselves from coming over and wishing you two the best,” she continued, sidling over and pressing herself to her husband. “I can’t speak for every mare, but my wedding was the happiest day of my life. Can’t say where I’d be if I hadn’t met my special somepony.”

“Don’t let her fool you,” the stallion conspiratorially whispered, shooting the newlyweds a wink. “She’d probably be better off without me.”

“Marshal! For Pete’s sake, I’d probably be slaving away in that diner!” the mare giggled, giving her lover a playful nudge.

After silently watching the exchange, the Matriarch rolled to her side, pushed herself up, and towered over the couple. “You would have me believe that you came over here purely to give us your regards.”

Nonplussed, Dulce cocked her head to the side. “Why wouldn’t we? Everypony deserves to be happy - sure, you may have been through a few rough patches, but you seem to be doing darn well for yourself,” she chirped.

The sheer matter-of-factness of the mare’s statement left the Queen at a loss for words. Though she opened her mouth open and closed twice, possibly attempting to sling some witty comeback or condescending remark, not a sound escaped her. Ultimately, after a moment passed, she shot the man a pinched look.

“Well,” Anon grunted, getting to his feet, “we really do appreciate it. I keep telling her that ponies aren’t out to get her, but she doesn’t like to listen.”

“Says the man who stresses over our young and spoils them absolutely rotten,” Chrysalis petulantly groused, flipping the mane from her face.

“If he’s anything like Marshal, there’ll be no stopping him,” the mare snickered, stepping forward and boldly patting the changeling’s shoulder. “Our daughter is the worst daddy’s girl I’ve ever seen! I got him back though, our son always gives me the first hug when he comes to visit.”

“The females in particular do seem rather fond of him, although I suspect that’s his overly protective nature,” Chrysalis noted, shrewdly rubbing her chin. “Regardless, he’s ruined the lot of them. If it weren’t for me, they wouldn’t have a tough bone in their relatively diminutive bodies.”

While Anon hadn’t expected to find himself casually chatting with a pair of geriatrics, the interaction presented him with a unique opportunity. “If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you two been together?”

Knitting his brow, the stallion thoughtfully looked down at the sand. “Fifty two years, if I’m remembering right.”

“Fifty three years,” Dulce corrected, glancing sidelong at her husband. “I swear, you try to get it wrong sometimes. Anyhow, yes, we’ve been together for quite some time.”

“So what’s your secret? Got any helpful advice for a pair of honeymooners like us?” Anon earnestly inquired.

“That’s a loaded question if ever I heard one,” Marshal mused. “First of all, always listen to your little missus - if you don’t, you can bet your behind that you’ll catch an earful later.”

“Oh he knows,” Chrysalis snickered, casting a cheeky grin up at the man.

“Honestly, there is no real secret to it. If you love and trust each other, you’ll both do just fine,” Dulce stated. “Having said that, it won’t always be rainbows and sunshine. You’ll have your fights, disagree over this or that, and have moments of frustration, but that’s natural. Sticking together through the hard times and being there to rely on one another will make you two closer than you can believe. True love isn’t just about enjoying good times, it’s knowing that you have someone there for you when it feels like the whole world is against you…”

Having expected some chipper and helpful insight, the utterly profound wisdom of the mare’s statement left Anon speechless. Standing there, watching the older couple gaze into one another’s eyes, before sharing a small hug, his chest grew tight. The pair of ponies had something magical between them, something any lovers would be lucky to have, and it was beautiful. Kneeling before them, he brought himself to their eye level.

“Thank you, that means a lot,” he humbly stated.

Extending his hoof, Marshal beamed over at the man. “Shucks, it ain’t nothing! I’m sure you two love birds - er - bugs would have figured it out!”

Dulced nodded, trotting forward and embracing the Queen. “Just remember one little thing,” she murmured, just loudly enough so the duo of husbands could hear. “Give him a hard time every so often - not in a mean way, but just to keep him on his hooves.”

As unbelievable as it was, Chrysalis chuckled. “Oh I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that.”

“And you,” the stallion tutted, gingerly slapping Anon’s thigh, “the best thing you can do is to treat her every now and again. I ain’t saying wine and dine her all the time, but little shows of kindness should keep her around.”

Anon nodded and shook the elderly bronco’s hoof. “I’m pretty sure I can manage that.”

“Well then, seein’ as how we butted into your day, I think we’ll head out. I know the Missus here will get cranky if she doesn’t get a nap before bingo!” Marshal laughed, stepping back and elbowing his wife.

Scrunching her snout, the wizened mare released the Matriarch and moved to her husband’s side. “He’s absolutely full of it. The old coot will be dozing off at the table if he doesn’t get a nap.”

“Thanks again!” the man exclaimed, watching the two slowly depart and totter away. “Good luck at your bingo game.”

The elderly couple made it some dozen paces away, before Chrysalis reacted in the slightest. Falteringly lifting one hoof, smiling perhaps a bit too broadly, she gave a small wave. “Take care.”

Anon grinned to himself, warmed by the unexpectedly heartfelt exchange; sadly, the moment took a bittersweet turn. The thoughts of himself growing old alongside his lover were fleeting, as he glanced over at his Queen. Unlike himself, the ravages of age would affect her at a markedly slower rate - if they affected her at all. Determined not to let the sobering thought ruin the remainder of their day, he stepped to his wife and ran his fingers through her gossamer mane.

“If you don’t get me a very distinguished walker, when I’m old and falling apart, I’m going to be very disappointed,” he laughed, attempting to make light of the situation.

His attempts at levity were wholly unappreciated - if anything, they immediately wrenched the situation into tumultuous waters. The wistful expression on Chrysalis’ face fled, replaced by one of melancholy. She stiffened, turned her back to him, and trotted away, slipping from his outstretched hand. Cursing under his breath, immediately realizing he’d fucked up, he trotted after her.

“It was just a joke,” he chuckled, trying desperately not to let a wounded tone enter his voice.

“Of all the things you could have said, you chose that,” she hissed, wheeling around to face him. “Yes, of course, let’s take a jab at the one thing that haunts me - the one thing I…” she trailed off, her doleful eyes meeting his.

“Babe,” he sighed, sinking to his knees, “you know I’m not going anywhere for a long, long time - well, unless I get run over by a train or something.”

“Long is relative,” she muttered, so softly that she may not have said it at all.

Anon’s thoughts raced, hopelessly trying to find something - anything to save himself. He would have told her that there may be some spell or magical elixir which could extend his life, allowing him to prolong his time with her, but that would have been a lie. He’d even gone so far as to research the subject, after the topic of his mortality had reared its ugly head, yet his efforts had been fruitless. Having spoken with the most powerful sorcerers and alchemists at his disposal, including a brief correspondence with Star Swirl the Bearded, the truth had been laid bare - as far as he could tell, the task was insurmountable.

“You know what it means though, right?” he asked, tenderly stroking her chin.

Her gaze flicked to the side, sparkling in the warm light. “What…”

Shooting forward, wrapping his arms around her neck, he pressed his cheek to hers. “It means that every moment I have with you will be worth an entire lifetime…”

Holding her tightly, with nothing left to say, he hesitantly retreated. Blurry and unfocused, her eyes remained on the sea. The growing fear that he’d marred their honeymoon was inescapable - to make matters worse, he wasn’t sure what, if anything, he could say or do to make things right. As he kissed her cheek, silently praying she’d say something, he got his wish.

“I could always go with you,” she breathed, peering out to the vast nothingness, “when that time does come…”

Anon flinched, shocked that she’d even consider such a thing. Gently but firmly cupping her head, turning her to face him, his cheerless smile broke. “Don’t say that, please...That’s not funny…”

The two sat mute and, like a pair of sorrowful statues, stared at one another. Chrysalis was the first to move, stepping forward and draping her head over his shoulder. He couldn’t tell what was worse, the mournful expression she’d had or knowing she wished to hide it from him. Patting her back, doing his best to comfort her, he shook his head.

“If there’s one thing life has taught me,” he whimpered, trying and failing to keep his voice from cracking, “it’s that real magic does exist.” Stroking her neck with his cheek, wetting her fur, he sniffed. “I wound up here and I somehow managed to find you; if those don’t prove anything is possible, nothing does…”

“Promise me you won’t leave,” she softly wept, wrapping one foreleg around him.

Emotionally compromised, he acted on instinct and nodded. “I won’t, I promise.”

Holding one another, taking comfort in the embrace, they rode out the storm. Seconds dragged into minutes, with the surf quietly crashing nearby, until the two reluctantly pulled away. Tear streaked and shivering, their eyes met once again. Without another word passing between them, they leaned in, closed their eyes, and kissed.

