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...Well,That escalated rather rapidly.

Nice story. Definitely worth a read.

The scene between Sonata and the guy was hot and the last line had me laughing.

Well, this is escalating very quickly.

Her boobs are smaller than Aria’s

And Self-Insert Character knows this how? Is he just a perv, or...?


nuff said!

Damn, that's hot.

You smell that? That's the smell of a masterpiece!
:twilightoops::Smells like sex to me.
*slowly shakes head* You need more training.

Better than make out paradise.


Must be Taco-scented cologne.

>>finishes chapter

"Enter Aria", indeed.

Finally, a good Sirens clop! Thank you!

That happened. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work.

Certainly the best I've read so far

I've discovered two sure-fire ways to piss off the brony community. The first is, when writing a rule 63 fic, use names outside of the ones commonly given to the Mane 6, i.e. Dusk Shine, Elusive, etc. People will froth at the mouth at this; it's pretty fun.

The second is saying Sonata sucks. And she does. Awful character.

Just noticed, 6900 words.
MisterCoffee you sly dog!:moustache:

mixing comedy and sexiness is a great blend, I think I spent half of my time laughing while rereading several lines

This arouses me.

It has nice potential. It would be better if it weren't for porn-cliché twist.

Help a girl out fixing something in a place that can or cannot be staying.
Hotness ensues, Try to look unaroused.

Just saying.

awesome fic /) now if sonata was real :>

I really regret reading the comments before the story. The story wasn't all too bad, or I should say clopfic, but I'm grateful there's at least a bit of plot (not that kind, you perverts) to steer the fic. And yes, there's sex, big deal. It's called a clopfic for a reason. This is not a tea party, maggots, this is clop and I love it!!!! x3troll.me/images/soldier-tf2/maggots.jpg

5384058 That response...with that avatar....i'm scared now.


Most excellent fic.

maybe it’s not as sexy as some pursuits

Machinists get all the waifus.

Fuck yeah!:raritywink:

When will it be completed?

I'm hoping to get the next chapter up in a week or so. Got busy with Christmas and a bunch of other stuff IRL, unfortunately.

5554825 If u want, i am willing to be an/your editor/proofreader. I have a lot of free time and i would REALLY like to be able to help you with your stories.

Glad to see this story continuing. The scenes were hot.

Idly wondering when Adagio's going to get involved. Enjoying what's there so far, but would like to see how he handles a foursome.

Great chapter, but there's a minor thing you may want to edit.

Without stopping to consider, you stick you finger in your mouth, coating it with saliva.

That should be "your".

Eating her out now would be almost the same as sucking your own dick.

This had me rolling on the floor :rainbowlaugh:

And if it doesn’t work out, there’s not a downside. You’ve got Aria sitting on your face

I don't think he need to worry about that both Aria and Sonata is enjoying themselves so I'm sure they're going to come back for some more :raritywink:

My boner....it hurts...

This was a sweat and awesome read. I love it all so far and can't wait to see what happens next between them and to them next.

I loved this chapter it was a awesome read.

I love it I can't wait to see what happens next between them all and to yhem all next.

This was a awesome chapter I can't wait.to see what happens next.



There goes my English classes. I edited most of this chapter. Few of them slip by me.

Nice to see this again.

dude.. that is freaking awesome. all three. major props

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