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    Princess Celestia is Ember's favorite client. But when Celestia invites Ember out for tea to talk about something important, she brings up the topic of dating, and Ember can't help but fear that Celestia will stop seeing her.
    SPark · 9.8k words  ·  308  9 · 2.9k views
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Oh joyous days, it's here!

It is improved with a little Frank Sinatra.:ajsmug:

What about a pony who is a foal fiddler(pedophile)? I once read an article on the net about a guy who was what is called an. "Ego-dystonic pedophile." It means he knows it's wrong and doesn't want to feel the way he does, and fights his nature. Can you imagine how horrible that must be? Constantly having your body telling you you want something, but knowing its sick and wrong? That the only way you could fulfill your most ingrained desire would be to harm an innocent child?

I would recommend this be one of the non-clop chapters, for, uh... obvious reasons.

4391668 Hmmm. That would be a very interesting issue to address. Also a pretty controversial one with a lot of folks, that would have to be handled even more carefully than most of what I plan on having here. But it's not an idea I'm throwing out...

I have a few ideas. You can PM me if you want to hear them.

Oh, and damn this is good, by the way. :ajsmug:

I knew I learn a thing or two, but I never expected to be taking notes on this.
Alright SPark, I've got a new pen and some paper. Keep it up and never regret anything.:moustache:

I've got an idea that Blueblood would be a repeat customer of hers, as he is trying to cope with all the perceived notions of a noble comes with and is struggling to figure out how to really act and who he really is?

4391999 I've had a couple of ideas about Blueblood, but they have more to do with his learning how to tread a lady than with his identity struggles.

before or after invasion?


So come take a drink and drown your sorrows,
And all of our fears will be gone till tomorrow.
We'll have no regrets and live for the day,
In Nancy's Harbour Café.

its somehow always comes to my mind when i read this.

4392010 Ah, oh well. It was just a thought, and this just came to me but maybe a future season is having her turn into Rarity and trying to come to terms how he feels for her, why, and what he should do?

4392022 If you mean "Is this story set before or after the Canterlot Wedding episode" it's set well after it.

4392037 I see what you're getting at, but that's more a relationship issue, not really a sexual issue. My goal with these stories isn't to talk about how to have a romance. (Because really, going to a shape-shifter to imitate the person you love isn't a terribly viable real world strategy!) If I were to do a story about Blueblood coming to terms with Rarity, it wouldn't be a part of this series at all.

It might be a *little* safer if the client's into teens, rather than full on foals. Just a thought.

As for other ideas, I'm sure that orientation/gender ID have come to mind. Maybe some issues that get deeper into the past issues of clients? A pony with rape fantasies, possibly. Or who was victimized in the past and who wants help getting through the fears of intimacy (or desire for some type of revenge)?

Some pony with very taboo interests who's ashamed to admit he/she has them could be an interesting study too. :eeyup::ajsleepy:

4392344 The next posted chapter will touch on somebody with some fetishistic fantasies and dealing with admitting and accepting them. :twilightsmile: I also have one in progress about orientation, and I plan on doing one dealing with dysphoria and gender identity.

As far as teens vs. foals, I'm still turning the whole concept over in my mind. We'll see where it goes. It might be safer on the one hand to talk about teens rather than actual children, but on the other, foal stories are a thing I see a lot on this site, and addressing that attraction directly has some possible merit.

An aged up Spike? Dunno, his problem could be that he is scared to get intimate with a pony because he may hurt them with, say, claws and flame breathe. This is holding him back from a relationship, not rarity please.

4392655 Hmmm. That's a thought. Although now I wonder if it has any relation to real life issues. Are there people out there who worry about hurting their partners? Is that a thing in the real world at all? *curious* :twistnerd:

Why Spike? Any other (OC?) dragon might work too. Thus we won't have to have a set timeline within universe, thus capable of looking at any character.

