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>Polymath-in-training, in US Army, enthusiast of adorable, certified meme and edgelord.

Stuff I want to say right now and other stuff... READ... if you dare...( old shit)

(please disregard this, it smells of piss-n'-cringe, its old shit I wrote a long time ago and refuse to destroy because everything must be documented even if poorly documented)

I suppose I could be classifies as a lurker, I go around Fimfic, look at stories i like whenever I have the time.( Now I have MOAR accessibility to mah horsewords... laptops are a blessing) But I don't upload stories( well as of yet:pinkiecrazy:)
so yesssss, lurker seems to suit me perfectly fine.
(Why the heeeelll am I writing this? I wonder I question, as to why I write this.
I see other people writing cool things in their bios n' sh*t, perhaps, subconciously (not subconcious anymore:rainbowwild:) my seemingly destined- to-be-polymath-brain
(did I mention I think Da-Vinci is a total badass?) (why did I say that, am I boasting ? I don't want to come off as arrogant, I don't want that to happen, I'm sorry, but I know, I know that I'm destined for greatness, for a level of badassery unfortold, other people walked the trail I desire to undertake, other PEOPLE, humans other fellow humans, thus insinuating the humanistic philosophy that all humans are capable of being badasses, its just that todays Industrial-Revolution molded society kinda sorta screws over a lota people...

Ah, but I digress...(that make me sound like a total badass don't it?:rainbowwild::pinkiecrazy:) (everything feels soo much more... clear... now that I'm finally putting stuff down on paper digital medium...)Wubs

Anyhow what was I blathering on about?..(Is it fair that I be negative to mahself?)...
Oh yeesh, I wanna write horsewords... I wanna write beastly pony-fic. Eventually I'm going to upload somthin... I finally killed the demon of self-doubt and envy, well I killed em enough so that I don't fear writing fanfiction/ stuff in general...

Time constraint: Two weeks...

I'm not alone in my madness, yes it may be unique of a madness, but I know that there are people out there that think on the same chaotic yet unified method of thinking that I think on...

Obviously nobody thinks the same, unless you're a doppleganger/ soul molded clone/ brain scanned clone/ whatever (If you are, that's awsome, go find your parent and do somthin cool or somthin... perhaps it could involve explosions...:rainbowkiss:)
Back to the other thing... ummmm. I forgot.

Point is... I'm not alone...



oo hihi · 7:37pm Jul 28th, 2021

And we're back.


anyhow, I plan to get back into reading and actually use this page for stuff, I figure I can use FimFiction as a stable (heh) journal and base of operations. Let it be known how things are going n stuff.

Anyhow, life n stuff
the tl;dr is the following: (sorry if it reads like a resume lol)

I've been in the army (us) since August 2016, been a cav scout since 2017, and I'm currently trying to reclass to the cyber branch.

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"Interesting" is one way of putting it. "Eccentric" is another. "That boy aint right" is my personal favorite, however.


Thanks and your welcome.:twilightsmile:

You seem like an interesting person, thus I shall watch you.

Very, closely.:pinkiecrazy:

Thanks for the watch! One good turn deserves another, so have one right back.

Thanks for the watch, mate! :pinkiehappy:

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