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New Smut Story is out! But not MLP related! · 6:29am Nov 13th, 2022

In honor of Nonstop Nutting November, and for the first time ever, I've recently gained a bit of inspiration to branch out a little and write some porn of another fandom I follow, that being RWBY. Fell in love with the action Monty Oum animated and still follow the show, seeming to be one of the few people who really got what they should look like. But before I was even into the show, I was amazed at the porn potential RWBY seems to have established, really more than any other anime I've

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I enjoy writing stories that appeal to my own interests while I find myself in the mood to write them. For this reason, I don't really take commissions. Sorry.

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https://www.fimfiction.net/story/368486/23/total-changeling-domination/around-equestria Did a bunch of chapters here just disappear? The linked chapter is the newest one I can find.

Excuse me, but can I borrow the plot of your story "Twilight's Nude Party Experience"? I'm wanting to make a Family Guy fic version of that story, but with Meg Griffin.

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