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dirty little secret

I tried so far… and got so hard… but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (Direct Support)


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My Inner demon screams yes... YES!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *crackle of thunder and evl maniacal laughter ensue*

Whelp, the pic was enough to draw me in. I love Dimwitdog's work.

I've seen everything of his/hers that is on e621. I'm not sure how often it updates, but still amazing work.

Can't wait until next chapter releases. Excuse me. *builds time machine*

This is an old one. If it isn't on there yet, it probably won't be. If you and 5914155 want to see it, though, you'll probably have to do a google reverse image search. I'm not sure the fimfic rules allow me to post nsfw images here.

When you get back from your time travels, send me the finished version! I'd love to be able to skip right along!



I can't wait to see how this goes. I love it already.

No its on there. I saw it a few months back. The latest one was put up two day ago or so (the one with Cadence and the Lunar guard with X-ray). I just don't know how far behind when Dimwit normally posts it that e621 gets it.

Congrats, from the lesson plan alone you have my tracking

Comment posted by Eternal Aviator deleted Apr 28th, 2015

well this was... interesting.

Plz do more.

Forget the incestuous implications, I want to be a changeling!

“Class, Buzzik here is going to demonstrate cunnilingus. On me. Immediately.”


*read first few lines...

“I am a pony mare. Seduce me.”

So much for being eaten.,, :rainbowlaugh:

I love it when people use cropped Rule 34 pics. lol

It wouldn't be at all sexy, but I feel it might be necessary: a chapter before the Final Project:
Lesson 7: Knowing when to say no.

You can ignore my advice -its your story, not mine, but I think it would be smart and realistic (Realism in a clopfic? I'm not making a good case for myself, am I?) For there to be at least one class on dodging sex for one reason or another.

Also, "Homework 7: Fetish Exploration" in the summery should be "Homework 6".

I should not be criticizing a story I haven't even started yet :P.

I want to be in that class... I want more of this story... I want a Chrysalis teacher!

*Reads description*

Whatever happened to A Mother's Love Never Dies, m80?

This is a really neat idea actually. I couldn't read all of it, and I didn't get aroused, (I'm asexual so it's pretty tough for me). But I'd like to try to read some more of it when I can, to see where this is going.

He's still got a chance to be eaten. I wonder if they taste like grasshoppers...

I hear roasted grasshoppers taste like peanuts, or is that crickets?:derpyderp2:

5916586 its crickets, had some for an English project in hs.

5915970 Why would changelings need to learn a thing like that? I mean thats like turning down a meal.

She's going to...eat him.
Is this going where I think it's going?

A little bit fast, but well done considering. Try to slow things down, give us more sensory details, etc. Etc.

I hope further lessons are in the changeling's natural forms. Hot changeling action is hard to come by. I'll be following this to see how you develop.

Cover image source, if you're interested: STAFF EDIT: NSFW Link removed

gap, though, there

One of these commas shouldn't be there.


Missing gap? Other than that... *rubs hands*


A little bit fast, but well done considering. Try to slow things down, give us more sensory details, etc. Etc.

Exactly this.



“As the male's seduction is simpler, so is his arousal.”

Fuck you Chrysalis... fuck you hard, for all the hours that are left in the class. Rut you like no tomorrow with no mercy. Fuck you really, and did I mention FUCK YOU? Okay!

Was I really about to lick my Queen's – my mother's – pussy?

Pretty disturbing headcanon to have for such a fic but... I can't say I haven't watched taboo porn.

“As if a Queen would thus disgrace herself. Idiot.”

Proceeds to grab her, force a nullity ring upon her, and rut her for a whole 24 hours ya bitch! Also smacks her bum, and uses her own whip against her.

“Do it right, or you'll be fellating every male student in this school! Twice!”

Mistress YES!!!

Can I be part of this class too?

Light green changeling cum sprayed into Zilly's mouth, splattering across her face and her chest

Green? GREEN? GREEEN? Isn't this the same like the goo? *blinks* New kinky headcanon:Changeling goo is their cum that they use as highly sexual species.

More evil maniacal laughter ensues.

Ok. I like this! I can't wait for more! Changling clop is some of my favorite!

And Twilight is the subject test for the lesson? :3

Kriga... That at all a reference to Dr. Krieger from Archer?

What did I read? o_O.

“Class, Buzzik here is going to demonstrate cunnilingus. On me. Immediately.”

Well, I don't know why but this sentence confused me o_O

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