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Original username Zoddtheimmortalone. I'm a fan of anime, but I enjoy the classics more. As for My Little Pony, I may not watch it as much, but I do like the show and I also love EG

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"Eric?" I said with surprise, as I open the door. "What the hell are you doing? Trying to cause more problems again? Do I need to bring Fluttershy over?!"

He's gettin' tired of your shit, Eric.


Hey calm down sir :ajbemused: I had nothing to do with this amazing story... Well I don't know how you know my real name but..... Pfft :rainbowlaugh:

Aside from the grammar and the pace, this is a good story

Wow! Didn't see that coming. Thank you

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Wh-who's there?!" I shouted. "Whoever you are, you are messing with the wrong human!"
When I read this part it reminded me BigSmoke when he says ''YOU PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE FOOL!'' XD

8068047 I could only think of pyrocynical

... what flying feather.

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