“If you don’t,” she stammered, withdrawing and affixing him with a defiant glare, “I’ll...I’ll…”

“You’ll have to come and drag me back,” he whispered, brushing her hair aside and pecking her snout.

The distress bled from her, if only just, as she held his gaze. It may have been his imagination, but he could swear he’d caught a glimpse of something in her eyes. Though it was subtle and gone faster than he could blink, a faint shimmer seemed to flit across her captivating harlequin windows; dismissing it, he lowered his arm and gingerly lifted her hoof.

“Let’s go back to the room,” she softly stated, glancing in the direction of their beach-side hotel.

With everything that had happened, Anon couldn’t bring himself to refuse her request - hell, after the trip, getting everything into their room, and the unfortunate roller-coaster he’d set them off on, he was exceptionally worn out himself. Getting to his feet, staving off a wave of vertigo, he rested a hand on her for support. With any luck, a nap would help them clear their heads, give them a bit of energy, and let them continue their trip with a clean slate.

After wearily gathering up what few things they’d brought to the sandy shore, the pair trudged back to the hotel; mercifully, their hike was a short one. It wasn’t until he nearly fell, accidentally taking a misstep in the entryway of the building, that he realized exactly how tired he was. It was like the crippling exhaustion of several sleepless nights had suddenly settled over him, making it difficult to move and damn near impossible to think clearly.

Dully looking to his mate, as they rode the elevator to their floor, he noticed Chrysalis didn’t seem to be fairing much better than himself. Heavy bags sat under her eyes, her gate had been unsteady, and she hadn’t made a peep since they’d left the shore. Chalking it up to their rather miserable morning, he took solace in the fact that getting some rest would do them both some good.

By the time they’d let themselves into their room, deposited their supplies, and shuffled to the bed, the couple moved in a zombie-like state. Stripping from his shorts, perfectly content to sleep in the buff, Anon collapsed face first onto the bed. His bride wasn’t far behind, foregoing disrobing and falteringly crawling onto the mattress beside him. Wrestling the thin sheet over themselves, their bodies pressed together.

With his chest against her back, and one arm draped over her torso, he snuggled up against his lover. Sleeping with one another was a luxury they’d taken to shortly after crossing paths - that is, besides satisfying each other’s carnal needs. Their hearts beating as one, a drumbeat of security and immeasurable comfort, they drifted off with their bodies entwined. Anon couldn’t speak for his betrothed, but he was out like a light as soon as his head hit the pillow.

He couldn’t say how long he slept, although he awoke with a start. Heaving air into his chest, tensing and gripping the blankets, his eyes flew open in a panic. He would have shot up in confusion, had it not been for one thing; quietly inspecting him, with her forelegs over his shoulders, his lover frowned.

“Nightmare?” she quietly asked, frowning slightly.

Nodding, he reached up and rubbed his eyes. “Yeah…”

He had, in fact, been suffering through a particularly bad dream, although he couldn’t quite remember the specifics. Whether or not she’d noticed and ended up waking him up, or if he’d unintentionally disturbed her sleep, he couldn’t say - either way, he was thankful it was over. Flashes and images were all that remained of whatever terrors had haunted him, yet one memory cut through with crystal clarity.

Tumbling through some endless void, he’d plummeted to his doom. He’d had similar dreams in the past, on rare occasions, and they were always unpleasant. It wasn’t uncommon for him to wake up in a cold sweat, usually when the plunge came to an abrupt stop, but this time was different - this time, he’d been saved.

Chrysalis had called to him, shouting his name like a beacon of hope. Twisting towards her voice, he’d spotted her soaring form. Knowing she was with him had been an immeasurable relief, yet there was something peculiar about her. As she’d approached him, rocketing through the air, he noticed a strange glow about her; the closer she got, the brighter the aura around her became, until it was blinding.

He couldn’t rightly say what had happened, but he knew she’d rescued him. Smiling weakly at her, he closed his eyes and pressed his face to her chest. “What time is it?”

“Nearly eight,” she grumbled, sounding none too pleased with their extended nap.

“At least we can get some dinner,” he replied, kissing her neck.

Pecking his crown, Chrysalis gently wriggled from his grip. “I think you mean breakfast…”

“I…” he fell silent, noticing the lighting in the room.

Twisting to the side and peering out the sliding door leading to the veranda, he shook his head in disbelief. The sun was well over the horizon, casting the rays of dawn through the glass panes into their room. In utter disbelief, he pushed himself up on one arm and glanced to the bedside clock. As his mate had said, it was eight o’clock - eight o’clock in the morning.

“Must’ve been more tired than I thought,” he grunted. Heaving his legs over the side of the mattress, he stood and stretched his arms. “You sleep alright?”

“Like the dead,” she evenly responded, mirroring his movements and hopping to the floor. “Would you like to sample the establishment’s continental breakfast?”

Anon shrugged, skulking to the bathroom. “After we wash up, sure,” he remarked, feeling grimly from the bizarrely long slumber. “Care to join me?”

“Why even ask,” she hummed, trotting up next to him.

After their shower, which astonishingly went without anything more lustful than some light groping, Anon got dressed and the pair saw themselves downstairs for a light meal. The man couldn’t speak for his shapeshifting wife, but he was famished. Heaping his plate with a bagel, fried egg, and several pieces of cheese, he seated himself at one of the small tables in the dining area. Chrysalis followed suit, although she’d only helped herself to a single croissant.

“Not hungry?” he asked. It was strange of her not to go after a sweet, especially since they hadn’t eaten in nearly a full day - moreover, she hadn’t feasted on him since the day before.

“Not particularly,” she noted, disinterestedly taking a bite from her flaky pastry. Swallowing her mouthful, watching the man construct a crude sandwich for himself, she raised a brow. “Would you like to get the musts out of the way this morning?”

Holding up a finger, while he sank his teeth into the egg and cheese bagel, he gave himself a moment. “Yeah,” he awkwardly answered around his food, “we can.”

The only self-imposed obligation they’d made for themselves was to pick up souvenirs for their young, Tirek, Cozy, and Spike. They’d promised the kids each a knickknack, but getting the trio of sitters something for their efforts, besides a gratuity of bits, felt like a nice thing to do. There were a number of shops in the area to choose from, giving them plenty of options.

With their single agenda item set, the couple finished their meal and headed out for the day. While Anon hadn’t mentioned it, he couldn’t shake how strange the night had been. He hadn’t slept that hard and for that long since he’d been a kid, leaving him puzzled. Between the death-like slumber, the nightmare, and his lover’s odd behavior, his unease steadily increased.

“What about this?” Chrysalis asked, shaking him from his thoughts. Holding up a hat, with a crude depiction of a crustacean and the words ‘I’m not Crabby’, she displayed the potential gift to her husband.

“Yeah, that’ll work,” he sighed.

Squinting at him, she lowered the cap. “Are you alright?”

“Sorry,” he admitted, holding up his hands, “just a little distracted. Yeah, I think that hat would be great for Tirek.”

Gazing at him for a moment longer, she sat the item on a shelf and trotted over. “Are you sure you’re alright? You’ve been acting off since yesterday.”

“I just feel a little weird, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong,” he admitted, rubbing his neck. “It’s probably just fatigue from the trip, and I’m pretty sure those weird dreams didn’t help much.”

Ah, yes, the nightmare you had. Would talking about it help?” she inquired.

“I don’t really remember much of it,” he confessed, halfheartedly grin and stroking her cheek, “but I know you saved me at the end.” Looking to her face, seeing her expression shift from one of concern to surprise, his smile faltered. “What?”

“Nothing,” she flatly stated, regaining her composure and turning her attention to a display of painted novelty shells. “Would the little ones like these?”

Anon could have let the matter lie, but his gut told him that something wasn’t right. He’d been around her long enough to know when she was trying to hide something, especially after seeing a reaction like that, so he pressed his luck and took a gamble. Leaning over, he brought his face before hers.

“That didn’t look like a nothing face to me,” he remarked. “And don’t act like I’m the only one acting odd; you haven’t been yourself since yesterday.”

Taking a step back, leaving a small gap between herself and her mate, she peered at his face. “Were you falling in your dream?”

His eyes widened and his mouth opened, though not a sound escaped him. Shaking his head in disbelief, he pinched the bridge of his nose and thought. He’d heard about plenty of weird stuff happening in Equestria, but nothing he’d personally experienced. As far as he could tell, he was the bipedal equivalent to an earth pony, bereft of any sort of magic, but sharing a dream with his paramour felt like more than a coincidence.

