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There are a lot of things this show has taught me. When I started watching, I never expected it to affect me as much as it has. But now that I'm here, I don't know what I'd do without you all!

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This is just amazing. I love how fluidly and sensually you pull off inflation, and your descriptions of large insertion are on par (if not even better) than those of Gold4Tune's "Twilight Summons up a Pounding". Needless to say, more would be amazing, but even if you don't continue this one in particular, don't stop with the cumflation (or large insertion (or clopfics as a whole))!

Oh hey, you finally released it!

6145030 With Aurora on the front! :pinkiehappy:

6145136 That's Aurora huh? And yay is released. Woop!

I'm really happy people like this story. It's the first story I've ever co-written, and I must say, it was a blast. :twilightsmile:

also, 6145177
She's my baby :heart:

6145215 Lol. And she's adorable

Was this built off a chatlog? It looks like a 2-person RP cleaned up for publishing.

Still good, mind you.

6145736 Well, it's that frame of mind yes, we did RP it. But it was never 'cleaned up'. We did it in G.docs and made it the way it is now.

The checkbox next to the chapter has already been checked, even though I just now clicked on the link to here from the new story thing in my feed. I swear I've read this before on this site. Did you republish it?

Because the cover art commission was taking a while, Vinyl made a blog linking to the story for people who wanted to read it early :twilightsmile:

6146450 Well, it looks good. More please? Second chapter?

6147679 oh yeah, I remember now. I thought it was something like that, just wasn't sure.

6149400 It took me reading that comment to look at your picture. "We have two common interests."

*Glances to the left*


I like this one, it has character to it


I'm not sure if I got the whole nymphomaniac thing though... If no-one ever even touched her "there" before, how would she know?

I would definitely like to see more of this and see exactly how far the relationship between Calcifer and Aurora goes.

Good but meh.

Most people think it is ONLY the sex, but actually, nymphomania is a diagnosis that can be based on several things, such as age under 30, personal or family history of mental illness, and most importantly in Aurora's case, stress and a recent traumatic life event.

6152211 Oh, that... explains a lot, actually.

Thanks for the clarification. :twilightsmile:

How is this not rated more highly? You should seriously consider writing a sequel where Celestia does get involved. Amazing job.

Two words


You make pretty decent stories man. Ever thought of making a long one? (Like 100k plus) :D

6227267 Have one. But it's not worth the trouble XD

6227428 Where in the blood-soaked Protestant hell did you find that picture?

It's wonderful.

6755051 Was commissioned. It's a picture of Aurora.

Hey is your OC a fire based Mage?
Also was he named after the fire demon?

Still one of my favorites for some reason :/

I still want to see a sequel of this one or New Guard involving our adorable little guard being in Luna's Service for a time though :(.

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