When partners have big mass / muscle power difference, that concern raises. :eeyup:
Think about bodybuilder and a fragile woman or reversed. There is even anecdote/story about it. Not sure if it would be against rules to post it here. :rainbowhuh:

4392671 could be people who have BDSM but are too afraid of hurting their parents by accident

4392708 Far as I know, mature content is fine in the comments of mature stories. :twilightsmile: (And this sort of thing is why I'm very open to suggestions for ideas. I don't always know what problems other people may have to deal with.)

4392708 dunno, just find Spike my favorite character. Reading about him with these issues gives me more insight into his depths which carries on to other stories.

Very enjoyable, and a good start. Liked and faved.

However, one quibble: the issue of Dream Star having his ultimate fantasy fulfilled - that of his first time being with Princess Luna - is raised but not addressed. Perhaps that could be explored in another chapter; a pony who comes to Ember to be with their ultimate fantasy pony, only to experience intimidation and performance anxiety issues despite Ember's best efforts?

4392820 Hrm. My problem with that idea as stated is that it doesn't offer any resolution. (Or at least I can't think of a good one.) The character has a fantasy, Ember attempts to fulfill it, the character has anxiety and doesn't enjoy it... and then what? While these are meant to be grounded in real life, they are also stories, and each arc needs to have some kind of resolution, conclusion, lesson learned, etc. If Ember talks this character through it to enjoyment despite their anxiety, it would be pretty much a repeat of the chapter I just wrote, only with Ember taking somepony's form while doing so. What would be a unique resolution to such a problem?

Au contraire! I feel that Ember has the perfect method for dealing with such an issue.

While the pony in question might feel unable to perform with their fantasy figure, they are able to with Ember as a generic pony. Then, mid-act, Ember flashes over to the fantasy figure, then back to the generic figure. The process is repeated a number of times, in a number of different actions (i.e. kissing, touching, right up to full-on coitus), with each stay in the fantasy figure form lasting a little longer each time. Ember is able to sense exactly how comfortable or uncomfortable the pony is with each transition, and is able to time and adjust accordingly, as well as knowing exactly when to push at the edges of their anxiety.

The key point to drive across is that regardless of which form Ember is in, fantasy or generic, the pony underneath is responding to their ministrations in an identical fashion; that the fantasy figure is still ultimately a living being and not an ideal to place upon an unreachable pedestal or to be intimidated by. Thus Ember resolves their problem by doing, in increasingly larger doses, rather than just talking them through it.

At least, that's how I would handle it.

4393098 Ah! Now that is an interesting idea. I'll have to think on it some more. I think the only real quibble I still have with it is that the solution to the problem doesn't have any connection whatsoever to the real world. These aren't meant to be manuals or real therapy or anything, but they are meant to connect with readers who share similar problems, and going "Yes, this pony shares your problem, but the solution to that problem is something utterly impossible for you to ever attempt" might go against my desired purpose of making my readers feel more positive about any issues they may have.

Very well written, this takes a viewpoint that you don't too often see. While a changeling brothel is certainly not new, one in which the changeling acts as a sex therapist absolutely is. You take a serious view of the problems, neither dismissing them nor blowing them out of proportion, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of these.
It has also now been added to the High Quality Mature Fiction Group congratulations.:twilightsmile:

4393129 Oh wow, that is awesome! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

If you're looking for the "real world" connection, the best I can offer is: "Hey, you know that person who you have that major crush on? The one who you think is totally out of your league? Guess what; underneath they're a person not all that different from anyone else. Try approaching them as a real person, instead of treating them like some high-octane fantasy fuel, and you never know what just might happen. :raritywink: "

4393176 :twilightsmile::twilightsmile: Yeah, that's a pretty good "friendship with benefits lesson".

(P.S. If you just want to see Ember-as-Luna turn up in one of these, I'm working on one down the line. I figure alicorns are going to be a pretty common fantasy for ponies.)

I'm not particularly after Ember-as-Luna (not that I wouldn't mind...), but she was the one who came up as Dream Star's fantasy figure. I figure that Celestia would come across as the most 'unattainable' figure in pony fantasies. But, yeah, all of the alicorn princesses are going feature commonly on the wish-fulfilment list (because let's face it; they're all pretty sexy).

