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The Story Man

I'm posting some of my stories from the /fb/ general on /mlp/ and I'll be writing some other stuff from time to time.

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Well, that was both hot and nice. Felt in character, too.

...is it weird I could see them still fighting? Not so much out of arguments, but still trying to prove who's better? Besides, it apparently helps get them both in the mood.

And here I was looking for a good Gilda clopfic.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Once again, some great word porn Story Man.

5372306 Well, you found a fapfic. Does it work?

This story is hot. Gilda and the guy were shown to be in-character and the sex scene was hot. The ending, though made me laugh.

Not all that arousing, really. Just sort of amusing.
I was amused. I guess that's a win.

Ah, love at first fight!

Well, maybe not 'first' per se...

Well... violence to sex, friends with benefits and of course rough fucking.... I approve, along with chance of a sequel to this

this site needs more Gilda clop. Great job

This was amazing good work

Trying out for the track team with Ds? :rainbowlaugh: That'll never happen. Have you ever seem a girl with Ds run? There's a reason runners only have As or Bs, sometimes Cs (though rare).


It's called a sports bra. I know, I ran on the track team. With Ds.

Ha, I always love it when some one writes some good ol' hate sex! Nice work. :twilightsmile:

well. story man. this looks intresting

5373242 thisismyfetish.jpg

Great fic, TSM. :twilightsmile:

+1 rep, good writer

Ugh, EQG... but, fuck yes, Gilda... Suppose it's worth a shot.

Angry sex is usually hard to pull off and find on this website, but I have to say this might be the best one I've read so far. Good job :pinkiesmile:

Wow and to think I've never really paid any attention to Gilda up to this point

Angry sex is the best kind. Well done. I like your interpretation of Human Gilda.

Great story, but there's a very minor thing that you may want to edit.

“Well you thought I was going to slow. What, can’t keep up?” you ask with a grin.

That should be "too".

Obligatory puns:

Gilda griffin' a fuck
Two birds of a feather
Gym practice
When they put away the dumbells, that was weight loss.
"You" are the only exception
Keep to your principles, not to your principals.

Why... was Fluttershy there anyways? She never seemed like the sporting type

The hate fuck to end all hate fucks?

Wow, now that's gotta be the greatest example of angry sex i have ever Heard of.

5373204 :applejackconfused: Really? I've seen girls try in high school, but even with a sports bra they were bouncing too much to run properly. Maybe you're just so ridiculously good at running it doesn't matter?

Best angry sex fic I've read. Fantastic work and congratz on the feature!

Gotta say, props on the Shakespeare reference in your name.
It's Gilda. She can probably do it if she tries hard enough.

When they started kissing I was like: "Ah yeah here comes the hate-sex."

Another passionate angry sex read since Harsh Lift. Not bad :moustache:

Poor Fluttershy :rainbowlaugh:

5373787 Think something like "Hurricane Fluttershy".

That ending.:rainbowlaugh:

Gilda was in character and the porn was great. Thank you *bows head* for not letting us get her pregnant.

Haha oh that hatefuck, its always funny to me.
Great story man.

This takes place in the Equestria Girls universe, right?

ha! that shit was top tier! great pic too!

I almost died with fluttershy's reaction

Angry sex. Blossom the feels. And the quiet one still proves that they be kinky.

Gilda seems to be the gilr for his kind of fanfcition, i only saw two of them like this, and both of them were pretty good one-shots-

Too late, Flutters. That which has been seen...

5376237 Dude, that was so, like, totally deep and everything :pinkiesad2:

5377131 oh... thank you. :twilightblush:

5373787 just think of Snowflake and it will make sense.

you could make a sequel, on how they continued after this one, with a few days of "being friends" then kicking over to being together, and possibly some strange comment from Celestia about how she does not understand, that it could take such a short time to get them to stop or something.

all im saying is, i would love to see a sequel.

textbook situation : asshole ! bitch ! impotent ! whore ! "wild make-out " !

Looks interesting, and for some reason, Gilda reminds me of..........crap. I forgot her name, but she's from the Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon.......Blind earthbender lady.
At any rate, I'm getting ready to leave home, but I'll read this eventually.

what about using ace bandages to wrap em up with? No idea if that works........

Can't wait to see if there's a sequel

5377783 I'm pretty sure that just does what a sports bra does.

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