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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.

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Contains:A mare in estrus, ovulation, species swap (changeling), gender transformation (changeling), a unique take on Changeling genitals and reproductive habits, pleasurable cervical/womb penetration, egg implantation and fertilization (impregnation), internal cumshots, excessive cum, cum inflation, minor mpreg, tentacles, hyper pregnancy, magical body modification, and one large pony belly.


I oddly like the idea of pregnant Thorax. It's adorable...and sexy.

Tetacles are best hentai

Some reason, I think I may see a sequel. If true, yes! Really good.

Wow next thing you know Spike and Ember are rutting up a storm.

Whelp, this story is interesting enough to grant you 500 followers. :D

Well written looking forward to a possible sequel to this wonderfully delightful story. :twilightsmile:

yes pls and thx

I'm gonna be honest, I usually stay away from stories like this because I find the amount of sex/porn to be mindless and excessive. HOWEVER, of all the Mature fics in my favorites bar, I'm glad that this is one of them.

Seriously, though, this is very well-written and the actual sex scenes don't feel too excessive. I'm also glad that the sex you portrayed actually served a purpose, unlike most Mature fanfics. Well done!

Starlight Glimmer a big problem. Fortunately for her, so does her changeling friend Thorax. Best of all, maybe both their problems can be solved by one another.

Don't know if you write description or admin FIMfiction, but there should be has.

Welcome back XenoPony! Do Spike/Ember next!

EDIT: Just realized why the image looked so familiar. It reminds me of the image from "An 'Egg'ucated Study" from which I just realized you made as well. That's why it was so good.

I rather did enjoy this,. huh

"I guess I never felt a real connection with anypony. These tendrils are all driven by instinct, and right now I really think I just want to make you happy. I suppose it's the least I can do for what I'm asking you to do for me," Thorax told her and for one moment in the midst of her bliss she really thought about what he was saying.

kill meeeeeeeeee

Not gonna lie, would love to see Starlight having constant back to back orgasms during the labor and laying process. With that many she'd be like that for quite a while.

My only complaint with the story is how quickly Starlight got over her feelings for Trixie. Such a big deal is made out of it early on, that having her move on to Thorax in mere minutes makes it frustratingly unrealistic for me.

As for why Trixie was unaware of the scent of Starlight's heat: it could be that Starlight was aware of it, so she was noticing it more than it actually was. Alternatively, Trixie has probably been caught up in more than one explosion of her fireworks going off, which could have damaged her sense of smell.

Can you provide the actual link to where the cover art can be found I went to the website in question and couldn't find it so I was wondering if you could provide the actual link to the actual picture rather than just typing up the id number?

Providing the actual link is against site rules as it is a NSFW picture. All you gotta do is take this address https://derpibooru.org/ and add the numbers provided onto the end of the URL, then hit enter to get the picture.

Oh, jeez I am sorry I didn't realize it was against site rules to provide the actual photo in question. :ajsleepy:

Well, now you know. :P The site mods are really strict about people sharing NSFW pictures anywhere on here, and it can get you banned.

Or "How Starlight learned to love the changeling D"

That was fun, though! Those kinks had me immediately hooked. Well, not every single one explicitly, but enough of them to make me want to read this.
And boy, I was not disappointed.

Also, that description of how they brood looked like - that was actually pretty cute. I like how some traits transfer from the eggs' host.
Also also, Star had her own little hybrid... cute again!

I have to say, I was not really surprised by that last revelation with Trixie and Pharynx though. It was still fun though!

I am as well however my if I had to take a guess, we could assume it was Starlights heat talking, and not true love. And once Thorax banged her, she finally saw clearer and decided she liked Thorax more. The only thing this story does not explain is how Twilight and her friends are dealing with this, you don't see them coming to visit.

I hope their is a sequel to this that would have Twilight and her friends come visit Starlight, I would really like to see what they think of Starlights decision and if any of them was opposed to it, or excited for it.

So yeah, see you in a week, bye-bye now,

"Well, here's Starlight, Rapid. So I suppose I'll just leave you two alone to do whatever it is you want to do,"

"Depends on which one of my hearts you're talking about... Changelings have several," he told her with a small laugh

:rainbowlaugh: I have more than one heart too. Two to be precise.

"Depends on which one of my hearts you're talking about... Changelings have several," he told her with a small laugh and Starlight rolled her eyes, before then sliding her rear hooves under her rump and lifting her very puffy pussy into the pseudo-Trixie's face.

There face to face so how does that work? :rainbowhuh:

giving a small gasp as Thorax’s thin tip

You had a unnecessary period in there.

Starlight yelped, then the feeling of something going so deep into her was quite a weird sensation,

squirming tentacle meanwhile grinding along her pussy’s interior wall,

Edit 2/1/2018:

"Is that it? All your eggs are inside me now? You going to cum in me now... Aren't you?" Starlight told her Changeling lover,

"Wow, still a little dizzy after all that," Thorax replied, swaying a little as his wings fluttered and he lifted a hoof to his forehead, his afterglow still rolling strongly in him.

"Hey, Thorax?" Starlight asked, struggling to sit up or even move around with her distended belly. "Would you mind, you know, losing the Trixie look? I think we're done with it."

He has wings as Trixie? :rainbowhuh:

Any chance we could get an epilogue where Starlight lays the eggs, reaching complete bliss from orgasm after orgasm as she does? :heart:

Or a sequel where Starlight and Trixie lay together? :heart:


That was actually kinda cute. :twilightsmile:

She’d even had a small unicorn foal with her color of fur and everything, its eyes her shade of purple, and the only thing identifying it as a changeling hybrid being its horn being jagged and its accelerated gestation, seemingly being conceived from her own egg being fertilized by Thorax’s sperm. Her own little foal to love alongside the many hundreds of nymphs she’d birthed with her.

Maybe she should make that one a princess.

A great fic to read while I was cooped up in a car freezing my ass off in boredom- interesting concept that Thorax gets preggo with eggs and can lay them and fertilize them in somepony else. Love how Trixie gets some lovin’ at the end, too! :pinkiehappy:

Very nice! A little rushed near the end, but still. 8/10! Excellent fetish fuel.

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I loved this story now I want see more

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