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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (Patreon)

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Oh wow... I knew this one would be a bit controversial... but I've never gotten such a bad like/dislike ratio on a clopfic before. (And without a single comment saying why! :raritydespair: Though I'm pretty sure I already know why.)

Are there going to be more chapters? I will give it an up vote because it is pretty well written.

Well even though this fic is a completely fantasy maledom power trip fic. It's still an enjoyable read, though I wouldn't expect any deep plot points or story line out of this. Anyways, like and favorite.

Yeah don't let it get you down.
Although you are right this is a bit more on the controversial side, but I'm sure it will be enjoyable nevertheless. I look foreword to reading it later.


Ya, the subject matter makes this one kind of down vote bait, kind of like "Fall of Equestria". But I loved this one!

I noticed scoots was tagged but didn't show, so I am guessing she is going to be the filly. Future chapters coming?

Yep, two more chapters incoming.
One of them is longer than the first two combined.

I hope I put a little bit of emotional touch into it.

Thanks for that! ^.^

Yep, Scoots will be in both of the next two chapters.

Well, there's a couple I gave a new fetish to, at least.

Only 4 measly chapter for a story like this?

Well, the next chapter is over 10,000 words. I'd hardly call that 'measly'.

Heh, thanks. ^.^ I think most of the downvoters haven't read it.

What about the princesses? Do they have their own stallion masters?


incest, foalcon, master/subordinate sexual relationships

These will bring the hordes of white knights.

I think I can see why it's not quite as popular as some of your others.

The concept is fairly interesting, and its execution is surprisingly tasteful for what it is, but Dash feels completely out of character the whole time. It's like you could replace her with some random OC and nothing would change, which honestly is putting me off a little. Not because of the sex-crazed bit, though, but rather what she says and how she acts during it. Like I'm reading about a sex-crazed generic porno mare rather than a sex-crazed Rainbow Dash, if that makes sense.

Also, why is Rainbow her own father's mare? It doesn't mesh well with everything else we've been told about the process. If colts are assigned fillies just after they get their cutie marks, how could Rainbow Dad get assigned his own daughter? Not to mention how colossally dumb it is due to the extreme inbreeding factor present in that pairing.

6531895 To be honest, I was a bit nervous starting it, because it sounded like hardcore pet-slave play, but the mares seem like they enjoy themselves, as well as being very sexy. Anatomically correct is just amazing. I just pretend mares are not owned, and all my worries go away.

Hoo boy, that was good! I'm following this for sure! Could there be a chapter from a mares POV?

6532174 Oh, no, I've read stories like this before on several occasions. I just find this one particularly interesting.

This fic needs 30 chapters showing every single character of the show.


So this is like Fall of Equestria, except no caribous and stallions treat their mare's with love and kindness?




I'm... not really sure.
Cadance has a special place and a special role... I'm not sure about the other princesses.

Eh, bring 'em on. This is a commission, and it's fictional. If stuff like this was going on in real life, I'd be protesting it right alongside them. But what's the harm in having a fictionalized version if that's what gets a certain person's rocks off?

Eh, at least the like/dislike isn't 50/50 anymore. Getting off the front page keeps it safe from a lot of the drive-by downvoters.

Hm... now that's a valid criticism. You're probably right. I was so concerned about building the setting and the situation and all, I sort of forgot to pay much attention to character.

Even the owned part isn't bad when you consider that's just how the society works and they all enjoy their place in it.

Ask and ye shall receive! Here's your chapter from a mare's POV!

I'll leave that for others to write. ~30k words is enough for me.

Um, I guess... though I've never read Fall of Equestria.

Awesomesauce. I especially like how Zipporwhill fell asleep on his sheath, just in case of a wet dream or something.

It gives Scoots the opportunity for penile prankstering.

Yeah, these kinds of situations are fun to work with.

Wow yesterday this had very few likes yesterday and boom. Thgis really flew under the radar at first. That or you added the first couple chapters last month and only now published it.

Anyway this version of Equestria get's stranger and stranger. I kinda imagine this is what our world would be like if men really had the sex drive that we're stereotyped to have.


Thgis really flew under the radar at first. That or you added the first couple chapters last month and only now published it.

That second one. I've been uploading chapters as they were finished, and only published it publicly yesterday.
The few early likes you see are from my Patreon supporters, who get to see it early.

