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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (SubscribeStar)

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Damn, that was hot...

Scootaloo noticed a face in the window. It was Princess Twilight! Was she going to be lecturing here, too? But no, she was just there, watching. She was eagerly staring at ... Shining Armor's cock! Scootaloo's eyes went wide at the realization. Who would have thought Twilight Sparkle could be interested in that?

Also, that caught me completely off guard! :rainbowlaugh:

Can't have Shining visiting Ponyville without Twilight getting involved, now can we?

Jesus Christ, who made that cover art? It's awful.

This shows up in my feed, just after I finish reading a feels story that left me wanting to cry.

You have a perfect sense of timing, and I applaud you for it, I needed this. :yay:

:fluttercry: I made it.
What, did I get the scale wrong?

Perfect! ^.^


Well... yes. Cadance looks way too big in the picture. Also, the description states that these ponies are all of legal age and have cutie marks, yet of the fillies in the picture, only Twist and Diamond Tiara have theirs. Everyone else has a blank flank.

princess cadance is the best princess and i like the story so far keep up the good work:heart:

Ah, well, as for the size, I'll call that a difference of opinion. Cadance is much taller than a normal pony, and these foals are very small.
As for the cutie marks... well, that's just expediency. I don't have enough talent to add cutie marks to them all.

Wait. So she goes in to give the ponies a HANDS ON EXPERIENCE?!

Excuse me...:pinkiesick:

I just find it odd that a teacher would come into a class and offer HANDS ON EXPERIENCES for sex Ed. Isn't that technical rape?

This isn't the first such story, nor will it be the last.

I know. I'm not saying it's bad, or I hate it. I just find odd

Reading Sex Ed: Changeling Style is not required in order to enjoy this story, but if you like this one, you'll like that one.

Not necessarily. Not everyone likes to read about foals learning/practicing sex.

Heh, somebody is making the comments more colorful, I see.

Mine as well, mine as well. ^.^

There's never enough, is there?

True, as I've had a few people point out already.
Oh well, at least some do like it.

It hasn't put me off reading, but I'll also say that Cadance's size looks wrong in your image. The top of a filly's head comes up to a mare's neck or jaw (roughly), while an average mare tops out near the middle Cadance's head. When these comparisons are combined, a filly is around half the height of Cadance at worst, but you've put it closer to a third.
This problem is combined with the perspective of your image, which makes Cadance look like she's as tall as the entire room.

So, when the time cums, is there going to be a sex train with futaloo in the middle?

*unzips pants*
Welp, time for this again, gotta get more fetishes from somewhere right?

Curse you DLS for giving me new clop to read during times when others are awake!

Well. Yet another sexy story to read.

Here's a like and a fav. keep up the good work. :scootangel: :rainbowwild:

6725625 join the club....

6676194 while reading this chapter, i couldn't help but think of this.

Sweetie Belle make a lunge for Button Mash...
Scootaloo took Rumble...
Diamond Tiara snagged Featherweight

Too cliché, author. :facehoof:

Please tell me no foalporn, please? That would suck if there was.

I somehow believe cadence meant for something like this to happen:trollestia:

Comment posted by Nocturnal Derp deleted Dec 13th, 2015

I thought it pretty clear from the description that "foalporn" was going to happen.

Me when I first started chapter two: "Oh man, this is great! Very well-written, hilarious, surprisingly in-character..."

Me when Scootaloo's demonstration began: "Oh. More futa. Downvoted."

Oh,I really wish sex ed in my pony vile elementary was like that!

P.s I would volunteer,Id do anything to have sex with Cadance :(

Sweetie dosnt know that im the perfect stallion for her yet!

Aw, really? Futa Scoots nearly ruins it for me. Why is it so popular? I find it really gross.:ajsleepy:

So... what? Is this foalcon or not?

The description says the characters are of legal age, but it's in the foalcon group... and the comments seem to be saying this is foalcon, but that's not really a definitive answer.

Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with people who like foalcon, I'd just like to know for sure before going into this.

6726279 Futa scoots? Disappointing. I'm still going to read it later, but that is kind of sad.

i'd like to see either diamond and silver getting it on with some scissoring or silver spoon taking it in the butt by scootaloo


I'm honestly not much of a fan of Futaloo because it doesn't do it for me. However I'm hoping that future chapters provides some more cloppy Cadence goodness. :twilightsheepish:

Edit: Thanks for the bloody downvotes. Really appreciate it. You fucking people. :ajsleepy:

Edit 2: I meant to say Futaloo doesn't do it for me because I'm more of a futa fan of the mane six/princesses/background ponies/etc. CMC futa is a mixed bag for me to be honest and Futa!Scootaloo is kinda eh unless she's older. Sorry for my outbursts people. :twilightblush:

I wonder if well get to see futaloo with pipsqueak

If there will be no any Button x Bloom and Rumble x Sweetie moments, then I will downvote this story.

I think it is implying that legal age comes with acquiring Cutie Marks.

what the fuck. it says they are matured aged but that cover art sure looks ilek they are still way too young.

Why on earth is this looking like foalcon.. ewwwww.

Apparently, legal consenting age equates to "do you have your cutie mark". Not the best since some get their marks faster or slower than others, but at least it is much harder to fake than an age.

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