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I don't write many stories, but I do draw weapons! Visit my armory at http://tangl3dmoon.deviantart.com if you want to see some of my work. I also draw request weapons for free.

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I'm Back Baby!!! · 2:12pm Dec 13th, 2015

God, it's been so long since I've been really active on here. I was going through my Google Drive the other day and found a story I hadn't finished so I figured I'd take a shot at finishing the first chapter and seeing if the Mods would pass it. I'm happy to say they did, but it hasn't been read much by anyone other than the Mods so far. That's why I'm making this post, to see if any of the few followers I do have would be interested in reading my story and maybe giving some constructive

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Follow me plz

Comment posted by Xy zzy the Xenopony deleted Feb 17th, 2015
Comment posted by Filigree deleted Feb 17th, 2015

1464472 it'll come to ya mate. No worries :3

1464467 Haha, your words are far too kind! I don't know if I could come up with a sequel somehow, but who knows what the future might hold? :twilightsmile:

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