I don't get it, whats the appeal that draws people to like this kind of story?

Nothing against the author, its a commission, but I guess I expected it to be disliked more given the whole, ownership of people thing.

I guess they just put the whole, treating people like pets thing to the side and enjoy whatever it is that's enjoyable about it?

I'm so confused.

:pinkiesick: I'm sure this is very well written and I'm sure a lot of people disagree with me when I say this but...
The idea of women being treated as pets deliberately and knowingly says "Fuck you" to equal rights, the fact there's foalcon and incest makes me feel sick and the fact that someone is paying for this... THING to happen makes me weep as an author.
I don't blame you dirty little secret. You have a duty to provide your supporters with what they ask.

But this on the front page for fucks sake! Sure that's the hallmark of a good story, but I don't want to open FiMFiction and see THIS on the front page!

:unsuresweetie: I have my reasons for keeping the Mature filter off. I know I run the risk of running into shit I don't agree with. I'd like to appeal to common sense here if I may:

This is a My Little Pony Fanfic, where the women are slaves, there's technical paedophilla and also incest.
You are masturbating to this.
I'm not calling anyone out for clopping, I clop myself.
But I have limits on what I find morally acceptable. This went over the line, caught a taxi to an airport, crashed the plane and drowned in the deepest darkest part of the ocean.

:fluttercry:I'd like to reiterate that I respect you as an author dirty little secret and I hope people understand that there's some people out there that would find this far more offensive than I would.

Are you serious right now?

And then all the single, sex-deprived men on this site wonder why there aren't more women in the fandom. Keep clopping.

6535119 I don't often see people wondering why more females aren't in this fandom. It's wish fulfillment, pure and simple. You can go back to your dank, musty corner of unwelcome feminism now.

Oh, and I dug this fic, largely because it was a break from the norm. I'm not surprised people around here are butt-hurt; it doesn't involve futa or My Little Dashie, after all.

Keep up the good work.


I don't often see people wondering why more females aren't in this fandom

It happens. I could actually count off the number of guys who've made little advances toward me on this site (not necessarily creepy, but still something).

It's wish fulfillment, pure and simple. You can go back to your dank, musty corner of unwelcome feminism now.

I'd like you to read the story description again. Good?
Okay, now tell me again how I'm an unwelcome feminist because I find it disgusting. Just because it's wish fulfillment doesn't make me dislike it any less. Heck, that just makes me wanna stay away from whoever's wish this is.
*For the record, I don't care much for modern feminism. I'm just a girl who finds the premise of this story degradable for obvious reasons.

6535172 You are, of course, welcome to your opinion. It's one that seems to be shared in this comment section, in fact. But still I must pose a question: Why is it that a fic wherein males are treated as superior and in-charge is bad but the reverse is A-OK? Why is it that the top 10 is consistently dominated with futa clop and displaced fics and when someone out of the ordinary comes along, everyone acts like some horrible sacrilege has been committed? My personal views don't align with this story but I can still enjoy it without losing my mind over the premise, and I can definitely appreciate it for going against the grain.

Extra! Extra! Male dominated fandom produces content that caters to male power fantasies! Read all about it!

>A story about someone's OC fucking a waifu-ized Rainbow Dash
>A break from the norm

That's quite the contradiction there.

6535207 If you want to make sweeping generalizations, I could say "fics about ponies doing things? What are the chances?!"


Why is it that a fic wherein males are treated as superior and in-charge is bad but the reverse is A-OK?

It isn't, nor did I say it is. :unsuresweetie: I would find it just as cringeworthy, maybe more so in fact. If it seems that way, then maybe you've been looking at some of the radical feminists? I'd just ignore them. That's what I do.

Why is it that the top 10 is consistently dominated with futa clop and displaced fics and when someone out of the ordinary comes along, everyone acts like some horrible sacrilege has been committed?

I honestly don't see where you're getting this from. :rainbowhuh: I've never seen that happen to new stories. In the case of this story, the hate is for obvious reasons.

6535191 Yup, that's what happens.

So, you're complaining about me making a sweeping generalization in response to your sweeping generalization?

6535216 Yup. I knew you'd get it. *patpat*

6535214 I guess we're back to square one, then. We have different opinions and perhaps my initial response to you was rude, but I'm maintaining my position that this fic is fun and entertaining and I hope the author continues it despite all the negativity.