“And I caught you…” she continued, reluctantly staring into his eyes.

“Y...yeah,” he infirmly confirmed. “You were glowing too…”

Her silence was telling, as was the waver in her gaze, yet she eventually found her voice. “You called to me, a light in the darkness…”

“Does this sort of thing usually happen with changelings?” he apprehensively laughed, genuinely unsure of how to take the curious development.

“I...I don’t know…” she glanced to the floor.

Utterly baffled by the situation, Anon’s brow creased. Fuck if he knew what was going on, but he’d be damned if he’d have the second day of his honeymoon go to pot. Whatever was happening clearly wasn’t bad - at least, as far as he could tell - so he could worry about it later. Setting his resolve, hellbent to get his vacation get back onto a more romantic track, he knelt beside her.

“I know what this means…” he cryptically noted, shrewdly stroking his chin.

Lowering her face, obviously startled by his words, her incredulous look was absolutely priceless. “What does it mean? Tell me, is this a hyu-man phenomenon?”

Extending his arms and sweetly pressing his palms to her cheeks, he waggled his eyebrows. “It means we’re going to go back to the hotel, you’re going to put on that negligee you got from Rarity, and we’re going to make hot, passionate love until we’re too exhausted to move,” he whispered.

In the end, it seemed like the best course of action. There was nothing he could do about the freaky, tandem dream they’d had, so hitting the gas and taking the wheel was his best bet for getting everything back on course - hell, as far as he was concerned, a lay might prove to be a perfect distraction from all the wild shit that had happened over the last twenty-four hours. Smugly smirking over at her, his fingers danced down her neck.

“Anon,” she purred, lifting her head and flashing her teeth at him, “that has got to be the most pathetic excuse for a distraction I’ve ever seen…” Turning to the side and flipping the mane from her face, she leered back at him with a single, cat-like eye. “If you are going to attempt a deflection of my concerns, with the temptation of post-marital coitus, you’re going to have to try much, much harder than that…”

Her tone and unmistakable haughty air meant one thing and one thing only - the game was afoot. Thinking fast, Anon attempted to hard-shift his brain into a lewd and wholly inappropriate gear. If cheering her up meant plunging into the depths of depravity at her side, so be it; considering they were on their honeymoon and hadn’t even gotten to second base yet, he’d be more than happy to oblige her. Walking his fingers up her foreleg and to her chest, his smile broadened.

“You could open up with subjugating your faithful servant - tying me to the bed and helping yourself to the best seat in the house,” he mused, winking up at her and making a kissy face.

Lifting her chin and closing her eyes, her arrogance was put on full display. “Hmmmph!”

“Or,” he murmured, altering tactics, “I could command my loving Queen to give herself a succulent rack, before I toss her onto the bed and rut her.” The slightest tremor shot through her leg, spurring him to continue. “Would you like that, to have your King utterly dominate you and plow you until you’re a cum leaking, quaking mass of limbs? Breed you so fiercely that your howls will let each and every creature in the hotel know my name…”

Twisting her head at an unnatural angle, with her pupils contracting to razor-thin slits, she glanced down at him. “And my King would undoubtedly insist I lap our juices from his regal staff - after we’re finished, of course…”

“Oh absolutely,” he chuckled, sensing he had her on the ropes, “and I’d even be so humble as to bathe with my faithful broodmare afterwards.” A single bead of saliva crept past her lips, spurring her to lip the errant bead. He had her on the hook, there was no doubt about that, yet he couldn’t help himself from issuing one final blow. “And once we’re finished, we’ll go out for the finest sushi we can find - all while you try to ignore my seed leaking out of your thoroughly bred -”

Stomping past him, her horn blazed with arcane power. “Come,” she growled, sorcorously snatching him by the collar, hauled him to his feet, and all but dragged him along behind herself.

“Only after you have,” he smugly chirped, causing her to slow.

“If you disappoint me, and I pray you won’t, I will bind you and edge you until you’re begging me to so much as breath on your glorious manhood,” she growled, peeking back at him.

Looking away from her, lest she see his barely concealed amusement, he grinned from ear to ear. He’d done it; somehow, despite the lamentable and peculiarly rocky start of their vacation, he’d taken her mind off matters and breathed fire into her. As far as he was concerned, getting laid would just be a fun byproduct of his impulsive scheme!

“Am I going to have to drag my illustrious King all the way back to our room or will properly escort me?” she barked, flicking her tail into his face.

Scrambling to his feet and sauntering up next to her, his raunchy compulsions got the best of him. Rearing his hand back, he roughly and loudly clapped one obsidian ass cheek. She started, barely stifling a squeak, and glared at him. If they were going to plow one another until the police were called, they collapsed from exhaustion, voided the security deposit on their room, or possibly all three, he saw no harm in getting her riled up as much as he could.

“Of course, my Queen…”

Chapter 13 (NSFW)

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Though their walk was a short one, they grew increasingly heated with each step they took. What began as lustful promises and/or threats quickly took a physical turn. Casual caressing or subtle fondling transformed into something toeing the line of outright exhibitionism. By the time they got into the hotel’s elevator, they were loudly and quite messily making out.

Reaching their floor, the pair stumbled out of the lift and into the hallway. Rearing onto her hind legs, with a particularly brutal shove, the Matriarch slammed the man’s back against the corridor wall. Her head flew to the side of his face, as she pinned him.

“If you don’t appease me,” she amorously snarled, flicking her tongue over his ear, “I’m going to bring you out this evening while you’re positively reeking of my loins.”

“Only if you’re not walking funny,” he snickered, jamming his tongue into her mouth.

He dipped down and shot to her side, escaping her clutches, but he didn’t flee - no, he was nowhere near finished with her. The passion of it all left him energized, almost to a supernatural level, leading him to make a bold and rather risky move. Cradling her rump with one hand, while supporting her torso with the other, he hauled her into a princess carry. With his blushing and startled wife in his arms, he stormed towards their room.

Chrysalis’ surprise lasted only the briefest of moments, before she was eagerly gnawing her lip. It was almost cute, seeing the wanton, ageless Queen looking like a horny teenager, but he knew better. One way or another, regardless of if he was in physical control of the situation, he was going to end up screwing her brains out. Issuing a silent prayer to whatever licentious deity may be listening, he approached their room.

Before he could figure out how he was going to let them into their suite, since his hands were occupied, a chartreuse beam of energy blasted the lock and knob from the door. He could help but laugh, seeing the wholly unnecessary destruction. He knew she was worked up, but he’d had no way of knowing they’d break something before they’d even gotten down to business.

Trudging into the room and to their bed, he flung her to the mattress. “Wait right there,” he sternly tutted, shaking a finger at her.

Damn near running to the exit, Anon did what he could to secure their room. After he and his wife got started, he couldn’t afford to have someone blundering in on them - for fucks sake, given how excited she was, he wouldn’t put it past her to immolate any unwanted intruders! Jamming a chair against the door, he fastened the surviving chain latch and prayed they wouldn’t have any unexpected visitors.

Turning back towards the bedchamber, he scampered to his awaiting wife. As he deftly unbuttoned his top, letting the Equestrian equivalent of a hawaiian themed shirt hang open over his chest, his thoughts wandered to how he could best plow his lover into submission. Entering the chamber, spying his lounging on the bed, he ground to a halt.

Laying on her back, with her hind legs slightly parted, Chrysalis laid her forehooves atop a pair of positively magnificent bosoms on her abdomen. Each tit was positively massive, easily as large or larger than the one’s she’d periodically flaunted during or shortly after her pregnancy, giving him a moment for pause. Spotting him, a coy smirk split her muzzle.

“I presume these are adequate,” she purred, squeezing one udder-like teat.

Despite having adapted to and fully embraced having an equine lover, Anon had never been able to shake his profound weakness for a good pair of breasts. Chrysalis could effortlessly adorn herself with a lovely pair of knockers, what with being a changeling, although it was an uncommon and unnecessary treat from her. He was positively smitten with her natural look, they both knew that, so she rarely if ever modified herself.

Feeling his shorts grow tight, he dumbly nodded. His eyes wandered lower down her frame, ultimately settling on the deliciously plump and extraordinarily moist entrance of her sex. The dark folds of her flesh winked open, invitingly displaying her vividly colored interior. He figured she’d been worked up, yet the glistening juices dribbling down the cleft of her rump left no room for doubt.

