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Holy shit that was awesome, thank you for this story!

and also


Yes, just brilliant. Please If this manages to pick up enough love, consider a sequel or just a continuation. ^^ :twilightsmile:

That was great! Loved Fluttershy's reaction at the end...Although I probably shouldn't have read this in class...:)

And so you know, I've added this to two groups I'm a part of. This deserves loads of love!

will read this later also that artist holy shit lol so good

Please add a 'Sex' tag so people don't get surprised by accident :)

KMCA #7 · Feb 3rd, 2015 · · ·

5583402 A story with a title like that, by A.P. yeaaaaah, I'm going to be worried if they can't piece it together without it being spelled out.

Triv_ #9 · Feb 3rd, 2015 · · ·

His biggest mistake?
His choice of body-wash.

:rainbowlaugh: Oh I can tell this is gonna be good.

Bat pun! Hah!

If I could write clop like you I would never be horny again.

5583328 yeah, we had the Boss Key at hand as soon as I realized how this was going to end up. Life on the edge!

Awww yeah.
This was fun to watch/edit/brainstorm. :yay:
Also, hawT.


I tried reading this objectively so I could leave a better review. Eventually I just gave up and fapped. Fantastic.

I think you forgot to put on the sex tag. For everyone's best interest, please do.

well this had got to be the best choice of fic I had read or the worst:applejackunsure:.......Na it's the best, nice work!:heart:

Commence read.

With a pun to end. Alright.

You Mr. are lucky that I was learning about this in biology, so I wasn't so taken aback by the the very detail stuff. Anyway awesome writing. And sorry for not finishing the piece of artwork I'm "working on". I haven't got the chance to go around to finish that yet, but I'm defiantly going to finish it when I come around to do it. :twilightblush:

Cerulean did a bang up job with editing this, a clever use of the pun and nice hot action! :heart:

Dat bat pun. You magnificent bastard.

what happened at class?

i tried using body wash like that once.

I had a friction burn for a good week.

~Skeeter The Lurker

“Wear it again… I’m batty for it.”

You magnificent bastard.

How can a bat pony's wings be preened?

I need an adult. :twilightoops:

5584034 Jesus christ SORRY!

I don't know how the guy who put it up on the site missed that, and I don't know why I missed that, too. Uuuuugh!!

I was incredibly tired and feeling pretty terribad yesterday, but that's really no excuse. I apologize, and I fixed the tag!

See 5583453
Looks to have been rectified anyway, so no dramas. But the point still kinda stands.

5584583 Preen:

3) to dress (oneself) carefully or smartly; primp

4) to make oneself appear striking or smart in dress or appearance

5) to be exultant or proud

While the primary definition does state

1) (of animals, especially birds) to trim or dress (feathers, fur, etc.) with the beak or tongue

A.P. is using the secondary definitions in this case. I asked the same question myself :twilightsmile:

Throws pun rock at the author

5584663 I had no idea how, or when to end the story. So I just decided to go with the pun sledgehammer!

This should probably have a 'Sex' tag.
And by 'probably,' I mean 'definitely.'

5584677 Already been added :facehoof: I don't know how I missed it the first time.

5584680 Heh, we all make mistakes sometimes. (Case in point, me not refereshing the page before posting the previous comment) It's not like it's the first time something like this has happened, anyway.

5584697 I'm just surprised the approval-mod missed it! And I couldn't fix it earlier because they basically passed it through the approval system right after I went to sleep :facehoof:

For some nice, matching NSFW artwork you can google "kevinsano No, Flutterbat, that’s a red pony, not an apple"

Btw, good story m8. I did notice one thing though: In the scene in which Sable mounts Flutterbat, almost every single sentence contains at least one adverb. Didn't notice it at first, but when I did, the only thing I could see was the omnipresence of -ly.

o///o Ohh, this was nice. Kudos Anon Pegasus.:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by UniqueSKD deleted Feb 5th, 2015

5584808 Do they really have to make sense anymore? Look at that crap with the periods a long time ago.

Comment posted by Anonymous Pegasus deleted Feb 6th, 2015

Spoken like the man himself

5584453 It was...well written. And I loled.

5584746 mm good old Kevin art.

Comment posted by UniqueSKD deleted Feb 5th, 2015
Comment posted by UniqueSKD deleted Feb 5th, 2015

5584863 is it bad to say that your guard is pretty cowardly. I mean don't they usually beat out weaknesses like that. Also, could you openly written him to be attracted to her from the beginning instead of being intimidated. I kind of wish that Shy came to him after a few weeks remembering that night and scared of her surprise pregnancy. Only to be surprised when he take full responsibility. As it is right now, it's just mindless sex. Mind you, I'm not saying I don't like it, I'm just saying there isn't a lot of romance in here.
Gold Star for the clop.

5584972 Apparently so, but it would be nice if they could add actual reasons instead of just meaningless sex. Sex is alright but it's more fun with a plot. (No, this is not a pun.)

Comment posted by UniqueSKD deleted Feb 5th, 2015
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