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It's a slog.

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Great story! I've always thought romance stories with Gilda were a little odd, but you've changed my mind!

Hot and awesome story!

you really nailed on the interactions and characterisation...and the group project hahaha I ended up having flashbacks on previous groups I had to work with

My goal was to try and make Gilda stuck up but not too over the top, if that makes sense. I think I did okay with that and I'm happy with the results of her dialogue. Writing her was a lot of fun.
Glad you enjoyed it! Haven't really seen a Gilda fic in a while so I thought I'd give it a shot.

That was a fun story


It makes perfect sense and I think you did it right...those kind of balanced characters are hard to do but it makes the character more enjoyable and even relatable 👌

awesome story my friend keep it up

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.
It was fun to write too. Thanks for the read!

So like, I feel like I NEED more. This was very well written.

Thank you, glad you liked it! This was made as a one-shot so I don't think I'll be making a sequel anytime soon. I might make more self contained shorts every so often though since it's helped me with Renovation.

No rush, anything is better then nothin.

Fucking awesome!

Thank you for the read!

I was on a Gilda shipping kick awhile back and this just reignited it. Good job. Thanks for creating and sharing.

I used to really enjoy Gilda fics but they sort of petered out as time went on. Happy to know that people still enjoy the character and want more fics with her.

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