“What are you waiting for, my King?” she giggled, leaning in and gingerly spreading her marehood for him. “Your broodmare awaits your illustrious load…”

While he’d had every intention of following through with his plan, pinning her down and plowing her into the bed, the sight made him feel weak. As radiant as the morning sun, yet as sinful as the darkness of midnight, she was a paradox of beauty. His time with her had shown him many things but, of them all, one shone through above the rest - he couldn’t imagine a more perfect mate in this world or any other.

Looking to her face, knowing he was smiling like an idiot, he hooked his thumbs over his shorts and slowly pulled them down his hips. Though she was clearly baiting him, he was more than capable of giving her a little show himself. As the fabric slid over his cock, forcing his erection downward, inch after inch of his shaft was slowly revealed. Watching the show and shifting one hoof to massage her engorged clit, a contented groan escaped her.

As his trunks slipped down his legs and fell to the floor, leaving him bare from the waist down, he shrugged off his shirt. He could have teased her more, or possibly stroked himself to rile her up, but there was really no need. The time for talk and seduction was at an end - it was the time to act.

Crawling up the foot of the bed, towards his awaiting mate, he slowly moved between her outstretched legs. The scent of her arousal hit him first, flooding his sinuses and causing his pulse to quicken, although the sublime heat of her loins quickly bathed his countenance. Stopping just shy of her marehood, he glanced to her face.

Smiling down at him, moving one forehoof past her abdomen and massive teats, Chrysalis reached for her human lover. Gingerly grasping the back of his head, she gently yet firmly pulled his face to her sex. Somehow being both affectionate and commanding, the move was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Anon’s lips pressed against the meaty folds of her snatch, while breathing in yet more of her heavenly fragrance. His tongue ran up her entrance, coating his taste buds in the citrusy flavor of her essence, before coming to her clit. Lapping and softly suckling upon the sensitive but of flesh, he felt a shiver of delight run through her thighs. Though he could have shifted to his side and stroked himself, restrained himself; soon enough, he’d have something much, much better than a measly hand-job.

Her pleased sighs were music to his ears, spurring him to give her his very best. Reaching under her hind legs, wrapping his arms around her thighs, his hands moved to her bosoms. While it took him a moment of blind fumbling, his fingers grazed a pair of erect buds. Playing with her nipples would be the perfect accoutrement to feasting on her juicy marehood.

Utilizing every technique in his oral arsenal, Anon’s face was slickened with her marish juices. Winking around his probing tongue and skillful lips, her drooling sex grew more than ready. Her nectar dribbled from his chin, dripping to the mattress, yet his assault didn’t cease. Though the primal parts of him desperately wished to sate themselves, to have him hop up and plow her, he held off. It was almost like a game of chicken, seeing which one of them would break first.

As his fingers played over her tits, a stunning realization struck him. Using his hands was fun and all, yet he couldn’t help from indulging himself just a bit. Crawling forward, bringing himself further up her frame, his face came to rest above the twin mounds of flesh. Eyeing his mate’s pair of darkened nipples, he lowered his head and gently nursed on one teat. Propped on one arm, being careful to keep his balance, his free hand sailed to her loins.

Two digits slid into her, expertly questing for the elusive sweet spot just within her canal. Had Anon been some novice, he may not have been lucky enough to find her g-spot, but that wasn’t the case. With surgical precision and a tenderness belying his enthusiasm, his fingers lovingly caressed and massaged the erogenous zone. A stifled whimper was his reward, causing him to delicately bite her nipple.

Ultimately, after several minutes of foreplay had passed, the pair reached a bit of a stalemate. Chrysalis shifted her grip, tugging his head back ever so slightly, and peered down at his face. Neither spoke a word, knowing it was time for things to progress. Releasing him, her hooves glided down her thighs and to her knees, before obscenely spreading and lifting her hind legs.

Pushing himself up into a kneeling position, Anon shuffled forward. Gripping the base of his tool, he tauntingly guided his tip up and down her entrance. The tease, while fleeting, gave his Queen an opening she was all too quick to exploit. Extending her hind legs to either side of his waist, she locked her fetlocks around him and pulled him in.

Each grinned at the other, as the man was drawn into her depths. He didn’t resist, nor did he make a move to oblige her, until nearly half of his length had disappeared within her velvety confines. With his manhood firmly entombed within her, he lurched forward, pressing his hands to either side of her head, and fiercely bucked his hips. The move was rough and impulsive, hilting him in an instant, yet it was clear that neither of them minded. He grunted triumphantly, feeling his nuts slap against her ass, while she whorishly groaned below.

Looming over her, with his manhood fully sheathed, he started to move. Rocking back, he withdrew a portion of his shaft, savoring the sensation of her furiously clinging marehood. Had she so desired, with her legs wrapped around him, she could have kept him from moving, although neither of them wanted that. As he bucked back into her, causing her breasts to lightly jostle, she flexed her lower limbs and gave his thrust just a bit more force.

Constricting on his backstrokes, while relaxing and bucking her hips on his thrusts, they moved like a perfectly synchronized machine. There were times when they’d intentionally try to throw one another off, wildly and unexpectedly shifting their pace, yet not this time. Each was too worked up to care, having whipped each other into an amorous frenzy, and their actions reflected it.

Ironically enough, given all the kinks and fetishes they’d experimented with, simple missionary was a shared favorite. The position was one of the perilously few which allowed them both to fully appreciate the other and complimented the differences of their morphology wonderfully. Some variation of doggy would have taken the top spot, had it not been for one fact - they couldn’t look upon one another as easily.

Mmmmmm,” she groaned, rolling her head back, “harder.”

Anon acquiesced, ramping up the intensity of his plunges. Like molten silk, her canal embraced his shaft. Snug and sublimely warm, laying his Queen had been the best and worst decision he’d ever made. Should he ever lose her, he knew no other creature could compare to the downright heavenly sensations she afforded. Setting his jaw, ramming his hips forward, the tip of his length kissed her cervix.

One of the strangest and most wonderful things about making love with her was how compatible their bodies were. Somehow, despite their wildly dissimilar physiologies, they were able to please one another flawlessly. She’d freely admitted that his endowment was comparable to a rather large drone, while her snatch was just deep enough to accommodate all of him - in the end, it was just one more sign that they were made for each other.

Though he couldn’t say how long he’d been at it, he sensed her legs growing slack. Her breathing grew heavy, the pitch of her moans shifted, and her marehood quivered around him. They’d long lost track of who made who cum first, but they’d always push each other to the limit. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, knowing she was struggling to maintain herself, he went in for the kill.

Kissing her would have been a bit tricky, since her head was laid back, but that wasn’t a problem. Leaning in, steadily pecking his way over her deliciously flat chest, up her neck, and around her jaw, his lips made their way to the side of her head. Inhaling slowly, he breathed hotly in her ear.

Cum for me…”

Like some ancient spell being evoked, his words wrought devastation to his mate. Braying out, she nearly thrashed beneath him. Though he wasn’t quite at his limit, her hind legs wrenched him to her deepest depths, as her body pined for his seed. Juices gushed from her stuffed sex, painting his upper thighs, balls, and the blankets below. He resisted a triumphant smirk, knowing his turn would likely come sooner than he thought.

Heaving air into herself, riding out her post-orgasmic tremors, Chrysalis extended her forelegs and caressed his back. His efforts slackened, letting her ride out her climactic bliss. They typically tried to give each other a moment to recuperate, after reaching a pique, which left him woefully unprepared for her ambush. Her grasp on him shifted, snapping around his chest, before he was violently jerked to his left.

Literally and figuratively thrown off by the sudden development, he toppled over. Though it only took him a moment to get his bearings, that was more than enough time for his lover to strike. Heaving herself over, mounting his supine form nearly flawlessly, Chrysalis trapped him beneath herself. With the tables turned, a decidedly predatory smile split her muzzle. Her serpent-like tongue played over her glimmering fangs, her eyes went alight with eldritch fire, and her pupils contracted, as she loomed over him.

Draping herself over him, dragging her tongue up his torso, over one nipple, and to his neck, she menacingly chuckled to herself. She had the upper hoof, there was no doubt about that, but he couldn’t say exactly how she’d excerpt her newly acquired control. Twisting his head to the side, Anon kissed her cheek and tempted fate; he simply extended an arm, opened his hand, and viciously slapped her flank.

Get to it -”

Wasting no time, clearly keen to claim her man’s essence, Chrysalis rocked back. With almost supernatural precision, she lowered her waist and impaled herself on his turgid shaft. She, much like her lover, was intimately familiar with every facet of her mate. Moving in reverse, she only stopped when her rump pressed against his upper thighs.

