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Story on its way · 7:24pm June 8th

Just wanted to throw a quick blog out since it's been a while. I'm currently working on a lengthy, plot-driven clopfic. But I am trying something new where I actually write out multiple chapters at once before publishing them. The reason being is this story has already gone through multiple rewrites where inspiration struck, then died down after a single chapter or two, which would have been a disaster if I actually published them.

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I enjoy writing stories that appeal to my own interests while I find myself in the mood to write them. For this reason, I don't really take commissions. Sorry.

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https://www.fimfiction.net/story/368486/23/total-changeling-domination/around-equestria Did a bunch of chapters here just disappear? The linked chapter is the newest one I can find.

Excuse me, but can I borrow the plot of your story "Twilight's Nude Party Experience"? I'm wanting to make a Family Guy fic version of that story, but with Meg Griffin.

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