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In the days proceeding their Canterlot Wedding, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance have been missing from the public scene. The royal couple being otherwise occupied on their romantic honeymoon in a secluded location. No guards, no servants, just the two of them.

The morning after a particular eventful night, Shining Armor's new wife decides to divulge a particular piece of information about herself to him.

Shining Armor is not going to like it...

Cover art by: Johnjoseco
Proofread by: The Great Derpsby

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Good to see this style of humor break through the repetition of Mary sues filled melodrama fics

Well that was different. You get a upvote sir!

this made me laugh good job sir :moustache:

Why did this happen every time she tried it!


Yet, her grin seemed... off somehow. Shining Armor couldn’t put a finger on it. Mostly because he didn’t even notice.

Partly because he had hooves. :raritywink:

Lovely subversion of the subgenre. Thanks for the laugh.

That was goofy. Which isn't a bad thing. :rainbowlaugh:

I nearly broke out laughing in public reading this. Brilliant. 👍

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