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I am never serious.


Probably My Most Offensive Seeming Clopfic Idea Yet · 11:37pm April 21st

As some of you may have guessed from my 'particular' choice of clopfic kinks, I am not a girl. But I do know what girls were taking to the street to protest as of late. At least before all of this corona stuff. The #MeToo has had women speaking out everywhere about their past sexual assaults, and harassment. Which is good. No one likes to see assholes like Harvey Weinstein get their way. I think we can all be glad he's locked up.

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I enjoy writing stories that appeal to my own interests while I find myself in the mood to write them. For this reason, I don't really take commissions. Sorry.

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Yo Very Sleepy now I'm curious when is the next chapter for Fluttershy's Pet Play Life gonna come out and also i noticed there was an unfinished fic called The CMNF Beach Trip Mystery, if you have the time could you finish that fic, i really want to know who it was that stole the girls swimwear.
Also is Evil in Fluttershy's Pet Play Life have hair that looks like DJ-Pon3's only black with red strips and her skin is a skyish blue color, because i don't think i ever heard you say anything of what she looked like so I'm just throwing in some ideas, send me a notification to let me know what you think:raritywink:.

I've only really skimmed through parts of the "Changeling Invasion" fics, but from what I did read, the first one is essentially a "Bad Ending fic that's also kind of a good ending because the characters involved ultimately end up happy with their situation."

Is that about accurate?

I don't sleep. Much easier to get twice the amount of work done.

Have you gotten any sleep?

Come on when is the next part

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