While he would have been perfectly content with the position he found himself in, his Queen had other plans. Her wings appeared from behind her, flicking to either side, as she lifted her torso. Reclining into a seated position, she reached back and rested her forehooves on his knees. His heart skipped a beat, as his eyes played over her gorgeous form.

Everything she had was on full display, from her sweat streaked face to her loins. Beneath her wondrously exquisite bosoms, he could spy her entrance wrapped around him. Lovingly stroking her inner thighs, sliding his hands to her abdomen, he playfully squeezed and fondled her teats - still, out of every beauteous and provocative inch of her, nothing was more captivating than her angelic visage.

“Enjoying herself?’ she giggled, lazily gyrating her waist.

Nodding, feeling his heart skip a beat, Anon suddenly found it hard to speak. Besides feeling positively divine, the sheer beauty of her was awe inspiring. Resting on his lap, with her marehood playfully squeezing his shaft, she awaited his reply. There was a good chance he’d have to say something, with her domineering side having reared its head, so he spoke the first thing that came to his mind.

“Shining got fucked over,” he blurted.

All movement from the Matriarch came to a screeching halt, while her left eye involuntarily twitched. “Excuse me,” she coldly hissed, sitting motionless.

“He wound up marrying the Princess of Love,” he sighed, locking eyes with her, “but I was lucky enough to marry the Queen of it.”

His impulsive assertion, totally unplanned, caused her to physically recoil. For the briefest flash, he thought he’d fucked up, accidentally evoking her ire, although he quickly discovered the truth. Her slavering marehood clamped around him, as she lifted her hips. Stopping herself, leaving just his glans within her luscious confines, her smirk returned. Without any warning whatsoever, she crashed down atop him, burying his cock within herself.

No sooner did she hilt herself did she start bouncing. Slow to start, either allowing him to relish the sensation or to give her perilously short refractory period a moment to rebound, she took her time with him. Now that they’d gotten their privacy, and with Chrysalis having one climax under his nonexistent belt, there was no real need to rush anything - still, he couldn’t let her do all the work. Shifting his grip to her waist, he aided her efforts.

His fingers sank into her soft flesh, adding a bit of his strength to her descents, although it wasn’t to last. Though he wasn’t quite at his limit, he knew he wouldn’t be able to last forever - as such, he allowed his impulses to take control. Thrusting up to meet her, the meaty impacts of their bodies set a steady drumbeat.

A heady cocktail of her nectar and his pre-cum seeped from her nethers, trailing over his groin and nuts. Besides being a visual treat, the cowgirl position gave her a slight edge on him. Situated as she was, wantonly fucking herself on him, her interior stoked the sensitive underside of his dick. The sex was as amazing as it had ever been, forcing him to concentrate.

He couldn’t explain it; though he’d bedded her countless times, the sensation of intimacy with her was unlike anything he’d ever known. The bliss of being with her, of making love with her, was almost otherworldly. Though it was impossible for him to say for certain, something told him that there was more than just a physical element at play. She gave him everything he could ever want from a mate, inspiring him to provide for her in every way he could.

Little by little, bit by bit, his urges wrestled control from his self-restraint. His heart thundered in his chest, he screwed his eyes shut, and his jaw clenched, while he fought the mounting pleasure. It was like trying to stop the tide; no matter how hard he struggled, hoping to stave off the inevitable, it was an impossible task. Peeking out, hoping for one last, glimpse of his mate, before he lost control, he got more than he could have bargained for.

Leaning back and peering down at him, with gossamer strands of cerulean mane draped over her face, Chrysalis openly panted. Saliva dripped from her lolled tongue and lips, pattering over her torso while she rode him. She almost looked like she was teetering on the brink herself, but to bring her to another peak so quickly was almost unheard of. Noting his attention, a flash of defiance met her eyes.

There were elements to his betrothed that other creatures lacked. Every other female species he knew of could be pleasured physically in some way or another, but changelings were a bit different. When it came to carnal affairs, there was a distinct emotional element involved - at least, for the pre-reformed subspecies. The creatures literally fed on love, so any voluntary nourishment was a profoundly intimate experience for them.

Her look told him everything he needed to know. Adjusting his grip, moving his hands to her back, he carefully pulled her towards himself. The movement threw her rhythm off, yet that was of little consequence; bracing his feet, pounding her from below, he picked up the slack. Though he was a hair’s breadth from reaching his end, there was something he needed to do. Staring longingly up at her, he gave voice to the one thing that would make the moment more perfect than it already was.

Cum with me…”

Her face flew forward, as the two kissed and met their orgasmic end. Groaning into one another, overwhelmed with an ecstasy which eclipsed mortal comprehension, their souls entwined. His seed crashed against her inner gate, bathing her interior with his virile essence, while her depths convulsed around him. Though neither was fully aware of it, the instant was singular; in all ways but physical, they became one.

Lost in the nirvana of one another, the couple made out and basked in the moment. Anon couldn’t speak for her, but he genuinely loved her with all his heart. As audacious as it may have seemed, something told him that she felt the same way towards him. It was nearly impossible to fathom what an ageless, shapeshifting, depraved ne'er-do-well could be thinking, but she was his ageless, shapeshifting, depraved ne'er-do-well.

Breaking their kiss, dragging her muzzle across his cheek, she rested her head on his shoulder. “What am I going to do with you…?”

Anon nonchalantly shrugged, hugging her and rocking her from side to side. “Considering you already share a bed with me, started a family with me, and got married to me, I think the more appropriate question is what won’t you do with me.”

“I dearly hope that’s not a challenge,” she snickered, twisting her head to look over at him.

“Hey,” he began, his smile reaching his eyes, “you might be a changeling, but I got my Boy Scouts badge in knot tying.”

“So that is a challenge,” she cooed, flexing her sex around him.

He rolled his eyes, realizing he’d eventually have to make good on his promise - that was, until a thought occurred. “You know, I did see an adult novelty shop on the way to the hotel. After we eat dinner we could…”

“Dear,” she sighed, lightly reaching up to pat his cheek, “if you’re able to walk by nightfall, I don’t think I’ll have accomplished my uxorial duties.”

A pang of excitement shot through him, yet he didn’t move a muscle. “If that’s the case, maybe we should shower.”

“But we just started!” she scoffed, retracting her head to glower at him.

Bucking his hips, nudging her womb with his semi-erect tool, he mischievously slapped her tush. “Did I say we were going to stop in the shower?”

“Oh you scoundrel,” she tittered, blithely grinding her rear on him. “You’re not going to stop until we’ve conjugated over every inch of this room, are you?”

The question was more of a statement, nearly requiring him to rut her or be rutted by her in every feasible way within their suite. The thought stirred his imagination, leaving his mind to wonder just how many different ways they could do the deed. Furniture was an obvious choice, with the bed having been the first logical target, but there were chairs, a counter, the veranda, and a spacious bathroom to utilize as well. Scanning the room, with ideas swirling about in his mind, his eyes eventually settled on his paramour.

“We’re going to need lube,” he flatly stated, knowing the meager supply wouldn’t last throughout what would undoubtedly be a marathon fuck-fest.

“And some rope,” she added, glancing to their luggage, “unless you stashed some when I wasn’t looking.”

He nodded, more than happy to make an excursion and spend a few bits for the necessary supplies. Fortunately, they had nothing but time on their hands. Without having to worry about the kids, work, or any other normal obligations, they had little else to do but one another - that being said, procuring some supplies would be a pretty good idea. Besides grabbing a few things from the sex shop, having some refreshments on hand or hoof couldn’t hurt anything.

“But first,” she hummed, getting her hooves under herself, “we simply must get washed up.” Before the man could respond, she coolly stood and freed herself from his grasp.

Anon mutely watched her saunter away, strutting towards the bathroom. If she wanted a shower, she was going to have a shower; it was as simple as that. The only choice he had with the matter was if he was going to join her. Sitting up, noting the mess they’d made, he scrunched his nose. Besides having everything below his navel shellacked in their various juices, the comforter and sheets beneath him were drenched.

“You always have had a way with making messes,” she casually remarked, drawing his attention.

Lingering just outside the restroom, with her rear angled towards him, she hiked one hind leg and flagged her tail. A pearly stream of jizz and mare cum rolled down her inner thigh, contrasting against her ebony hide. Despite having blown a load a mere handful of minutes ago, the sight sent blood rushing to his loins.

“Another few more deposits like that, I may just start ovulating,” she hummed, glancing over her shoulder at him.