6535231 Well okay then. I admit my first post was made in the heat of the moment. I've cooled off by now.
Have a good day.


Why is it that the top 10 is consistently dominated with futa clop and displaced fics and when someone out of the ordinary comes along, everyone acts like some horrible sacrilege has been committed?

1: You don't really understand how the top ten works. The top seven for the highest trending new stories and the other three are for stories that got heat from updating.

2: Displaced is a circle jerk group that sometimes gets into the box. Certainly doesn't "dominate" it.

3: Where the fuck are you seeing all these futa stories that dominate the box? You seem to be really fixated on that subject. Did you have a traumatic incident with a futa? As a side note, none of top highest rated clopfics are futa, and you only see one popping into the box every great once in awhile. I don't get where the butthurt is coming from, besides your weird fixation.

6535245 Again, I don't see why it being blatantly anything is an issue. If it's offensive to you... don't read it? I mean, it wasn't like dirty little secret was subtle about what it entailed. I feel like I see this a lot with the anti-SJW crowd and it's a point worth stressing: If something isn't your cup of tea, don't read it, watch it, buy it, support it, etc. Complaining because it offends your delicate sensibilities is asinine, and God forbid that complaining happen enough to get that thing removed... well you've just ruined it for the rest of us.


Don't like; don't read is a silly argument. How will someone know they don't like it unless they read it?

Except with this story it seems that the main objection to it is that it's another clopfic featuring sex-crazed mares and soggy knees. It could be the single best sex-crazed soggy knee clopfic ever written, but someone who objects to the fundemental concept of a sex-crazed soggy knee clopfic is highly unlikely to be won over by that.

So that means you'd have a bunch of people going 'hmm, this says its a clopfic about sex-crazed mares and soggy knees (which I highly dislike), but let's read it anyway because how am I supposed to know whether or not it's good?' and then promptly discovering that yes, the label proclaiming it as a soggy knee clopfic was in fact true and as such they should complain about it because they don't like soggy knee clopfics.

One quick scan of the description and I knew I was heading into a romp in the comments section.

To the enraged dislikers who think this fetish is anti-feminist - We know this is disgusting and degrading. That's the whole point. It's because it's so taboo and obviously bad that people (male AND female) fetishise it.

I should add that the fact that this story featured a female point of veiw is more than most stories like this do. It allows women who have this particular fetish to enjoy the story, instead of just getting by with all the goddamn male POV stories.

I see where you're coming from though, my knee jerk reaction to realising that I liked this was that I must be an awful person. I tried to get into the vanilla stuff but it wasn't the same. As soon as I realised that it's about engaging in a fantasy in which the sub has no power when in fact they have all the power to end the fantasy with one word, I realised that I was OK. I wasn't deviant or perverted, or any of the many things I called myself to try and shame myself into changing. I was just different.

If you don't have this fetish I can understand that it can be hard to picture a normal man or woman who likes this, but please know that most people who do like this would be horrified if someone suggested taking it from fantasy to reality.

As a fan, as a well adjusted adult, but most importantly, as a Bronie I hope we can all coexist with eachothers differences.


I don't even get why there are people arguing about this story anyway. It's not even good at all; I may disagree with some of what Kamikakushi and other have said here, however on the part of the plot Kamikakushi is right, it's really generic and cookie cutter (which I don't blame the writer for, as it is a commission/patron thing) . Really you can actually make this idea interesting, but almost all of this stuff (with like one or two exceptions) is so boring and generic and just pulls from hentai tropes way to much.

Honestly, my complaint isn't really about the fetish. I actually like D/s stuff in general. I just generally dislike when a story doesn't even make the attempt to be anything other than blatant porn. It's more than possible to build a decent story around sex scenes. And when it completely throws out the character's personality to fit a fetish. Like, what's even the point of using Rainbow Dash if she doesn't act anywhere close to how Rainbow Dash does? Then again those are common traits of commissioned porn.

6535480 I was trying to focus on quelling some of the people who were disliking it because they don't like the whole owning people thing. I just didn't want to single out any individual.

If you want to talk about the plot, that's fine, you make some good points that made me reconsider how it could be improved. that's what the comments section should be for after all.

I always hear Blaze's voice in my head as a golf announcer as he's explaining things. :rainbowlaugh:

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