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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (Patreon)

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That was pretty enjoyable.

Oh. Look, another futa story...

Well, at least it's not another one of those Rule 34 fanfics I saw popping up the other week. (shudders)

Does anyone know what the story above this one is like? I'd like some info before diving into another fanfic.

Chrysalis should've transformed into Twilight, that might've sped up the process of seducing Trixie a bit.

Futa impregnation oviposition Chrysalis changelings creampie... Thing. And anthro.

By dirty little secret.

I came.

Can you spell "instant fav"?

while the story was great, I would suggest splitting it up into different chapters. 20k words is just way to much for a single go.

Thanks! ^.^
What was your favorite part?

Heh, rule34 and futa. ^.^ Switch him to female and then give him his dick back. It's just crazy enough... I might have to write a story about it.

:rainbowlaugh: I bet you're right about that one!

Human, not anthro! :raritydespair: Thanks, though :twilightsmile:

I thought about it, but if I did, then the first chapter(s) wouldn't have a proper clop scene, which I think would have left readers disappointed, perhaps so disappointed that they don't want to read the following chapters.

that's why you make it known up front that the clop doesn't happen until chapter two (or three, or however you'd split it)!

that way, the people who want the whole story can get the whole story, and the people who just want the clop can skip past the story and dive straight into the juicy stuff!

6884790 Well I lost faith in this site ages ago so go ahead. I couldn't give a f**k anymore.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't be rude towards you. It's not your fault.

It's f**king Mandopony's fault.

Him and that shit-eating grin.

F**k you Mandopony.


and the people who just want the clop can skip past the story and dive straight into the juicy stuff!

:raritydespair: But the gradual buildup of sexual tension is extremely important!

6884854 i, for one, completely agree with that sentiment. And am also left wondering if there is going to be a "later" chapter incoming...:yay:

Not currently planning on any sequels or anything...

Mostly because a sequel wouldn't be cloppy, and readers who got into the original for the clop wouldn't be likely to be interested in a non-clop sequel.

6884806 May we I ask why you despise Mandopony? This is the first we've I've heard about him, aside from a fanfic....

6884790 eggs, even if that part was quick

Yes, but then you run into the possibility that people who just want quick satisfaction will avoid/dislike your story because it's so long. Also when someone has already read the story and just wants to reread the juicy bits, it's easier to separate the story from the smut. In general I think it's always best to leave the choice for the reader.

Furthermore 20K words is long even by non-clopfic standards, I agree with 6884746 that one chapter of this size might be too much. If you put a disclaimer in the authors note at the top saying that part 1 is story and part 2 is smut, no one will complain I would think.

6884790 Whatever I don't really care about that. Still cool.

Well, if a reader doesn't like long stories, I have lots of other short ones they can read. ^.^

Can't please everybody... and it's not like I plan on doing this on a regular basis -- it's just that this story seemed to need it.

So, basically, don't blame me, blame the story! I just wrote it how the story wanted to be written.

Not blaming you, nor the story, sorry if I came out too strong. Just wanted to give you that particular point of view because I had the same thoughts about one of my stories not long ago. I ended up dividing a chapter that was about as long as yours, since I was afraid a long chapter would discourage those who only want clop. Dividing it seems to be the best way to please everyone, but if you don't like the idea it's perfectly understandable.


Loved it, but it definitely would have benefited from being broken up into multiple chapters.

Well... opinions differ about that last part.
Glad you enjoyed it, though. ^.^

6884977 I for one would be perfectly okay with an E rated (though due to the apparently very sex friendly society of the Changelings a T rating might be the lowest you could go) slice of life story following this.

Not to mention that if Trixie's "one time fling" with the Queen were to develop into an actual relationship then there might be the occasional sprinkling of clop chapters.

Dat bookshelf selection.:moustache:

Greatest literature ever written, am I right?

Eh, still... I don't think I'll do that kind of thing. I think this story is complete.

22,716 words


This really could benefitted from being split. Yes, I did see your thing about the possibility of leaving readers unsatisfied, but it's called buildup. It wouldn't be unsatisfying if the first maybe one or two chapters had no sex because there'd be buildup and tension and wanting to see when the sex does happen.

I haven't read it (yet) but that's just a suggestion.

See, here's the thing....

The build-up was great. Knew where it was going from step one, but still. The sexual tension between Chrysalis and Trixie was well-written, and interesting and all that. Once they actually hopped in bed together though? It was...mm, really brief in comparison to everything else.

Other than that, very nice story. Excessively long, but nice.

Fair enough. ^.^ Glad you enjoyed most of it, though.

Oh, I knew this from the start, but I think it's better this way.

I consider this one complete.

6888260 ok its a great story nontheless

:twilightsmile: Loved it. The build up was fantastic and really raised the tension to new heights. :rainbowwild:

Now that's what I was going for! :twilightsheepish:

we be warned indeed

Give peace a chance...John Lennon hehehehe

6884977 Sequel! I don't care if it's clop or not, this is too beautiful to end so suddenly.

It was good...I'm just not a fan of humanizing ponies (or changelings). It threw me off a bit.

Excellent writing, very good buildup.

The end left me a bit...well...unwhelmed. Everything was building up to something amazing and all I got out of it was Trixie full of eggs.

I love how you portrayed Chryssie. Trixie actually had three dimensions to her.

The drones were just weird. As in People Under the Stairs weird.


Really, guys, I have other stories that need to be done.

In the best way possible.

Yeah... I guess I might have rushed the end a bit.
Glad I got the characterization good, though. ^.^

6898097 Just give in.. I shall give you all the kingdoms of the world, if you just do one act of worship.

I don't know... I've had similar promises before, and they weren't fulfilled.

I mean, one person said they'd kiss me, and I did it, and I still haven't got my kiss! :raritydespair:

6898621 I'd totally kiss you! Might even slip you some tounge, if that's what you want.

egg implantation impregnation

I think that's just oviposition?

I thought maybe there are some snowflakes here who don't know what oviposition means?

I'm, like, the complete opposite of a 'snowflake' :rainbowlaugh:

Even so, if I don't know what something is I use that marvelous little tool that is Google. Sometimes I regret it, but that's a digression for another day.

Read the whole thing. It was nice, and very enjoying. Liked the pacing, the story, everything. Nice work!

Thanks! ^.^ Glad to hear it.

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