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What am I doing on THIS side of the rock?

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A lot of anon story’s popping up I love it

Who drew the cover art?

God I love Gilda fics.

"Hahahah, oh, fuck me dweeb, you really know how to up the anti huh? Heh, fine then. I get one wrong, you can walk out without a hitch, but if I get'em right, you gotta drink, deal?"

Its spelled "Ante"
Its a forced bet in poker. To "up the ante" means you are raising the table stakes in the game.

Been a while since I genuinely enjoyed reading something on here. Thx

Id be interested to see where this story goes. Not a lot of good Gilda focused stories

This was actually good.

The plot itself seemed simple and it was well executed.

I intend to try and bring a few more to the table! Hopefully they all make someone's day.

I wish I could tell you. The picture I've got is one I saved back in 2014, and when I tried to find the source, google only gave me a bunch of generic cartoon tags, and one old "TumblrX" blog thing that I couldn't properly navigate.

Hell, I even searched through 300 pages on derpibooru and I didn't get anything.

If someone can find an artist source, I'd love to know it.

This is the problem with being your own editor. missing easily correctable stuff like this.

Thanks for pointing it out! Fixed.

I think I would have enjoy this more if what's his face wasn't such a spineless putz.

Immature, shameless, and tsundere Gilda is best waifu.

Fucking hot!:moustache:

Toe be fair... I think I'd be alright with Gilda "studying with me" like that. And I still don't much like Gilda, even after her "reformation" at the hooves of Pinkie.

At my old school we never had such interesting study sessions.

Most excellent.

Pretty, wild and punky girls tends to be really reaaally beautiful when they get pregnant

Specially because they get to rambling tons of shit and yada yada while they are looking for cute clothes for their future child

They have a whole weekend to figure out about pregnancy. As they were studying chemistry or biology I expected contraceptive pills to be mentioned.

Are you going to do something similar to this with Lightning Dust?

your premise is interesting, your execution...eh?

the pacing starts off fine but then you just kinda have it in a death spiral where things accelerate Gilda gets to be worse and worse and the main character just magically poofs falls for her when honestly this situation would more often result in the next morning ending up with gilda in cuffs for more charges then i'd care to list off at this point.

i want to enjoy this story but the resolution seems lacking, whats supposed to redeem gilda here? why is the main char the one in the wrong? there's too much murky stuff.


Source is the Canter Calendar 2014 art pack collab by Doxy and other artists. Pic is by Brekkist.
Full image:

Good stuff homie. Enjoyed it quite a bit. The only thing I would recommend is getting a proofreader to look over your stuff before publishing. There were a few grammatical errors. Really well done and hot :rainbowwild:

This was awesome and adorable.

Good premise and an enjoyable read.

I am sick of this same concept that everybody trends when it comes to the male main character is a weakling and only strong when it comes to sex. Your story I'm just going to leave.

You look her over, she actually seems sincere about this. She may be a jerk, but you're not. If you can help her avoid expulsion...

You my friend are a kinder man than i

We need more. I Love this Gilda! Something about misunderstood and ‘Mean' individuals has always appealed to me, and being girls makes them attractive. Her not being mean but rather playful and with A rough-horsing spirit l is both cute and hott, and I like this continuity's me-Gilsa couple.

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