Between the spectacular view and the taunt of insemination, Anon was forced to act. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he got to his feet and sauntered over to his mate. Even if she wasn’t in heat, a feat which she could apparently evoke at will, the thought of knocking her up had always been an appealing one; though he couldn’t explain it, he presumed the notion of claiming a female and sating his primal urges to reproduce were to blame - that and he’d taken immense joy in watching her grow heavy with their first brood.

Walking up beside her, he nonchalantly fondled her tush. “Not until we have more room or when the kids have moved out,” he tutted, casually slipping two fingers into her marehood.

Her horn went alight, as her magic leisurely stroked his length. “You’d make your wife wait for more children.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault,” he sighed, withdrawing his hand from her snatch. Moving up her body, he leaned over and kissed her between the eyes. “Besides, the more kids we have, the less I’ll be able to focus on you…”

Chrysalis’ jaw flapped uselessly, and her face twisted in consternation, as his comment struck home. Flicking her head to the side, robbing him of her delightfully confounded reaction, she quietly huffed to herself. “In that case, your Queen has a demand,” she clucked, trotting into the bathroom.

“And what demand would that be?” he countered, trying his best to sound collected.

Setting the shower to warm, she wheeled around and haughtily stared at him. “The moment our offspring have moved out, you will provide us with a new brood of young.”

Smiling and strutting over to her, he definitely crossed his arms across his bare chest. “Let me guess, after that crop is grown and living on their own, you’ll want another?”

“Anon,” she sighed, closing her eyes and casting her head from side to side, “sweet, simple Anon, you are the finest mate in all of Equestria. It would be sacrilege not to copulate with you until you were no longer able. If our genetic legacy hasn’t tainted the world for millennia to come, I’ll be disappointed in both of us - well, no, mostly disappointed in you, since you refuse to keep me pregnant.”

A mental flash of her, exquisitely gravid on their bed, sent a shiver up his spine. Regardless of her species, the idea of breeding her was a damn compelling one - so much so that he was damn tempted to give her what she wanted right then and there. Shaking his head, staving off the siren’s call to sire more foals with the seductive minx, he pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Chryssy, please, I really, really don’t need you to give me a new fetish; it’s bad enough that you’re already a MILF,” he grumbled.

“What is this MILF?” she inquired, her alluring tone falling inexplicably flat.

Looking up at her, wondering if she was fucking with him, a startling realization dawned on him. “Wait, you don’t know what a MILF is?”

“No. Why? Is it an insult?” she pressed, her brow creasing.

Somehow, over all the time he’d been with her, he’d failed to use the term. Try as he might, the laughter welling up within him broke through. Her confusion turned to anger, misinterpreting his reaction, until he patted her neck. “It’s far from an insult. MILF is an acronym; it means mother I’d like to fuck.”

A depraved smirk crept across her face, as her indignation fled from her. “Are all hyu-mans so crass?”

Pffft - Nah,” he responded, dismissively waving his hand, “only the good ones. I’m guessing that’s not a thing in Equestria?”

Stepping into the tub, allowing the water to wash over her, she shook her head. “If it is, I haven’t heard of it in all my -”

H...hello?” an unfamiliar voice called out, causing the couple to freeze. “ everything alright in there?”

Between the scene they’d caused entering the building, the ruined door to their room, and the cornucopia of suspect noises they’d undoubtedly been making, Anon shouldn’t have been surprised that somebody had been sent to check up on them. It wouldn’t be the first time someone happened upon them in a compromising situation, and it probably wouldn’t be the last, but that didn’t mean he liked dealing with such situations. Drawing a breath to call out to the would-be intruder, Chrysalis magically grabbed his wrist.

“Mount me,” she urged, hastily bracing her legs and flicking her tail to the side. Seeing the befuddled look on his face, she rolled her eyes. “If they barge in and revoke our privacy, we can demand a partial refund and give them something to get off to later,” she hissed.

Though Anon didn’t consider himself an exhibitionist, something about her suggestion really got his fires burning. Having a mate who knew what she wanted, and wasn’t afraid to take it, was profoundly arousing. Throwing his inhibitions to the wind, he stepped into the basin, grabbed her hips, and plunged his manhood into her.

The second his length was embraced by her canal, an exceedingly loud and unquestionably bawdy groan escaped her.

Angled as he was, Anon couldn’t help but peek at the doorway. Sure enough, after a minute or so of railing his mate, a face timidly came into view - two, in fact. He wasn’t sure if the pair were employees or fellow guests, since he could only see their shocked expressions, but it ultimately didn’t matter who they were. Tightening his grip, he noisily slapped her rump.

Yes!” Chrysalis animatedly blared, slamming herself back to meet his thrusts. “Harder you beast! Ravage my naughty marehood and give me your foal-batter!!!”

He truthfully couldn’t say if his lover was acting or not, although he suspected having an audience did give her some reason to show off. Given the fact that they’d been caught pounding one out on several occasions, he wouldn’t be surprised if she had a decidedly exhibitionistic streak. While he hadn’t assumed he was into being watched, while doing something so raunchy, there was no denying how oddly thrilling it was.

Heedless of his voyeuristic guests, or perhaps because of them, he railed his wife from behind and gave her another firm smack on the rump. There was no way in hell he was going to stop, especially after the amazing lay he’d just had with her, so if the intruders wanted to get an eyeful, they could stay and enjoy the show. Ignoring their audience, her clinging depths milked his shaft, while his balls smacked against her winking clit.

“Oh yeah,” he growled, unable to help from committing himself to the act, “you love that don’t you?”

While he’d expected his outburst to get some sort of response, he couldn’t have fathomed his Queen would spontaneously shuffle back and pin him against the wall. Unable to move, quite literally fixed between the bug-horse and a tiled wall, he took the only reasonable course of action. Taking a broad stance, pressing his feet to the back of the tub, he vehemently bucked his hips.

Chrysalis’ raw zeal demanded the man’s full attention, lest she fuck herself on him. Matching her enthusiasm, yet clearly at a disadvantage, a nefarious idea coalesced. Freeing one hand, he extended his arm, grabbed a handful of his mate’s mane, and pulled. The Queen’s head sailed back, her fanged maw flew open, and her eyes widened in surprise, while she howled to the heavens.

Unfortunately, his sadistic advantage was exceptionally short lived. Her brief respite came to an all too abrupt end, as she shuffled forward, nearly unsheathed his length, then rammed her ass upon him. The blow drove the wind out of him, causing him to collapse over her lower half. What had begun as a fun and lighthearted bit of exhibitionism quickly morphed into a licentious power struggle.

Strangely enough, the blow wound up giving Anon an unexpected edge. While he lay over his lover’s back, with his arms hanging to either side of her, his fingers grazed something large, warm, and supple. Remembering that the shapeshifter was still sporting the titanic pair of mammaries, he grinned. Knowing what he had to do, his fingers quested over her teats.

After a moment of searching, his efforts bore fruit. Pinching her nipples between his index fingers and thumbs, he tugged upon the tender buds and thrust into her. It was a bit awkward, partially laying over her while plowing her, yet he was somehow able to manage the salacious task. As he pounded her from behind, exploiting every weakness that he could, her efforts waned.

Their voices reverberated off the tiled walls and floors, somehow amplifying the depravity of it all, although the couple swiftly lost track about the pair of onlookers. Completely focused on one another, their fiery passion roared into an inferno. Startlingly, emboldened by the shifting tide, Anon drove his lover forward.

No longer pressed against the tile, he used his newfound freedom to plow his mate harder and faster than ever. Though his commanding position had been well and thoroughly cemented, the remarkably rough bout took a heavy toll. Between the physical exertion, the excitement of being watched, and the fact that he was still sensitive from having cum a short time ago, his endurance was lacking.

Knowing his time was at an end, he pulled out all the stops. If he was going to creampie his mate for a crowd that may or may not be lingering outside the bathroom, his finale was going to be a damn memorable one. In a last, desperate attempt to pull Chrysalis over the edge with himself, he reached out, grabbed her hair, and hauled her head back a second time.

Pulling her into a kiss, he came; a heartbeat later, his Queen joined him in the chaotic sea of ecstasy. A deluge of her climactic nectar and his jizz cascaded over him, splashing into the basin, as they lewdly frenched. Sadly, the position wasn’t exactly ideal for a sloppy makeout session, so their faces eventually parted.

Nearly in tandem, they looked to the door and saw a lone pony lingering just outside. Mouth agape, the little mare stood like a deer in the headlights. Though the post-coitus clarity renewed some of Anon’s sensibilities, the same couldn’t be said for his wife. Backing up, pinning him for a second time, she chuckled ominously at their lone spectator.