It's not really a "sex problem", but one of the requests I would expect Ember to encounter is a Royal Guard who discovered during the Canterlot Wedding Invasion that they had a fetish for being captured, dominated and fed-on by evil changeling queens... I'm not really sure how you would turn that into a chapter for this story, though.

4393242 Oh man. I don't think I could do a chapter on it, but I am totally working that into the story somewhere, somehow.

Everything is improved with a bit of Frank. :pinkiehappy:

Of course, that presents an opportunity for the reverse - namely, that the alicorns are having the issue of having desires they cannot meet because they feel 'unattainable' and do not know how to reconcile their mental image of who they -should- be with who they wish to be, or what they wish to indulge in, or so forth.

It's a common theme for Celestia, that in striving to be the paragon of divinity, she has found herself unable to connect on that intimate level and yearns for it yet does not know how to get there.

The Ember-as-Twilight chapter just writes itself from there. :rainbowlaugh:

4394680 Ha ha ha. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: I've actually got a more straightforward Celestia/Twilight story I'll be publishing soon.


Turning it to a Twilestia angle just makes it odd! Not that I don't -like- Twilestia, but the point of this story is Sex Therapy, and honestly that'd be an interesting angle to read about

4395605 Yeah, I've added it to my idea list. (And as an Ember's story it wouldn't involve Twilight, I don't think.)


No I agree as an Ember it shouldn't involve Twilight. Clumsy wording on my part, I meant to say 'Celestia having an intimacy issue would be interesting to read about, turning it into Twilestia would detract from that'

I wasn't saying it should be Twilestia, just noting that if there's a Celestia romance, it's pretty much either Princest or Twilestia. The reason for that being what you said before,

It's a common theme for Celestia, that in striving to be the paragon of divinity, she has found herself unable to connect on that intimate level and yearns for it yet does not know how to get there.

The only 2 we've seen her be close with in any fashion are Luna and Twilight, so the options for her, if you want the relationship to be believable, aren't very deep.


the options for her, if you want the relationship to be believable, aren't very deep.

Eh... I'd say that a lot of writers seem to think that, or lazily don't bother to explore other options, but I've seen some very good stories that pair Celestia with other ponies. Let the Silence Sing, for example, which puts her with Big Mac.

Everypony gets shipped with Big Mac.:rainbowlaugh:

Joking aside, you're right, it's certainly not impossible to build a relationship in a Celestia story, but for the lazy (read as majority) that don't want to take the time to build it up themselves, there's really only the 2 options.

I do agree that Twilestia wouldn't work as an Ember story, I'm not certain how my obvious joke got taken as a suggestion:twilightoops:, but oh well <shrug>. Seeing Celestia come to Ember's still might be very interesting depending on how it was done.

4395891 Well, as I said, it's in the idea file. A lot of things are in the idea file, but I'll hopefully get to it eventually. :twilightsmile:

With stuff like love poison and mind control spells around you could try dealing with a traumatized pony who wonders if their desires are real or just imposed by someone else. Though why such a pony would see a changeling (known masters of emotional manipulation magic) therapist could be story in an of itself.

4396391 That's an interesting suggestion. Though since I'd like my readers to relate to these stories, I wonder if that's something that people actually feel? I do know that people have doubts about their desires, but we don't have actual love potions/poisons. :twilightsmile:

How is this song so perfect for this story?

4396410 Something that relates to our world...

How about Asexuality? While the concept of being attracted to your own gender is gaining ground not being attracted to anyone at all is still something many people can't get their heads around. Often when an asexual talks to people they get response's like "oh, you just haven't found the right person yet," or "your first time probably just wasn't with someone very good," or the ever tactful "do you think it was caused by an illness or brain injury?"

For someone just coming to terms with it its easy to think there really is something wrong with themselves. Being directed to the "Best Courtesan in Equestria who can Fulfill Any Fantasy," by a "helpful friend," is something that can plausibly happen. Thankfully Ember can indeed help, just not in the way the "friend," expected.

4397421 That is definitely one I should add to the idea file. :twilightsmile:

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