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The Story Man

I'm posting some of my stories from the /fb/ general on /mlp/ and I'll be writing some other stuff from time to time.


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good job:rainbowwild:

Sequel? :pinkiehappy:

I like the way you caught the essence of Vinly without making her "Wubs here Wubs there"
8/10 would read again

Sequel, sequel, sequel, sequel....

I shall give my expert opinion and say this is a very good story. I did not see any grammatical errors, and it was very well paced. 10/10 here, for your troubles :moustache:

Ok. A nice quickie is always nice. I liked it.

Excellent use of the term "Friend's with Benefits." Nice work!

I'll be honest guys, I said this on A Trixie situation as well.
Right now I'm just converting the rest of my one shots, and after that I'm writing for A Spike of Magic.

Vinyl's forwardness is refreshing. I'm beyond sick of all this radical feminism horseshit where every single action done by a male towards a female is rape.

4832457 what have you been reading?

this really need a sequel

Dude, she's jerking you off, you don't need to ask to touh her.

You have an interesting writing style. Please do a sequel; it will be interesting to read Vinyl's continuing education of the point-of-view character.

I would love to see a sequel!

if you ever get a chance ... or just have nothing better to do ... please right a sequel ... if you want that is:fluttershyouch:

not even jetset radio can touch this shit lol.....

4834345 Mind explaining what this means? Not really understanding what you're saying here.
I do get the connection though, and props for the good game reference.

i think i like it:pinkiehappy: Not to much mean jokes from Vinyl, i like her character here.

4834448 the cover image , that outfit's way outa there.....

This was awesome! Casual sex/foreplay is totally a fetish of mine. Vinyl's characterization is in top form here as well. It's a winning combination! ^_^


this whole story made me roflmfao

That was interesting. Fairly realistic in the way she went about it (if a little fast for the sake of story)

That was awesome I loved it.

"You had a boner, I had a free hand. That's what friends are for, bro."

I could totally hear her say that in my head. Amazing reflection of Vinyl. *applauds*


Wow. Casual sex fetish. Thanks author, for adding to my already incredibly long list :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Lunar Zealot deleted Aug 13th, 2014

Ah, reminds me of good times in high school.

Keep up the good writing!

4832450 dude you should make a scequle

"You had a boner, I had a free hand. That's what friends are for, bro."

Why can't this ever happen to me :(. :)

4847261 Rather than say "no sequels" once again, I'm going to try something else.

What do you think would happen next?
Do you think it would be worth it to put A Spike of Magic on hiatus to write it?
Feel free to try and convince me, but right now my plate is full, so it would have to be convincing.

4847388 no
If you wand to anther fic about it do it on your time I'm not trying to be pushy sorry if I am :|

My suggestion for a sequel.

Two chapters. In the first chapter, Vinyl actually does pick a porno, and challenges "you" to go the whole movie without touching yourself, and that she has a surprise for you if you manage it. She spends the entire movie watching "you", and giving "you" enticing views of herself as she touches herself. "You" just barely manage it, leading into the second chapter, where she picks another horror movie - this time much scarier - and sits in "your" lap for it. This leads into very distracted foreplay, then leading into sex on the couch while watching the movie. As the credits roll...

Vinyl: Still don't like horror movies?
"You": ...I'm beginning to like them.

Or something like that.

Seriously, this is too hot to leave there, and the humor is wonderful!

4848534 Were I to make a sequel to this, it wouldn't be 2 chapters long, sorry.

As with all of my one shots, I have no plans to write a sequel to this one. However, were I to hypothetically write one, it would probably end with casual sex while drunk or something and lead into feels. I won't say how, but it would.

If you have other questions about the story or any others, I'd be glad to answer them of course.

This was awesome. Wouldn't have gone about the situation like this "me" did (Maybe I dunno :pinkiehappy:) but it was still just awesome. Okay so if we don't get a sequel, more Vinyl would be just brilliant, if you don't mind that is.

Dear Story Man.

This was...the highlight of my night. I mean it this had me in tears by the end of me reading it and I can't say that about most fics, let alone a clop fic. Coming from a person who can count the number of clop fics he's read and enjoyed on one hand(no pun intended), you my friend have stolen the show. I proudly add this story to my favorites list, and add one big thumbs up to it.

Yours Truly, The Cake Devil

4853611 Well thank you very much.

If you liked this, hope you'll give my other stories a look.

Whoever the guy was, he just got a terrible case of blueballs if you ask me :moustache::rainbowlaugh:


Ok, I'm usually completely against clop, but since this was human and in the popular box, I was like "Fuck it." Gave it a shot, and you sir, have won me. Still not reading clop though. (Why do people like horses fucking?), but this sir was fucking hilarious. Nicely done.

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