“If you enjoyed that, we’ll be here all week,” she cheerfully noted, sending the pony running.

“Well,” Anon sighed, “there goes our deposit.”

Amusedly wiggling her behind, Chrysalis peered back at the trapped man. “I’m sure if we charge admission for our little displays, we could turn quite a hefty profit - after all, we’ll have plenty of chances to put on shows…”

With it only being the second day of their honeymoon, Anon had little doubt that it wouldn’t be the last time they’d be busted doing something naughty. While they may not end up fornicating in public, chances were remarkably high that they’d be happened upon making out, pawing at one another, or even taunting each other while out of the privacy of their room. Their love was too powerful to keep from others, even if it may get them into trouble every now and again...

Epilogue (SFW)

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“Bye Mom! By Dad!” Mauve shouted, waving over her shoulder. Shepherding her septet of offspring along, trotting beside her husband, she only eventually looked away from her parents.

Anon lingered in his doorway, watching his daughter depart, with his hand resting on his wife’s shoulder. Steadily turning, he smiled at his lover and softly ran his fingers through her mane. He knew what she was going to say, even before she said it; the only question was when she was going to mention…

“We should have another clutch,” she muttered, idly turning and moving into their home.

And there it was. Even after decades with her, having sired nearly half a dozen broods of healthy, happy young, her inherent desire to proliferate with him never seemed to fail. Visits with the kids almost always tended to rekindle the spark, reminding her of their expansive and seemingly ever growing family, yet she always maintained a subtle want for more children.

Pulling the door closed behind himself, following her down the winding path into their cavernous abode, he stretched his arms over his head. “Still wanting to make it an even fifty, eh?” he playfully asked.

She slowed, peering back at him and waiting for him to catch up. For the last few years, they’d often joked about attempting to round out the number of their progeny to an even half-hundred, although that would be nearly impossible to pull off. While his mate was more than capable of inducing estrus, they had no control over the size of a clutch.

“Are you still intent on going out this evening?” she inquired, matching his pace as they moved into the living room.

“If you wanted to stay in, I could always make something,” he offered.

They had briefly discussed going out for dinner, after seeing Mauve off, although that was simply one of many options. He could easily whip them up something to eat or, if she was so inclined, they could get some takeout for themselves. With the house to themselves, without any additional mouths to feed, meals were much simpler than they had been in the past.

Easing herself onto their sofa, Chrysalis shrugged. “We could always go out to the Hayburger, get something for ourselves, then lounge at the park -” she remarked, cuddling up to the man as he seated himself beside her, “that is, if you don’t feel like cooking.”

Truth be told, he really wouldn’t mind making dinner for them, although the prospect of having a picnic was far more charming. He still adored his home, but things had gradually changed; after rearing dozens of foals, the place felt empty and nearly lifeless, without the sounds of scampering hooves and cheerful little voices. There was nothing wrong with spending an evening alone with his betrothed, yet he adored going out to spend time with her.

Leaning against her, he rubbed his cheek against her crown. “We can do that, sure.”

Relaxing at her side, sharing his warmth with her, his eyes quietly played over the room. Various photos of their children and grandchildren lay neatly arranged on the bookshelf and coffee table, serving as a constant reminder to the multitudinous bundles of joy they’d brought into the world. Each and every one of the little ones was a treasure, even if they weren’t so little anymore, and he wouldn’t change a single thing about any of them.

Their first brood had been just that - the first brood - and it felt like a lifetime ago that they’d graduated from school, gotten jobs for themselves, and struck out into the world to start their own lives. They still came to visit, bringing the families they’d founded with themselves, although some lived closer than others. It was bitter sweet, only occasionally getting to see them, but that made their time together all the more precious.

It wasn’t a year after the last of their original crop had moved out that he and his lover had conceived their second crop, rearing them with all the love and care that they had their foremost clutch. Like their older brothers and sisters, the hatchlings had been remarkably healthy in body and mind, following in their siblings hoofsteps and growing into wonderful changelings.

Anon and his wife had taken a bit of a break before having a third clutch, giving themselves time to travel the globe and visit the far corners of Equestria. Money hadn’t been much of a concern, since he’d retired from his job around that time - still, in spite of not needing to work, he did enjoy keeping himself busy with part-time employment at the bowling alley. With their finances secured, bolstered by periodic support from their offspring, they’d spent the better part of a year wandering the world.

Out of all the strange and miraculous things he’d seen and experienced in his life, there was one thing he’d never gotten an answer to. For whatever reason, he’d maintained his youthful exuberance far, far longer than he should have. He still aged, as far as he could tell, yet it was like the process had slowed to a snail’s pace.

He had no doubt that Twilight and others had noticed, likely wondering if all humans had some preternatural lifespan, though he’d never been pressed on the issue. As far as he knew, the only creatures who were privy to the bizarre development were himself and the love of his life. Shifting in place, he twisted his head and softly kissed his mate on the lips.

“You want to get a pizza and watch the sunset?” he quietly asked.

She nodded, closing her eyes and reciprocating his affection, before gently pulling away. “You and your sentimentalities. If I didn’t know any better, you’ll be dragging me to evening outings for centuries.”

He chuckled, pressing his lips to hers a second time. “Don’t act like you don’t like it.”

Of all the gifts she’d given him, there was one for which he could never repay her. He couldn’t explain how or why it had happened, nor if it had been intentional, but it was as though the very essence of their lives had become entwined. Somehow, through some cosmic grace, she’d managed to share her ageless grace with him. Through some higher power, twist of fate, or her determination not to lose him, their senescence had synchronized.

They never talked about it, silently acknowledging the implications of the mysterious happening. Both fully realized the inevitability of the mysterious and wondrous development, allowing them to cherish one another until the day came that they moved on together. The awe of it, knowing he’d be able to grow old with her, was as profound as it was moving.

Each day they had together was an opportunity for him to cherish and love her, and he did just that. The future was no longer something to fear - instead, it was something to look forward to. With her beside him, he felt sure they’d be able to overcome any challenge, scale any mountain, or weather any storm the universe threw at them. Times of adversity did periodically strike, through their own doing or because of elements wholly out of their control, yet they managed to see themselves through them all.

Twisting her head, she stroked his shoulder with a forehoof. “Might we get a dessert for ourselves?”

“Why?” he asked, nonplussed. Wrapping his arms around her, lovingly holding her to his chest, his fingers danced up her back. “I already have the sweetest thing in all of Equestria right here,” he mused. Her filly-like giggle was just as magical as it had ever been, warming the depths of his heart and breathing life into him.

“You never do stop, do you?” she snickered, pulling him onto her lap.

“Considering you haven’t run off with some young buck after all these years, can you blame me?” he countered.

Incredulously raising one brow, she pursed her lips. “As if some young buck could ever dream of being as perfect as my little hyu-man.”

Sighing contentedly, he shuffled to the side and eased his head onto her thighs. He couldn’t fathom what he’d done to earn her, let alone keep her, but he wasn’t about to complain. His existence would have been markedly shorter and less enjoyable, without her in his life, making him all the more grateful that they’d met. Turning his head slightly, he peeked up at her.

“I guess we could swing by Sugarcube Corner,” he whispered, “but only because you asked so nicely.” As his gaze met hers, a familiar, peculiar flicker of light flashed over her eyes. “How’d I get lucky enough to meet you…”

“I ask myself the same thing about you from time to time,” she murmured, smirking to herself, “even if you still haven’t taken to my, as you call it, neck thing.” The moment she finished speaking, she torqued her head to a very unnatural angle.

Although the sight was as disconcerting as it ever was, the smile never left Anon’s face. “I really do love you…”

There really wasn’t a thing he’d change about her; from her sharp tongue and acrimonious temperament to her porous legs and delicate mane, she was as marvelous as she’d ever been. Compared to her, he was as ordinary as anybody - well, besides the fact that he was the sole human on the face of the planet. He just thanked his lucky stars that he’d somehow won her heart.

Leaning forward, she softly pecked his forehead. “I love you too…”

Bonus Chapter: The First Hearth's Warming (SFW)

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Braving the frigid cold, driving wind, and pitch darkness, outside the front door of his home, Anon softly cursed to himself. It was Hearth’s Warming morning, nearly an hour before the sun had risen, yet there was a reasoning behind his masochistic madness. While he hadn’t planned on his growing brood to mature at such an alarming rate, learning to speak and walk over the span of mere months, he was not about to forsake such a momentous occasion.

