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I am never serious.


If there's one thing that needs to be a more popular kink... · 5:12am Last Friday

It's whatever involves a ridiculous amount of individuals having sex. Labeling it as something as simple as an "orgy" doesn't really get the point across as an orgy story can be as small as 3-4 partners. I mean, you guys have seen it in quite a few of my stories. Why have Twilight and Flash just have sex when all of CHS can be having sex at the same time? What's more sexier than taking a mare as your sex slave? Taking all of Ponyville's mares at the same time! Direct attention can still stay

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I enjoy writing stories that appeal to my own interests while I find myself in the mood to write them. For this reason, I don't really take commissions. Sorry.

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I don't sleep. Much easier to get twice the amount of work done.

Have you gotten any sleep?

Come on when is the next part

When is the next part of TCD

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