He’d absolutely loved waking up on Christmas morning, back when he was a kid, so paying the favor forward to his offspring was a must. The denizens of Equestria had a similar holiday, called Hearth’s Warming, so he figured it couldn’t hurt to overlay a few of his homeland’s traditions - if only for the sake of fun. Earlier in the month, before the seasonal rush had become too hectic, he’d executed a hastily laid and, according to Chrysalis, foolhardy plan.

Considering he hadn’t expected his brood to become so damn smart so damn fast, he’d had to improvise his scheme on the fly. Mercifully, after a lengthy explanation to Rarity, he was able to procure a red suit with white trim, hat, and an accompanying sack for the toys and candy he’d bought at the pharmacy. His grand, merry design honestly wasn’t all that difficult to pull off - well, besides having to deal with his mate.

Chrysalis had insisted that the concept of Hearth’s Warming, as well as Christmas, was idiotic; he wholeheartedly disagreed with her, of course, and so disregarded her chiding lamentations outright. If he’d had a happy holiday as a child, by thunder, so would his progeny. Without her approval, being left to fly his operation wholly by his lonesome, he’d gotten up extra early to surprise the little ones - that was, after he’d gotten dressed.

With his slacks fastened around his waist, and his shirt stuffed with a number of pillows, he secured a big, bushy, snow-white beard around his face. Truth be told, he probably made a piss-poor rendition of the heartwarming character, but he’d be damned if that was going to stop him! Slinging the massive bag of goodies over his shoulder, with his cap firmly lodged on his head, he stealthily let himself inside and crept down the walkway.

Growing ever-closer to the dwelling proper, listening for any signs of life, he kept deathly silent. The entire point of subjecting himself to the bitter cold, in the wee hours of the morning, was so he could surprise his multitudinous hive of youngsters with a happy, holiday ambush. Sadly for him, as he was quick to discover, the tables were about to be turned.

No sooner did he slink through the kitchen and into the living room than a brilliant flare launched towards the cavern’s ceiling. The sudden blinding illumination would have been startling enough, had it not been for the twenty-two softly glowing eyes trained on him. Caught completely off guard, bewildered beyond belief, he watched as Chrysalis strode towards him.

“Hide, my children! I will fend off the Santa-Claws!” she blared, igniting her horn.

Anon’s confusion mounted, as dazzling, albeit completely harmless bolts of magic splashed over his frame. Most of the hatchlings bolted for cover, scampering behind or under the various bits of furniture, though two of them stood frozen in shock. It was a chaotic, bewildering scene, made all the more so by the dumbfounded man in a Kris Kringle getup.

Stepping over towards his lover, he cautiously lifted a hand. “Chrysalis, what are you-”

Gah!” the Matriarch bleated, wobbling to the side and gently crashing to the floor.

As Anon instinctively leaned forward and reached for her, hoping she was alright, she batted his hand away. None of it made any sense; she knew he was going to wake up the gaggle of colts and fillies with some holiday cheer, so why would she...His eyes shot to her face, spying the coy, wicked grin she bore, before she rolled to her back.

“Save yourselves!” she blares, waving at the hoard of little ones. “He’s too powerful!”

It was at that moment that all hell broke loose. The hatchings, having seen their mother felled by the intruder rallied; bursting from their hiding places, bawling or issuing the tiniest of war-cries, the hoard assaulted the festive man like a drove of puny berserkers. As they flung themselves on him, fiercely nibbling away with their little fangs, he was overcome.

“Stop hurting our mom!” one shouted, jamming a petite horn into his calf.

A particularly ferocious one sailed up and plastered herself on his face, doggedly gnawing his hat. “Our dad is gonna beat you up!”

Figuratively and literally overwhelmed, Anon stumbled back. He wasn’t sure what to think; on one hand, the pride he felt for his brood was immeasurable - on the other, he was heartbroken that they didn’t recognize him. Kneeling down, as the situation spiraled out of control, he gently shoved his offspring away.

“Kids,” he began, extracting the filly from off his head, “it’s me!”

Having prized the hatchling from his countenance, he pulled off his fake beard and hat. The mass of pint-sized changelings all froze, flabbergasted by the revelation. While he was relieved that their siege had come to an end, things took yet another unexpected turn. A particularly bold colt - Frost, if he had to hazard a guess - leveled a hoof up at him.

“So you’re a bad guy too, Dad?” he squeaked, askance.

“What?” Anon blurted, taken aback by the assertion. “No! I’m Santa Claus!”

“I don’t see any claws,” a filly noted, lifting and inspecting his hand. “Oh! Can you grow claws like Mom?”

Anon shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. He shouldn’t have been surprised that something would go away, since Christmas wasn’t really a thing in Equestria. Shooing the little ones away, clearing an area before himself, he unseated the sack on his shoulder and placed it on the floor.

“Santa Claus isn’t a bad guy,” he corrected, opening the bag, “he visits kids and -”

“And abducts them?” someone interrupted, evoking a groan from the man.

“No!” Anon groused. “He shows up on Hearth’s Warming and -”

“If he’s not bad, why does he show up to steal colts and fillies?” another soft voice inquired, interrupting him yet again.

“Presents!” Anon finally blared. “Santa Claus brings presents to good foals!”

Awwww,” the brood disheartedly lamented, losing some of their interest in his tale.

Doing his damnedest to fight off the Pavlovian response to smile, lest they latch to the notion of some twisted parody of holiday merriment, he began doling out gifts to the kids. While he wasn’t exactly angry with his mate’s deception, he needed to act fast. The last thing he needed was for a cluster of changelings to think that some mysterious and terrifying creature would break into houses to torment foals.

“Santa Claus is a nice person who would never bring presents to bad little foals!” he clarified.

“Wasn’t there another one?” Chrysalis noted, pushing herself up.

“I...I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he replied, pleading ignorance.

“Yes you do!” she insisted. “Some great big thing with horns! Krumpus, was it?”

Mentally kicking himself, Anon shook his head. He had explained some of the various holiday lore of his homeland to her, though he then wished he hadn’t. In the past, while they’d gotten to know one another better, he’d talked to her about Santa Claus and his wicked counterpart, the Krampus. Glaring over at her, he menacingly lifted a finger.

“It’s Krampus and, no, he’d never be a problem,” he firmly stated. Turning his head, peering down at the bustling drove of hatching, he smiled. “Not because all of you are such perfect little bedbugs!”

Watching his young excitedly unwrap and play with the flimsy toys, knowing he had the good presents stashed in his room, he heaved himself up and stepped over to his lover. She was a cheeky shit for turning the tables on him, but he loved her all the same - if anything, he found her little trick rather clever, even if it had upended his plans for the morning.

“Bit of a shame, really,” Chrysalis offhandedly remarked, keenly observing the foals.

Cocking his head, Anon quirked a brow. “What’s a shame?”

“I may need to take part, next year, since you did mention the Santa Claws having reindeer,” she murmured.

Shuffling back, with antlers effortlessly sprouting from her crown, a downy, spotted coat coalesced over her body. The aesthetic was decidedly deer-like, yet it retained her natural coloration and several changeling bits of anatomy - namely her porous legs and fangs. The look was definitely a unique take on the hallmark holiday creatures, yet something told him there was an ulterior motive to her offer.

Reaching up, tapping one of the bony protuberances on her head, she stepped over and brought her muzzle to his ear. “Handlebars…”

Anon gulped, realizing what she was gunning for - still, he couldn’t help himself. Caressing her side, gliding his hand over her fur-covered body, his palm came to rest on her haunch. “I guess I could stuff your stocking - if we can get a few minutes of privacy for ourselves.”

Her sinful chuckle sent an excited shiver up his spine, as her forked tongue teased his ear. “Santa, I’ve been bad,” she purred, reaching up to fondle his sack.

For all intents and purposes, the day had kicked off with a downright cluster fuck. He’d scared the kids, besmirched the good name of Old Saint Nick, and he was more than likely going to plow his lover in what would undoubtedly be the first ever porny rendition of Christmas that Equestria had ever seen - that being said, things weren’t that bad. Straightening up and plastering himself to Chrysalis’ side, gazing at the mass of cheerful little drones, he cleared his throat.

“Who wants breakfast?”

Though Hearth’s Warming may have started with a few hiccups, he wasn’t all that bothered; even though things hadn’t gone the way he would have liked, there was always next year - not to mention a whole host of other holidays throughout the year to make up for it. Strolling towards the kitchen, with his mate at his side and a procession of hatchlings in his wake, he peered at his family; regardless of the headaches they caused, they were the greatest gift he could ever ask for...